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厦门做双眼皮价格厦门微格医院激光祛斑多少钱厦门薇格整形美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱 You dont hear a lot of hot, danceable tracks about gentrification.But Detroit emcee/slam poet/teacher Mic Write writes ear worms about the citys evolution, his pride in its unsung neighborhoods, and how good it feels to disprove anyone who didnt expect much of a kid from the D.Heres a few youll put on repeat. H.O.M.E.S: The track that put him on the mapIf you know Mic Write aly (real name Chace Morris), its probably because of this song, featuring Doss the Artist. The s a love letter to what growing up in Detroit felt like for Morris, recalling all those years as a kid walking around rapping while wearing headphones.Sure, theres rage and abandonment and a lot of burned-out houses, but its also a sons love for the tree-lined, brick home neighborhoods of familiar people going about familiar lives.;Aint no big bad wolf, no hungry breath gonna Blow my heart down, give me home or give me death, uh.Thinking we built this thing from straw and sticks?Nah. Third-pig law: only build your love with bricks.;H.O.M.E.S wasnt a massive hit. It didnt make Morris famous.But it got him noticed, nationally, as one to watch.;Wait/Weight; gets even more personal Morris used the platform from H.O.M.E.S to keep developing his own voice: a brilliant, politicized, self-assured artist whos also willing to wade into his own weariness and vulnerability.;And I never lack for imperfections, serial procrastinator,Battle with depression. Slight insomniac, hypochondriac,Anxiety attacks are taxing, asking if Im dying, trying to relax.Just from living, steady testing the sobriety of blacks.; Morris says his newer sound is a little more polished, a little more experienced.;Yeah, and just tapping into what I really want to say, instead of what I think people want to hear.;He wrote a lot of poetry in high school, but Morris says he was too shy to actually rap anywhere other than his friends car – until he got to college.There, he and a bunch of guys in the same hall at Wayne State University put together a massive, ;Wu Tang-like clan,; Morris says.For their very first song, they sampled the strings solo from Hall and Oates ;Sara Smile.;;Its that part at the end, and its like the strings, they get real high and epic?; Morris laughs. ;We looped it, we rapped over it, and we thought it was the coldest song of all time in the history of hip hop!;So they did a fraternity show. Whole big group of guys, just one mic between them.;It was not great,; Morris smiles, shaking his head. ;No, it was not great.;But it was a start.Morris says he went into Wayne State studying optometry and planning to take over his godmothers practice someday – a steady, dependable future that made it hard to tell his family about his real hopes of becoming a poet and rapper.So he didnt.And it wasnt until they started ing about his shows in the paper that they figured it out. But by then, there were signs he might actually be able to make it.He started winning regional slam poetry titles. Metro Times named him one of Detroits best poets.In 2013, Kresge named him to one of their prestigious, selective Artist Fellowships.Now hes teaching creative writing in Detroit high schools through the InsideOut Literary Arts Project.Which is full circle, because in ;Wait/Weight,; Morris writes about some of the frustrations he faced as a kid in those schools.;High school English teacher labeled me a plagiarist,Black boy that write too well, look how good his paper is.;Morris says some of the students he has now, theyve internalized that perception about themselves, that theyre just not great students, not good writers.;Like, we might have had class maybe two months, and theyve maybe written one thing down the entire time, ; Morris says. ;But then in month four, out of nowhere, theyll just slide something to me and walk