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Austria becomes a republicNovember 12,1918, Austria becomes a republic. 奥地利成共和制1918年的11月12日,奥地利转为共和制。 Loch Ness MonsterNovember 12,1933, Hugh Gray takes the first known photos of the Loch Ness Monster. 尼斯湖水怪 1933年的11月12日,休·格雷拍摄了已知的唯一一张“尼斯湖水怪”的照片。The Loch Ness Monster, sometimes called Nessie or Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag), is a mysterious and unidentified animal or group of animals claimed by some to inhabit Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater loch near the city of Inverness in northern Scotland. Nessie is usually categorized as a type of lake monster. Its disputed "scientific" name, as chosen by the late Sir Peter Scott, is Nessiteras rhombopteryx. Although no evidence exists to suggest the alleged creature's sex, the nickname "Nessie" sounds feminine, so the creature is often referred to as female.尼斯湖水怪是由尼斯湖边的原住民声称发现的一种或一组神秘的动物,尼斯湖位于爱尔兰以北,一片深水淡水湖。尼斯湖水怪通常被认为是一种湖中的怪物。对于其“科学”的称呼一直也存在着争论。虽无据明其性别,“尼斯”这一昵称听上去还是有些偏女性,因此这个生物经常作为雌性引用。International war crimes tribunal in TokyoNovember 12,1948,In Tokyo, an international war crimes tribunal sentences seven Japanese military and government officials to death, including General Hideki Tojo, for their roles in World War II. 东京大审判 1948年的11月12日,在东京举行的国际战犯审判宣判在第二次世界大战中犯战争罪的七名日本军人和政府官员行死刑,其中包括东条英机。Formal proposal for the WWWNovember 12,1990,Tim Berners-Lee publishes a formal proposal for the World Wide Web. 万维网的正式建议书 1990年的11月12日,蒂姆·伯纳斯-李发表了万维网的正式建议书。 /201011/118040

A set of stamps featuring illustrations of Jane Austen novels goes on sale today, including newly-commissioned artwork depicting scenes from her books.一套以简·奥斯汀小说为主题的邮票今日开始发行,邮票上印有最新委托绘制的经典小说情节插画。All six published novels are included in the new stamps, which are being issued to mark the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.这套邮票的发行旨在纪念《傲慢与偏见》出版200周年,邮票包含简·奥斯汀所有六本已出版的书。The Royal Mail also announced that letters posted in Chawton in Hampshire, where Austen spent her last years, and Steventon, near Basingstoke, where she was born, will have a special postmark for a week, featuring the Pride and Prejudice e ;Do anything rather than marry without affection;.奥斯汀在贝辛斯托克镇附近的史提芬顿镇出生,在汉普郡的小镇乔顿度过了生命中最后的岁月。英国皇家邮政宣布,在一周中从这两地发出的信件会盖上特殊的邮戳,写有引自《傲慢与偏见》中的一句名言:“什么事都可以随便,但没有爱情可千万不能结婚。”Two first-class stamps will have illustrations from Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, with images from Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion making up the six-stamp set. Royal Mail commissioned the artwork by Angela Barrett.其中两张一等邮票上的是《傲慢与偏见》和《理智与情感》的插图,全套邮票中还包括《曼斯菲尔德庄园》《爱玛》《诺桑觉寺》和《劝导》。英国皇家邮政委托艺术家安吉拉·巴雷特完成了邮票上的插图。Royal Mail stamps spokesman Andrew Hammond said: ;When you think of great British authors, Jane Austen inevitably comes to mind. Her novels have contributed immeasurably to British culture over the last two centuries.;英国皇家邮政负责邮票发行的发言人安德鲁·哈蒙德说:“提到英国作家,肯定会想到简·奥斯汀。她的小说在过去的两个世纪中为英国文化作出了巨大贡献。”Many events have been planned this year to celebrate the bicentenary of the author#39;s best loved novel. Published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice was Austen#39;s second novel and she described it as her ;own darling child;.今年计划将会有很多活动庆祝奥斯汀这部最受欢迎的小说的200周年纪念。《傲慢与偏见》出版于1813年,是奥斯汀的第二部小说,奥斯汀把这本书说成是她“自己亲爱的孩子”。 /201302/226413The child had just finished playing ;Grand Theft Auto IV; before he fatally shot Marie Smothers, 90, inside a Louisiana mobile home, police said. But state law prevents children under 10 from being charged with a crime.根据警方消息,美国路易斯安那州的一名8岁男孩在玩了“侠盗猎车手”以后,将同在移动房屋里看护自己的90岁老太太玛丽.马特尔斯开打死。根据州立法案,对10岁以下的未成年人不被指控为犯罪,所以这名8岁小孩将免于法律制裁。Police believe an 8-year-old boy intentionally killed his 90-year-old caregiver when he shot her in the back of the head while she watched television inside the mobile home.警方认为,这名字8岁的孩子是故意杀人。作为看护的玛丽当时正在移动屋里面看电视,被孩子从后脑处击致死。But the child won’t be charged with a crime.然而孩子并不会被指控为犯罪。The boy fatally shot his elderly caregiver, Marie Smothers, after playing “Grand Theft Auto IV” — a game critics often blame for promoting violence根据警方描述,孩子是在玩了“侠盗猎车手”以后开打死玛丽的。而“侠盗猎车手”一直被人们认为是个很暴力的游戏。Smothers was sitting in a chair and watching television when the unidentified boy fired one round into the back of her head.玛丽当时坐在椅子上看电视,男孩从她脑后开了。The boy was taken into custody at the scene, but later released to his parents, because Louisiana state law prevents children under 10 from being charged with a crime.事情发生以后,男孩被监护起来,但不久就被他的父母领走,因为根据美国路易斯安那州的立法,不到10岁的未成年人不能指控犯罪。“You have a child that does not know the impact or the consequences of the act that he has committed,” Sclynski Legier, an attorney, said. “He truly doesn’t understand that.”本案代理律师Sclynski Legier讲“孩子其实不知道自己的行为会有怎样的结果和影响,因为他根本不理解发生了什么。”The child initially told investigators that he accidentally shot Smothers while playing with the loaded pistol. But police later determined the elderly woman was targeted.孩子最开始告诉调查人员他当时在玩手,击老太太是个意外。然而警方之后认为这不是个意外,他当时开的目标就是老太太。Cops didn’t reveal a motive for the killing, but said that the boy was close to the woman he allegedly shot.“By accounts of relatives of the victim, as well as friends of the family, the victim and the juvenile had a normal, loving relationship,” police officials said.至于当时男孩开的动机,警方还没有明确。但是根据相关调查,男孩和老太太的关系是很亲密的。“根据许多老太太的亲属以朋友提供的线索,老太太身前和男孩的关系正常,也很亲密。”警放透露。Investigators found that the boy had just finished playing the game that police called “a realistic game that has been associated with encouraging violence and awards points to players for killing people.”警方的调查显示,在案发前,男孩玩过游戏。警方认为这个暴力游戏很逼真,游戏中的奖惩规则是鼓励玩家在游戏中杀人的。The boy’s father told WAFB-TV that his son used the elderly woman’s .38-caliber pistol to commit the murder. Although the child dodged criminal charges, he still faces penalties under the juvenile system, officials said.男孩的父亲告诉电视台,男孩当时用的手式老太太自己携带的38口径手。官方透露,尽管男孩没有被指控为犯罪,他任然要接受青少年犯罪的惩罚。本译文属 /201308/254378

