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~H*xA@jDkdkPShLmavArgentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected the new pope on Wednesday on the second day of secret ballots in the cardinals#39; conclave held in Vatican City. White smoke out of the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel and the sound of church bells announced at 7:06 p.m. local time (1806 GMT) that Bergoglio was the new pope in front of thousands of believers and international journalists who were waiting for the news in St Peter square. The name he chose as the new pope was Francis I. He is the first Jesuit to become pope. A member of the Jesuits, and ordained in 1936, after four years as priest Bergoglio became head of all the Jesuits in Argentina. After studying in Germany, he became bishop of Buenos Aires in 1992 and archbishop in 1998. A strong supporter of helping the poor, Bergoglio was made cardinal in 2001. The secret conclave began on Tuesday night with a first ballot and four ballots were held on Wednesday. Francis obtained the required two thirds majority in the fifth ballot.梵蒂冈西斯廷教堂的烟囱13日傍晚,终于冒出白烟,来自阿根廷首都布宜诺斯艾利斯的枢机主教豪尔赫·马里奥·贝尔高利奥被选为新教宗NZL3inOdgW_7iS。这也是罗马天主教历史上首次,由来自美洲的枢机担任教宗Rrm]-N%mhbNo@@J。新教宗在发言时,形容自己由世界的另一端到来ZXgUYY^lzcLpmPmMeq2B。 路透社报道,当地时间13日晚7时06分,梵蒂冈西斯廷教堂屋顶烟囱冒出白烟,新任教皇在115名红衣主教的秘密投票中以77票当选为第266任罗马教皇,随后教廷宗教协谈委员会前主席托朗枢机出现在圣彼得大教堂的阳台上,高喊“教皇诞生!”,76岁的阿根廷红衣主教贝尔高利奥身着白色袈裟亮相,他获称为教皇弗朗西斯一世,正式成为全球12亿罗马天主教徒的领袖,同时也是首位拉美裔教皇v]V[t^xvEVo7M。他在西斯廷教堂的阳台上向众多信徒表示祝福,并用带口音的意大利语开玩笑称,我的红衣主教朋友们跑到了地球另一端找到了罗马教廷领导者0QoNISu@tu9。据悉,76岁的贝尔高利奥自1998年以来一直担任布宜诺斯艾利斯的大主教,2001年,他被选举为红衣主教1lJNuW;v987HK。pYwys4VG0Cw^36bBd#Q6()t_-jzt;M3n[d7F]cS,.-4~P0i2uJD+ /201303/229903

China#39;s largest listed commercial bank has agreed its first financing deal for a Russian infrastructure pro-ject, in the latest agreement to highlight the growing investment relationship between the two countries.中国最大的上市商业已达成首笔针对俄罗斯基建项目的融资协议,这一交易突显中俄两国投资关系不断发展。Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinawill provide bn of financing to build a power plant at Yaroslavl to the north-east of Moscow, said bankers and advisers.据家和顾问们透露,中国工商(IC)将提供10亿美元融资,用于在莫斯科东北方向上的雅罗斯拉夫尔(Yaroslavl)建造一座发电厂。The borrower is a joint venture between Huadian, the Chinese sponsor, and Territorial Generation Company, a Russian energy business. Chinese manufacturers will supply the plant#39;s generation equipment.借款方是项目发起人、中国的华电(Huadian)与俄罗斯能源企业“领土发电公司”(Territorial Generation Company)的合资公司。中国制造商将供应这家电厂的发电设备。China#39;s ability to build faster and cheaper than competitors was a leading reason the Chinese were given the contract. Chinese banks are also said to be considering financing a power station in the Russian far east and other infrastructure projects, insiders said.与竞争对手相比,中方能够更快、更低成本地从事建造,这是中方得到合同的首要原因。知情人士称,中资据说也在考虑为俄罗斯远东的一座发电厂以及其它基础设施项目提供融资。The Yaroslavl deal is separate from agreements signed in June by Vladimir Putin, Russian president, and Hu Jintao, his Chinese counterpart, in Beijing. But it is seen as a significant development in relations between the two countries as it provides funding for Russian infrastructure development.雅罗斯拉夫尔交易并不在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)与中国国家主席胡锦涛6月份在北京签署的一揽子协议之列。但这笔交易被视为两国关系中的一项重大发展,因为它为俄罗斯的基础设施建设提供资金。“Long-term, the Russians need to diversify their economy,” a senior Chinese investment official said. “But the investment environment is not mature and foreign investors, including the Chinese, have little understanding of Russia. The good way [to handle such investments] is to work with the government.”“长远而言,俄罗斯需要推动经济多元化,”中国一名高级投资官员表示。“但目前投资环境不成熟,包括中方在内的外国投资者对俄罗斯了解甚少。与政府开展合作是(处理此类投资的)一种不错的方式。”For China, the relationship – which has historically been characterised by mutual suspicion and strategic rivalry – could mean more secure supplies of everything from fuel to timber. For the Russians, any foreign investment is welcome at a time when oil revenues are falling in line with a drop in oil prices.对中国来说,中俄关系(历史上以相互猜疑和战略竞争为特征)可能意味着从燃料到木材的各种资源的更可靠供应。对俄罗斯来说,在石油收入跟随油价下滑之际,任何外国投资都是一件好事。As part of the strengthening ties between the two countries, China Investment Corp,the country#39;s sovereign wealth fund, will make its first investment in coming months using a bn Russia-China Fund, created in October.作为加强中俄关系的一部分,中国主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)将在未来数月内利用去年10月创建的20亿美元中俄投资基金,作出首笔投资。The initiative is part of a growing trend within the Bric group of emerging nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – to increase dialogue and capital flows between themselves.此举是金砖(Bric)新兴国家——巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国——增加彼此间对话和资本流动的趋势的一部分。CIC has also bought a 5 per cent stake in Russia#39;s Polyus Gold, the largest gold producer in the country, for about 5m. The deal was struck alongside local bank VTB, in which CIC also has a stake.中投公司还斥资大约4.25亿美元,购得俄罗斯最大黄金生产商极地黄金公司(Polyus Gold) 5%股份。这笔交易是与俄罗斯外贸(VTB)合作达成的,中投在该也持有股份。A string of deals were signed when Mr Putin visited Beijing but data from Russia#39;s central bank show that investment flows remain small.普京访问北京之际,两国签署了一连串协议,但俄罗斯央行的数据显示,中俄投资流动仍较小。Russia invested just m in China in 2011, with 2m going in the opposite direction.2011年,俄方仅在中国投资2000万美元,而中方在俄罗斯投资1.82亿美元。But those numbers are poised to increase, fund officials on both sides say, as Moscow steps up its courtship of CIC and other sovereign wealth funds in Asia.但两国的基金官员们表示,随着俄罗斯方面加强吸引中投公司和亚洲其它主权财富基金,这些数字注定会增加。  /201306/245872

On 9th July, 1971, Henry Kissinger, Secretary of the States in US, set up his secret trip to China.This trip was to pave the way for the later Nixon's visit to China,which turned to be a historical event in the history of Sino-American Relations. 1971年7月9-11日,美国总统国家安全事务助理基辛格秘密访华,为尼克松访华做准备工作并进行必要的安排,成为中美建交重要的历史时刻。

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