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Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.遵守规定你就不会挨批。get chewed out直译过来就是:“被嚼碎了”,这个短语的正确意思是:“被训斥,挨批”。因此,当美国人说;Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;If you follow the rules, you wont be criticized.;、;Follow the rules and nobody will find faults with you.;.情景对白:Terry: My boss turned back to get his passport and found me playing computer games. So he roundly criticized me.泰瑞:老板折回来拿护照,发现我在玩电脑游戏,很严厉地批评了我。Benjamin: Follow the rules and you wont get chewed out.本杰明:遵守规定你就不会挨批。搭配句积累:①Yes,sir. I got it!是的,先生。我知道了!②Ive learned a lession this time.我吸取这次的教训了。③I wont get late next time!下次不会迟到了。④I will be careful from now on.我以后一定注意。单词:1. find fault with sb. 挑某人的错You have no reason to find fault with him.你无理对他挑剔。Some persons are prone to find fault with others when they should be blaming themselves.有些人当他们应当责备自己的时候却对别人吹毛求疵。2. roundly adv. 直截了当地They roundly denounced him for quitting.他们严厉地斥责他擅自离去。I choose rather to hesitate my opinion than to assert it roundly.我宁可犹疑地表示我的意见而不愿直率地断言这件事。 /201210/205494成医附属不孕不育专科医院怎么预约Arbitration in China中国仲裁制度A: Lets talk about arbitration, shall we?A: 我们来谈谈仲裁问题好吗?B: OK, must the arbitration be gone through only in China?B: 好的,冲裁只能在中国进行吗?A: No, arbitration can be conducted either in China or in other countries.A: 不,仲裁可以在中国进行,也可以在其他国家进行。B: Then first I want to know more about the arbitration in China to decide whether to have arbitration in China.B: 那么我想先了解一下中国的情况,以便决定是否在中国进行仲裁。A: All right. I will tell you in details.A: 好的,我会向您详细介绍的。B: Is the cost of the arbitration in China very high?B: 中国的仲裁费高吗?A: No, it isnt. If you submit your dispute to arbitration, you only need to pay a resonable fee to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission according to the Arbitration Fee Schedule.A: 不高。如果您要对争议进行仲裁的话,您只需要根据仲裁费用表的规定向中国国际经贸仲裁委员会缴纳合理的费用。B: What if one party doesnt follow the decision and award?B: 如果一方不执行仲裁的决定和判决该怎么办?A: If things like that happen, the Peoples Court in China can enforce it at the request of the other party. But dispute are usually settled by friendly negotiation between the two parties.A: 如果出现了这种情况,中国人民法院可以根据另一方的要求强行执行。但是争议通常是通过双方的友好协商加以解决的。 /201601/423303四川成都市中医医院可以做人流吗您走错方向了。You're going in the wrong direction.那可不是走路可以到的。It's not within walking distance.公共汽车不直接到那个地方。你至少得换两次车。The bus doesn't go directly to that place. You have to change buses at least twice.你最好乘地铁,路线不那么复杂,还更快。You'd better take the subway. The route is less complicated,and it's much faster.从这里驾车需半个小时。It's a half-hour drive from here.沿着路走就到了。It's up the road.离这里不远。It's a stone's throw away.我也正要去那里。跟我来。I'm on my way there,too. Just follow me.就在您的左边。It's on your left.就在前面,马路的左边。It's up ahead on the left side of the road.到了下一个拐角往右转。Turn right at the next corner.一直往前走,穿过十字路口。Go straight ahead through the intersection.一直往前走,过了广场后往右拐。Keep walking till you pass the square, then turn right.一直靠右。Stay to your right.到了电影院后,往北走。When you get to the cinema, go north.走过两个红绿灯后,到第三个往左拐。Walk past two lights and turn left at the third.你可以走过街天桥过马路。You may cross the street by the footbridge.就在街拐角附近。It's just around the corner.按标志走就行了。