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青岛市一院有哪些专家青岛新阳光女子专家微信临沂治疗不孕不育多少钱 The educated materials presented here这里所用的教学材料were developed by students and faculty由爱荷华州立大学of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition食品科学与人类营养学系at Iowa State University.师生共同制作完成Funding for this project was provided by grants本项目的赞助资金来源于from the American Cancer Society Midwest美国中西部癌症学会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.以及兰斯·阿姆斯特朗基金The materials are intended for educational use此材料仅供教育教学使用and are not meant to provide medical advice.不能作为医学指导We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们欢迎您有关本材料的反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请登陆主页点击评估调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.告诉我们您的意见和建议Celiac disease is also called celiac sprue乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻and is an autoimmune disease是一种影响小肠的that affects the small intestine.自身免疫性疾病During this presentation we will discuss this disease在这里我们讨论一下这种疾病and the impacts on health.以及它对健康的影响According to celiac.com,根据celiac.com网站上的信息显示1 in every 133 people have celiac disease.每133个人当中就有一个人患有乳糜泻Though it is not prevalent it is extremely虽然现在它不能算比较常见的疾病under diagnosed.但是确实有很多人还没有被诊断出来People who have celiac disease but are not diagnosed患有乳糜泻但是没有被诊断出来的人have a higher death rate than those与已经被诊断出并已经开始治疗的人相比who are diagnosed and begin treatment.死亡率要更高Recent media attention as well as a boom in最近媒体的关注gluten free food production has brought awareness以及对无麦胶食品需求的大量增加to the medical and public eye已经引起了医学界的注意shedding light on this once unheard of disease.也使公众开始注意这种以前从未听说过的疾病Mayo Clinic is at the forefront of raising awareness马约诊所一直走在呼吁关注and improving screening for celiac disease.和排查乳糜泻事业的前端Scientists are also researching科学家们也在研究why celiac disease is on the rise.为什么得乳糜泻的人越来越多In the photo located at the bottom right右下角的照片是corner of the slide is Elisabeth Hasselbeck正在参加;观点;节目的who is on the TV show, The View.伊丽莎白,哈瑟贝克She found out she had celiac disease她在参加电视节目;幸存者;的拍摄时while doing the TV show Survivor发现了自己患有乳糜泻and is now a public voice for celiac disease awareness现在她致力于在公众场合露面and recently published a book titled引起公众对于乳糜泻的注意The G-Free Diet; a Gluten-Free Survival Guide.最近她出版了一本书名为;无麦胶饮食;Celiac disease, also called celiac sprue is an乳糜泻又称乳糜腹泻autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine.是一种影响小肠的自身免疫性疾病When a person with celiac disease当患有乳糜泻的人吃的食物中含有consumes the protein gluten found in wheat,在小麦,大麦,黑麦中常见的麦胶蛋白时rye and barley his or her immune system responds他的免疫系统立刻会起反应by attacking the micro-villi in the small intestine.开始攻击小肠绒毛Micro-villi are very small finger-like projections小肠绒毛是小肠壁上的指状突起in the small intestine that increase surface area可以扩大小肠壁的面积in order to absorb as many nutrients as possible.尽可能多地吸收养分If a person with celiac disease continues to consume如果患有乳糜泻的人吃含有麦胶蛋白的食物gluten the small intestine gets more and more damaged.小肠绒毛受损的程度就越深The damaged villi will no longer be able to受损的小肠绒毛不能再发挥它的作用perform its role and will result in a lack of vitamins会导致维他命and other nutrients being absorbed into the body.和其他营养物质的吸收This can cause serious health problems这会导致非常严重的健康问题such as osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anemia比如骨质疏松,缺铁性贫血,不不育infertility, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.癌症以及其他的自身免疫性疾病The only way to treat this disease is治疗乳糜泻的唯一方法to adhere to a strict gluten-free diet.就是坚持严格的无麦胶蛋白饮食The damaged micro-villi will begin repairing themselves一旦饮食中没有了麦胶蛋白once gluten has been removed from the diet受损的小肠绒毛就会开始进行自我修复and in most cases full recovery is expected within根据患病却未被诊断的时间长度one to two years depending on一般在一到两年时间how long it has been undiagnosed.有望完全复原 Article/201505/376329栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201509/398382青岛治疗子宫内膜癌哪里做

