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成都男性不育费用多少南充市妇科医院哪家好四川省成都中医院有无痛人流术吗 Should we say goodbye to chivalry in the age of gender equality?在性别平等的时代,我们是不是要和 “骑士精神”说再见?Chivalry arose as a response to the violence of the Middle Ages, explains an Atlantic article. Pier Massimo Forni, a professor of Italian literature and the founder of the Civility Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, US, says that chivalry “was a form of preferential treatment that men once accorded to women generations ago, inspired by the sense that there was something special about women, that they deserve added respect, and that not doing so was uncouth, cowardly and essentially despicable.”对此,《大西洋月刊》在一篇文章中写到,骑士精神因为中世纪的暴力而兴起。皮耶尔#8226;马西莫#8226;弗尼是美国巴尔的市约翰#8226;霍普金斯大学的一名意大利文学教授,也是该校文明研究所的创始人。他认为骑士精神“是沿袭几代人的一种男性为女性提供的优待。因为他们认为女性的某些特殊性应得到特别的尊重;若不提供这些优待就是粗鲁、怯懦,或者简而言之是备受鄙视的。”Today “chivalry” is often used as a term for “gentlemanly” behavior, manifested through courtesy toward the “fair sex”, honor, courage and loyalty.在今天,“骑士精神”通常指“绅士的”行为,它体现在对女性的彬彬有礼、尊敬、勇敢以及忠诚之上。But we see fewer chivalrous gestures these days with old-fashioned dating rituals being replaced with hook-up culture and with many women demanding to be treated equally in the workplace.随着过时的约会礼仪渐渐被速食的“勾搭文化”所取代,职场中很多女性要求平等对待,绅士行为正变的越来越罕见。According to a 2013 survey carried out by the British Daily Mail, only one in seven men will offer their seat to a woman on a bus or train; over three-quarters of men don’t offer to help carry a heavy bag or suitcase for women.英国《每日邮报》2013年的一份调查显示,在公交车和地铁上,只有七分之一的男性愿意给女性让座。超过四分之三的男性不愿意主动为女性提沉重的箱包。In many cases, it’s not because these men are being insensitive, but on the contrary, they say they are reluctant to help women because they are so worried about offending them and being accused of being patronizing.很多情况下,没有主动提供帮助的男性并非反应迟钝,恰恰相反,他们表示这是因为担心冒犯到女性,让她们觉得是在接受施舍。Men unsure男人们的困惑These men may worry too much. According to the same survey, only seven percent of women view chivalrous acts such as holding open doors as patronizing.男人们多虑了。上述调查同时表明,只有7%的女性会把开门这一类绅士行为当做施舍。“Men seem confused by the modern ‘women want to be treated as equal to men’ message”, UK-based psychologist and relationship expert Donna Dawson told the Daily Mail.在英国工作的心理学家、人际关系专家唐娜#8226;沃森在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“男性似乎对现代‘女性渴望被平等对待’这种说法感到很困惑。”“This message was primarily meant for the workplace and was never meant to replace good manners. Men will always be the stronger sex, physically, and so it is only natural for them to want to show consideration for women.”“这主要是指在工作中(女性希望被平等对待),但从来不是指拒绝男性的绅士行为。生理上,男性更加强壮,所以关爱一下女性也是天经地义。”So, should the ideals of chivalry be brought back? US writer and blogger Emily Esfahani Smith says chivalry is a virtue we should all aspire to. Writing on The New York Times website, Smith says as rape culture seems to be sping across US campuses, many people are lamenting the death of chivalry. But chivalry is not dead yet. Slowly but surely, says Smith, chivalry is making a comeback.那么,我们是不是应该呼唤骑士精神的回归呢?美籍作者、主艾米丽#8226;伊斯法哈尼#8226;史密斯认为,骑士精神是一种人人都要追求的美德。她在《纽约时报》的网站上写道,在“强奸文化”似乎在美国校园大行其道之时,很多人都在哀叹:骑士精神已死。但是,骑士精神并未完全消失。