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Architectural spectacle transforms Seoul Seoul City has unveiled its biggest architectural landmark yet which aims to be a cultural hub and arts education center.It was a flashy and stylish open for Seoul fashion week in March, fashionists gather in the Korean capitals new design temple, Dong Da Men design plaza or ddp.Seoul is known for his long rich history and has tech oriented industries, but it lacks places for creative industries, so there is a new product, there isnt a place for people to come together and exchange ideas, i think ddp will be a cultural hub and it will play that role.A former baseball stadium was transformed into a design, education and exhibition hub, the aim is to give 24-hour access to Korean arts and culture as well as nurturing young creative talents.For an individual designer to showcase their collection, it takes a lot of effort and money, but because of the support from the city of Seoul and ddp, it opens you opportunities for designers like me.The building is a spectacle in itself, architect Zaha’s signature curvaceous structure is unique for Seoul, more akin to a space craft than modern sky scraper, the 85,000 square meter site with 30,000 square meter park was completed at a cost of over 0 million, ddp was commissioned by former Seoul mayor * before the global economic crisis back in 2008, there is pressure on current mayor Park to ensure his money was well spent, especially in election year, once the press tour and fan fare ebbs away, can the ddp really deliver on what it promises?Seoul has been the capital of J dynasty for 600 years, so there are so many traditional treasure, that is our duty and responsibility how to preserve or revitalize the traditional elements and legacies.According to property specialists May plus, three weeks after ddp open its doors, 1 million people have visited, increase * is pushing up shop sales and there is hope this can be sustainable, driving property values higher over times as well. /201406/304147。

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of the Zhou dynasty, whose teachings of moral, social, political, and philosophical behavior and theory would later become the foundation of a system known as Confucianism.孔子是中国周朝的一位思想家,他在道德、社会、政治、及哲学行为与理论的教诲,后来成为一个被称做儒家的体系其根基。The teachings of Confucius was studied and written about from the time of his death until the founding of the first Chinese empire in 221 B.C. His teachings included humanist towards others, ritual and etiquette, love of parents for their children and of children for their parents. An emphasis was placed on self-cultivation and skilled judgment, rather than a knowledge of rules.孔子的讲学从他辞世到西元前 221 年首个中国帝国建立期间被研究及写下。他的教诲包括对他人的仁、仪俗及礼节、父母对子女的爱及子女对父母的爱。重点被放在自身修养和熟练的判断力,而非对规则的了解。His ethical ideals in teachings were also communicated through metaphor, innuendo, and anecdote or story. One of his most well-known teachings is—what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. Confucianism rose to prominence during the Han dynasty around 200 B.C. Many followers practiced his teachings as a religion. However, because it lacks a metaphysical aspect, most consider Confucianism as an influential social philosophy.他教诲中的道德理想也透过隐喻、讽刺、轶事或故事来传递。其中一个他最广为人知的教诲是--己所不欲,勿施于人。儒学在西元前约 200 年汉代时始达兴盛。许多追随者把他的教义当作一种宗教来实践。然而,因为儒学缺乏一种纯哲学的面向,大多数人视儒学为一个具影响力的社会学。Confucius avidly promoted an autocratic social structure. In the years after his death, rulers looked to scholars of Confucianism for assistance in managing their empires and governing their people. Confucianism was appealing to rulers who found that its principles would essentially help society become self-regulating. These principles of behavior and their implementation are thought to have later influenced strong central rule, and the absence of rigidly enforced legal structure.孔子热烈地提倡一个专制的社会结构。在他逝世后,统治者靠着儒家学者来协助管理他们的帝国及统治他们的人民。对于那些发现其原则实质上会帮助社会变得自律的统治者而言,儒学很吸引人。这些关于行为和其施行的原则被认为后来影响了中央集权统治、及严格执法体系的缺乏。Confucius spent his final years teaching his followers and communicating his wisdom.These dialogues would eventually become a set of texts called the Five Classics.孔子利用他的最后几年教导他的弟子和散播他的智慧。这些对话最终变成一系列称作《五经》的文本。201411/341596。

Malaysia said on Sunday that French satellites have spotted ;potential objects; in the southern search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Malaysias Transport Ministry said in a statement that Malaysia relayed these images to the Australian rescue co-ordination centre immediately after receiving them.马方于周日表示,法国卫星已经在南部的搜索区域发现了失联马航的疑似物体。大马交通部在一则通告中表示马方在接收到这些信息后立即将这些图像转发给了澳大利亚救援协调中心。Malaysias Ministry of Transport has released a press statement on the search for MH370. For more, our correspondent Rian Maelzer joins us from Kuala Lumpur.大马交通部已经就MH370的搜索工作发布了新闻声明。让我们连线我台记者Rian Maelzer,听听他从吉隆坡发回的信息。Rian, what does the statement contain? Does it have details about the new satellite images that France has provided?你好!这则新闻声明包含哪些内容?声明中是否有法方提供的卫星图像的相关细节?201403/281630。

