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上海市新华医院口腔科上海市第六人民医院金山分院瘦腿针的费用Volkswagen has agreed to pay nearly billion to settle claims stemming from its diesel emissions cheating scandal in what would be one of the largest consumer class-action settlements ever in the ed States.大众汽车(Volkswagen)同意为其柴油机排放作弊丑闻付近150亿美元和解金。这将是有史以来美国最大规模的消费者集体诉讼和解方案之一。The proposed settlement, valued at .7 billion and involving the federal government and lawyers representing the owners of about 475,000 Volkswagen vehicles, includes just over billion to buy back affected cars at their pre-scandal values, and additional cash compensation for the owners, according to two people briefed on the settlement’s terms.两名知情人士透露,和解方案的总金额为147亿美元,涉及联邦政府及代表约47.5万大众车主的律师,其中100亿美元出头的金额用来回购汽车并对车主提供额外现金补偿,而回购价格以丑闻发生前的价值为准。The cash compensation offered to each car owner will range from ,100 to ,000, depending on their market value before Volkswagen’s public admission last September that its supposed “clean diesel” cars had been deliberately designed to cheat on air-quality tests.补偿给每个车主的现金从5100美元到1万美元不等,取决于大众去年9月公开承认作弊之前车辆的市场价值。涉事车辆本来应该是“清洁柴油”车,却经过有意的设计在空气质量测试中作弊。Rather than sell their vehicles back to Volkswagen, car owners can also choose to have their vehicles fixed to meet emissions standards, although doing so would probably reduce the engines’ performance and gas mileage. And the methods for fixing the vehicles that Volkswagen has proposed are still subject to approval by the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the federal parties to the case.车主可以选择退货,也可以选择返修,从而让车辆达到排放标准,不过这样做很可能会降低发动机的性能,增加油耗。大众提出的车辆返修办法仍然需要得到美国国家环境保护局(Environmental Protection Agency)的批准。环保局是这宗案件的联邦当事方之一。The settlement terms, first reported by Bloomberg News, are to be submitted on Tuesday to a federal judge in California whose final approval would be required for the deal to take effect.彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)率先报道了这项和解协议的条款。它将于本周二提交给加利福尼亚州的一位联邦法官进行最终审核,批准后方能生效。Volkswagen would pay .7 billion into an E.P.A. fund, the two people said, to compensate for the environmental impact of its cars, which were fitted with software that enabled them to pass emissions tests but exceed legal pollution limits in on-the-road driving.这两名知情人士称,大众将向环保局的一个基金付27亿美元,以弥补这些汽车对环境造成的影响。车辆上装有能让它们通过排放测试的软件,但在公路上行驶时,它们的污染排放却会超过法律限值。Volkswagen has also agreed to spend billion on new cleaner-vehicle projects.大众还同意在更加清洁的汽车新项目上投入20亿美元。Despite the scope of the agreement, Volkswagen’s legal problems would be far from over.尽管该协议范围有限,但大众的法律麻烦远远不止于此。Volkswagen also faces a criminal inquiry by the Department of Justice, a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission and an investigation by attorneys general in 42 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The company is also under investigation in a number of other countries, including Germany and South Korea.大众汽车还面临着由司法部进行的一起刑事调查、联邦贸易委员会(Federal Trade Commission)提起的一桩诉讼,以及42个州、哥伦比亚特区和波多黎各的司法部长进行的一项调查。德国和韩国等其他一些国家也在对该公司进行调查。The German automaker acknowledged last year that it had installed illegal software in 11 million cars worldwide that made them capable of defeating pollution tests.这家德国汽车生产商去年承认,它在全球1100万辆车上安装了非法软件,以便它们能通过排放检测。During emissions testing, the cars’ pollution controls systems were turned on, curbing toxic emissions at the cost of engine performance. But those emissions controls were not fully engaged on the road, where its cars spewed nitrogen oxides at up to 40 times the levels allowed under the Clean Air Act.