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Todd: So, Rebecca, now you were saying that were a chef, or you worked in a kitchen in your previous job. Can you talk about that? Like where did you work and what was it like?托德:丽贝卡,你说过你做过厨师,之前在厨房工作过。你能谈谈这个经历吗?你之前在哪里工作,那份工作怎么样?Rebecca: OK, I worked in a few different restaurants over several years, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time. Sometimes I worked in busy city restaurants, and other times just small cafes doing breakfast, that kind of thing.丽贝卡:好,过去几年我在不同的餐厅工作过,有时是全职,有时是兼职。我在繁忙都市的餐厅工作过,也在小咖啡厅负责过早餐。Todd: OK, so, you must have had a very busy routine. Can you describe whats the typical workday when you are a chef?托德:好,你之前的工作肯定很忙。你能描述一下你当厨师时每天都做些什么吗?Rebecca: Well, usually you start preparing in the afternoon and thats the quiet part of the day. You dont have any customers. You just come in and you chop up all the vegetables and the things you need to do like that. You cook any food that can be cooked before and organize all the ingredients for the dishes. Then service starts at about six oclock and thats when it gets really crazy. Its really busy from then on and you have to be very organized and cook everything as fast as possible.丽贝卡:我通常在下午开始做准备工作,那是一天中最安静的时候。因为没有客人。我会走进厨房,把蔬菜切碎,一般都要这么做。在烹饪之前要把每道菜的配料先准备好。餐厅在下午6点开始迎来就餐高峰,那个时候真的非常紧张。从那时起会非常忙碌,要尽快准备然后烹调食物。Todd: OK, sounds like a pretty busy schedule. When youre working, what do you enjoy about the job? What makes the job fun and interesting?托德:听起来真的很忙。你当厨师时喜欢这个工作哪一点?这份工作有意思的地方在哪里?Rebecca: Actually, I like the pressure of cooking. Its stressful but its also exciting. Its like a game. You have to organize everything, and you have to think of sixty things at once. Its a really good atmosphere. Everybodys excited. Everyone has to work together. Its a team job, so you can make really close friends in the kitchen. Its fun to work with them.丽贝卡:实际上我喜欢烹饪的那种压力感。这是份有压力的工作,不过同样令人很兴奋。就像游戏一样。你要做好一切准备,要同时想60件事。工作氛围非常好,所有人都很兴奋。大家要在一起合作。这个工作需要团队合作,所以可以在厨房交到亲密的朋友。和他们一起工作很有意思。Todd: Is there anything you didnt like? Like maybe the smell of the food or getting dirty or things like that?托德:那你不喜欢这份工作的哪点?比如说食物的味道,还是会弄脏或是其他的?Rebecca: No, that didnt bother me, but I used to travel home after work on the bus sometimes and interestingly even when it was full I would have a seat to myself because the smell of the food gets into your clothes, your hair, your skin, everything. You smell like fifty different kinds of food. Thats not a good thing.丽贝卡:都不是,这些都没有让我感到困扰,不过,以前我下班后坐公交回家的时候,即使在公交车非常挤的时候我还是自己坐在座位上,因为食物的味道会沾在衣、头发和皮肤上。你身上会散发出50种食物的味道。这可不是一件好事。Todd: Wow. So did you have dogs or anything when you got home that they would be like craving for you to walk through the door?托德:哇。你有养吗,它会期待你走进家门吗?Rebecca: No, I didnt have dogs because I was scared they might eat me you know. They might think I was a piece of steak or something.丽贝卡:没有,我没有养,因为我害怕它们会吃了我。它们也许认为我是牛排之类的食物。Todd: Alright thanks, Rebecca.托德:好,谢谢你,丽贝卡。 译文属 /201509/399889。

经典句型:When were these relics excavated? 这些文物是什么时候出土的?A:When were these relics excavated?甲:这些文物是什么时候出土的?B:I dont know.Lets the label.乙:我不知道,看看标签吧。A:Oh,they were excavated 60 years ago.甲:哦,这些是60年前出土的。B:What is this made for?乙:这个是做什么用的?A:It is an ancient cooking vessel.甲:这是古代做饭的器具。经典句型:These coins are of Qin Dynasty. 这些钱币是秦朝的。A:Look at the coins.甲:看这些钱币。B:Are these real?乙:这些都是真的吗?A:Yes.These coins are of Qin Dynasty.甲:是的。这些钱币是秦朝的。句型讲解:Excavate表示“开凿,发掘”。如:The archaeologists excavated an ancient fortress.考古学家们发掘出一个古堡。 /201501/356675。

unit 360 感恩节问候dialogue 英语情景对话A:Have a nice Thanksgiving!A:感恩节快乐!B:The same to you!B:也祝你节日快乐。A:Are you going anywhere?A:要去什么地方吗?B:I thought about going to my sisters. How about you?B:我在考虑去我家。你呢?A:Oh, Ill probably just stay at home.A:哦,我就打算呆在家里了。A:Five Happy Thanksgiving!A:感恩节快乐!B:You.too.B:也祝你快乐!A:Lets have pumpkin pie.A:我们吃南瓜派吧。B:Its my favorite.B:这是我最喜欢吃的。 /201603/431760。

