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哈尔滨无痛流产哪家医院做的比较好黑龙江哈市妇儿妇科医院做宫颈手术友谊的巨轮:挪威送芬兰一座山当百岁生日礼物! --30 :59:31 来源: 友谊地久天长!芬兰即将迎来独立0周年纪念日,邻国挪威闻讯打算送给芬兰一座山峰! Thinking of giving a little summit to your neighbor a 0th birthday present? What about a mountain?你能想象送一座小山包给你的邻居当0岁生日礼物吗?一座山呢?Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said this week her government was considering a proposal to move the country’s border 0 meters (about 0 feet) -- gifting Finland a mountain its 0 years of independence in .挪威首相厄纳·索尔伯格本周表示说,她的政府正在考虑一项议案,移动该国边界0米(约合0英尺)--从而在年的时候将一座山峰送给芬兰当做独立0周年的礼物"So far I have not made any decisions, but we are looking into this matter," Solberg told state broadcaster NRK.索尔伯格对挪威国家广播电台NRK说道:“到目前为止我还没有做出任何决定,但是我们正在考虑这件事”The proposal follows a public campaign on Facebook to give Finland the Halditcohkka peak of Halti Mountain. The mountain sits on the border between the two countries -- with its peak on the Norwegian side.这份议案来源于Facebook上的一项公开活动,将哈尔蒂亚山的Halditcohkka峰给与芬兰这座山位于挪威和芬兰两国的边界线上--峰顶在挪威一侧By shifting the border slightly, the summit, measuring 1,331 meters (,366 feet), would instead reside in Finland.通过移动些许边界,山顶(31米高,约合366英尺高)将会属于芬兰While Norway has many high mountains, its neighbor is a little more vertically challenged. Should the proposal go ahead, the Halditcohkka peak would become Finland’s highest point.虽然挪威拥有许多高山,但是其邻国芬兰却多为低地如果这份议案被通过,Halditcohkka峰将成为芬兰最高山"We have a lot of mountains, and this is just a small mountaintop," said Sondre Lund, a Norwegian student who set up the initial Facebook campaign.最初在Facebook上发起这项活动的是一位名叫桑德里·伦德的挪威学生,他说道:“我们拥有许多山,而这只不过是一个小山顶”"It’s such a small thing, but such a big thing also. All the Nordic countries have great relations; this is just a part of that."“这是一件非常小的事,也是一件非常大的事所有的北欧国家都有很好的关系;而这(个行为)只是这个关系的一部分”Lund was inspired by Bj?rn Geirr Harsson, a retired employee of the Norwegian Mapping Authority who suggested the idea while taking border measurements in 197.伦德之所以有此想法是因为受到了比约恩·盖尔·哈桑的启发,哈桑是挪威测绘局的一名退休员工,他曾在197年从事边界测量时提出这个想法"I was taken aback by why on earth (Finland) had not received this peak," Harsson told The Local, a Norwegian English-language newspaper.哈桑对挪威一份英语报纸《本地人说道:“我当时很吃惊,芬兰到底是为什么没有接管这个山峰呢?”"It would barely be noticeable ( Norway). And I’m sure the Finns would greatly appreciate getting it."“对于挪威来说,失去这座山峰的影响几乎察觉不到但是我肯定芬兰人会非常感激得到它”哈尔滨市第八医院收费标准 日本老龄夫妇流行“卒婚”:分开居住 爱意不减 -- :8:53 来源:chinadaily When Yuriko Nishi's three grown-up sons left home, she asked her husband of 36 years an unusual question: Was there any dream married life had prevented him from fulfilling?当大西百合子三个成年的儿子离开家之后,她问了与自己结婚36年的丈夫一个不同寻常的问题:他有没有什么梦想是因为婚姻生活阻碍而没有实现的?"We started wondering what path should we be walking on," says Nishi, 66. "We told our children it was a good chance to evolve our family."“我们开始畅想我们现在应该走什么样的道路,”66岁的大西百合子说“我们告诉孩子们,现在是让这个家庭获得进一步演化的好机会”Like many others in Japan, the couple decided to graduate from marriage -- or "sotsukon."像日本其他许多夫妇一样,这对夫妻决定从婚姻中毕业——也就是“卒婚”This was not divorce.这并不是离婚Sotsukon is couples still in love, who decide to "live apart together" in their sunset years to achieve their separate dreams.“卒婚”是指仍然相爱的夫妇,他们决定在自己的晚年“分开居住”,以实现各自的梦想In a nation with an aging population, the idea has taken root.