史密斯认为,骑士精神正慢慢回归,而且必将回归。An initiative called the Gentlemen’s Showcase, led by college women on campuses across the US for the past years, rewards young men for helping out others in need. Ordinary people are beginning to see that chivalry contributes to healthy relationships, says Smith. A study of more than 10,000 young people carried out by the University of Michigan found that the No 1 attribute that both young men and women seek in a mate is not money or beauty or intelligence, but kindness, which lies at the heart of the chivalrous act.过去几年里,美国大学女生们发起了一项名为“绅士秀”的活动,该活动旨在奖励那些主动帮助他人的年轻男性。史密斯说,普通人也开始认识到骑士精神对于健康和谐人际关系的意义。密歇根大学一项1000多名年轻人参与的调查显示,年轻男女在寻找另一半时考虑的首要因素,不是金钱、外貌,也不是智商,而是善良的品质,而这,恰恰是骑士精神行为的核心。 /201503/365356重庆忠县人民医院看乳腺检查宫颈糜烂多少钱

四川成都医学院附属不孕不育专科医院上环咨询Many of us have turned to photo sharing on social media to exploit the opportunity to send a shameless selfie to a love interest.我们许多人都爱找各种机会在社交媒体上分享自拍照,以向暧昧对象传递暗示信息。But very few of us would be prepared to admit the hidden agenda in our snaps.但很少有人会勇敢承认自己发自拍时,葫芦里究竟卖的什么药。However, model Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has decided to address the subject head-on by revealing the secret meaning behind women#39;s Snapchat photos.然而,来自都柏林的23岁女模Holly Carpenter决定来点直接的,她在网络上揭示了女生发自拍的真正意义。Holly, who was the winner of Miss Ireland in 2011 and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career, has posted a series of images on her blog, with two pictures side by side - the one on the left with the original caption, and the caption on the right explaining what women really mean.Holly曾于2011年获得爱尔兰冠军,模特事业从此顺风顺水。她近日在客上传了一系列左右对比照,左边为发送在社交网站的原话,右边则是发照片时真正的意图。For example in one snap the model shares a photograph of herself posing in a onesie with a dog with the caption: #39;Pjs amp; puppy cuddles#39; which she reveals actually means #39;look how cute I am.#39;例如,有一张她穿着连体衫抱着的照片,配的原话是:“睡衣,小抱抱”,而她的实际意思是“快看我有多可爱!”In another photo, Holly poses in a revealing vest with the caption: #39;So hungover#39; which she then confesses in the caption on the photo on the right means: #39;Cleavage game is strong here...#39;在另一张照片里,她穿着一件比较暴露的背心,配的描述是:“宿醉好难受”,但她承认自己其实想表达的是:“此处有乳沟……”Holly says that she was inspired to create the blog post after witnessing other women creating tactical Snapchats.Holly表示,她是在目睹了其他女性的“战略性自拍”后才萌发了创作这篇文的想法。She told Buzzfeed that she had heard comments like: #39;I#39;m gonna story this selfie so he knows I#39;m out tonight and I#39;m looking well#39; and #39;I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail in the background so he knows where we are!#39;她说,她曾听到类似的言论:“我要给这张自拍编个故事,这样他就知道我今晚打扮的漂漂亮亮去参加活动了。”以及“我给他发了一张我喝酒的照片,背景里有鸡尾酒菜单,这样他就知道我们在哪了。”But the model admits that she is not exempt from sending flirtatious snaps.不过她坦言,自己也不例外,也会发自拍照来和别人调情。She continued: #39;If I#39;m having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I#39;ll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy, like pick up a random coffee mug and write ;mmm coffee; …even though the mug is empty!#39;她继续说:“如果我今天发型不错,妆容也很美,那我会随便编个理由发自拍照给我喜欢的人,比如随便拿个咖啡杯拍一张,写一句‘嗯,咖啡’,但其实杯子是空的!”The post has picked a lot of hits for Holly being shared almost 4,000 times on Facebook and the model says that she believes this is because most women will be able to relate.她的这篇客给她增添了不少人气,在Facebook上已有4000多次转发。她说,这些转发肯定是因为女士们都觉得被看穿了。She added: #39;When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!#39;她接着说:“看到这么多人转发给朋友看,我就知道大家都被说中了!” /201506/381998成都孕前检查最好的医院 成都做孕前检查哪个医院好

