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四川省妇幼保健医院怎么样四川省人民医院男科电话铁道第二勘察设计院医院人流要多少钱 Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything this holiday season!爸爸妈妈:值此佳节,感谢您们所给予的一切。I'll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you.我将回家与你们共度佳节。A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it.寄上一份礼物,希望你们会喜欢I wish I were home for the holidays.但愿我能回家共度佳节。Thinking of you at New Year's time.佳节,我想念你们。Best wishes from Mark, Janet and the kids.马克、珍妮特和孩子们谨呈最诚挚的祝福。Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter.寄上无限的思念和最美好的祝愿,你们的女儿。Season's greetings from Xiao Li and Ming Ming.献上小丽和明明的节日问候。A holiday wish from your son Tom.寄上佳节的祝福,你们的儿子汤姆敬上。May you have the best season ever.愿你过个最愉快的节日。A New year greeting to cheer you from your daughter.愿女儿的祝福带给您欢乐。Happy New year to the world's best parents!祝世界上最好的父母节日快乐!Season's greetings to my dearest parents!祝我最亲爱的父母节日愉快! /200801/25988华西妇产儿童医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

大邑县妇女医院专家为享明年福利计划 德国妇忙延产Pregnant women hope for late arrivalsExpectant mothersin Germany are doing what they can to put off giving birth until January 1 when a generous government aid program takes effect.The media has been filled with tips from doctors and midwives about holding off birth until January 1.While experts have warned women to refrain from medical intervention to delay births, they acknowledge the allure of a financial incentive worth up to 25,200 euros (,300)."We're bracing for a siege on New Year's Day and will have a full staff on hand," said Klaus Vetter, chief doctor at Berlin's Vivantes hospital.Worried about a shrinking population and a birth rate at a post-war low in 2005, the government in September introduced the law to encourage working couples to have children. Babies born on or after January 1 qualify for the new benefits.Parents who take time off from work to care for newborns can receive two-thirds of their net monthly salary, up to a maximum of 1,800 euros, for 12 months. If the other parent takes a further two months off, the benefit is extended to 14 months.Christian Albring, president of the German association of gynecologists said all his patients have asked how they could safely extend their pregnancies to January."They've all asked about possibilities of delaying delivery, but none want to risk their babies' health," he said.Physicians and midwives have been saying that avoiding red wine, stress as well as physical or sexual activity are among the recommended natural methods to help prevent inducing birth. 为了享受政府明年的一项高额补贴计划,德国的准妈妈们目前正在想方设法将产期推迟到明年1月1日。医生和助产士们提供的各种推迟分娩的秘诀一时间充斥各大媒体。虽然专家们一再提醒妇不要用药物推迟分娩,但他们又不得不承认这一高达25200欧元的补贴计划确实很有吸引力。柏林威万特斯医院的主治医生克劳斯·威特说:“新年那天我们肯定会忙的焦头烂额,我们将做好充分的人员准备。”去年,德国人口出现负增长,出生率降至战后最低水平。为了解决这一问题,德国政府于今年9月出台了一项鼓励双职工夫妇多生育的法规,根据规定,在2007年1月1日当天或之后出生的孩子才可享受这一福利。停职在家照顾孩子的父母全年每月可得到相当于税后月收入三分之二的补贴,每月最高可达1800欧元。如果父母中的另一方继续停职两个月,则可享受14个月的补贴。德国妇产科协会会长克里斯丁·阿尔布林说,他的病人都向他咨询安全推迟产期的秘诀。他说:“所有人都询问能不能推迟产期,但没有人愿意拿孩子的健康冒险。”据医生和助产士介绍,不喝红酒、减轻压力、少活动、避免性生活等较为“自然”的方法可以起到推迟分娩的作用。Vocabulary: expectant mother: 妇;准妈妈 /200803/32257成都医院精液检查 凉山治疗阳痿早泄

