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经典句型:Id like to send this mail to Shanghai.我要把这个邮件寄往上海。A:Id like to send this mail to Shanghai.甲:我要把这个邮件寄往上海。B:By ordinary mail or by express?乙:平邮还是特快专递?A:Ordinary mail.甲:平邮。经典句型:Id like to send this mail by express. 我要用特快专递邮寄这封信。A:Id like to send this mail by express. 甲:我要用特快专递邮寄这封信。B:Please fill out this form first. 乙:请先填写这张表。A:All right. 甲:好的。B:You didnt fill in your cell phone number. Its important.乙:您没填写您的手机号码,这很重要。A:Ill fill it in now. 甲:我现在就填。句型讲解:ordinary mail平信,air mail航空邮件,express特快专递。 /201407/316975李华正为了完成一项作业而焦头烂额。她和Larry要用到两个常用语:Do something till youre blue in the face和run a tight ship.Larry: Hey, Lihua, are you y to go to dinner? Im starving.LH: 吃饭?我可没心情吃饭。我没想出这作业要怎么写。我们小组的组长肯定饶不了我!Larry: Youve been sitting there for almost four hours! Lets go get something to eat, and then you can come back and think about it some more.LH: 不行,我发誓,不写出个提纲我就绝食!Larry: Look, Lihua, if you dont eat anything, you can sit there and think about your project till youre blue in the face and you still wont get any good ideas.LH: 啊?我的脸变成蓝色?这怎么可能?Larry: Thats just an expression, Lihua. If you do something till youre blue in the face, youre doing something over and over again for a very long time - and making no progress.LH: 哦,Do something till youre blue in the face,就是说反复做一件事,但一直不成功。你是说我瘪了半天也写不出论文,可还拼命地想。但是,我不管,我非写出来不可!Larry: But, Lihua, Im starving!LH: Larry, 别嚷嚷了,就算你一直抱怨到youre blue in the face! 我是不会理你的。Larry: OK, OK. I get the point. Maybe I can help you. Whats the project about?LH: 这就对了! 这个作业是美国历史课的。我们小组的每个人都要介绍一个美国历史人物,可是别的组员都是美国人,他们的历史知识当然比我丰富啊!Larry: Dont put so much pressure on yourself. Why dont you ask your group for some help? That would be more productive than sitting here until youre blue in the face.LH: 可是,我们组长凶巴巴的,特别不好说话,还让我们明天都要交一份提纲出来!Larry: Hmm...I think I have an idea, Lihua. Why dont you do your report on George Washington! He was a military leader who ran a very tight ship in the American Revolution.LH: A tight ship? 一艘很紧的船?乔治华盛顿不是美国第一任总统吗?难道他还在美国独立战争期间当过船长??Larry: No, he wasnt the captain of a ship; he was the Commander in Chief of the entire army! And he ran a very tight ship with his soldiers - meaning, he was a very strict leader.LH: 原来如此! To run a tight ship就是指纪律严明的领导风格,严格管理。Larry: Thats right. He ran such a tight ship, in fact, that he was able to lead an army of largely untrained soldiers through a very harsh winter during the war.LH: 率领没受过什么训练的士兵在寒冬作战,这可不简单!Larry: Well, Lihua, a good leader can run a tight ship no matter how bad the situation is.LH: Larry, 这倒让想起了我们的组长。她对我们特别严格。Larry: It certainly sounds like your group leader runs quite a tight ship, but a good leader can command the respect of his soldiers by setting a good example, not yelling. Without that respect, you could yell until youre blue in the face and you still wouldnt be able to lead effectively.LH: 没错! 严格管理并不等于每天冲手下人大喊大叫。我们这个小组的组长人特别厉害,可说实话没什么威信。我真希望下次分到别的组,不要再待在她的tight ship上。Larry: I hope so, too. Now, since you have your topic, lets go eat pizza!LH: Pizza 不行! 我在减肥!Larry: Oh, Lihua, youre so skinny aly! You could diet until youre blue in the face and it wont make any difference. Dont be so hard on yourself!LH: 啊?你说我已经很瘦了,所以再怎么减肥也不会变更瘦?得了! 我现在比在中国时胖了好多,我要看牢自己的嘴,Im going to run a tight ship,只吃健康食品!Larry: Not another tight ship! I think Im getting sea-sick.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 Do something till youre blue in the face,意思是“重复做某事,但是不成功”。另一个是run a tight ship,意思是“严格管理”。 /201204/1778091. Is this one on sale?这个打折吗?还能这样说:Is there any discount of this one?Any discount?谚语:One boy is a boy; two boys half a boy; three boys no boy.一个和尚挑水喝,两个和尚抬水喝,三个和尚没水喝。2. How much is it on sale?打几折?还能这样说:Whats the discount rate?How much discount do you give?谚语:Much will have more.越有越贪。3. How much is it?这个多少钱?还能这样说:How much does it cost?Whats the price of it?应用:make a price 开价,定价;cheat at the price 物超所值4. How much does it come to?总共多少钱?还能这样说:Whats the total?How much will it be all together?应用:come to 还有其他意思:苏醒;结果是;涉及,谈到。例如:She came to herself after being knocked down.她在被撞倒之后苏醒过来了。 /201401/273521

