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A protein in spider venom may help protect the brain from injury after a stroke, according to research.研究表明,蜘蛛毒液中的一种蛋白质或许能够保护大脑免受中风带来损伤。Scientists found a single dose of the protein Hi1a worked on lab rats. They said it showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment; but had not yet been tested in human trials.科学家们发现一剂量的Hi1a蛋白质在小白鼠身上起了作用。他们表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”,不过尚未进行人体试验。The Stroke Association said the research was at its early stages but it would ;welcome any treatment that has the potential to reduce the damage caused by stroke;.中风协会表示,该研究尚处于早期阶段,不过该协会“乐于接受任何可能降低中风损伤的治疗手段”。The researchers, from the University of Queensland and Monash University, travelled to Fraser Island in Australia to hunt for and capture three potentially deadly Australian funnel web spiders.来自昆士兰大学和莫纳什大学的研究者们奔赴澳大利亚的费沙岛,寻找并捕获了三种可能符合条件的、可致死的澳大利亚漏斗网蜘蛛。They then took the spiders back to their laboratory ;for milking;. This involved coaxing the spider to release its venom, which can then be sucked up using pipettes.之后他们将这些蜘蛛带回自己的实验室进行“挤乳”操作。这项操作包括诱骗蜘蛛释放毒液,接着用吸管吸取这些毒液。The scientists honed in on a protein in the venom and recreated a version of it in their lab. They then injected this Hi1a into the lab rats.科学家们仔细研究了毒液中的一种蛋白质,并在实验室中人工制造了这种蛋白。然后他们将这种名为Hi1a的蛋白质注射进小白鼠体内。They found that the protein blocked acid-sensing ion channels in the brain - something the researchers say are key drivers of brain damage after stroke.他们发现,这种蛋白质阻断了脑部的酸敏感离子通道--研究者们称这种通道是导致中风后脑损伤的关键因素。Prof Glenn King, who led the research, said the protein showed ;great promise as a future stroke treatment;.领导这项研究的格伦·金教授表示,这种蛋白质“作为未来的中风治疗手段大有前途”。;We believe that we have, for the first time, found a way to minimise the effects of brain damage after a stroke. Hi1a even provides some protection to the core brain region most affected by oxygen deprivation, which is generally considered unrecoverable due to the rapid cell death caused by stroke.;“我们相信我们已经率先找到了一种减小中风后脑损伤影响的办法。Hi1a甚至为脑部核心区域由缺氧带来的绝大部分影响提供了保护措施,由于中风会导致细胞的迅速死亡,通常认为这一损害是无法恢复的。”The research was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.这项研究发表在了美国科学院论文集上。 /201703/500911

Gereja Ayam, the Abandoned Chicken Church印尼神秘的“鸡教堂”Should you be trekking through the thick forests of Magelang, Indonesia, try not to be too alarmed if you stumble upon a titanic, rotting building, shaped like a chicken. Known as Gereja Ayam (unsurprisingly, ;Chicken Church;), this mouldering titan was probably whimsical once, but now it seems like the creepy lost temple of a goofy cult.穿越印尼马格朗茂密的森林时,如果你猛然看到一个巨大古旧的鸡形教堂,可不要被吓到。该教堂名叫Gereja Ayam(印尼语里面“鸡教堂”的意思)。它曾经应该也因造型独特红极一时,但现在已经沦落为阴森森的遗落庙宇了。While the locals have dubbed it the Chicken Church (and it#39;s easy to see why), the name is a bit of a misnomer since the visionary behind the crumbling chapel meant it to look like a dove. 虽然当地人都称它为“鸡教堂”,但这个名字其实用的不太恰当。因为当初建造教堂时,本设计的是类似“鸽子”的外形。The man behind the weird structure was 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah, who received a holy vision that inspired him to create the dove church. He picked a forested hill near Malelang to build his pious tribute, and created possibly the most bird-like building in the world, complete with giant, squawking head, and ornate decorative tail feathers. 这个古怪的教堂由67岁的Daniel Alamsjah修建。据说,他当时收到上帝“修建一个鸽子形祷告室”旨意。于是,就在马格朗附近的山上开始建造,后来就有了这个有巨大鸟头、头顶用羽毛装饰的教堂。可谓是世界上最像鸟的建筑了。