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Although I had never met him, I knew that my grandfather had been five feet, six inches tall, while my stately grandmother stood five feet, eleven inches. As a teen-ager leafing through old photographs with Grandma, I finally realized how unusual they must have looked together.  "Grandma, " I asked, "how could you have fallen in love with a man five inches shorter than you?"  She turned to me. "Honey," she said, "we fell in love sitting down, and when I stood up, it was too late."   尽管我从未见过我祖父,但我知道他身高五英尺六,而我高贵的祖母身高五英尺十一。十几岁的时候,我和祖母一起一页一页地翻着老照片,我终于认识到他们在一起是多么不同寻常。  “奶奶,”我问道,“你怎么会爱上一个比你矮五英寸的人呢?”  她转过脸来看着我。“宝贝,”她说,“我们是坐着相爱的。当我站起来的时候,已经太晚了。” /201107/145214Be Kinder To Yourself: Enjoy A Deeper Sleep:Did you know it requires more energy to “hold onto” stress in your body than it does to let it go? Blow the stress out with your next breath. A twitter rejuvenation note.Are you stressed and tense or soft and relaxed?Of course, you needn’t this article if you are aly getting a fabulous nights sleep. Ah, but if you’re having trouble sleeping and feel stress and tension hiding in your body, then a good dose of “softening up” therapy may be just what you need.Your personal mantra whilst ing this article and until your sleep improves is:“my sleeps get better and better”My Favorite Softening Up Therapy:I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night of late. Luckily I quickly spotted that my body had a few tights spots which I knew were trapped pockets of stress. Stress and an overactive mind are a sure fire way to stop a great nights sleep.What to do? The answer - I need to soften myself up ( for half an hour or so) before going to bed. Release the stress, loosen myself up and heh! presto, I’m relaxed and y for a good nights sleep.My favorite “softening up” therapy treatment is a self foot massage with warmed sesame oil and a few drops of the essential oil called vetiver. The thought of massaging your own feet might seem like a chore but in fact its not. The benefits are enormous. I guarantee your nervous system will thank you.Soften Yourself Up Daily:If feel stressed, tense and tight, then it may take a week or so until your body starts to respond and soften up.But don’t wait until its too late. Even if you are feeling great “softening yourself up” is a great well being habit to add to your daily routine.9 Delicious Ways To Soften Yourself Up For A Great Nights Sleep:1. Soften your face:Are you “holding in” stress by frowning, squinting, clenching teeth, tight jaw, tense tongue or tight breathing? Release your tongue from the top of your mouth and allow it to float, feel your cheek and forehead muscles relax, open your mouth slightly which will release tension in your jaw and neck area. Close your eyes and relax your eye balls, eye lids, eye brows, ears, hair and scalp. Spend at least 5 minutes imagining every part of your head, letting go then softening. This is bliss, baby and it works.2. Breathe into your belly to calm your nervous system:Your breath is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use anywhere, anytime. Short, quick, shallow breathes feed stress and stimulates your nervous system. Whilst breathing slowly from your belly calms your nervous system and relaxes you. In fact 70% of your breathing should be from your belly. It invites more oxygen into your body and removes old stale air from the bottom of your lungs. Breathing in and out from your belly will soften you up.3. Sedate your nervous system by massaging the souls of your feet:Reflexology tells us that certain parts of your feet relate to certain organs and energy channels in your body. Gently massaging both your feet (souls, ankles, toes) with a warmed organic sesame oil for five to ten minutes can soften and relax many parts of your body. Of course you can use any organic oil you prefer such as coconut oil or almond oil. Adding a few drops of an essential oil like vetiver, sandalwood or lavender will add another therapeutic boost to your foot massage. To find out more my article - You deserve a daily self massage:4. Relax and soften your eyes with a yoga eye pillow:So much stress can enter your body via your eyes. What you see can easily disturb your internal energies. Staring for hours on end, at a computer screen can also stress your eyes and body. Treat your eyes to some deep relaxation by placing a yoga eye pillow over them for at least five minutes. Simply bring your awareness back into your body and breathe and let your body do the rest. Obviously you need to be lying down to do this. If you are keen to make your own yoga eye pillow here’s some tips.5. Rejuvenate your energies with hand yoga:Hand Mudra’s are so simple and have an amazing effect on the human body by activating certain energy channels in your body. Here’s the rejuvenation hand mudra to soften your thoughts and pressure in your head: Place your left palm on left ear and right palm on right ear. Gently move your hands as if massaging your ears in a smooth circular motion. Repeat this circular motion in a counterclockwise direction for at least 3 minutes in total. Listen to the sounds of the ocean, focus on long slow breathing. If your mind is having trouble staying focused then give it something to do” I am calm and relaxed”. This simple hand mudra withdraws your senses from the outside world and pulls your scattered energies back into your body.6. Think from your heart and not from