【中文原文】 猪流感会在人群之间蔓延吗?       美国发现的感染猪流感病人没有直接接触过猪.CDC说这种感染可能是大范围内的人-人传染个案.       Can Swine Flu Sp From Person to Person?      The U.S. residents infected with swine flu virus had no direct contact with pigs. The CDC says it's likely that the infections represent widely separated cycles of human-to-human infections. /200911/88492

Indian officials say a stampede Sunday during a religious holiday has killed at least 36 people. Most of the victims are women.印度官员说,星期天举行宗教节日活动时发生踩踏事故,造成至少36人死亡,其中大部分是女性。Officials say the stampede broke out when pilgrims were heading home from the festival that attracted millions of people in the northern city of Allahabad.有关官员说,在北部城市阿拉哈巴德参加宗教节日活动的数百万人在准备回家时发生踩踏事故。The city#39;s train station collapsed under the weight of pilgrims using the railway, causing crowds to panic. Officials say dozens of people were injured in the incident.由于乘坐火车的人过多,阿拉哈巴德火车站坍塌,引起人们的恐慌。有关官员说,还有数十人在事故中受伤。More than 30 million people gathered Sunday to plunge into the waters at the confluence of India#39;s Ganges and Yamuna rivers. It is the most auspicious day of the Hindu festival, Kumbh Mela, which is held every 12 years. Devotees believe that entering the mighty rivers cleanses them of sin and frees them of the cycle of birth and rebirth.星期天,3千多万人跳入印度恒河与亚穆纳河的汇合处。印度教的大壶节被认为是最吉祥的日子,每12年举行一次。印度教徒相信进入恒河与亚穆纳河能够洗清罪孽,从而农5c脱苦难的轮回。 /201302/225025The recession may be over, but the job market recovery is lagging way behind. And experts say the situation may get worse before it gets better. 经济衰退可能已有所好转,但是距离就业市场的复苏还有很长一段路要走。并且专家也声称情况在好转之前可能先会恶化。 "In the aftermath of recessions, there's always a period of jobless recovery," says John Challenger, CEO of global outplacement firm Challenger Gray amp; Christmas. "We're certainly not optimistic about seeing much improvement in the unemployment rate in 2010." 全球新职介绍公司Challenger Gray amp; Christmas 的执行总裁John Challenger 说:“经济不景气之后,总会有个就业复苏期,但是我们的确对2010年的就业率不抱多少乐观态度。” Some industries will likely pick up faster than others. Industries such as construction and manufacturing will probably begin to hire sooner. Retail, tourism, and hospitality, which depend entirely on consumer spending, will probably be among the last to recover. 有些行业将会比其他的复苏得快一些。像建筑,制造这样的行业可以马上就开始招聘了。然而,零售,旅游,医疗这些依靠客户消费的行业则可能是复苏得最慢的。 It's important to remember that even when the overall number of jobs goes down, some companies are still adding workers -- it's just that others are cutting even more. 重要的是要记住即使是工作空缺总数减少了,也有很多公司仍然在增加员工,而总数减少的原因仅仅是因为有些公司裁员人数比较多而已。 "There are always jobs," Challenger says. "Companies are always hiring. But the competition is much tougher." Challenger说:“工作总会有的。公司总是在招聘,只是竞争更加残酷了。” Experts offer advice for surviving -- and thriving -- in the next year: 以下是专家提供的,明年的生存和发展建议: /200912/93010

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