The prayer house opened its doors (or sp its wings, so to speak) by the 1990s. The church welcomed any religions that wanted to make the trek, including Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians, holding services in the upper floors, while the lower floors provided rehab and juvenile outreach, among other charitable services.祷告室在上世纪90年代还在使用,而且并不专为哪个宗教而务。佛教信徒、穆斯林、基督徒都可以前来祷告。上面几层用来祷告,下面几层则用来做康复中心和少年管教所,以及其他一些慈善之用。Unfortunately the project was grounded in 2000 when further construction costs became too unreachable and the poor chicken-dove-church was vacated, and left to the forest. Gereja Ayam has continued to rot over the years, becoming a bit more ghoulish (in an avian way), with each year. The insides are now covered in graffiti, and it is said to be a favorite spot for young people to commit ;immoral acts.; The unfinished basement rooms are even intact, giving it even more of a horror movie feel. 不幸的是,在2000年,由于建筑开销过于高昂,祈祷室不得不关闭,慢慢就被遗落在丛林里。这些年,“鸡教堂”持续腐烂风化,越发摇摇欲坠。现在墙内遍布涂鸦,据说,附近两个村落的男女会来这里做羞羞的事。还未建造完成的地下室至今无人驻足,阴森森的,更给人一种置身恐怖片现场的感觉。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/465415The young men of Japan are going nuts for an item of female clothing that#39;s been specifically designed to grab their attention.日本的年轻男性们正在为一件专门设计用来吸引他们注意力的女性饰而疯狂。The mega-revealing piece of knitwear combines the nation#39;s nerdy chaps#39; obsession with ;boob turtlenecks; and ;side-boob sweaters;.这件大露背的毛衣结合了日本宅男们对;高领毛衣;和;侧胸衫;的痴迷。Pictures of the jumper went viral in Japan and it was quickly dubbed ;the virgin-killing sweater;.该毛衣的图片在日本被疯狂转发,很快就被人们称为;杀死童贞毛衣;。It#39;s the second jumper this year to be labelled doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much he would die.这是今年第二件被称为;杀死童贞;的装。;杀死童贞;意指会让处男兴奋得要死。;The implication seems to be that the design is so scandalous that it will fry the brain of sex-starved lonely males,; the English-language news site Rocket News 24 wrote.日本英语新闻网站;24小时热点新闻;这样写道:;这其中的寓意似乎是说这种毛衣的设计非常羞耻,而这种羞耻感会让性饥渴单身男性的大脑爆炸。;;While the ample front coverage and high collar mean that the sweater leaves no cleavage whatsoever on display, it#39;s extremely open on the sides and at the back, promising plenty of side-boob and even a peek at the top edge of the buttocks.;;尽管这件毛衣胸前和颈部都有很多布料没有过度露出,但是身体两侧和背部却几乎没有遮挡,这就意味着穿这件毛衣的女性会露出很多侧乳,甚至连顶部臀线也会被人看到。;It#39;s not clear whether women like the sweater, but there is no doubting men#39;s feelings about it.现在还不清楚子们是否喜欢这件毛衣,但是毫无疑问男人们是喜欢得不得了。 /201702/493348

A key which opened a life-jacket locker on the Titanic has been sold for 85,000 pounds.日前,泰坦尼克号上打开救生衣柜的一把钥匙被拍出了85000英镑的高价。It was among 200 items from the liner sold at an auction in Devizes.在迪韦齐斯的这场拍卖会中,共有200多件泰坦尼克号相关物品被拍卖。The key had been predicted to fetch up to 50,000 pounds. Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said the amount the key finally sold for ;reflected its importance and unique nature;.这把钥匙最初估价为50000英镑。据拍卖师安德鲁·奥尔德里奇表示,钥匙的最终成交价格“反映了它的重要性和独特性质”。The locker key had belonged to third-class steward Sidney Sedunary, from Berkshire, who perished when the Titanic went down in April 1912, after hitting an iceberg.这把救生衣柜钥匙属于来自约克夏的三等舱乘务员西德尼·塞度那利,在1912年4月份泰坦尼克号撞上一座冰山沉没时,他也随之葬身大海。Mr Aldridge said: ;Without a doubt [he saved lives]. Here#39;s a man who sacrificed his life to save others.;奥尔德里奇表示:“毫无疑问他拯救了很多人的生命。他牺牲了自己,拯救了他人。”The auction in Devizes was one of the biggest involving Titanic memorabilia for many years.迪韦齐斯的这场拍卖会是多年以来拍卖泰坦尼克号遗物的最大拍卖会之一。