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英语日常口语 82:A tour of the flat看公寓本单元是关于看公寓的对话。Helen: So that's Tim's room, the bathroom's over there, and your bedroom is here. It's got a desk and chair and all that, so you shouldn't need any more furniture.Khalid: Ok, that looks ok...erm, what do you guys do about housework?Alice: Everybody kind of chips in, don't they Tim?Tim: Yes, Alice, we all do our bit.Alice: We keep all the cleaning stuff in this cupboard here.Khalid: Ok, I see.Helen: So, what do you think?Khalid: It's a very nice room, and you guys are great and everything, but I have to say, I think it's a little bit pricey...I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the rent a little bit?Helen: Well, I'm afraid it isn't up to me Khalid, I'll have to ask my dad about that.Vocabulary: 字汇 everybody chips in 大伙一起做everybody helps or contributes to doing a taskwe all do our bit 每个人都尽本分we all contribute fairly to doing a taskpricey 昂贵expensiveI'm afraidI regret to say/ I'm sorry to say (a polite expression used when saying 'no')It isn't up to meIt's not my choice. I can't/don't decide this 本单元的语言点是描述相似的事物, 有时我们不想把事情描写的很具体或很难做到,我们用些特别的语言来表达,请看下面的解释和例句。Vague languageBackground: 背景 We use vague language when we do not want to be (or cannot be) exact, accurate and precise.Talking about similarities:描述相似的事物 There are some phrases that are useful when we want to say that something is similar to something else, but it is not exactly the same. We often use these phrases because we can't find the exact word that we need.kind of and sort of: We can use these phrases before nouns and adjectives: A paramedic is a kind of doctor, or perhaps it is a sort of nurse. I'm not sure, but they help injured people.I'm kind of happy that school has finished, but I'll miss my friends.We can also use kind of and sort of before 'like' or 'similar to':Australian Rules Football is kind of like soccer and rugby combined.New Zealand is sort of similar to Britain.-ish:We can add 'ish' to adjectives and numbers to mean 'approximately'.How old is he? I'm not sure, perhaps fortyish.And he's got blueish eyes, or are they greenish? I'm not so sure.What's the word?记不得的东西 All of the following words can be used to represent a noun when we do not know the real word or when we can't remember it.You need one of those... oh, you know, you need a whatsit to open that bottle.You mean a corkscrew?That't it!Thingummy can be used to mean someone's name.Have you seen, erm, thingummy, you know, the guy with glasses? Stuff and thing:东西 物品 Thing refers to single countable objects (e.g. a car, a mouse)Things refers to plural countable objects (e.g. clothes, spiders, pens)Stuff refers to uncountable objects (e.g. oil, information) or a collection of countable objects (like things) e.g. a lot of clothes, shopping items.We often use these words when both the speaker and the listener know which objects are being discussed, or when we don't know the exact word, or even when there isn't an exact word.Where do you keep all the cleaning stuff?'the cleaning stuff' means all the different things that are used to clean a house: mops, brushes, creams and polishesI can't clean your bedroom floor, there's loads of stuff/things all over it.'loads of stuff/things' probably means toys, socks, papers etc.I need a thing to stop my washing machine from leaking, you know, a round rubber thing that goes on the main pipe.Approximately 大约 All of the following phrases have a similar meaning to 'approximately' but they are less formal.about: It'll take you about 20 minutes to drive there.roughly: There were roughly 50 people at the lecture.more or less: There's twenty minutes till the end of the game, more or less.Further stuff: 更多的东西 When there are more examples that you can give, but you don't need to, you can use 'etcetera' and 'and all that sort of thing'. It is possible to shorten 'and all that sort of thing' to 'and all that'.We had a great time in Egypt. We saw the Nile, Cairo, the pyramids etcetera.In my office job, I have to do the filing, manage the scheduling, answer the phones and all that sort of thing.David's a great team captain. He's decisive, determined and all that. /200708/16891哈尔滨妇女儿童医院妇科人流1.this is the tribune police.make yourself known.