经典句型:I plan to stay here for 10 days. 我计划在这里停留10天。A:How long will you be staying in the ed States?甲:您在美国停留几天?B:I plan to stay here for 10 days.乙:我计划在这里停留10天。A:Where are you staying?甲:您在哪儿住呢?B:Ill stay in Boston Hotel.乙:我要住在波士顿酒店。经典句型:I come here on business. 我是来出差的。A:What is the purpose of your visit?甲:您旅行目的是什么?B:I come here on business.乙:我是来出差的。A:How long will you be staying?甲:您在这里停留多久?B:A week.乙:一个星期。句型讲解:海关的工作人员经常会对入境的外国客人提出一些问题。如:旅行的目的purpose of travel,停留时间time for stay,住址address,是否已经预订了返程机票return ticket等等。 /201406/304454

主持人Mike Bond和杨琳带你走进他们幽默搞怪的日常生活,带你边玩边学地道美语!今天,阿拉丁神话发生了!Mike遇到了时间精灵,能把他送回过去!Mike能挽回他的一生挚爱吗?来看下集!1. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 千载难逢的机会;2. Long-distance relationship 异地恋;3. In a heartbeat 立刻,毫不犹豫地;4. Story of my life! 这种(不好的)事总发生在我身上!5. Game changer 扭转局势的事物 /201310/257389

Todd: OK, Kawabe! (Hai) Can you tell us about your English success story.托德:好的,川边,你能跟我们谈谈成功学习英语的故事吗?Kawabe: English success story (Yeah, yeah) Its not a success story but I can tell how I learned. OK, first of all, I dont think I learned English as a foreign, a foreign language because I loved to listen to music, especially rock n roll when I was a teenage. So when you love music, you become, like you, you want to sing with it so you memorize the whole lyrics and you know stuff and, so to me it was like, just, you know, a hobby, it was just a fun purely. It was the pure fun for me so, I didnt think I studied.川边:成功学习英语的故事?(对,没错)这其实并不算成功的故事,不过我可以说说我是如何学习的。好,首先,我认为我并没有把英语当作外语来学习,因为我喜欢听音乐,我年轻的时候尤其喜欢听摇滚乐。所以,你如果喜欢音乐,你就会想跟着音乐一起唱歌,所以你就要记下所有的歌词,然后就你会知道一些知识,对我来说,这就是个爱好,纯粹是乐趣。对我来说是纯粹的乐趣,所以我想我并不算学习。Todd: Wow, thats great! So did you listen without ing the words, the lyrics, or did you just listen and the lyrics at the same time?托德:哇,那真棒!你在听歌的时候是不看歌词,还是一边听歌一边看歌词呢?Kawabe: Um, both! (Both) Both, yeah! Sometimes, Id see words which I dont understand, so I look up the dictionary and you know check the meaning and, you know, the things was always like this.川边:嗯,都会!(都会吗)对,都会!我不理解的时候会看歌词,会查词典,你知道就是查一下单词的意思,就是类似这样的事情。Todd: Um, so did you do anything else besides music?托德:嗯,那除了听音乐以外你有别的学习方法吗?Kawabe: Ah, what else? Yeah, the movie! The movie! Like, yeah, I loved to, one of my favorite movies, the Blues Brothers, because you know, that movie is interesting, and first of all, that funny, you know the funniest movie and like a great comedy in the history I think and that movie was famous for its music, right, you know, that movies soundtrack is great, and I have the CD in my room. And then..川边:别的方法?看电影!电影!我喜欢看电影,我最喜欢的电影之一就是《福禄双霸天》,因为你知道,那部电影很有趣,首先很有意思,那是最有意思的电影,我认为它是历史上一部伟大的喜剧,当然那部电影也因配乐而出名,你知道,那部电影的原声带非常棒,我房间里还有原声带的CD呢。还有……Todd: You have it in your room?托德:你房间里有那个CD?Kawabe: Yeah!川边:对!Todd: Really!托德:真的吗?Kawabe: Yeah! I do and, so I saw that movie so many times. I dont remember how many times I saw that, and when you , you know, after the repetition, you know watching the same movies so many times you memorize a whole like words and sentence, what John Belushi was saying, what Dan Aykrod was saying, so it was a great study I think, for me!川边:对,我的确有,那部电影我看了很多次了。我都记不清我看了多少次了,在重复看了几遍以后,你知道,在一部电影看了很多次以后,你会记住电影里面的所有对白,约翰·贝鲁西的对白,还有丹·艾克罗伊德的对白,所以我认为,这对我来说是很好的学习方式。Todd: Wow! Thats a great..托德:哇!那很棒……Kawabe: But at that time I dont think that was studying you know!川边:但是那时我并不认为那是在学习!Todd: Yeah, it was fun! So you enjoyed it!托德:对,那很有意思!你很享受! /201404/285036