A collection of letters written by Chief Officer Henry Wilde, who was second in command on the vessel, fetched 5,000 pounds at the auction.几份由泰坦尼克号大副(船上职位第二高的人)亨利·王尔德所写的信件被拍卖出了5000英镑的价格。In one of the letters, written onboard Titanic and posted at Queenstown (now Cobh) in Ireland, Wilde indicated he had misgivings about the new ship.其中一封信是在泰坦尼克号上所写,并在爱尔兰昆士敦(今科夫)寄出,大副王尔德在信中表达了他对新船的疑虑。;I still don#39;t like this ship... I have a queer feeling about it,; he wrote.他在信中写道:“我还是不喜欢这艘船。我对它有一种奇怪的感觉。”He had been expecting to take command of another ship, the Cymric, and only signed on to the Titanic on 9 April 1912, the day before it sailed.他一直期待着指挥另一艘船“赛尔特号”,直到1912年4月9日他才最终签约登上泰坦尼克号--那正是泰坦尼克号起航的前一天。After the collision, Wilde took charge of the even-numbered lifeboats, and oversaw their loading and lowering into the water. He was among those who died in the tragedy.在撞击发生之后,王尔德负责偶数编号的救生艇,他对乘客登上救生艇、放救生艇入水的过程进行了监督。他是那些在这场悲剧中不幸遇难的人之一。Mr Aldridge said: ;It is without doubt one of the finest Titanic-related letters, written by one of the liner#39;s most senior officers on Olympic stationery.奥尔德里奇表示:“毫无疑问这是和泰坦尼克号相关的最优秀的信件之一,它是船上的一名高级人员用奥运文具书写的。”;This lot reveals previously unknown details and shows Wilde#39;s obvious disappointment in being transferred to Titanic.“这揭示了人们以前不知道的关于王尔德的细节,显示了王尔德对登上泰坦尼克号一事所感到的明显的失望之情。”;What is certain is that he worked diligently to load the boats once the seriousness of the situation was clear to him.;“但是有一点可以肯定的是,一旦他明白了形势的严重性,他就认真地指挥人们登上救生艇逃生。”Also included in the sale was a postcard from the ship#39;s senior wireless operator, 25-year-old Jack Phillips, from Farncombe in Surrey, who carried on sending distress messages to other ships as the Titanic sank.在被拍卖的物品当中还包括泰坦尼克高级电报员杰克·菲利普斯的明信片,菲利普斯时年25岁,来自英国萨里法恩科姆,正是他在泰坦尼克号沉没时向其他船只发送了泰坦尼克号的遇险消息。Phillips, who drowned, was described as ;the man who saved us all; by survivor and fellow wireless operator Harold Bridge.菲利普斯最终葬身大海,幸存者和另外一名电报员哈罗德称其“拯救了我们所有人”。The card, signed ;Love all, Jack;, describes the weather as the ship left Cowes on the Isle of Wight. It was sold for 19,000 pounds.这封明信片上写着“爱你们所有人,杰克!”,记述了泰坦尼克号离开怀特岛考斯时的天气情况。这封明信片最终被拍卖出19000英镑的价格。 /201611/476178Problem 1: 3D Movie问题一:3D电影Problem 2: Hot Drink问题二:热饮Problem 3: Sleep问题三:睡觉Problem 4: Lens Cleaner问题四:神奇的镜片清洁剂Problem 5: Rain问题五:下雨Problem 6: Selfie问题六:自拍Problem 7: Classmates问题七:同学Problem 8: Looking for Your Glasses问题八:找眼镜Problem...: Forget It算了,不编号了 /201702/493742

Chinese youth have become taller, but they are also fatter and have worse eyesight, according to a report released last Wednesday.于上周三发布的一份报告显示,中国青少年变得越来越高,但是他们也越来越胖,视力也越来越差。The average height of kids aged 7 to 18 increased from 2000 to 2014, according to the Annual Report on Development of Youth Sports in China 2016.2016年中国青少年体育发展年度报告显示,在2000年到2014年间,7到18岁孩子的平均身高不断增长。The average 18-year-old male stood at 1.72 meters in 2014, up from 1.70 m in 2000, while females grew from 1.58 m to 1.59 m.2014年,18岁的男性平均身高为1.72米,而2000年则为1.7米。女性平均身高从1.58米增长到1.59米。However, the obesity rate of males aged 7 to 22 in urban areas increased 25-fold from 1985 to 2014, reaching nearly 15 percent, while males in rural areas increased 45-fold. The rate for females in both rural and urban areas increased 12-fold.然而,7岁到22岁的城市男性肥胖率在1985年到2014年间增加了25倍,而农村地区则增加了45倍。女性的肥胖率则增加了12倍。In addition, more young Chinese have had vision problems since 2000, with more than 86 percent of college students affected in 2014.除此之外,从2000年起,越来越多的中国青年存在视力问题。