我们是警察,请表明身份 tribune保护百姓的官 make yourself known表明身份2.cops found your girlfriend fish-belly white,gargling her own puke.警察发现你女朋友不省人 事,口吐 白沫 fish-belly鱼腹;fish-belly white鱼翻白肚,即生命岌岌可危 gargle漱口 ; puke呕吐物 gargling her own puke口吐白沫(若换成字面意思挺恶心*_*)3.bring her down 将她打垮了 这里再说另一个常用的词组let sb down,即"使某人失望4.the analyst got his hands on a phone conversation.分析员得到一通电话交谈 get a hand on sth得到...5.And judging by how hard they're going after sara tancredi,i'm pretty sure they think she has it.以他们追捕sara的力度看,我很确定她有(带子) judge by以...为判断 (因为这里的主语为I,所以用judge的动名词) go after追逐;追求 在动词前加上pretty,加深程度6.But i hope his death properly illustrates the magnitude of the situation that we're in right now. 但我希望他的死完全说明了我们的麻烦,已经很严重了。 properly适当地,完全地; illustrate举例说明,阐明; magnitude大小7.are you aware of the nature of your sins?你知道你犯的罪的性质么? be aware of知道,了解 nature(神学中)性质,种类 sin罪,其实sin和一般的罪不一样,它一般指人的原罪Original sin,如大家所熟悉的"七宗罪"(七宗 罪即:Gluttony 暴食 Greed 贪婪 Sloth 懒惰 Pride 自负 Lust 淫欲 Envy 嫉妒 Warth 愤怒) 8.What are those ends? 这些的目的是什么?9.surrender your will to god.屈于上帝 surrender投降 ; wil意愿10.I don't like being out in the field,I only do so when there's been a screw up. 我不喜欢抛头露面,我只在事情办砸的时候才出来 screw up事情办砸 eg.sorry,i screw it up 对不起,我把事情搞砸了11.you have my word.我保 实用口语12.Yeah,but i mean it. 是的但是我是认真的 实用口语13.Do you think i'm just withholding information because i like hanging out with you.你以为我隐瞒消息是因为喜欢和你待一起么? withhold保留,隐瞒 hang out with sb与某人待在一起14.Don't try to float a babe-in-the-woods routine by me. 别想耍我把我当成不懂事的小孩 babe-in-the-wood(s)涉世未深的人,幼稚盲从的人,无经验而易受骗的人15.It's really going to piss me off.这可真会把我惹火 piss off滚开16.I aly named my price. 我已经开价了 注意name的用法17.you'd better get down on your knees and pray to god that i don't find you.你最好跪下祈祷我不会找到你 get down on your knees双膝跪下18.kiss my ass,cobarde.求我吧,懦夫 kiss sb's ass求某人,讨好某人 相反,kick sb's ass的意思为"揍某人一顿" /08/81135哈尔滨省第一医院口碑好不好近日,一家以女仆装扮为特色的主题餐厅亮相昆明,餐厅内的务员都是日本动漫里的可爱女仆形象。作为昆明首家女仆餐厅,该餐厅吸引了不同年龄段的顾客来此消费,特别是喜爱动漫的年轻人。 The newthemed, or "cosplay" restaurant has striking purple decor and waitresses in French-maid outfits who greeted customers by calling them "master". 这家以角色扮演为特色的新主题餐厅采用亮紫色为装修主色调,女招待都穿着法国女仆的装,并称呼顾客为“主人”。What's cosplay? Look at the picuture below which is taken in Cosplay Festival in University of California, Berkeley. “主题餐厅”就是themed restaurant,是通过一个或多个主题为吸引标志的饮食餐厅场所,希望人们身临其中的时候,经过观察和联想,进入期望的主题情境,譬如“亲临”世界的另一端、重温某段历史、了解一种陌生的文化等。 Have you been to this restaurant? You may have lots of fun there if you have dinner there. 这种cosplay餐厅将eatery和 role-playing game结合在一起,顾客在女仆餐厅可以享受做nobleman(贵族)的感觉。在女仆餐厅工作的务员很多都是manga/Japanese animation(日本漫画)的粉丝,是伴随着"Sailor Moon"(《美少女战士》)和"Doraemon"(《机器猫》)这些日本动画片成长起来的一代。 /201110/158470外教英语听说教程 17暂无文本 推荐专题:英语口语流行极短句760个 /200711/20393哈尔滨阳光女子医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