your head with a heart mudra:Here’s a very simple way to get out of your head and back into your body. A heart yoga mudra. Push both palms of your hands together and place them over your heart area in prayer position. Make sure the thumbs are touching your heart chakra area. Now breathe into this area by bowing your head, closing your eyes and connecting to your quiet place inside. You will notice the longer you stay in this peaceful hand yoga posture the more energy will be directed away from your head and back into your body and heart. Never underestimate the power from something as simple as a heart mudra.7. Laughter is an excellent de-stressor:Laughter is a theraputic tool that can boost your nervous system. Laugh for no reason or watch a very funny movie. Certainly avoid watching anything on TV that is serious, sad, depressing, upsetting or stressful to your nervous system. If it doesn’t make you smile then don’t watch it. Laugh yourself healthy with youtube ’s. Laughter is contagious so simply by watching laughter you will soon be laughing yourself. You always feels lighter and softer after laughing. Give it a try.8. Breathe into your stressed bits.Where do you feel your stress? Stomach, neck, bottom or all over. Consciously breathe into your stressed bits and notice the stress dissolve with each exhale. Stress is tight and breathing into your stressed bits invites an openness which dissolves the tightness. Your body will become softer with each deep exhale. You can do this exercise sitting down or standing up. I also imagine the stressed energy leave my body out through the soles of my feet and back down into the earth.9. Sound therapy nourishes your nervous system:Did you know that by playing The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss 11, that it physically has ability to revitalize you after times of stress and fatigue. Scientists have proven that it nourishes your central nervous system. Yahoo! You can all about it right here if you don’t believe me: A simple solution for overburdened nerves: Soften yourself up with some soothing classical music. /200811/54705Harvard's online Freeze College magazine holds a beauty pageant for newly enrolled male students every year.哈佛校园网络杂志“冰冻校园”每年都要举办一次哈佛新入校男生的“选美大会”。 Being Mr. Harvard Freshman is really a tough job: in addition to looks, the winner needs to have a sense of humor and an outgoing, charismatic personality. But before all that, he has to undergo a rather grueling competition to win the title.由于代表着新一届学生的风采,“哈佛男生”的遴选标准近乎苛刻——除了外形出众、幽默、机智和富有人格魅力外,还要经历层层考验。 Out of over 700 freshmen from all over the world, 80 are chosen to take part in the contest. A second vote by students picks 30 to go on to the next round. Only 13 can make it to the final, in which they undergo a strict exam. After that, online voters select their favorite man, and a Mr Harvard Freshman emerges.首先是海选,从700多名来自世界各地的哈佛新生中公开投票选出80名入围选手,然后再由全校学生网络公投,选出30名进入半决赛,一番PK后留下13名男生,在接受各方面人士的严格考核和网络投票后,最终诞生一位“哈佛男生”。This genuinely fair procedure means that Mr. Harvard Freshman deserves his legend, "the star of Harvard".整个选举过程遵循真实、公平的原则,可以说,最终夺冠的这位“哈佛男生”绝对是实至名归的“哈佛之星”。 /200908/82674Sometimes willpower is a lot like the television remote control — hard to find just when you want it most. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, get to the gym regularly, win a promotion or pay off some debts, developing your sense of willpower is an important part of changing any behavior.We all know that breaking a bad habit or establishing a new, healthy one can be difficult, but persistence pays off. Researchers at the University of Washington found that 63 percent of those who made New Year’s resolutions were still keeping their resolution two months later. It’s not going to be easy, but there are ways to increase your willpower, stay resolved and achieve your goals.First Things FirstDon’t try to restructure your finances, win a promotion and lose weight all on the same morning. Establish one clear, specific goal and formulate a realistic strategy for achieving it. Extra willpower sometimes requires extra energy, so don’t stretch yourself too thin. Focus on one goal at a time.Start SlowMomentum builds gradually, and whatever your goal, don’t expect to achieve it overnight. Real success takes time. If you are trying to kick a caffeine habit, start by replacing your morning cup of coffee with a glass of water, instead of vowing never to drink coffee again. Congratulate yourself on the small achievements that will pave the way toward a larger one. These successes help your will power grow.Support NetworkBolster your willpower by tapping into a support network. Ask friends, family or colleagues for assistance and tell them exactly how they can help. If your credit card bills have skyrocketed, for instance, let friends know that you are cutting back on expenses. Suggest having a potluck dinner instead of meeting at an expensive restaurant. Find a support group or organization related to your goal and attend their meetings. You can get valuable advice, understanding and information — all of which increase commitment and willpower.Changing Your EnvironmentIf possible, alter your environment to reduce temptation or encourage positive behavior. Want to get in shape? Keep an extra set of workout clothes in your office as a reminder to stop by the gym on the way home. Quitting smoking? Avoid bars or restaurants where you might be tempted to light up.More Than WillpowerSometimes changing your behavior requires more than willpower. If you are struggling with an addiction or want to make a significant lifestyle change, seek the guidance and support of a professional. An expert may be able to provide intensive support and followup or prescribe medication to reduce physical symptoms. For example, without help only 5 percent of smokers can quit but that number rises to 30 percent when people seek both drug therapy and counseling. /200901/60532A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. - Robert Orben  毕业典礼就是演讲人对着几千名头戴一样帽子、身穿统一制的学生说“个性”是成功的关键。  Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo  不管你去往何方,不管将来迎接你的是什么,请你带着阳光般的心情启程。 /201106/141403