2014年,超过86%的大学生有视力缺陷。;That Chinese youth are getting taller is simply because living standards have been improving,; said Liao Wenke, a senior official with the Ministry of Education. ;Meanwhile, the problems of obesity and poor eyesight have a lot to do with lack of exercise, which is associated with the heavy study burden and changing lifestyle, such as the popularization of electronic devices at an early age.;教育部高级官员廖文科表示:“平均身高增加是因为平均生活水平的不断提高。同时,肥胖问题和视力缺陷则主要是因为缺乏锻炼。由于学习负担重,孩子们很小就学会使用电子设备,这些都改变了他们的生活方式。”The report suggests that Chinese students#39; physical abilities fell steadily between 1985 and 2005. It has picked up slightly since the issue was given attention by government and the public.报告显示,在1985年至2005年间,中国学生的体能不断下降。在政府和公众开始注意到该问题后,这一情况才有所好转。It also pointed out that the physique of youth in the country is the foundation for its competitiveness at international sports events.报告也指出,青年人的体型是中国在国际运动赛事中具有竞争力的基础。At the Rio Olympic Games, China slipped to third place on the gold medal tally with 28 golds, after the ed States and the ed Kingdom, the worst performance since 2004.在里约奥运会上,中国夺得28枚金牌,排名下滑至第三位,排在美国和英国之后。这一成绩是自2004年奥运会以来表现最差的一次。 /201612/483766Whether a cup of java will leave you craving more could be chalked up to your genes.一杯咖啡是否会使你上瘾也许是由你的基因决定的。People with a newly identified genetic variant in their DNA, called PDSS2, may be inclined to drink fewer cups of coffee than others, according to a small study published in the journal Scientific Reports.根据发布在《科学报告杂志》上的一项小研究显示:有这种新发现的遗传变异PDSS2基因的人,可能会倾向于比其他人喝更少的咖啡。;I actually was very surprised to find a new gene for coffee consumption,; said Nicola Pirastu, a chancellor#39;s research fellow at the University of Edinburgh#39;s Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, and lead author of the study.爱丁堡大学厄舍学院人口健康科学和信息学研究员,同时他也是这篇研究的主撰写人的尼古拉·皮拉斯图表示:“能找到关于咖啡消费量的新基因真的使我非常惊讶。”;We believe that this PDSS2 genetic variant is impacting coffee drinking through the regulation of the speed at which caffeine is metabolized,; he said. ;It has been observed before that higher levels of PDSS2 inhibits the expression of the genes metabolizing caffeine and thus the speed at which caffeine is degraded.;他说道:“我们认为这种携带PDSS2基因突变是通过咖啡因的常规新陈代谢速度来影响咖啡的饮用量的,我们观察到这种现象是在人体释放更多的PDSS2来抑制咖啡因的代谢之前,因此咖啡因的代谢由此减慢。”About 64% of American adults drink at least one cup of coffee a day, according to a 2015 Gallup poll.根据2015年的盖洛普调查显示,约有64%的美国成年人每天至少要喝一杯咖啡。For the new study, researchers analyzed medical and genetic data on 370 people from a small village in southern Italy, and 843 people from six villages in northeast Italy.在这项新的研究中,研究者们分析了受调查者的医学和遗传数据,其中370人来自意大利南部的一个小村庄,843人来自意大利北部六个不同的村庄。The researchers discovered that people with the PDSS2 variant reported consuming fewer cups of coffee than people without the variant.研究者发现,体内携带PDSS2基因突变的人会比没有携带这种基因突变的人少喝很多咖啡。When the researchers replicated the study with a group of 1,731 study participants from the Netherlands, they noticed similar results.当研究者们在荷兰对1731名研究对象重复这项研究的时候,他们得出了相似的结果。;This variant is very common, and around 50% of the European population has either one or two copies of it,; Pirastu said. ;More research is needed to determine the variant#39;s prevalence in other populations as well as to clarify its biological link with caffeine.;皮拉斯图说:“这种基因突变很常见,欧洲人口中大约有50%的人有一或两种PDSS2的基因副本。我们需要更多的研究来判定这种记忆变体在其他人口中的广泛性,同时弄清楚这种变体与咖啡因在生物学上的联系。” /201609/465148

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