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You're single--a heat-seeking bachelor, committed to no one inparticular, able to party like John Belushi and sleep until noon withno one underfoot to tell you to do otherwise. It's a great life, andwhy shouldn't it be?  假设你是单身——一个热衷艳遇的单身汉,那么你既不需要向谁负责,又可以像John Belushi那样狂欢,还可以一觉睡到自然醒,太阳照到屁股也没人管。多美妙的生活啊,难道不是么?1.You can take the time to find the right woman你有足够的时间来寻找合适的女人  One of our reasons for staying single is that you can afford to waitfor your true soul mate (if one even exists) to pop into the picture.You can take the time to casually wade through the barracuda-infestedwaters of the dating pool and set your hook for the prize catch。单身理由之一,你可以等待,直到真正的心灵伴侣出现(如果存在的话)。面对遍布荆棘的婚姻之路,你可以耐下性子,放长线,钓大鱼。  It's sad to say, but too many guys get hitched for the wrong reasons,like they've reached a certain age, all of their friends are gettingmarried, and they haven't been successful at dating and this woman isthe first to show interest。很遗憾的是,有太多人因为错误的原因选择结婚。比如说,到了某个年龄,或是朋友们都结了婚,又或是情场屡屡失意后终于碰上一个对自己表现出兴趣的女人。 /201001/94903Australia#39;s richest person Gina Rinehart has eclipsed Wal-Mart heiress Christy Walton to become the world#39;s wealthiest woman, according to an annual index by Business Review Weekly.根据《商业周刊》年度索引,澳大利亚首富吉娜#8226;莱茵哈特盖过沃尔玛女继承人克里斯提#8226;沃尔顿,成为全世界最富有的女人。A preview of the respected BRW Rich 200 list, published Wednesday, put the mining tycoon#39;s personal fortune at Aus.17 billion (US.48 billion), a figure that sees her outstrip Walton for the first time.《商业周刊》周三发布了公信力颇高的200强富豪榜的预告。预告显示,这位矿业大亨的个人财富首次超过了沃尔顿,以291.7亿澳元(合284.8亿美元)的个人资产居于首位。In March, Forbes placed Walton and her family#39;s net worth at US.3 billion, while Rinehart#39;s fortune stood at US billion.三月份的《福布斯》杂志显示,沃尔顿一家的净资产为253亿美元,而莱茵哈特的资产为180亿美元。BRW rich list editor Andrew Heathcote said mining magnate Rinehart had almost tripled her wealth in 12 months as commodity prices rose and she pulled off two deals in iron ore and coal.《商业周刊》富豪榜的编辑安德鲁#8226;希斯考特说,矿业巨头莱茵哈特的财富在12个月里增加了近两倍,一方面是因为商品价格的上涨,另一方面是由于她最近做成了两笔铁矿和煤炭生意。;The Aus.87 billion increase in her wealth is unparalleled. It is a product of foreign investment in new projects, increased production and a recovery in the iron ore price over the past six months,; said Heathcote.希斯考特说:“她的财富增加速度是无人能比的,一年就增加了188.7亿澳元。这是新项目外国投资、产量增加和过去六个月内铁矿价格复苏的结果。”Rinehart, 58, heiress to an iron ore prospecting empire built in Australia#39;s resources-rich west, is a controversial figure who stridently campaigned against new mining taxes and recently bought up big in the media sector.58岁的莱茵哈特继承了在资源丰富的澳大利亚西部创立起来的一家铁矿勘探大企业。她高调反对新矿业税,近来还大量收购媒体,是个备受争议的人物。She is also locked in a series of lawsuits, including an acrimonious row with her own children over a family trust where she has been accused of threatening to financially ruin them.她还被一连串官司缠身,包括和自己的孩子因家庭基金发生的激烈争吵,她被控威胁让孩子破产。Heathcote said Rinehart was on track to overtake Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim — worth US billion — as the world#39;s richest person as demand ramps up for Australia#39;s natural resources.希斯考特说,随着对澳大利亚自然资源需求量的增加,莱茵哈特有望赶超墨西哥电信大亨卡洛斯#8226;斯利姆(其个人资产为690亿美元),成为全世界最富有的人。;A 0 billion fortune is not out of the question for Rinehart if the resources boom continues unabated,; said Heathcote.希斯考特说:“如果自然资源需求持续强劲,1000亿美元的财富对莱茵哈特来说并非不可能。”;There is a real possibility that Rinehart will become not just the richest woman in the world but the richest person in the world.;“很有可能莱茵哈特不仅会是全世界最富有的女人,而且会成为全世界最富有的人。”The full BRW list of Australia#39;s richest people, the upper rungs of which are usually dominated by mining tycoons, will be unveiled on Thursday.《商业周刊》富豪榜完整榜单中,位居前列的澳大利亚富豪通常都是矿业大亨。该榜单将于周四公布。 /201205/183765Things men tell their buddies that they don't tell their wives and girlfriends.1. Yes, it's about sex. Men like sex, men like variety. Men like women that enjoy sex, enjoy variety, and are active partners in sex. 性。男人喜欢性,希望自己的女友也一样喜欢性,希望女人主动。 /201001/94550