Caught in a sticky situation? Practice these skills and get y to cope.陷入非常尴尬的境地?练习下面的技巧,学会处理这种情况。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Quick thinking快速反应Tact得体Politeness (optional)礼貌(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Shift the subject1.改变话题Shift the subject by listening for words in a conversation that can lead you to a memorable or funny situation off the current topic.改变话题,从对话中寻找一些词语,可以让你谈到值得回忆或有趣的情景,避开现在的话题。Step 2 Distract the speaker2.转移注意力Distract the speaker by asking if they or anyone listening to the conversation needs a drink or a snack.转移说话者的注意力,问一下他们或参与对话的其他人是否需要饮料或零食。Be polite by saying, ;Excuse me,; first.首先要礼貌地说“抱歉,打扰了。”Step 3 Ask a question3.问问题Ask a question that is designed to change the focus of the conversation.问一个可以改变对话焦点的问题。Step 4 Give a compliment4.赞扬Give a compliment to the speaker about their appearance, weight, outfit, or overall look.赞美说话者的外表,身材,外套或整体形象。Step 5 Mention changing the subject5.建议改变话题Mention bluntly that you are going to change the subject. Use a smile to keep it from being more uncomfortable than it may aly be and talk about something positive.坦白说你想要改变话题了。微笑,以免比现在的情况更加尴尬,说一些比较积极的话题。Did you know? More than four in 10 teenagers polled say things over instant message that they wouldnt say in person.你知道吗?超过四成的受调查青少年通过即时消息来传达不想当面说的话。视频听力译文由。201403/278653。

Clegg Targets Better Mental Health ServicesSpeaking at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, Nick Clegg is expected to say mental health patients are discriminated against.Glasgow,the rebel city that rejected the West Minster in the Scotish referendom.Here,Nickneck makes his key note speech,once the leader of rebel party ,now firmly part of this establishment.But hes still working for the people,he argued.Hello,good afternoon,wellcome. At the Scotish Association for Mental Illness in Glasgow yesterday.Hes listening to the strory that he will referred to it in his speech.I had a terrible mental health issue happening years ago.Didnt knwo it ousting my life.He believes people with mental health problems are treated like second class patients,and he will be there for introduce the first ever waiting time standards for the illness along with the 5-year plan and a 120 million pound budget for improving the services.We have to had a quality overstating in the NHS for mental health and physical health.But you can only do that if you have the same waiting time process,you have same waiting time guarantees offered to mental health patients as to physical health patients. The depute prime minster will argue that the mental health sufferer like John Carpendell are much more common than society realizes.And John agrees that his condition isnt apporieately understood or prioritized. If you got a broken leg,you cant walk,if you got a mental problem,you cant see it.So you are ignored.So its actually getting the services to understand at the issuce initially.And the lipdem-pitch is that they see the problem that the other party dont see.But many people see them in Glassco as a party of broken promises.Glascoers, you think make neglected? Neglected?Did every one they know.Yeah,not just thanks,it is about, you know, they are about to prolong to kill mister David Cammero.No, Ill never vote for them, and I think there isnt going to be good with any party this year.They are then ignored, nobody is got envolved for them. They dont cater about us Scotlanders. They just cater to anything left with Cammeron. And they just cater about them.Is there anything they can do to change your oppinion.No,its trully.One liberal-democratic adviser told me that nothing Negneck can see his speech today will change the way that many peoples feel about his time in office.But what we will see its a leader determined not to make any more from the page manifesto promises that he cant keep.Yesterday the party rejected the airport expansion in the southest. And mister Negneck warned that delegates against another tuition fees tout diaster by setting a policy that they might be forced to back down on. To rebrand the liberal-democrats,the priority is to regain the trust. /201410/335255。

Dedication.奉献。Loyalty.忠心。You guys are getting better at this! Yeah! Next week, buddy.你们各位越来越擅长这个了!耶!下周见,兄弟。Friendship.友谊。The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.我们所做的决定显露出我们个性的真正本质。201409/332822。

As all of that heat drifts upwards,热量向上转移时it gets whipped into huge hurricane-force winds.会激发巨大的强飓风This is a process we all have personal experience of.这是一个我们都有切身体会的过程When people go outside,人们外出的时候and one of the main reasons we feel cool感觉凉快的最主要一个原因is water is evaporating from our skin.是因为水分从皮肤上蒸发掉了And when water evaporates from us, it chills us.当水分蒸发 我们就会感到凉爽And that energy doesnt disappear.而那份能量却不会消失It goes into the atmosphere.它进入大气层中And by the same token同样地when water evaporates from the oceans当水分从海洋中蒸发后it takes heat out the oceans把海洋的热量and puts it into the atmosphere.释放到大气层中Hurricanes are so powerful飓风是如此猛烈because the heat energy being transferred from the ocean to the atmosphere因为从海洋转移到大气层的热量is unimaginably huge.数量之大 难以想象They take heat from它们把热量hundreds of thousands of square miles of ocean.从数十万平方公里的海洋中带走The average hurricane turns that into一般的飓风能把它变成three trillion watts of kinetic energy.三万亿瓦特的动能The equivalent of a ten megaton nuclear bomb相当于每二十分钟exploding about every 20 minutes.就有一千万吨TNT当量的核弹爆炸201410/333206。

As in most monkey societies, social contact involves a lot of grooming.正如多数猴子社会一样,相互梳理毛发是社交的重要一环。Grooming is all very well for grown-ups, but young macaques have energy to burn.梳理毛发对成年猴子非常有益。但是年轻的小猕猴总爱尽情挥霍精力Like so much monkey business, what starts off as a bit of playful rough-and-tumble, soon begins to get out of hand.所谓猴性难改,起初不过是顽皮的混战,随后就会暴走失控。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/314052。