德阳市人民医院是什么等级Somewhere in the Mojave Desert’s El Paso range there is a strange tunnel that traverses 2,087 feet of solid rock up in Copper Mountain. What’s strange is that it doesn’t lead to anywhere special. It simply emerges on the high ledge, in the middle of nowhere. The only reason it exists is because an eccentric man named William Henry ‘Burro’ Schmidt – a.k.a. the human mole – wanted it there.莫哈韦沙漠厄尔巴索段(美国德克萨斯州)有一条穿越了岩石耸立的铜山、长达2087英尺的奇怪隧道。之所以说它奇怪,是因为它的终点并不是什么特别的地方,而是就这样突兀地出现在峭壁上。它存在的唯一原因就是,“鼹鼠人”威廉·亨利·布罗·施密特想在这凿一条隧道。Although he spent 32 years of his life single-handedly digging a half-mile long tunnel through a solid granite mountain, he never talked much about it. When questioned about his bizarre project, he simply replied that it was a shortcut. To where, no one really knows.他花了32年的时间只身在坚硬的崖壁间挖出半英里长的隧道,但却从来缄口不提。当被问及这项工程时,他也只是扼要地回答这是条“近路”。然而究竟通向哪里却没人知道。Schmidt first migrated to the California desert from Rhode Island in the late 19th century, in order to improve his health. He is believed to have started digging the tunnel in 1902. He carried out the excavation using picks, hammers, hand drills and explosives. At times, he even carried it out on his back. Eventually, he installed iron tracks and a mine car to transport debris.为了健康着想,施密特于19世纪末从罗德岛搬到加利福尼亚沙漠。据称,他在1902年开始挖掘隧道。挖掘工具包括鹤嘴锄、锤子、手摇钻和炸药。甚至有时他还自己往外背岩石。后来,他安装了铁轨和矿车来输送碎片。Until this day, the Burro Schmidt tunnel is still a source of great mystery and awe, and continues to rouse the curiosity of people who visit it. He had no formal training and picked up most of the skills required for the job while doing it, but the accuracy of his work is unmistakable. Still, the question remains – why would anyone want to build a tunnel to nowhere?直至今日,布罗·施密特隧道仍旧是个谜团,始终困扰着来访的人们。施密特本人没有接受过任何正式培训,只是在开凿过程中习得的技能,然而他的工程却准确到分毫不差。然而,为什么会有人想要修筑这样一条不通往任何地方的隧道呢?When a man religiously sticks to a ostensibly meaningless task, he naturally gives rise to a whole lot of questions. He lived a life so simple that the theory of hidden treasure simply doesn’t check out. Several people have explored Schmidt’s land and work in an attempt to find some answers to his life’s work, but he left no records of his motivation.当一个人虔诚地投入到一项看似无意义的工作时,他自然地也不会问那么多问题。施密特一生节俭,关于隧道中有埋藏的宝藏一说也从未得到过实。有人去探索过这片土地和隧道,试图找到他施工的理由,然而关于开凿动机却未留下只字片语。It is speculated that Schmidt needed to create the shortcut to bring his gold ore from the mine to the market. But when the construction of a new road made his effort unnecessary, he still chose to continue the gruelling, backbreaking work for several years. In the lack of conclusive evidence, people have been forced to accept that he was probably just obsessed with his strange project.有人推测,施密特是要开辟一条近路来将矿藏中的金子运到市场上。然而,当新路修成,他的工作成了徒劳之后,施密特仍然选择继续挖掘。由于缺少据,人们只好相信他真的是出于对此工作某种特殊的情感。