在一个人口老龄化的国度里,这样的想法已经深入人心Living apart together分开居住Yoshihide Ito, 63, after working decades as a cameraman in Tokyo, told his wife he wanted to escape city life and return to his home prefecture of Mie, in southern Japan, to become a rice farmer.63岁的伊藤吉英在东京干了几十年摄影师,他告诉妻子,他希望逃离城市生活,回到自己位于日本南部的家乡三重县当一名种植水稻的农民Nishi wished to continue her career as a fashion stylist in the capital.大西百合子则希望继续自己在东京的时尚造型师事业"He visits me once a month. I visit him a week at a time, too," Nishi says.她说:“他每个月来看望我一次我也偶尔去陪他一个星期”Distance, she explains, helps the couple to miss and appreciate each other; they now plan date nights the time they spend together.她解释说,距离有助于双方之间的相互思念和欣赏:为了能有一起度过的时光,他们现在要提前筹划约会的夜晚"Our marriage is in good shape. We share two totally different lifestyles."“我们的婚姻完好无损我们共同分享着两种完全不同的生活方式”Graduating from marriage从婚姻中毕业The term "sotsukon" was coined in by Japanese author Yumiko Sugiyama in her book "Sotsukon no Susume" -- "Recommending the Graduation from Marriage."“卒婚”一词是年由日本作家杉山由美子在《推荐卒婚一书中创造的,意为“从婚姻中毕业”"In Japan, traditionally the man is the head of the household, and the wife lives under his financial support as a domestic worker," says Sugiyama.杉山由美子说:“在日本传统中,男人是一家之主,妻子则是依靠男人供养的家务劳工”"I wondered what if each member of the married couple could obtain more freedom to do what they want without getting divorced?"“我想知道,如果已婚夫妇能够在不离婚的情况下获得更多自由,去做他们想做的事情,会怎么样?”The imagination of the Japanese public was captured -- particularly that of the housewife -- at a point when changing demographics in the nation were reshaping society.在日本不断变化的人口状况正在改变社会结构的时刻,公众——尤其是家庭主妇——心中幻想的东西被准确地捕捉到了Just one million babies were born in Japan in , according to government figures. That tally is the lowest figure on record in the Asian nation.根据政府的统计数字,年日本只有0万新生儿这个数字是有相关记录的亚洲国家中最低的Furthermore, Japanese women in the same year had the longest life expectancy in the world -- 86.83 years -- according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry.此外,根据日本厚生劳动省的数据,同年日本妇女的平均寿命为世界之最,达86.83岁"That means the longest period in a woman's life is after her kids have gone," says Masako Ishii-Kuntz, a professor of sociology at Ochanomizu University, in Tokyo. "Many empty-nesters have nothing left to do but care their husband. They realized they should pursue their own hobbies and happiness."东京御茶水女子大学的社会学教授石井真子说:“这意味着女人生命中最长的一段时间是在孩子离家之后许多空巢女性除了照顾自己的丈夫外没有其他任何事情可做她们意识到应该去追求自己的爱好和幸福”Dream catchers追求各自的幸福In recent years, celebrity endorsement has pushed sotsukon deeper into the mainstream.在最近几年,名人的持推动“卒婚”现象更加深入地进入了主流社会Most famously, in , Japanese comedian Akira Shimizu and his wife announced they would graduate from marriage, and published a book "Sotsukon -- A New m of Love."最著名的例子是年,日本喜剧演员清水明和妻子宣布将从婚姻中“毕业”,并出版了《卒婚:爱的新方式一书While there are no official figures on how many couples in Japan have followed this path, a survey commissioned by Interstation architecture agency in Tokyo found a widesp desire to do so.尽管没有具体的官方数字,但年由Interstation建筑事务所委托在东京进行的一项调查显示,人们有广泛的“卒婚”意愿Of the 0 married women polled, aged between 30 and 65 years old, 56.8% said they eventually wanted to graduate from marriage.