黑龙江四院中药科黑龙江省哈尔滨市儿童医院服务I'll show you around the factory.我会带你来参观下工厂。"I can't do that; it's more than my job's worth". 早上去办事,需要复印材料,大厅里的复印机坏了,咨询工作人员,得到的答复是“机器中午才能修好,办公室内的打印机不能给外来人员使用”;大肚子妇去家门口的超市买米,管理人员说“我们规定三袋大米才负责送货,手推车不能外借”……生活中碰上诸如此类在自己的工作岗位上严守工作职责和规章制度,死板得一点不愿帮助别人的人,你是不是很发火?像这种人英语中就叫做jobsworth。A jobsworth is a person who only does the work they're supposed to do and nothing else. A jobsworth 做事情完全是按部就班,一点儿周转的余地都没有。It often refers to people who have bureaucratic jobs and they never seem to want to help you! 这个词经常用来描绘那些在官僚政府机构工作的人,很死板,很不愿意帮人。"Jobsworth" 是个贬义用语,同时也是英国一个特有的词汇。这个词的起源是什么呢?"Jobsworth" 来自于两个词 job's worth——The person won't help you because they think that to be helpful is more than their job's worth,就是说这种人不愿意帮助别人,因为他们认为帮人是超出了他们的工作范围。这种人常常挂在嘴边的就是这两句:"Rules is rules", "It's more than my job's worth."为什么会有那么多的jobsworth?If you have a real fear of losing your job, why should you risk making an unnecessary mistake for someone who has not played by the rules? Following a clear rule is always going to be easier than exercising a difficult discretion. 按部就班工作,不犯错就不会惹麻烦的想法让人们做起事来显得死板而麻木。我们用两个例子来更好地说明一下:对话1A: I waited in a queue at the post office for an hour earlier for my stamps and then the man behind the desk told me I had to stand in a different queue to buy an envelope.B: No way, what a jobsworth!对话2A: So Helen, have you brought the script to the studio?B: No, that's not part of my job. I'm not responsible for the scripts.A: So come on Helen, where are those scripts?B: I told you, it's not my job to bring the scripts to the studio.A: You really are a jobsworth, aren't you?B: Only joking! I've got the scripts right here.Don't be such a jobsworth! 少一些officious and inflexible的职员,少一些petty rule-following and excessive 的职能部门,多一点付出,多一丝关怀,大家一起在互帮互助的社会氛围里享受和谐社会的温暖。 /200812/58558哈尔滨武警医院可以做引产吗Larry和李华在商量下星期三有没有时间去听爵士音乐。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to play something by ear和strapped. LH: Larry, 我看到一张爵士音乐会的海报。我很想去。怎么样,你下星期三有没有空去听呢? LL: I don't know. I have several papers due next week and I'm not sure if I'll have time. Let's play it by ear, okay? LH: 哇,你下星期得交好几份报告啊?那肯定没有空了。哎,你刚才说: Let's play it by ear。你想玩什么啊?玩耳朵? LL: No! "To play something by ear" is to wait and see if something is possible and to be flexible rather than set any firm plans. LH: 噢,play something by ear就是想做一件事,可是又不能确定是否可能,只好到时候看情况再说,就像中文里说的“看情况而定”! LL: Right. I just can't make any definite plans right now, so I prefer to play it by ear. LH: 所以你刚才的意思是,你要再等等看能不能及时写完报告,然后才能确定能不能去音乐会! 对了,你不是答应我下星期六去物馆吗?你还能去吗? LL: Oh, I forgot that I promised to go with you. Can we play that by ear, too? LH: 你怎么把答应我的事都给忘了!我特别想去那个物馆!你不能去也得早告诉我吗! LL: Just because I want to play it by ear doesn't mean that we definitely won't go. It just means that I'm not certain. LH: Larry,下回你要约我上那儿去,我也学你说:Let's play it by ear, 到时候再说! LL: That's not fair, Li Hua. It's not my fault that I can't make any definite plans because I have so much work to do. LH: 好啦,说真的,这也不是你的错。那我们也只好看情况再说了! LL: All right, I'll call you the day before the concert to let you know if we should get tickets, okay? LH:到音乐会前一天再告诉我,那还买得到票呀! Let's play it by ear! ****** LL: Hey, Li Hua, I can't go to the concert with you. I'm sorry, but I'm really strapped for time. LH: 噢,Larry,你不能去听音乐会。没关系。我听说票子早卖完了。你刚才说:strapped for time,那是什么意思啊? LL: Oh, to be "strapped" for time or money means that you don't have enough of it. LH: 噢,我懂了。Strapped for something就是缺少什么东西。你因为有很多报告要完成,所以没有时间去听音乐会了。You're strapped for time。对吗? LL: Exactly. I still have 20 pages to write by Friday. LH: 星期五以前还有20页的报告要写,那很多耶!那星期六还去物馆吗? LL: Yes!I should be finished with everything by Friday, so I won't be strapped for time this weekend. LH: 你真的能在星期五以前把报告都写完呐!那你这个周末就有时间陪我去看物馆了。You'll not be strapped for time this weekend, right? LL: Yes, I promise to go with you. LH: 那太好了!我很高兴这个星期六我们能一块儿出去,因为下个周末我就要忙了,I will be strapped for time next weekend! LL: Why? Do you have a paper due? LH: 就是啊。下个周末,我得写完一篇英文课的报告,所以肯定不能出去了。 LL: Let me know if you need any help with that. Listen, I'm sorry, but I'm too strapped for time to talk any more right now. I'll talk to you after Friday, okay? LH: 没问题。等你星期五写完报告再打电话给我吧。 今天李华学到两个常用语。一个是play something by ear, 就是现在还不能确定,要等到时候看情况再说。另一个常用语是strapped, 也就是缺乏什么,通常是指缺乏时间或金钱。 /200808/45269哈尔滨市第三医院在线咨询

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