7. Applying to Many Universities 7.申请多所大学A: How many universities are you applying to?A:你要申请几所大学?B: Im applying to 12 universities.B:我要申请12所大学。A: Wow! Thats a lot!A:哇!真多!B: I just want a lot of options.B:我只是想多一些选择。A: But it costs a lot of money and time!A:但那需要花费很多钱和时间!B: I get fee waivers.B:我获得学费减免。A: But how about the time? I mean, applying is a lot of work.A:但是时间呢?我的意思是,申请是一项很大的工作。B: College applications ask similar questions.B:大学申请都问相似的问题。A: Good for you. Im only applying to three universities.A:为你好。我只申请了三所学校。B: Which ones are you applying to?B:你在申请哪些学校?A: CSULA, UC Irvine, and Yale.A:州大洛杉矶分校、加州大学欧文分校和耶鲁。B: I find it hard to believe that you can limit yourself to only three universities. B:我很难相信你可以把自己限制在三所大学。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/414988。

前几天我做饭时把手烫了,抹了烫伤药,可是一点用都不管。今天,一个同事告诉我说,涂点芦荟汁,马上就不疼了。看我半信半疑,她就把自己在办公室里养的一棵芦荟切开,把芦荟汁挤到我的伤口上。真的很管用! 看来,这芦荟汁的疗效不是瞎吹,而是:tried and true. Tried and true意思是“靠得住,行之有效”。我上网查了一些资料,发现科学家们公认,芦荟对于愈合小伤口非常有效。所以,我决定自己也养一盆,等于有个天然药箱!身体受伤可以靠药物治疗,而生活中遇到困难就得靠家人和朋友的帮助了。从下面这段话你就能看出朋友的重要性了:例句-1:It was hard being stationed overseas in the army when my mom developed cancer. I couldnt always travel to see her. Fortunately, her girlfriends were there to help out. They made sure that she got to her doctor appointments, ran errands for her and took care of her every need. What tried and true friends!这段话意思是:我是军人,驻扎在海外,我妈妈得了癌症,可我却没法总回去探望她。好在她的几个女性朋友伸出了援手。她的这些朋友们确保她不错过任何一次门诊,她们还为她忙里忙外,照顾她的一切需求。她们真是值得信赖的朋友!真是患难见真情啊! 和这种tried and true friends相反的朋友叫;fair-weather friends. 字面意思就是“好天气时是朋友”,其实就是指“只能同享福不能共患难的朋友”。******生活中的一些小窍门常常能带给我们意想不到的惊喜。今天,我要向和我一样爱吃煮老玉米的听众推荐一个窍门,我们来听下面这段话:例句-2:Everyone knows to add salt to boiling water when making pasta and rice. But when cooking corn-on-the-cob, it can make the vegetable tough. Experienced cooks advise throwing in a little sugar instead. Its a tried and true method for superior tasting corn.这段话的意思是:大家都知道,在煮意大利面或者煮米饭的时候,要往开水里加点盐。不过,如果在煮玉米棒的时候也这么做,玉米就会变得很硬。有经验的厨师建议说,煮玉米棒时不要放盐,而要放点糖,这种屡试不爽的窍门可以帮你煮出特别美味的老玉米哦!当然,有些时候,生活中并没有捷径可走。比如学英语,提高英语的好办法没别的,只有勤说勤练! /201511/411364。

Dont bitch about itDont complain about it. 不要抱怨例句:Dont bitch about the cold all day long,do some work.不要整天抱怨天气冷,干点儿活吧。He bitched about the service,then bitched about the bill.他先是抱怨务不好,又抱怨钱太多。A:Im tired of raining.我厌烦下雨天了。B:Dont bitch about it,we should see it in a positive way.别抱怨了,我们应该看到它积极的一面。背景音乐:Norah Jones-What am I to you更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201609/465271。

Language PointsBe a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude and a lady with class.要做一个有思想的女孩,有态度的女人,有品位的女士。To be elegant means to be pleasingly graceful, stylish in appearance, and have good manners.高雅的气质意味着外貌上悦目的优雅和格调,以及良好的举止仪态。Classy men have basic manners.有格调的男性一般都彬彬有礼。Manners make the man观其待人而知其人 /201606/444508。