在排放检测中,车辆的污染控制系统会被打开,遏制发动机性能,削减有毒物质的排放。但是,在道路上行驶时,这种排放控制系统并不会充分启动,汽车排放的氮氧化物会比《清洁空气法》(Clean Air Act)要求的水平高至多40倍。The proposed settlement requires a review by ed States District Judge Charles R. Breyer in California and must go through a period of public comment, during which terms could yet change.这份草拟的和解方案需要加州的联邦地区法官查尔斯·R·布雷耶(Charles R. Breyer)进行审核,还必须经过一段公众评议期。在此期间,条款仍有可能更改。Affected Volkswagen owners are not bound by the settlement, and some may decide to press for better terms.受影响的大众车主不受这个方案的约束,其中一些车主可能会寻求更有利的条款。The settlement does not include 3-liter Volkswagen diesel vehicles, which were fitted with another version of the cheating software.该和解协议不涉及3升的大众柴油车。它们装有该作弊软件的另一个版本。Nor will the deal address terms for the owners of 85,000 Volkswagen and Porsche cars sold in the ed States that had a different type of diesel engine but also had emissions problems.这项交易也不涉及在美国销售的另外8.5万辆大众与保时捷汽车。它们的柴油发动机类型不同,但也存在排放问题。 /201606/451780上海省肿瘤医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱 Dutch inventors have unveiled what they called the world’s first giant outside air vacuum cleaner – a large purifying system intended to filter out toxic tiny particles from the atmosphere surrounding the machine.荷兰发明者公布了他们所谓的世界上第一台户外巨型真空吸尘器—一台旨在过滤周遭空气中有毒微粒的巨型空气过滤器。;It#39;s a large industrial filter about eight metres long, made of steel ... placed basically on top of buildings and it works like a big vacuum cleaner;, said Henk Boersen, a spokesman for the Envinity Group which unveiled the system in Amsterdam.“这是一台大型铁质工业过滤器,约八米长,一般来说放在建筑顶部,工作原理就和真空吸尘器一样。”在阿姆斯特丹公布此过滤系统的安飞尼迪集团发言人亨克.波尔森说。The system is said to be able to suck in air from a 300-metre radius and from up to seven kilometres upwards.该系统据说能过滤半径300米范围内,上至七公里高度范围内的空气。It could treat some 800,000 cubic metres of air an hour, filtering out 100% of fine particles and 95% percent of ultra-fine particles, the company said, referring to tests carried out by the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) on its prototype.安飞尼迪称,参照荷兰能源研究中心对他们的原型机做的测试,该系统能过滤大气中100%的细颗粒和95%的超细颗粒,处理速度约达80万立方米空气每小时。A large column of air will pass through the filter and come out clear, Boersen told AFP on Tuesday, speaking on the sidelines of a major two-day offshore energy conference in Amsterdam.“一大管空气可以经过过滤器随后净身而出。”波尔森在周二于阿姆斯特丹举行的海洋能源会议的间隙告诉法新社记者。此次会议为期两天。Fine particles are caused by emissions from burning wood and other fuels as well as industrial combustion, and have adverse effects on health, according to the European Environment Agency.欧洲环境局称,细颗粒由燃木、燃料以及工业燃烧产生,对人体健康有害。About 90% of EU residents are exposed to levels of such particles which can be carcinogenic above those recommended by the World Health Organisation.大约90%的欧盟居民会吸入这些致癌颗粒物,其危害等级超过了世界卫生组织的推荐标准。As for ultra-fine particles, they are released by emissions from vehicles as well as aeroplanes, according to Envinity, and can damage the nervous system, including brain cells, and also cause infections.而据安飞迪尼称,超细颗粒来自于汽车、飞机的尾气,并且会“损害包括脑细胞在内的神经系统,引起感染”。Governments, businesses and airports were aly interested in the project, Boersen said.波尔森说,已经有政府、企业和机场表示对这个项目感兴趣。Another air-purifying system called the Smog Free Tower was installed in Beijing in September and launched by the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde.另一个叫做雾霾净化塔的空气过滤系统已经于9月份在北京落成,并由其荷兰设计师达安.罗斯嘉德发布。Using patented ozone-free ion technology, it is said to clean up to 30,000 cubic metres of air an hour as it blows past the tower, collecting more than 75% of the harmful particles, according to Studio Roosegaarde.罗斯嘉德工作室表示,雾霾净化塔使用独家无臭氧离子技术,每小时能够净化3万立方米的塔周空气,过滤掉超过75%的有害颗粒。 /201611/475800上海玫瑰整形医院治疗痘痘多少钱