四川成都第二医院门诊部预约Women may get a glow during pregnancy, but now it turns out that men feel they are more attractive as well - only after the baby has arrived.女人在怀期间可能会容光焕发,但现在研究发现,男人也会因此而感到自己魅力倍增——不过是在宝宝出生以后。In the first study of its kind, men said that their self image improved after the birth in what is being called a ‘hidden benefit’ of becoming a dad.这一研究是首次对这一课题进行探讨,男人表示他们的自我形象在宝宝出生后有所改观,这就是初为人父的“潜在益处”。The scientists said that men could get the boost because they feel they are more masculine having just seen a mini version of themselves enter the world.科学家称,男人自我形象改善是因为他们刚目睹自己的微缩版降临世间,这让他们感觉自己男子气概倍增。They could also get a kick out of women cooing over them as they walk around with their baby.在男人抱着宝宝外出散步时,那些围着他们柔声交谈的女人们也让他们感到愉快。Women by contrast did not experience such a lift about their appearance - possibly because the physical demands of raising a child left them a shadow of what they used to be.相比之下,女人在孩子降生后却没有感觉自己形象有所改善,这可能是因为带小孩对女人的体力要求较高,让她们无暇自顾,所以感觉自己还是老样子。The study examined 182 people who were all newlywed adults with an average age of 24 for a woman and 26 for a man.该研究调查了182名新婚成人,其中女性的平均年龄为24岁,男性的平均年龄为26岁。They asked them to give their verdict on their own wellbeing and appearance at the start of the study, the one year anniversary and the second anniversary.研究人员让这些人分别在研究开始时、结婚一周年时和结婚两周年时对自己的幸福度和形象做出评价。One question asked them to rate how attractive they found themselves on a scale of one to 10 and how ordinary they thought they were on a scale of one to five.其中一个问题是让他们按1到10的等级对自己的魅力指数做出评价,还让他们按1到5的等级评价自己有多普通。For men who didn’t have children, notions of attractiveness remained stable.那些没有生育小孩的男人对自身魅力的看法一直保持稳定。But those who became fathers during the study’s timeframe felt more attractive after their child was born than they did previously.但那些在研究期间成为新爸爸的人在孩子出生后相比以前感到自己更有魅力。Lead researcher Alicia Cast, an associate professor the University of California-Santa Barbara, said: ‘I was talking about this paper with my husband and he commented on the attention he got when he was seen in public holding our son after he was born. Like: ;Aren’t you a good dad;, ;Look at that new dad with his baby;.首席研究员、加州大学圣塔芭芭拉分校的副教授艾丽西娅?卡斯特说:“我和我的丈夫谈论这篇论文时,他提到他抱着刚出生的儿子外出时所得到的关注。人们会说:‘真是个好爸爸’,或者说‘看那个抱着宝宝的新爸爸’。#39;Women get that feedback, too, because everybody loves a new baby. But that (benefit) may be countered by other things she’s experiencing that he’s not, in terms of how her body has changed and being more physically tired.“女人也会得到这样的回应,因为大家都喜欢小宝宝。不过这一益处可能被她正经历而男人没有经历的其他事情抵消了,比如身体发生了变化,感觉更疲劳。‘There’s a lot of attention paid to how women think about themselves – particularly their bodies and their physical attractiveness – after childbirth.“很多研究关注的是女人在生孩子后如何看待自己——尤其是自己的身体和外表吸引力。‘But to our knowledge there’s been nothing that looked at men’.“但据我们所知还没有研究关注男人在孩子出生后对自己的看法。” /201304/234414 It sounds like an infomercial(1) from late-night TV: Follow this four-step plan and improve your memory in just 14 days!But researchers have indeed found a way to improve memory function in older people. After a two-week study that involved brainteasers(2), exercise and diet changes, study participants' memories worked more efficiently.Here's the program:Memory Training: Brainteasers, crossword puzzles(3) and memory exercises that emphasized verbal(4) skills throughout the day.Healthy Diet: Five meals daily included a balanced diet rich in omega-3(5) fats, whole grains and antioxidants(6). Eating frequent meals prevents dips in blood glucose(7), the primary energy source for the brain.Physical Fitness: Brisk(8) daily walks and stretching. Physical fitness has been found in other research to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease(9).Stress Reduction: Stretching and relaxation exercises. Stress causes the body to release cortisol(10), which can impair memory and has been found to shrink the memory centers in the brain.Before-and-after brain scans showed the participants experienced on average a five percent decrease in brain metabolism(11) in the dorsal(12) lateral(13) prefrontal(14) region of the brain, which is directly linked to working memory and other cognitive(15) functions. This suggests they were using their brains more efficiently. The subjects also performed better on a cognitive test.A control group that didn't follow the plan showed no significant changes."We've known for years that diet and exercise can help people maintain their physical health, which is a key component(16) of healthy aging," said Gary Small, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences UCLA."But maintaining mental health is just as important. Now we have evidence which suggests that people can preserve their memory by adding memory exercises and stress reduction to this routine." 听上去好象是深夜电视购物节目:按照以下四步去做,两周后你的就会得到提高。但是,研究人员真的找到了一种提高老年人记忆功能的方法。通过两周的脑筋急转弯、体育锻炼和饮食调整,参与者的确有增强。步骤如下:训练:全天进行脑筋急转弯、纵横字谜和语言技巧的练习。健康的饮食:每天五顿饭,要富含omega-3脂肪酸、全谷和防老化的元素。多餐可以防止血糖降低,而血糖正是大脑能量的主要来源。体育锻炼:每日散步和伸展运动。研究表明体育锻炼可以降低老年痴呆症患病几率。减压:伸展和放松锻炼。紧张会导致人体释放皮质醇,降低,缩小记忆中枢在大脑中的比重。脑部扫描的结果显示:两周后,受试者脑部前额叶背外侧的新陈代谢降低了五个百分点。这一部位直接影响记忆和其他认知功能。就是说他们的大脑运行更加有效了。这个结果在认知方面的体现更为明显。没有参加训练的受试者的扫描图就基本上没有变化。洛杉矶加利福尼亚大学精神病学和行为学教授加里斯默说:“很多年前,我们就知道合理的饮食和锻炼能够保持健康的身体,是老年人健康的重要因素,”“但是精神健康也同样重要。现在我们可以确定地告诉人们,通过经常性的记忆训练和减压可以保持。” /200804/37116四川省生殖专科医院在什么位置四川成都第四人民医院诊疗中心



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