在接受调查的0位年龄在30至65岁的已婚妇女中,有56.8%的人表示,她们最终希望从婚姻中“毕业”Retirement was the period of life most women identified as the ideal point to undertake sotsukon.退休被大多数妇女当作是开始“卒婚”的理想时间点Be nice to your wife日本女性地位提高More recently, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made women entering -- and remaining in -- the workce a pillar of his economic policy. "Abenomics is womeneconmics," he declared at the World Assembly Women in Tokyo last August.最近,日本首相安倍晋三已经把女性进入——并且持续留在——劳动力队伍中作为自己经济政策的一个柱去年8月他在东京的世界妇女会议上宣称:“安倍经济学就是妇女经济学”In , 6% of women aged to 6 in Japan were working, compared to 6% in 1969. "More Japanese women are now at work and theree receiving pensions," says Ishii-Kuntz. "The wife knows she can make her own living."年,日本年龄在岁至6岁的女性中,有6%的人是职业女性,而这一比例在1969年时为6%石井真子说:“现在有更多的日本妇女进入了职场,将会有退休金妻子们知道她们可以自食其力”To Ito, this is important. "I don't know if we can really call it sotsukon if the wife's lifestyle is being paid by the husband," he says. "Wives need to be financially independent to truly graduate from marriage."对伊藤来说,这一点十分重要他说:“如果妻子的生活方式是由丈夫出钱维持的话,我不知道那是否真的可以称之为‘卒婚’做妻子的需要在财务上独立,才能名副其实地从婚姻中毕业”Individualization of the family家庭成员日趋独立The Japanese family as a whole is changing, says Ishii-Kuntz石井真子说,作为一个整体,日本家庭正在发生变化"Family members have become more individualized. Each family member is allowed to seek whatever he or she wants, rather than spending all their lives taking care of family members," she says.她说:“家庭成员变得个性化每一个家庭成员都可以寻求他或她想要的东西,而不是把一辈子都用于照顾家人”Multiple generations of adults living in one household is becoming increasingly rare in Japan, she adds. Furthermore, it is not unusual husband and wife to sleep in separate beds in the same room.她补充说,几代同堂的家庭在日本正在变得日益罕见此外,夫妻在同一个房间里分床而睡的情况也并不少见Perhaps sotsukon is the ultimate climax of that individualization.也许“卒婚”是这种个性化的终极表现Graduating from the traditional strictures of marriage, however, does not have to translate into an end of intimacy or loss of love.不过,从婚姻的传统束缚中“毕业”,未必需要解释为亲密关系的终结或爱情的消失Nishi smiles: "After having lived apart, I cherish him more. If I marry again, I want to marry him."大西百合子微笑着说:“在分开居住后,我更加珍惜他了如果我再结一次婚,我希望还能嫁给他”(来源:CNN #38; 参考消息 编辑:杜娟)薯条为什么要叫“French fries”(法国马铃薯)? -- :7:6 来源:chinadaily 薯条,是最常见的快餐食品之一,从美国及欧洲等地渐渐流行开来,可谓风靡世界各地 很多人都知道薯条的英文是“Chips”,美国人称之为“French Fries”,直译过来就是“法国油炸马铃薯”,那为什么叫薯条为“法国油炸马铃薯”,薯条和法国有何渊源呢? 对此,然我们来看看美国朋友的解释吧 一位网友是这么解释的: In fact, that is not their real name anyway. The popular food item was once called ;Frenched Fries; since the potatoes were frenched -- meaning to be cut into large rectangular strips or spears. Frenched cuts are larger cuts than julienned cuts, otherwise they are pretty similar. Americans tend to slur or reduce the sound at the end of some words. Hence Frenched Fries become French Fries, much like Iced Tea became Ice Tea. 其实呢,;French Fries;原为;Frenched Fries;,其中的英语单词;Frenched;意为“切成条的”,而;Frenched;的条状比;julienned;的丝状要大些,这就是为什么叫薯“条”了 当然关于“Frenched Fries”名称的由来还有其他的观点 比如,以制作法式菜肴著名的托马斯;杰弗逊主张,薯条之所以被叫做French Fries(法式炸薯条)是因为其中的french是指法式深油炸,指的是它的烹饪方式 还比如,有观点说是因为在第一次世界大战的时候,美国士兵在比利时吃到了这种薯条,觉得特别美味,而当时在比利时军队中的通用语言是法语,他们就以为是“法国的薯条”了,便想当然的称其为“French Fries” 虽然“French Fries”的确切来源不得而知,但可以确定的,“French Fries”是真的跟法国没有半点关系 年伊拉克战争期间,法国反对战争,一些愤怒的“挺战 ”美国人要消灭一切与法国有关的名称,甚至建议把“法式薯条”( French fry )改称“自由薯条”( Freedom fry ),一时落下笑柄道外区中心医院是正当的吗