我们今天要学的习惯用语都带有这个词horn。 Horn这个词有几种不同意思。首先它可以指象公牛之类大型雄性动物头上长的角。在我们今天学的第一个习惯用语里horn就是这个意思: take the bull by the horns。 Bull是公牛。公牛有时是一种危险的动物。它野性发作时,会挺着头上尖锐坚硬的牛角向人直冲过来。那对锐不可当的牛角可是致命武器。历年来不知有多少西班牙斗牛士是在牛角下丧命的。习惯用语take the bull by the horns要是直译就是手执牛角制公牛。这是个相当古老的习惯用语,流传至今有两百多年了。它的确切出典已经不清楚。有一种说法是这个习惯用语起源于牧牛场。当一头怒气冲天的公牛直冲你而来的时候,你自卫反击的办法之一就是迎它而上,双手果断利落地紧紧抓住它头上两角,然后竭尽全力扭转牛头,使公牛失去平衡摔倒而被你制。当然这样做是需要临危不惧,迎着困难而上的勇敢精神的。我们来听个例子。说话的人终于鼓起了勇气准备去上级办公室要求加工资了。例句-1: Im not waiting any longer for the boss to give me the raise I deserve. Im going to take the bull by the horns, march in and tell him I want more money or Im leaving for another job.他说:我再也不乖乖地等着老板来给我加工资了。我该得到更高的报酬,我要鼓足勇气迎困难而上;我打算去老板办公室直截了当地对他说:要不给我更高的报酬,我就辞职另谋出路了。他决定不再听任老板的摆布,而要采取主动、据理力争,所以这里的take the bull by the horns含义是不畏权势,迎着困难而上。******我们再听个例子。这回是老板在谈论一个懒懒散散、工作不力的雇员:例句-2: Ive been patient with Dick because hes my wifes cousin. But he does less work than anybody else. Today Im going to take the bull by the horns and tell him hes fired.他说:我一向都很容忍Dick, 因为他是我太太的表亲。但是他活儿干得比谁都少。今天我打算虎口拔牙,单刀直入地对他说他被解雇了。由于Dick是他太太的亲戚,尽管Dick工作不力,但有碍情面他一向都对Dick相当包容,而今天他却打破情面,正视问题,干脆要辞退Dick。所以这里的take the bull by the horns含义还是克困难、解决问题。******Horn这个词还可以指号角或者喇叭。例如在下面这个习惯用语里:blow ones own horn。 Blow ones own horn从字面解释就是吹自己的喇叭。那么习惯用语 blow ones own horn含义是什么呢? 我们先听下面这个例子来琢磨,特别注意里面的习惯用语blow ones own horn。例句-3:I cant stand the guy - hes always blowing his own horn about how much money he makes, how good he is at sports, even how the grass on his lawn is greener than his neighbors.他说:自己实在受不了这个家伙,因为他老吹嘘自己赚了多少钱,又夸自己如何擅长运动,甚至还说自家的草地比邻家来得绿。这家伙满口说的都是夸耀自己的话,可见习惯用语blow ones own horn含义是自吹自擂。这个习惯用语历史悠久。最初起源于两千年前的古罗马人,约莫是150年前流传到英语中来的。******象这种好吹嘘自己的人并不少见,大家也许都碰到过。接下来我们再听个例子,说的可是个截然相反的人了。例句-4:Youd never know that Jack has written eight successful books unless someone else tells you - hes a quiet, modest sort of man who doesnt believe in blowing his own horn.他说:如果旁人不告诉你的话,你可不会知道Jack已经写了八部成功之作。Jack为人安详谦和,从来都不好自吹自擂那一套。这里的blow ones own horn意思还是自吹自擂。 /201404/289823

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