Good relationships. We have a human need to be close, to be intimate, with other human beings. Having good, supportive friendships, a strong marriage or close and loving relationships with our family members will make us much more likely to be happy. Action steps: Take time, today, to spend time with your loved ones, to tell them what they mean to you, to listen to them, and develop your relationship with them. 1. 良好的人际关系。我们需要和别人建立亲密的人际关系。建立良好的、能得到持的友谊,稳定的婚姻或者亲密友善的家庭关系会让我们变得更幸福。行动步骤:花费时间,今天,花费时间和爱人在一起,告诉他们他们对于你意味着什么,倾听他们的想法,和他们建立良好的关系。 /201004/102448

男人都喜欢傻女孩。这是有些“聪明”女孩总结出的一条定律。于是,感情上的不如意就有了合理解释。那些有着良好教育背景、收入高、事业进展顺利的女孩,感叹“高处不胜寒”,责怪男人们不愿面对“男不如女”的现实,不愿给自己太大压力,所以选择了敬而远之,或者浅尝辄止。这有一定道理,所以她们的想法渐渐流行开来。不过,男人是不是真的喜欢傻女孩,是不是也应该请男人自己来说?傻vs善解人意Silly VS Tender /200910/88013

There#39;s nothing quite like a good prank. Whether you#39;re simply channeling the summer camp classic of sticking a sleeping bunkmate#39;s hand into a cup of warm water or plotting an elaborate Ocean#39;s Eleven heist-like scenario to pull one over on a buddy, when it all comes together in hilarious humiliation, you can#39;t help but crack a proud grin.炮制一出高妙的恶作剧给人的满足感实在无与伦比。不管你仅是套用夏令营经典恶作剧招数,将熟睡室友的手放进一杯温水里,还是对好友上演《十一罗汉》里那精妙设计的拦路抢劫剧情,只要让他人丑态毕露,引发爆笑,你总会禁不住自豪地奸笑起来。   And there#39;s no better time than now to talk to a couple experts on everything you need to know to appropriately bask in the tomfoolery this year.而此时正是向专家们请教今年该怎样尽情“愚人娱己”的最佳时机。  So, why do we pull pranks anyway? According to Tim Nyberg, author of The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook and The Practical Joker#39;s Handbook: The Sequel, such wanton acts of entertaining deviousness break the monotony of the everyday. ;Pranks are the part of the seasoning that makes life interesting,; he said. ;A sure cure for boredom is planning and executing a creative practical joke.;话又说回来,我们为何要开玩笑呢?根据《恶作剧者实用手册》和《恶作剧者实用手册(续)》的作者蒂姆·纽伯格的说法,这些淘气的娱人诡计打破了日常生活的单调。“恶作剧是为我们生活添加趣味的调味料,”他说,“要打破沉闷,一个绝对有效的做法就是策划并实施一个富有创意的恶作剧。”  Nyberg cited a number of motives from ;just for the hell of it; to the joy of preying on a friend#39;s gullibility. Or, for revenge, of course. Ah ye the payback prank. While the phrase ;an eye for an eye, makes the world blind; is often attributed to Gandhi, we#39;re pretty sure that even Mahatma would return the favor of a whoopee cushion slipped onto his seat by sprinkling itching powder into the perpetrator#39;s jockstrap.纽伯格列举了形形色色的恶作剧动机,从“就为了好玩”,到享受轻易骗到朋友的乐趣。当然还有,为了报复。啊,对了,还有报复恶作剧。我们都知道“以眼还眼(即以牙还牙),世界只会更盲目”的名言出自甘地,但我们还是能肯定,如果这位圣雄也遭遇过坐上放屁垫子这样的恶作剧,他也会回敬这位始作俑者的——在其运动内裤里撒上痒粉。  ;Is there any motive other than revenge?; said comedian and CollegeHumor.com writer Streeter Seidell, whose years-long war of escalating pranks with fellow CollegeHumor employee Amir Blumenfield have become an Internet sensation. ;Even the initial prank in a war is likely spurred by some offense you feel needs to be rectified,; he added.“除了报复,恶作剧还有别的理由吗?”喜剧演员、“大学幽默”网站的作家史崔特·赛德尔说道。他与“大学幽默”网站的同事阿默·布鲁曼菲尔德之间那长达数年、不断升级的恶作剧大战在网络上引起热议。他还说道:“引发恶作剧轮番大战的第一个捉弄把戏很可能不过是别人一次不经意的冒犯,但却激起了你的‘报复’心理。”  But maybe you don#39;t have any grievances that need to be addressed. Maybe you just want to have some devilish fun at another#39;s expense. In that case, Nyberg advised setting your sights on your friend preferably one with a good sense of humor. ;It#39;s always best when both parties (eventually) find humor in the prank,; he explained.不过你也可能没有什么冤屈特别需要平反的。你可能只想从别人身上获得这种邪恶的快意。如果是这样,纽伯格建议大家把对象限定在朋友圈里,最好是富有幽默感的人。“如果双方(最终)都能从恶作剧里找到幽默的乐趣,那就再好不过了。”他解释道。  Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been on both ends of the joke, Seidell echoed Nyberg#39;s suggestion. ;I can always forgive Amir for whatever caliber of prank he pulls because he#39;s my friend and we work together every day,; he said. ;But if some random person decided to pull something on me just for fun, I can#39;t say I#39;d be as forgiving.;站在恶作剧施受双方的角度,赛德尔也赞同纽伯格的建议。“无论阿默开什么玩笑我都能原谅他,因为他是我的朋友,我们每天在一起工作,”他说,“但如果是一个随便的什么人想来愚弄我,拿我寻开心,我可不敢说我会如此宽容。” /201203/176127

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