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I started jogging from 2014, not everyday, basically 3 times one week (around 20km each week), here is what I benefit from jogging:我从2014年开始慢跑,并非每天,基本是一周三次(大概一周跑20公里),以下是跑步带给我的益处:* Good sleep良好的睡眠。* More energy during daytime白天精力更充沛。* Good body shape and posture漂亮的身形和站姿。* More positive and confident更积极、自信。* Skin is better and better, even with less skin care即使对皮肤很少保养,皮肤还是越来越好* Pay more attention to the health, eat health, exercise health, work health etc.更加关注健康,饮食健康,运动健康,以及工作健康等。* Less anxiety and keep inner peace, and won#39;t lose my temper easily just like before.焦虑减,少内心平静,不再容易发脾气。* Won#39;t quit easily like before, can insist doing something longer than before.不再轻易放弃,可以比以往坚持更久。* Proud of myself that I can keep running over 2 years对于自己可以坚持慢跑两年感到自豪。 /201701/487927

Having sex increases spirituality and #39;makes people more likely to believe in God#39;啪啪啪能增强“灵性”,让人们更相信上帝Hormones released while having sex can increase spirituality and belief in God, scientists have claimed.科学家称,啪啪啪时产生的荷尔蒙,能增强“灵性”,让人们更相信上帝。According to the research, the release of oxytocin not only promotes social bonding and helps childbirth in women, but also stimulates increased feelings of religiousness. 研究表明,啪啪啪时产生的催产素不仅能加强社会联系、助产,还能刺激人们对宗教的虔诚之感。A research team from Duke University in North Carolina carried out a study in which they boosted levels of oxytocin in middle-aged men and found increased self-reported spirituality on two separate measures and also that this effect remained significant a week later.北卡罗莱纳杜克大学的研究小组对中年男人进行促进催产素分泌的研究。结果表明,两次独立测量下,他们都感觉自我灵性增强,一周后的感觉更强烈。A control group who received a placebo did not report higher levels of spirituality. Those who received the hormone also reported more positive emotions during meditation. 而用安慰剂抑制催产素分泌的那组实验对象,则没有类似感觉。被促进分泌的实验对象在冥想中能感到更多积极的情绪。Patty Van Cappallen, a social psychologist and the lead author of the study said: ;Spirituality and meditation have each been linked to health and well-being in previous research. We were interested in understanding biological factors that may enhance those spiritual experiences,; she told the university#39;s newspaper Duke Today. Oxytocin appears to be part of the way our bodies support spiritual beliefs.;社会心理学家Patty Van Cappallen是这项研究的主要作者。在《今日杜克》的报纸中,她表示:“之前的研究表明,灵性和冥想跟身体健康和身体状态有关。我们对加强这种精神体验的生物因素的研究很感兴趣。催产素是人体产生灵性信仰不可或缺的一部分。”The results were published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.研究结果已经发表在《社会认知与情感神经科学周刊》上。Oxytocin is produced naturally in the hypothalamus, and previous research has indicated the hormone may play a role in promoting empathy, trust, social bonding and altruism.人体下丘脑会自然分泌催产素。之前研究发现,这种荷尔蒙有助于增加同情心、新人、社会联系和无私等感情。The group who received oxytocin were more likely to report that spirituality was important in their lives and that life has meaning and purpose. 被增加催产素的小组明显感到灵性在生命中的重要性,觉得生活充满意义和目标。This remained true after taking into account whether the participant said they belonged to an organised religion or not. 无论研究对象是否有严格信教,他们都会有这种感觉。The results provide the first experimental evidence that spirituality appears to be supported by Oxytocin. 研究结果为“催产素有助于增加灵性假说”首次提供了可靠依据。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201610/468648

She#39;s been with you for a long time.你们已相恋很长一段时间。If you#39;ve been together for a long, long time, chances are, your gal is not going anywhere any time soon. FYI: once we get attached to something (like a boyfriend), we never want to let go. Familiarity and comfort are EVERYTHING for the women who enjoy relationships.如果你们在一起很久很久了,那么很有可能你女朋友会一直陪你左右。顺便说一句:一旦喜欢上某个东西(比如说男朋友),我们是永远不会放手的。谈恋爱时,女生觉得熟悉和舒坦最为重要。She goes above and beyond.她对你特别好。She#39;s constantly showering you with affection just to show you how much she cares. She wants to be treated like a princess, yes - more than that, though, she wants to treat you like royalty, too.她不断的向你表露感情,只是为了告诉你她很关心你。她希望你能像对待公主一样对待她,是的——但不仅如此,她也会像对待皇室一般对待你。You#39;re part of her circle.你融入了她的圈子。Her mom adores you; you have her best friend#39;s stamp of approval. If you#39;re right for her, it#39;ll show in ALL of her relationships . . . giving her more incentive to stick around.她的妈妈喜欢你;她的闺蜜也认同你。如果她认定了你,那一定可以从她身边人看出来……她会更有动力的粘你。She#39;s vocal about her feelings and desires.她对自己的感情和欲望直言不讳。If she tells you what she wants and when she wants it (i.e. ;I think we should consider moving in together within the next year;), this lady is pretty damn serious about you, and she wants you to know.如果她告诉你她想要什么以及什么时候想要时(比如:“要不咱们考虑明年同居”),那她对你一定是认真的,她想让你知道。She imagines a future with you.她会想象有你的未来。If she#39;s got a list of baby names going on her iPhone notes, she#39;s undoubtedly picturing a future with you, however distant. Or maybe she#39;s researching how to decorate your next apartment (see above), or she#39;s pinning engagement rings on her Pinterest board. No matter the case, she#39;s definitely imagining a long life with you by her side.如果她的iPhone记录簿上有一长串宝宝的名字,那毫无疑问,她一定在想象和你的未来,不管这个未来有多么遥远。或者她正在研究该如何装饰你们的新公寓(见上),又或者她在Pinterest(社交软件)上用图钉将订婚戒指钉在板上。无论是哪种情况,她都一定在幻想有你陪伴左右的未来。She#39;s not afraid to tell you the truth.她不害怕和你说实话。She tells you when you#39;re getting on her nerves, when she#39;s feeling sad, and the reason she gets jealous once in a while. She tells you about her childhood, her hopes and dreams, and her thoughts on the things that matter in the world. She only opens up with the ones she knows are going to stick around - and she#39;s going to stay, too.她会告诉你她什么时候生你气、什么时候难过、偶尔也会说一说自己吃醋的理由。她会和你说她的童年趣事、她的希望和梦想、以及她对天下大事的想法。她明白有些人会一直陪伴左右,她也只对这些人敞开心扉——当然,她也会和你一起留下来。Her love is unconditional.她的爱毫无条件。She lets you know how much she loves you every single day, and yes, ;forever; is part of her vocabulary. When you get in fights - including the really big, ugly ones - she still reminds you that you are, and always will be, the one. What more affirmation could you need?每一天她都会告诉你她有多爱你,是的。“永远”是她常挂嘴边的一句话。你们吵架时——包括吵得面红耳赤的时候——她仍然会告诉你你现在是也将一直都是她的挚爱。你还需要什么其它肯定呢?译文属 /201612/485452

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