金山区妇幼保健医院激光除皱多少钱I mostly consider my freebie and free sample addiction as a fun hobby, but throughout the years I have learned that are a few dependable freebies that make it possible to not spend any money at all in certain areas of my life。很多时候我将自己对免费赠品和试用产品的收集癖视为一种聊以自娱的兴趣爱好,不过数年之后我意识到,有些免费赠品足可依靠,几乎能让你再也不用花费一分钱购买某类生活日用品。Keep ing to find out what are the items I never spend money on, and how you can do the same。看看我在哪些东西上从来不花钱吧,看看自己如何也能和我一样。1.Movie and Game Rentals from Redbox红盒子的电影和游戏租赁务In the years that I#39;ve been renting movies from Redbox, I#39;ve never spent a dime on one. I always use a free Redbox code to rent DVDs as well as the occasional game rental. Redbox has a great selection of movies and it#39;s the only place that I rent movies from。数年来我一直通过“红盒子”租看电影,从来没有为哪部电影花过一分钱。我有一个红盒子的免费账号,我总是用这个账号来租赁DVD,偶尔还租一盘游戏光碟。红盒子上有许多各种类型的电影,是我租看电影的不二之选。2.Magazine Subscriptions免费杂志订阅刊I get dozens of free magazine subscriptions to all the magazines I could possibly ever want or have the time to 。我有数十册免费的杂志订阅刊,包括各种类型的杂志,多到我既没时间也没兴趣去读它们。These are not business journals that you#39;ve never heard of, these are popular magazines that include women, parenting, family, business, and hobby magazines that you are most likely paying money for right now。我收集到的并非鲜为人知的商业杂志,而是许多十分流行的杂志,包括女性杂志、家庭教育杂志、家庭杂志、商务杂志还有兴趣杂志,大多数都是此时你十分愿意花钱去买的杂志。3.Travel Toiletries旅行装盥洗用品Thanks to all the free samples I get, I#39;m never without travel-sized toothpaste, free sample bottles of shampoo and conditioner, packets of body wash or tiny soaps, and a large stash of perfume vial samples。多亏我收集了很多免费的试用品,我拥有的旅行装牙膏、免费试用装的洗发水、润发素、沐浴液和小包香皂用都用不完。我还屯了很多小瓶装的试用装香水。4.Books and Ebooks纸质书籍与电子书籍I#39;m an avid er and I always keep a book around for any down time I might have. Even though I all the time, both paper books and ebooks, I never pay for the books I 。我是一名狂热的书迷,总会在手边备着一本书,只要一有空闲时间就拿出来看。虽然我几乎所有时间都在阅读——纸质书和电子书都有——却从来不为自己看的书花钱。Your local library is a great source for ing books for free, along with these other places to get free books and free audiobooks. I also love my Kindle and I get all sorts of free Kindle books to 。你当地的公共图书馆是阅读免费书籍的好去处,除此之外,还有许多其他的地方你能找到免费的纸质书和免费的有声小说。我也很喜欢自己的Kindle阅读器,在Kindle上我能找到各种免费书籍来阅读。5.Computer Software and Online Services电脑软件和在线务I can#39;t remember the last time that I#39;ve paid for computer software or an online service. There#39;s no need to when there are simple so many great programs out there that are free。我已经不记得自己上一次掏钱购买电脑软件或在线务是什么时候了。其实也没必要这样做,因为有很多非常好的程序都是免费的。I have free alternatives to Microsoft Office as well as free stand alone word processors, spsheet programs and presentation software。我拥有许多能替代微软办公室系列软件的电脑程序,还有单独的文字处理程序,电子表格程序和幻灯片程序。6.Makeup and Other Beauty Products化妆品和其他美容产品I love trying out new makeup and other beauty products and I get to do this without spending a dime。我很喜欢尝试新款化妆品或美容产品,为此我不用花一分钱。I make sure to request any new makeup free samples and beauty free samples whenever they#39;re available whenever I#39;m at the mall。每次我去逛街的时候,如果遇到发放免费化妆品试用装的机会,我一定会不失时机地获取新的化妆品试用装或美容产品试用装。 /201509/396575上海割双眼皮最好的整形医院 Spain's "El Gordo," the world's biggest lottery, gave out 2.2 billion euros (1.6 billion pounds) in Christmas prizes on Saturday.El Gordo, Spanish for "The Fat One", is designed so that as many people as possible across Spain get a festive windfall.The top prize this year was 3 million euros -- going to the series of tickets with the magic number 06381.Because the tickets are sold in a series of 10, only those who paid 200 euros for the whole strip get the full prize.The biggest share of winning tickets was bought by people in the town of Nava, in the north-western Asturias region.The draw lasts three-and-a-half hours and is carried live on national television with children from the San Ildefonso school, a former orphanage in Madrid, in turn chanting the winning numbers and the amount won.Lotteries have two centuries of history in Spain.The country spent 2.87 billion euros on the lottery -- 5.7 percent more than last year. Seventy percent is paid out in prizes. Most of the rest goes in costs.Eight out of ten Spaniards bought tickets for the lottery, spending on average 64 euros.Spaniards often choose lottery numbers matching significant dates although there was no particular favourite in 2007.In 2006, one of the most sought-after series was 22105, the date on which Fernando Alonso became Formula 1 world champion for the second year running. 号称世界上规模最大的西班牙“El Gordo”圣诞票于上周六开奖,奖金总额高达22亿欧元(16亿英镑)。“El Gordo”在西班牙语中意为“胖子”。“胖子”圣诞票的推出主要是为了给更多的西班牙人带来一份节日的意外惊喜。今年的头奖奖金为300万欧元,号码为“06381”。由于票是以十张一组进行销售(译者注:人们可花20欧元购买其中的十分之一),因此只有花200欧元购买了整组票的人才有机会获得全奖。位于阿斯图里亚斯自治区西北部的纳瓦市是今年的“黄金”地。整个开奖过程持续三个半小时,并通过国家电视台现场直播。在开奖现场,马德里的圣#8226;艾尔德芬索小学(原为一所孤儿院)的学生们轮流报唱号码及金额。西班牙的票历史已有两个世纪。今年西班牙的“胖子票”销售收入达28.7亿欧元,比去年增长5.7%。其中70%的收入用于返奖奖金,其余大部分为销售成本。今年西班牙全国有四分之三的人购买了“胖子票”,人均花费64欧元。西班牙人常选择有特殊意义的日期作为号码,不过2007年似乎没有什么特别受到亲睐的日子。去年最受青睐的号码是22105,因为在10月22日这一天,阿隆索连续第二年获得F1(一级方程式赛车)车手总冠军。 /200803/29700上海做隆鼻需要的价格啊

上海疤痕修复多少钱 Suzuki Motor says it has been using improper methods to test the fuel economy of its vehicles, sending its stock down 9.4 per cent as the disclosure triggered concerns more companies could be affected by the scandal that began with Mitsubishi Motors.日本第四大汽车制造商铃木汽车(Suzuki Motor)表示,它使用了不恰当的方法来检测其汽车的燃油效率。这一披露导致该公司股价下挫9.4%,外界担心,可能会有更多的公司被始于三菱汽车(Mitsubishi Motors)的丑闻波及。Suzuki, Japan’s fourth-largest carmaker, said its testing methods had not complied with domestic standards since 2010, after checking all 16 of the models sold in its home market involving 2.1m vehicles.铃木表示,自2010年以来,其检测方法一直未遵守国内标准。此前,该公司对在本土市场销售的全部16种车型进行了检测,涉及210万辆汽车。But the producer of small cars said it did not see a need to revise its fuel economy figures since the performance of its vehicles did not differ significantly using a proper testing method. It also did not find any manipulation of fuel efficiency data.不过,这家生产小型汽车的制造商表示,它不认为有必要修改其燃油效率数字,原因是使用恰当的检测方法后,并未发现其车辆的燃油效率表现有显著不同。另外,铃木也未发现自己有任何操纵燃油效率数据的行为。The Japanese transport ministry has ordered carmakers to review their fuel economy data and testing methods after Mitsubishi disclosed last month that some of its employees overstated fuel efficiency by up to 10 per cent on four types of petrol-powered small cars sold in Japan, including two models built for Nissan and sold under its brand.上月,三菱披露,其部分员工对在日本销售的四款汽油动力小型汽车的燃油效率高估了至多10%,其中包括两款为日产(Nissan)代工并以日产品牌销售的汽车。随后,日本国土交通省命令汽车制造商审查各自的燃油效率数据和检测方法。In a statement on Wednesday, Suzuki, which has a strong presence in India where its Maruti Suzuki affiliate controls nearly half the market, said no overseas models were affected. It added that it did not find any problem with the emissions performance of its vehicles.在周三发布的一份声明中,铃木表示,其销往海外市场的车型未受影响。该公司补充称,未发现其车辆的排放表现存在任何问题。 /201605/444646第六人民医院金山分院丰胸价格费用上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心去痣多少钱

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