哈尔滨市立医院网上挂号中国告诉德国:“我们不希望打贸易战” -- :57:1 来源: 李克强周一告诉德国总理默克尔,他不想与欧盟陷入贸易战 China’s leader told Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday he did not want trade tensions with the European Union, a vital market a huge economy facing falling exports, to descend into a trade war.中国领导人周一告诉德国总理默克尔,他不想与欧盟——一个面临着出口下降的重要的巨大经济市场——陷入贸易战Merkel has aly said she favours, in principle, granting China market economy status at the World Trade Organization, and Beijing hopes she can encourage more sceptical EU voices to accept the move.默克尔表示,她主张在原则上,在世界贸易组织给予中国市场经济地位,而北京希望她能鼓励更多的欧盟持怀疑态度的声音接受该举动"China has aly fulfilled its obligations on joining the WTO. What’s needed now is the other parties to fulfil the matching obligations they had promised," Premier Li Keqiang told reporters in Beijing on Monday alongside the German leader.“中国已经履行了其加入世界贸易组织的义务现在需要的是其他各方履行他们已承诺的配套义务,”与德国领导人一同在会上,总理李克强在北京告诉记者"We don’t want to fight a trade war because this will benefit nobody," he said, echoing a similar comment Merkel made on Sunday.“我们不希望打贸易战,因为这将不会有利于任何人,”他说,呼应了默克尔上周日类似的The European Commission is set to accept the WTO switch that will mean China is no longer treated as a state-controlled market, making it easier Chinese exporters.欧盟委员会设定接受中国的WTO成员身份,将意味着中国不再被视为一个政府调控的市场,这将有利于中国出口商But the EU executive also wants to strengthen Europe’s ability to defend itself against heavily subsidised Chinese goods.但欧盟执行者也希望面对中国大量补贴的商品加强欧洲的自保能力That reluctance to give up a method to defend against cheap imports has set up a looming dispute at the WTO and the prospect of broader trade friction.这种不情愿放弃抵御廉价进口的方法已成为世贸组织迫在眉睫的纠纷以及未来更广泛的贸易擦Merkel, on her ninth trip to China as chancellor, said: "It does not help us to emotionalise the whole subject. I am convinced that we can find a solution on the lines of what was promised years ago."默克尔在她作为总理的第九次访华中说:“情绪化整个主题并不能帮助我们,我相信我们可以找到年前就承诺过的解决方案”She also pressed China on liberalising its banking industry in return giving more access to the sector in Europe.她还催促中国开放其业,以给予欧洲更多的机会"We will certainly pay even more heed to reciprocity in the financial sector than in classic industry," Merkel said, adding that German banks were restricted by a -percent limit on the size of stakes they can buy in Chinese banks.“我们肯定会在金融行业的互惠性上比传统行业花更多力气,”默克尔说,德国在中国的入股上受到了%的上限限制"Germany has always presented itself as an open investment market," Merkel said. "We expect reciprocity also from the Chinese side."“德国向来是一个开放的投资市场,”默克尔说“我们希望中国也一样”"In the banking sector, we are at the start of a cooperation," she said.“在业,我们处在合作的开端,”她说Li said there were inmal barriers in Europe Chinese banks, which were disadvantaged compared to European and U.S. competitors.李克强说,欧洲存在着对中国的非正式障碍,这比起欧洲和美国的竞争对手是弱势"We need to talk more about how both sides will be treated equally," he said.“我们需要在双方如何平等相待上讨论更多,”他说Merkel said during a trip to China last year that Germany favoured granting China market economy status in principle but that Beijing still had work to do, including further opening its public procurement markets.默克尔在去年的中国之旅中主张在原则上给予中国市场经济的地位,但北京仍需努力,包括进一步开放其公共采购市场Delegates at a Sino-German cooperation conference on the sidelines of Merkel’s visit agreed 96 deals valued at $ billion, according to China’s official news agency, Xinhua.