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即墨市第三人民医院门诊怎么走青岛市妇幼保健医院预约You tell your friend that eating fats can be part of a healthy diet and he gets mad你告诉朋友吃一些高热量的食物也是健康饮食的一部分,and starts yelling at you, ;Oh, so you want me to eat McDonald#39;s all day?!他非常生气的向你吼道,“你是想让我整天吃麦当劳You want me to eat trans fats all day?!和反式脂肪吗?Is that what you call healthy?!;这就是你所谓的健康饮食?”In his mind, he#39;s somehow rebutting your argument.在他的意识中,想要反驳你的观点。However, what he#39;s done is essentially twisted what you said into something that you didn#39;t say,然而,他是把你的观点扭曲了,and now he#39;s attacking his own little constructed argument.而且他也在攻击他自己的小论点。You tell him that you were thinking more along the lines of nuts and seeds,你告诉他你在思考坚果和种子的纹路,but for some reason, he continues to be very angry with you.但是出于某些原因,他仍然跟你生气。You and your friend are debating the complex question of how taxes should be collected.你和朋友正在讨论怎样收税这种复杂的问题。You#39;re more fiscally conservative while he#39;s more fiscally liberal.你更倾向于财政保守,他却更倾向于财政自由。And so far, the argument has been going great but all of a sudden he brings up Donald Trump到目前为止,讨论进入白热化阶段,但他却突然提到唐纳德·特朗普and all the bad things Trump has done in his life.以及他的一生所为。He goes on and on about Trump maybe thinking that he#39;s somehow strengthening his position,他不停的讲特朗普,可能以为是在强化自己的观点,but he#39;s essentially introduced something that#39;s irrelevant to the debate,但是从本质上讲,他做的陈述和此次辩论毫无关联,and his argument of whether Trump is a good guy or a bad guy而且关于特朗普是否是好人的论辩really says nothing overall about the merits of fiscal conservatism没有凸显任何财政保守主义的优点just like whether Hillary is a sketchy lady or a nice lady says nothing about the merits of fiscal liberalism.就类似于,不管希拉里是不是一位和蔼的夫人,这都和财政自由主义的优点无关。You#39;re debating your friend about a topic and you bring up some very valid points.在辩论的时候,你提出了有力的论点。And instead of addressing those points, he gets angry and starts telling you他没有论述那些观点,反而非常生气的how you#39;re wrong because you#39;re an asshole or because you#39;re ugly指责你是怎么错的,因为你人品有问题,又或者是因为你很丑,implying that your character or your physical attributes以此来暗示了你的性格或身体特征somehow have anything to do with the validity of your argument.与你论点的有效性相关。A friend of yours asks you to explain in detail everything since the start of the universe.朋友让你解释从宇宙起源以来的所有细节。You tell him that even though we know quite a bit, we don#39;t know every single detail about everything你说尽管我们知道很多,但我们不可能懂得所有事情的每一个细节,but we#39;re looking for evidence constantly and working on putting the puzzle together.但是我们一直在寻在据,并致力于整合这些问题。He laughs in your face. See, you have no answers but he does.他当面嘲笑你。瞧,你回答不了,他却可以。He tells you that the spaghetti monster created everything with his loving tentacles.他告诉你是意大利面飞行怪用它可爱的触手创造了万物。You#39;ve just been served an argument from ignorance.多么无知的论调。We don#39;t know certain things for sure, therefore it must be the spaghetti monster.有些事情我们确定不了,所以就把它扣在意大利面飞行怪的头上。Your friend tells you that he saw on TV that if he eats some crazy herb every day, he won#39;t get cancer anymore.朋友告诉你,如果每天多吃一些药草,他就不会得癌症。And you#39;re kind of skeptical and ask for more evidence,你有点怀疑并希望他能提供更多的据来明这一点,and he tells you that it#39;s true because the guy who said it on TV is this famous doctor and he also has a PhD.他坚信那是真的,因为是一个非常有名的士医生在电视上讲的。Unfortunately, just because someone has a PhD doesn#39;t mean that they#39;re not full of shit.