out of class. And itll be something, absolutely amazing. And itll be like, wait, where did this come from! Its like, what? What is this?;;Celibate; goes back to gentrification…but somehow in a fun way?One of his newest tracks, ;Celibate; is a throwback to his dancey stuff, the stuff that makes you roll the windows down.And like H.O.M.E.S, its about the changes longtime Detroiters are witnessing. ;Moved the tenants out the door, whitewashed overnight.Then they built them stores, too expensive to afford.Then they bought my block, then they changed that name.New identity apart from the place we come…;Morris says his fascination started when Cass Corridor was morphing into Midtown.;When I was first down there, I started seeing these coffee shops popping up, these new boutiques, I was like whooo this is NICE!; Morris says. ;Its like, Im gonna just spend money on this, I love this! This new life coming in, more and more people in that area walking around. Its like yeah, thats good!;Then, he says, his neighbors couldnt afford their rent.And he says coffee shops started telling him, ;Oh sorry, you cant sit there right now, this area has been reserved…;;And then I realized, like, you know when I saw Shinola popping up – oh this isnt for us. This is weird.This is like, ,000 bikes and 0 notebooks. Thats a market now,; says Morris. ;So its that type of erasure, where, I dont mind new things coming to the neighborhood or the city, thats great. Its just not having the consideration for what was aly there.; And Morris can write about that, that confusion and complexity, and somehow make it funny and angry and memorable.But mostly, he just makes you want to hit replay.201509/401582The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on our planet.大堡礁是我们星球上最大的珊瑚礁。Its one of the seven recognise to wonders of the natural world.它是自然界七大公认的奇迹之一。The reef itself is the place that most people explore.珊瑚礁是大多数人探索的地方。But theres much much more.但这远非大堡礁的全部。The coral reef is actually a very small part of this under water world as little as 7%.事实上,珊瑚礁只是这片海洋世界中的一小部分,至多只占7%。There 93% of the marine park in composes of the variety of habitat,each one remarkable in its own way.大堡礁海洋公园的剩余93%有着许多种生存环境,每一种都非常独特。And beyond the marine park, there are even more environments that are important to the reef.在海洋公园以外,还有更多对珊瑚礁十分重要的环境。Some close to shore, others in land.有一些靠近海岸,其他则在内陆。All together, there are more than a hundred different types of habitat in and around the Barrier Reef.总之在大堡礁内部及其周围,有一百多种截然不同的生存环境。Each with its own distinctive plants and animals.每一种生存环境都有各自独特的动植物。There are creatures that you would expect to see on the reef, and others that you would not.珊瑚礁上会有你希望看到的生物,也有不希望看到的。All the places in which these animals live are linked to a vast deep water lagoon which lies between the coast of mainland Australia and the out.所有这些动物居住的地方都与巨大的深水环礁湖相连。深水礁湖介于澳大利亚海岸和外礁之间。 201501/352775厦门薇格美容医院做祛疤手术多少钱

厦门微格医院丰胸价格厦门薇格整形美容医院植发怎么样 Chinas carmakers中土王国汽车制造商Zoom, zoom, splutter一朝得志,语无伦次SAICs domestic brands are unloved—a problem shared across the industry上汽集团的国内品牌不受消费者欢迎,然而,这却是整个产业所遇到的问题CHINAS biggest carmaker does not seem to be doing so badly, a first glance at SAICs third quarter results on October 30th would suggest. Net profits rose by nearly 5% compared with a year earlier, to 6.8 billion yuan (.1 billion). But SAIC, like the countrys many other domestic car firms, is not firing on all cylinders and is far from living up to the hopes the government has invested in the state giant.上汽集团在10月30日发布了本年第三季度报,乍一看之下,这家全中土王国最大汽车制造商的成绩似乎还过得去:与去年同期相比,净利润增长约5%,达到了68亿元人民币(约11亿美元)。然而,就像中土王国国内其余众多厂商一样,上汽集团不仅没有开足马力进行生产,同时也辜负了政府对这家汽车业国营巨头的期待。SAIC makes a quarter of the vehicles that crawl along the countrys congested roads. In the third quarter it sold 1.3m cars, 9% more than a year earlier. Overall Chinese demand, tempered by a cooling economy, grew by just 4%. But SAICs success was mostly due not to cars bearing its own badges, but Volkswagen and General Motors models, made in factories jointly operated with these two Western giants.