在默克尔访问的同时,中德合作会议的代表一致同意了价值0亿美元的96项交易,据中国官方通讯社新华社报道Airbus Helicopters finalised an agreement to build an assembly line on a Sino-German business park in China and to sell 0 helicopters to a Chinese consortium.空中客车直升机达成协议,在中国的中德商务园建立组装线,并向一架中国财团销售0架直升机Daimler and its Chinese partner, BAIC Motor , pledged to jointly invest billion yuan ( million) to expand engine production.戴姆勒股份公司与其中国合作伙伴北汽汽车将共同投入0亿人民币以扩大发动机生产哈尔滨依兰县治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的 匿名黑客组织扬言攻击全球央行,希腊首当其冲 -- :51:51 来源: 黑客组织;匿名;扬言攻击全球央行,中国央行赫然在列而近日,希腊央行首先受到了冲击Greecersquo;s central bank became the target of a cyber attack by activist hacking group Anonymous on Tuesday which disrupted service of its website, a Bank of Greece official said on Wednesday.据一名希腊央行的官员在周三透露,激进黑客组织;匿名;把希腊央行列为了网络攻击的目标,他们破坏了希腊央行的网络务;The attack lasted a few minutes and was successfully tackled by the bankrsquo;s security systems. The only thing that was affected by the denial-of-service attack was our website,; the official said, declining to be named.这名拒绝署名的官员说道:;这场入侵持续了几分钟,但是被我们的安全系统成功地阻止了在这场lsquo;拒绝务rsquo;黑客攻击下,唯一受到影响的是我们的网站;Anonymous originated in , adopting the Guy Fawkes mask as their symbol online hacking. The mask is a stylized portrayal of an oversized smile, red cheeks and a wide mustache upturned at both ends.;匿名;起源于年,他们用盖伊;福克斯的面具作为组织的标志来从事黑客活动在这张面具上,是一个大大的程式化微笑,红色的脸颊和两端向上翘起的大胡须(注:盖伊;福克斯,《V字仇杀队主角);Olympus will fall. A few days ago we declared the revival of operation Icarus. Today we have continuously taken down the website of the Bank of Greece,; the group says in a on You Tube.这个组织在有土鳖上发布了一份视频,声称:;奥利匹斯将会崩毁几天前我们宣布了伊卡洛斯的复兴而今天我们就马不停蹄地攻占下了希腊央行的网站;;This marks the start of a 30-day campaign against central bank sites across the world.;;而这还仅仅只是开始在接下来的三十天里,我们将攻击全世界的央行!;黑龙江中医院治疗妇科怎么样

尚志市妇幼保健站产前检查好吗打鼾遇天敌!6种食物减少打呼噜 -- 1:5:1 来源:chinadaily 经常打鼾的人会影响身边的伴侣休息,造成对方失眠甚至提出分房要求经常打鼾的人也可能影响到自己休息,因为打鼾的声音太大也会把自己吵醒 Snoring often causes a disturbance the snoring person's partner, causing restless nights and even the need a separate rooms. But it can also create a problem the snorers, creating noises so loud it wakes them up in the night. 为了避免打鼾,很多人尝试购买昂贵的防打鼾仪器,或者去做手术,但是事实上有更方便的解决方法看看下列的饮食建议,可以帮助你和你的伴侣不再受打鼾的困扰 Though some go to extremes to try to prevent snoring, buying expensive anti-snore kits or even going as far having surgery, there are other much more convenient solutions. Check out the list below of diet tips and foods that to help you or your partner snore no more. 1. 牛奶的替代品 Cow Milk Alternatives 即使轻微或未察觉的乳糖过敏都会引起过敏反应,导致包含打鼾在内的肿胀牛奶和其他乳制品还可能导致呼吸系统疾病、痰多,从而增加打鼾的几率所以,打鼾的人可以尝试食用豆奶、杏仁乳甚至是羊奶 Even a slight or undetected lactose sensitivity can cause an allergic reaction that leads to snore-inducing swelling. Cow's milk and other dairy products can also m respiratory ailments and create phlegm that brings on congestion, again increasing the likelihood of snoring. So, try opting some soy, almond or even goat milk. . 