青岛市新阳光医院是私立还是公立的?英语非常道 第15期:新GRE,你应该了解的;前规则;GRE高分学员分享高分秘籍,新航道GRE名师讲解新GRE变化与趋势。新GRE更难了吗?新GRE单词更好背了吗?新GRE都会考什么?看名师指路,听过来人传授经验。这些GRE考前规则,你应该了解! Article/201509/389121青岛一般治疗宫颈糜烂需要多少钱 山东省青岛妇幼医院花多少钱

青岛女子医院哪个好TED演讲视频:微软虚拟地球之旅不同医院的不同手术有着不同的结果。但是病人不知道数据, 所以使得选外科医生成为了一个高风险的猜测游戏。史帝芬·拉森(Stefan Larsson)研究了当医生开始衡量并分享他们的髋关节手术的结果时(比如说什么是最有效的方法)会发生的情况。如果医生们可以相互学习并形成一个反馈循环,医疗保健会不会变得更好、更便宜? Article/201701/488199 Being as Western as I am Chinese,it#39;s pretty challenging既是西方人又是中国人的我,在别人家里cooking authentic food for people in their homes, especially烹饪地道的美食是一种相当的挑战in some of the most traditional places outside of the cities.尤其在一些城市外最传统的地方I want to see what people are eating, what are they farming?我想看看人们吃什么,耕种什么Just see what ordinary life is, if there#39;s such a thing看看平凡的生活是什么样的,如果在中国还有as ordinary life in China any more because it#39;s so developed.所谓的平凡生活,因为它发展太快了In the last 20 years,over 100 million people在过去的二十年中,超过一亿人have left their villages to find 离开村庄到work in the mega-cities springing up all over China.如雨后春笋般成长的大城市打工It is strange, isn#39;t it,很奇怪,不是吗because you#39;ve got deserted towns dotted around.因为你看到了周围都是荒弃的小镇There#39;s no life.没有生机Like a ghost town.像一座鬼城I#39;m travelling two hours out of Beijing.我离开北京走了两小时90 kilometres to the west is Chuandixia.向西走90公里是爨底下村Chuandixia is a 400-year-old village.爨底下村是一座有400年历史的村落It used to be a thriving farming community.它曾是一个繁荣的农庄Now, only 100 villagers remain.现在,仅仅还剩下100个村民I#39;m staying with Mr and Mrs Han,whose family have lived here for generations.我与韩先生韩夫人住在一起,他们已经在这里生活了几代I thought it was just three generations,我想只有三代but he says 13 generations.但他说有13代了The Hans run a homestay.韩家人经营着一家家庭旅馆These are like Bamp;Bs that offer a taste of rural peasant life就像Bamp;B旅馆,让人尝试正在快速消失的that#39;s fast disappearing.农民生活的滋味They#39;re popular with the new,urban middle classes他们很受新兴城市中产阶级的欢迎who want to escape the city and experience a China of the past.他们想逃离城市去体验中国的往昔So this is it.就是它It#39;s a courtyard home and it all belongs to his family.这是个四合院,属于他的家庭This is wonderful. I feel like I really have stepped back in time.很美妙,真的感觉像时光倒转了数载Central to the home-stay experience is the home-cooked meal家庭住宿体验的中心就是with home-grown vegetables.用自家种植的蔬菜烹制的菜肴I#39;m hoping to learn some traditional country recipes from Mrs Han.我希望能从韩夫人那里学做一些传统乡村菜 Article/201506/381536即墨区妇女医院门诊部怎么样莱阳人民医院开展无痛人流吗



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