Just follow the signs. /201107/145308In this advanced Business English Podcast we continue to look at the language and skills of interviewing for jobs in English. 在这节高级商务英语播客中,我们继续来看下英语面试中的语言和技巧。So far in this series, we’ve examined two common question themes that you will likely be asked in almost any interview. They were, “Tell me about your previous experience?”, and “What is your most significant accomplishment?” 目前为止在这个系列课程中,我们已经回顾了2个普遍些的几乎在任何面试中都会被问到的问题。它们是:“说下你以前的经验?”和“你最重要的成就是什么?”In this episode, we will likewise deal with another extremely common question. Unfortunately, it’s almost as challenging to answer as it is popular to ask. It requires you to think about possible problems with your working style and personality, and to give an answer that demonstrates professionalism and the ability to present your weakness as a strength. That’s right, you guessed it, the question is: What’s your greatest weakness?在这节课中,我们来处理下另一个比较普遍的问题。不幸的是,这个问题问得较多但是回答起来很有挑战,那要求你想下这节的工作方式和个性中遇到的问题,并给出能明专业素质和能力的,从而将弱点变成长处。那个问题就是:“你最大的弱点是什么?Talking about your weaknesses tests a unique skill: It investigates your ability to present a drawback as an advantage. Thus, the theme of this episode is “be positive”, and that’s the main point that we’ll be focusing on.谈论弱点检验一项特殊的技巧:它涉及到将弱点展示优点的能力。这节课的主题就是“要肯定”,那也是我们将要讨论的要点。Listening Questions:1) What is Sherry’s weakness?2) Did this weakness affect her GPA (exam scores)? How?3) Does Sherry explain the positive aspects of the weakness she describes? /201109/152981成都妇保医院评价

绵阳治疗输卵管堵塞那个医院好绵阳市人民医院早上几点开门今天这个日子对Tom来说真是终生难忘,由于最近表现突出,他被任命为副经理,晚上公司开了个party,老总还在酒席间连续三次表扬Tom。席间,大家说的最多的一句话就是:Congratulations. This is a red-letter day for you. This is a red-letter day for you.今天是你的大好日子。 a red-letter day的字面意思是“有红色字母的一天”。在英语国家,很久以前宗教节日是用红色的字母写的,宗教的节日在西方国家是很重要的,所以后来就用a red-letter day来表示盛大或是具有重要纪念意义的日子。后来这个短语的意思逐渐扩大为任何“值得纪念或喜庆的日子”。a red-letter day的中文意思就是“大喜的日子”。对于某个人来说,就是指发生好事的一天。如:This is a red-letter day,意为“今天是你的大好日子”,用于对他人表示祝贺。 Tom:I'm so excited that I was raised to management level at today's conference.汤姆:我太高兴了,今天的会议上我被提拔到管理层了。Daniel:This is a red-letter day for you. Congratulations!丹尼尔:今天是你的大日子。祝贺你哦!◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201008/110793澳洲广播电台商业英语教程 15:商业展示A presentation(3)澳洲广播电台商业英语教程全套文本成都产后盆底恢复1.We have 25 branches in China.  在中国我们有25家分机构。  重点词语:branch n.部门,分行,分机构,分店,分公司  商务用语:branch store 分店  domestic branch 国内分行  foreign branch 国外分机构  2.The coat was a real buy.  这件大衣买得真便宜。  重点词语:buy vt.买 vi.购物 n.lt;美gt;购买;lt;俗gt;交易;买卖  商务用语:a bad buy 吃亏货,吃亏的买卖  a good buy 便宜货,上算的买卖  a best buy 最合算的货,最上算的买卖  3.The Smith Company has a capital of ,000.  史密斯公司有3万美元的资本。  重点词语:capital n.资本,资金 adj.资本的  商务用语:capital asset 资本资产  bank credit capital 信贷资金  4.She capitalized on her opponent's mistake and won the game.  她利用对手的失误赢得了比赛。  重点词语:capitalize vt.利用别人的错误;变成资本;投资于   商务用语:capitalize the company's reserve funds 将公司预备金移作资本  capitalize a corporation 定公司的资本额  5.The case against Mr.White is said to be heard tomorrow.  据说怀特先生被起诉一案定于明天开庭。  重点词语:case n.诉讼事件,方案  商务用语:a civil case 民事诉讼  a criminal case 刑事案件 /200811/55245成都治宫颈糜烂公立医院

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