Language 美国语言 What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? An American. 你如何称呼能说三种语言的人?三声带。能讲两种语言的人又如何称呼?双声带。那么,只会一种语言的人呢?美国人。 To people in many countries, being bilingual or even trilingual is a way of life. But since the mother tongue of most Americans is English-a language widely spoken around the world-they often don't feel the need to learn a foreign language. Moreover, people who live in the heartland of America have little contact with other linguistic groups, making foreign language skills irrelevant. 对许多国家的人而言,说两种或三种语言,是家常便饭。但在美国,由于大多数人的母语为英语--一个世界上广泛通用的语言--因此美国人都不觉得有必要学习外语。此外,居住于美国大陆内地的人,较少与其它语言族群接触,因此外语能力更显得无关紧要。 Actually, though, this "land of immigrants" has always had people of many different nationalities-and languages. The 1990 census indicates that almost 14% of Americans speak a non-English language at home. Yet only 3% reported that they spoke English "not well" or "not at all." That means that slightly more than one out of 10 Americans could be considered bilingual. Besides that, many high school and college students-and even some elementary school students-are required to take a foreign language as a part of their curriculum. In addition to old standbys like Spanish, German and French, more and more students are opting for Eastern European and Asian languages. Of course, not all students keep up their foreign language abilities. As the old saying goes, "If you don't use it, you lose it." But still, a growing number of Americans are coming to appreciate the benefits of being multilingual. 事实上,在美国这块「移民之地」,一直住着来自不同国籍、说不同语言的人口。一九九○年的人口普查显示,几乎百分之十四的美国人,在家里不讲英语。只有百分之三的人宣称他们英语「说得不好」或「根本不会说」。这表示十分之一强的美国人可视为双声带。此外,许多中学生、大学生,甚至小学生在校的学科都必须加修一门外语。除了西班牙文、德文与法文等常选的第二语言外,愈来愈多的学生选修东欧和亚洲语言。当然,并非所有学生都能够学以致用。套句老话:「不用就会丢掉。」尽管如此,愈来愈多的美国人已经开始意识到会说多种语言的好处。 Ethnic enclaves, found particularly in major metropolitan centers, have preserved the language and culture of American immigrants. Some local residents can function quite well in their native language, without having to bother learning English. Regions such as southern Florida and the Southwest have numerous Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. In fact, Spanish speakers-numbering over 17 million-compose the largest non-English linguistic group in America. But Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Polish and many other ethnic groups add to the linguistic flavor of America. Foreign languages are so commonly used in some ethnic neighborhoods that visitors might think they are in another country! /200803/32558

The claim: Cell phones cause brain cancer.One Swedish study published last year found a link between long-term use of the older analog cell phones and brain cancer; research in rats has shown a link between cell-phone radiation and potentially cancer-causing DNA damage.The counterclaim: Cell phones are safe.The largest study to date, published last February in the Journal of the national Cancer Institute, surveyed 420,000 cell-phone users from 1992 and 20055 and concluded there was no evidence of a brain-cancer link. Two smaller studies, published last December in the Journal of the American medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine, came to similar conclusions.Expert analysis:Cancer experts feel that cell phones are safe for short-term use--but note that more long-term research is needed. "Studies show that using cell phones for ten or fifteen years doesn't seem to increase brain cancer risk, but we don't have any research that goes beyond that," says Gansler. He points out that the analog phones in the Swedish study emit much more radiation than today's digital ones. And as for laboratory studies, " Results are much different in a test tube or a rat than they are in humans," he adds. But other experts are more cautious. "Brain tumors grow slowly and may not be detected for more than a decade," warns Henry Lai, Ph.D., professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, in Seattle.The bottom line:Until 20-or 30-year studies are available to demonstrate cell-phone safety, take some precautions. Start with a hands-free headset, which may minimize exposure to radiation. Keep your phone away from your body when you're not using it. Joshua Muscat, Ph.D., of the American Health Foundation in Valhalla, New York, also recommends using the newer digital phones, which have less radiation than analog. Don't use it when signal strength is poor, since that means the phone has to work harder, causing it to emit more radiation. And keep your kids off cell phones, since researchers don't know how radiation affects a developing brain. As for devices that claim to protect against radiation," There's no evidence that they work," says Muscat. /200812/59213

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