No one knows if he ever struck gold, but when he broke through to daylight on the other side in 1938, he simply walked away from his life’s work. Stooped and gnarled from 32 years of rigorous tunneling, he packed up and left Copper Mountain to live the last part of his life in a nearby town. Later, he took on a partner named Mike Lee, and together they gave visitors tours of the tunnel. He died in 1954, taking with him all the secrets of the burrow he built.没人知道施密特是否真的挖出来过金子,然而待到1938年隧道凿通,他只是从出口、从他毕生的工作中走了出去。结束了32年虔诚的挖掘,他收拾行装离开了铜山,在附近另一个城镇定居。后来和一位名叫迈克·李的人搭档,引领游客参观隧道。1954年,施密特逝世,也带走了他修建隧道的全部秘密。If you visit the tunnel today, you could walk upright through its entire length in about 30 minutes. It is structurally sound and along the walls you might be able to identify exposed mineral veins. And when you reach the ledge at the end of the tunnel, aspectacular view awaits you. Although located in a remote area, the Burro Schmidt tunnel is a huge tourist attraction.如果你去隧道参观,不到30分钟就能走完全程。隧道坚固,沿着墙体还可以看见岩石的纹路。然而当你抵达隧道的另一端时,会有壮观的景色。尽管地处偏远,布罗·施密特隧道还是吸引了不少游客前来参观。 /201411/343039 Street art, perhaps contrary to popular belief, isn#39;t about vandalizing buildings – it#39;s about self expression, and getting a message out to the world that can often be thoughtful and provoking. It can take on many forms: rather than being limited to paintings, it can work its magic in such mediums as yarn bombing, lego, and even ice sculptures. Here are some good examples of what the best street artists can do:提到街头艺术,大家也许会认为这是对建筑物的一种肆意破坏。然而恰恰相反,街头艺术是一种自我表达,是对这个既深沉又疯狂的世界的一种领悟,我们从中可以得到诸多启发和思考。它并不拘泥于绘画艺术,针织涂鸦、乐高甚至冰雕都可以称为街头艺术而发挥其神奇的力量。下面就让我们步入杰出的街头艺术家们为我们营造的艺术殿堂吧。1.Ice Men1.冰雕男人These are men created from ice, and water is trickling down from them as the rising sun is melting them away. This piece symbolizes that nothing is permanent, and everything will fade away eventually.正如你看到的那样,这些人都是冰雕刻成的,当太阳升起,阳光融化了寒冰,这些冰雕终会化为水滴流走。这组艺术作品告诉我们:万物没有永恒,一切终将消逝。2.LEGO2.乐高积木In the nooks and crannies of many a city, you can find bits of LEGO filling up cracks and brightening walls, much like the yarn bombing creations. It is a very creative form of street art, and anyone can do it – all you need is a handful of LEGO!也许你觉得乐高积木只是孩童的玩具,可是在街头艺术家眼里它们却大有用途:只要有足够的乐高积木。你瞧,这边灰色的角落,那边颓败的墙头裂缝,都变成了斑斓的色绽放在城市街头……看到这些,你是不是心动了?犹如针织涂鸦,乐高积木其实无处不在,那么就让我们一起行动吧,城市更美丽,只在你我!3.Chalk Alien3.粉笔外星人This is a chalk creation that was drawn by David Zinn. It features a cute alien raking up the leaves and putting them under the pathway; real leaves are scattered around it to add to the effect.当你走在街头,偶遇这么个可爱的小精灵,你一定会感到惊喜吧,原来单调枯燥的城市瞬间充满了生气,这就是街头艺术家大卫·辛的粉笔涂鸦作品之一。图片中可爱的小外星人Sluggo正忙着用耙子往小路上扒拉树叶,而这些散落一地的树叶可不是画上去的哦,那可是真正的落叶!聪明的大卫就是巧妙地利用了这些树叶从而达到了意想不到的艺术效果。4.“刷子和涂鸦模板?不,是喷漆?”4.;No brushes or stencils, just spray;This amazing picture is by David Walker, and as the title suggests, he did not use any brushes or stencils. This is very unusual for a street artist to do, mostly because it is so difficult. The girl is made up of vibrant colors, while still remaining amazingly realistic – making the overall effect quite incredible.正如标题中所写的那样,大卫·沃克的这幅街头涂鸦画作全是用喷漆绘出来的!如果你对绘画有一定了解,你便会觉得这是多么不可思议。柔美纤细的线条勾勒出一幅精致的画面,鲜艳的颜色让画中的人儿更加真实灵动,忧郁的眼神、高挺的鼻梁、散落的头发,无一不在倾诉着这幅惊世之作的无穷魅力。译者:王亚 来源:listverse.com /201507/384319内江市治疗先兆流产多少钱成都做输卵管手术那家医院好



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