鱼 Fish 减少摄入富含饱和脂肪的红肉有助于减少饱和脂肪和花生四烯酸,饱和脂肪和花生四烯酸会产生组织扩大脂类化合物,这是打鼾者应该避免的红肉可以用鱼肉和豆类等优质蛋白食物来代替这种健康的替换还利于生成减少组织发炎的脂肪酸 Minimizing the consumption of red meats, full of saturated fat, will help cut out the saturated fats and arachidonic acid that generates the tissue enlarging lipid compounds snorers should be avoiding. Red meat can be replaced with fish and legumes that are great alternative sources of protein. These healthy replacements also contain fatty acids that actually help reduce tissue inflammation. 3. 洋葱 Onions 洋葱具有抗炎和解充血的特性,有助于通顺鼻腔并让空气自由地进出,从而减少打鼾 Onions have anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that can help clear your passages and let air flow more freely - thus reducing snoring. . 茶 Tea 茶具有消炎的作用薄荷茶效果最好,因为薄荷是天然的解充血药 Having a cup of tea can also help reduce inflammation. If it's peppermint, even better, since mint is a natural decongestant. 5. 蜂蜜 Honey 睡前喝一杯加入蜂蜜的茶或是直接喝一勺蜂蜜都可以减小呼吸道组织,从而减少打鼾、舒缓喉咙蜂蜜还有抗菌的特性,减缓喉咙的肿大 Add some honey to your tea, or even just having a scoop on its own bee bed can also help reduce snoring, soothing the throat to reduce tissue size. Honey also has antibacterial properties that can reduce the crowding of the larynx. 6. 姜黄粉 Turmeric 姜黄粉具有抗炎的作用,从而可以减少打鼾睡觉之前食用加入姜黄粉的饭菜,或是饮用加入姜黄粉的果汁 This spice's anti-inflammatory characteristics can also help reduce snoring. Add the spice can to a meal or even create a cold-pressed juice to drink bee bed. 北京检方调查“涉嫌嫖娼男子雷某死亡事件” -- ::38 来源: 北京检方称起正在调查雷洋涉嫌嫖娼被民警采取强制约束措施后死亡的事件 Beijing prosecutors say they are investigating the death in police custody of a man who had been picked up on suspicion of visiting sex workers, a case that has highlighted public complaints about police abuses.北京检方称他们正在调查雷洋涉嫌嫖娼被民警采取强制约束措施后死亡的事件,该事件遭到公众对警方执法的质疑Lei Yang’s family filed a report with prosecutors over his death last month in the north-west district of Changping.雷洋的家属于上月在昌平区向检察院递交了立案文件The main prosecutors’ office in Beijing said it was investigating five police officers in relation to Lei’s death.北京的检察院总办公室称其正在就雷洋之死调查涉案的5位民警According to media reports, Lei was detained on 7 May outside a massage parlour as part of crackdown on prostitution.据媒体报道,作为打击卖淫行动的一部分,雷洋于5月7日在一家足疗店前被捕His relatives say Lei was on his way to the airport to pick up relatives when he was stopped by the officers.他的亲属说雷洋在去机场接亲戚的路上,被民警阻止了The case has been covered extensively in state-run newspapers and prompted a huge outpouring on social media in China.该案件被官方媒体广泛报道,并引起了在中国社交媒体激烈的讨论According to media reports, Lei, 9, had graduated with a degree in environmental science from Beijing’s prestigious Renmin University and had a daughter a few weeks old.据媒体报道,9岁的雷洋是北京名校人民大学的环境科学硕士毕业生,女儿刚几周大Lei’s wife was alerted to his disappearance after relatives waiting him at the airport called to say he had not shown up.雷洋的妻子在其亲戚给她打电话说雷洋没在机场之后,才得知他失踪了She made more than 0 calls attempting to find Lei, but it was not until after midnight that police called the family asking them to go to the police station, where they were inmed of his death.她打了0多个电话试图寻找雷洋,但直到午夜过后警察才来电告知家属去警察局,到警察局之后才得知他的死讯A day later, police released a short statement online saying Lei had been detained visiting prostitutes but died suddenly on the way to the police station.一日过后,警方在网上发表简短声明说雷阳因嫖娼被捕,在去警察局的路上突然死亡Lei’s family has publicly questioned that .雷洋的家属公开表示对次声明怀疑黑龙江省传染病防治院中药科阿城区b超多少钱



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