不幸的是,拥有士学位并不能表明他的言论就完全可信。And also unfortunately, a lot of people don#39;t seem to understand this.遗憾的是很多人貌似都不明白这一点。 Article/201706/513834山东青岛新阳光医院收费怎么样 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201608/457821Remember the weekend before last when Trump tweeted that President Obama wiretapped him?还记得在上上周末 特朗普发推文说奥巴马总统窃听他嘛?Well, today was the deadline the House Intelligence Committee gave the Department of Justice or maybe vice verse今天是众议院情报委员会给司法部或副部长的最后期限to share evidence of this.交出关于窃听的据Needless to say, the evidence did not come,不用说据并没有出现which meant White House Stress Secretary Sean Spicer had to go into hyperspin mode这意味着白宫的“压力”秘书肖恩·斯派塞进入了周旋模式Today he said when Trump claimed Obama was wiretapping him,今天他说 特朗普声称奥巴马正在窃听他he didn#39;t really mean he was wiretapping him.他想说的并不是指奥巴马监听特朗普For real, he said Trump used the word #39;wiretap#39; in es to mean surveilance and other activity.实际上 他说特朗普用了加双引号的“窃听” 是暗指监控之类的行为Sean Spicer backpedals so fast the Cowboys should sign him to play free safety.肖恩斯派塞出尔反尔如此之快 牛仔队应该签了他 让他去当游卫This is... this is the tweet for the record.这...这就是被记录的推文Trump tweeted: Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower特朗普推文写道: “真可怕!我发现奥巴马已经侵入了特朗普大厦里的“电话线;(指窃听)just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!就在胜利之前 却没有任何发现 这是麦卡锡主义And the other one: How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones另一条推文写道:奥巴马总统在非常神圣的选举过程中during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!窃听我电话的手段真是够低劣的 这是尼克松/水门事件 坏(或恶心的)人!He said Obama is either a bad or sick guy.他说 奥巴马要么是一个坏人 要么是个恶心的人Maybe he means them as compliments, like #39;yeah man, he#39;s bad. He#39;s a bad guy.#39; #39;This is sick, you know.#39;也许他的意思是说: 伙计 他很屌 真的很屌 “够拽的”I#39;ll tell you one thing, if Obama is sick,我可以告诉你们一件事 如果奥巴马病了he#39;s definitely not getting health insurance, because that#39;s gone.他确实没有得到健康保险 因为那是过去式了Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway who... yesterday, Kellyanne Conway yesterday与此同时 康韦....她昨天added her part to the wiretap dancing加入了为川普这一言论辩解的群魔乱舞中She went on to Sunday Morning Talk Shows to defend the president,她参加了周日早间的脱口秀节目 为总统辩护and she wasn#39;t just spinning, she was她不仅仅是在周旋pirouetting, she was pivoting, she was... I think she did a triple axel at one point旋转跳跃她闭着眼…我觉得她还来了个三圈半跳跃She got a perfect score from the Russian judge.俄罗斯评委给了她满分Do you know whether Trump Tower was wiretapped?你知道特朗普大楼被监听嘛?What I can say is that there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately.我想说的是 现在有很多方法可以互相监视 真的很不幸Uh there was a... Do you believe it was...呃 这里有...你相信...There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones本周有一篇文章讨论了如何通过手机来监视某人through their... certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways,以及通过他们的...通过他们的电视机 有很多不同的方法(监视其他人)and microwaves that turn into cameras, etc.,以及在微波炉里放入摄像机 等等...so we know that that is just a fact of a modern life.所以我们知道 这就是现代生活的一个事实Microwaves that turn in... yeah, you can buy those at the Sharper Image, I think, in the Catalog.能变成相机的微波炉...是的 你可以从尖端印象商店里买到这样的微波炉 或者是《目录》里If Obama did put a camera in a microwave如果奥巴马在微波炉里放了一台摄像机all he#39;d find out is that Donald Trump doesn#39;t know how to work a microwave,他就会发现唐纳德特朗普不知道如何使用微波炉because... here#39;s the thing. If our microwaves were watching us,因为...事实是 如果我们的微波炉真的在观察我的一举一动this is about all they would see.它们大概只能拍到这些You don#39;t close the door?你没有关上微波炉的门?You should close the door. I forgot.你应该关上门的 我忘了It#39;s customary to close the door when you#39;re finished with the microwave.当你用完微波炉应习惯关门Thanks for watching. If you liked that, subscribe to our Youtube channel for all the latest s,感谢收看 如果你喜欢 请订阅Youtube频道来收看我们最新视频and if you didn#39;t, subscribe anyway. It#39;s free. Who cares?如果你不喜欢 还是订阅吧 反正不要钱 不订白不订 Article/201706/512137青岛新阳光妇科医院妇科咨询

山大一医院预约挂号栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201605/431370青岛无痛人流加检查得多少钱 疯狂英语900句 03-4相关专题: /200704/12517即墨区妇女医院早孕检查

莱阳体检多少钱I think the world lacks optimism.我认为这个世界缺乏乐观。I think, you know, everyone likes your energy, your energy.我认为,你知道的,每个人都喜欢你的能量。I#39;ve come to realize it#39;s just optimism, just happy, just positive. Is what it is.我意识到这种能量就是乐观、快乐、积极之类的东西。Just, like, whatever chemicals are in my body that just allow me to see the bright side.就像我身体里的化学物质只允许我看到阳光的一面。Like...And I just don#39;t think I#39;ve realized how few people have that.我不知道那么少的人拥有这种能力。Like...No...Very few people have it as black and white, hundred-zero,没有或极少有人把它当成对立的。I just think everything is good, but like,我只是想万物都是好的,但,you know, I#39;m dying to know out of 8 billion people like what the breakdown is,like...我极想知道80亿人都是什么样的人,My gut is like 6 billion just go directly into having more pessimism, cynicism, negativity,我的直觉就像是其中60亿人悲观,愤世嫉俗和消极的情绪居多,like 51-49, minimally all the way down to very scary places.像是51-49,最低限度地降到非常可怕的地步。I just don#39;t think there#39;s a lot of 80% optimism.我认为80%乐观的情况极少,Is that the way they#39;re raised or...?是人们成长的方式还是...?Just environment, raised, just all that stuff.环境,成长方式等之类的东西,It doesn#39;t come naturally to a lot of people.这些不是人们天生就有的。I think I think...that#39;s like, you know,我认为...那就像...if I was ever to say I#39;m lucky about something, forget about the business results,如果我说我很幸运的话,不提商业成就,it#39;s lucky that that optimism comes naturally to me.那就是我天生乐观。I#39;m just optimistic.我很乐观。I just think that so much works for me because I refuse to accept the negative.我觉得我做很多事都很顺手是因为我拒绝接受悲观。Like...you know, and I don#39;t think...I hate when people say, you know, it#39;s an option or it#39;s a choice.就像...你知道的...我不认为...我讨厌人们说,乐观是种选择。I agree with you, Susan.苏珊,我同意你的话。I don#39;t think it comes natural to everybody.我想并不是每个人都是天性乐观的。I think we are just starting on the early stages of...of really looking at mental health, the brain, meditation,我想我们只是刚刚开始真正关注心理健康、人脑和冥想,and I do think that#39;s like saying ;be beautiful doesn#39;t come natural to everybody;.这就像是在说“不是每个人天生就美”。Some of us, you know, yes. I#39;m just kidding.你知道,我们这些人就不美。我开玩笑的。But you know, I, you know,但你知道的,I I do think that some...some things are etched with us early on and I#39;m so grateful.我认为有些东西是天生的,我很感恩,I sit here in front of 2000 of you,我坐在你们2000人面前,which isn#39;t itself is ridiculous like I can turn something on in three minutes,这本身并不荒诞,我能在3分钟之内扭转某种观念,have 2,000 people care enough to hear what I have to say.并且让2000人极其乐意听我要说些什么。I sit with...here with ego and humility,我坐在这里,带着自负与谦虚、gratitude and focus, appreciation and sense of responsibility,感恩与焦点、欣赏与责任感,all built around really this optimistic foundation所有这些都建立在这个乐观的基础上that is the fuel that drives me to my hustle and to my execution in the marketplace.乐观是燃料,驱使我前进,助我在商场上决策。 Article/201706/514901 山东省青岛第五人民医院门诊部怎么样青岛中医妇科专家



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