目前,在中土王国拥挤不堪的道路上,有四分之一的轿车是上汽集团生产的。在本年第三季度期间,该企业共卖出了1300万辆轿车,比去年同期高出了9%。而相比之下,由于受到了经济下行的影响,今年中土王国汽车总需求量仅增长了4%。但上汽集团斐然的成果,不是由自家品牌所贡献出来的,而是通过与德国大众(Volkswagen)以及美国通用汽车(General Motors)这两大西方巨头的联合,在合资企业里所推出的车型当中取得的。Foreign carmakers were forced to collaborate with Chinese ones as the price for entering what is now the worlds largest automotive market. SAICs partnerships with VW and GM are flourishing, as are the other Chinese-foreign joint ventures. The government had hoped that, by now, domestic firms would have absorbed all they needed to know from the foreigners about making and selling world-class cars, and be y to get by without them.要进入中土王国这个目前全球最大的汽车销售市场,得付出一定的准入代价:外国汽车制造商必须要与本土厂商成立合资企业来进行生产销售。不仅是上汽集团正与大众、通用合作无间,其他中外合资车厂也呈现出欣欣向荣的态势。中土王国政府本期待着现在国内制造商们已经学习吸收了一切必备的外来经验技术,并且已经做好了自力更生的准备以生产“世界级”轿车,但事情不尽如人意。But the success of the joint ventures has made the Chinese firms complacent. They have failed to develop their own technology, styling or marketing capability. SAIC has long been losing money on its own-brand cars, which sell under badges such as Roewe and MG (the latter a faded British brand it bought along with other parts of the collapsed Rover Group). In the latest quarter the losses rose sharply, to around 2 billion yuan. A vicious circle has set in: the poor financial performance of Chinese firms own brands has sapped their will to invest in research and development to improve their performance on the road and in the showrooms. Little wonder, then, that Chinese motorists spurn pleas for patriotism and covet foreign-badged motors.然而,合资企业的成功已经让中土王国制造商们欣喜不已。他们没有成功地发展出自己的生产技术、设计风格以及市场推广体系。在自有品牌的车型上,上汽集团已经损失了很多资金,其中包括“荣威”(Roewe)和“名爵”(MG,一个已经没落了的英国品牌),后者是上汽集团在“路虎”(Rover Group)破产之时一并买入的汽车牌子之一。在最近一季期间,上述部分的亏损额迅猛增加,达到了20亿元人民币。这是一个恶性循环:国产品牌的表现越差,中土王国制造商就越不愿意投入资金以提高技术研发能力,或者提高国产车无论是在行驶中还是在汽车展厅当中的表现。这也就能解释了,为何中土王国司机们会唾弃在驾驶上的展现爱国主义情怀的机会,反倒是极力推崇外国品牌的轿车。The government has tried to fix the problem by pressing the foreign carmakers to work with the locals to create new brands combining international flair with Chinese characteristics. So far this has made little difference: Chinese brands account for only about one-third of domestic sales, and their share continues to dwindle.中土王国政府想要通过强迫外国制造商与本土企业的合作来解决上述问题,希望能够创造出一批新的品牌,一批能够把国际上的优点与中土王国特色相结合的品牌。迄今为止,以上努力近乎徒劳,国产牌子的汽车仅占中土王国国内汽车销售的三分之一,而且该市场份额还在缩小。Chinese vehicles have not travelled well. Exports, mostly to poor countries where drivers care about price more than image, were fewer than 600,000 in 2013, 10% lower than the year before. SAICs hopes that Rover Groups brands and technology would help it do better in rich countries have yet to be met. Three years after it relaunched the MG brand in Britain, it is selling just a few hundred cars a month there. Likewise Geely, a smaller Chinese maker, has yet to see much benefit from buying Volvo of Sweden.中土王国汽车的发展目前仍是处于“菜鸟”阶段。2013年全年汽车出口量已经不足60万,与前年同期相比下降了10%,而出口的汽车大部分是运往贫困国家。相比于外观而言,当地的消费者更在意的是价格。上汽集团希望能通过“路虎”旗下的品牌和技术,来提升自己在发达国家的市场地位,而这一想法还有待实现。三年前,上汽集团在英国重新推出了“名爵”汽车,而现在该牌子的销量也仅仅为每月数百辆而已。同样地,较小的中土王国汽车制造商“吉利”汽车,仍未从瑞典沃尔沃(Volvo)汽车收购案当中获得可观的回报。Chinas carmakers are still trying to improve. A recent survey from JD Power, a market-research firm, shows that the quality gap with foreign rivals is closing. The Chinese firms are busy hiring Western designers to make their models more distinguished. But like many of its peers, SAIC lacks foreign managers who have the skills to market cars abroad and set up the service networks that buyers expect. No wonder the governments ambition for China to boast two or three world-class car firms, with badges as recognisable as Toyotas or Fords, remains a distant dream.中土王国汽车制造商仍旧在努力提升自己。最近,一份由市场分析机构JD Power所做的调查显示,中土王国国产品牌汽车与外国对手的质量差距正在逐渐缩小。中土王国厂商们正忙着聘请西方设计师去完成车型的设计,力求“与众不同”。但就像其他许多同行一样,上汽集团缺乏来自国外的管理者,一些能够让汽车进行市场推广走出国门,并且能够建立满足于消费者期待的务网络的管理者。中土王国政府想要培养出两三个能够生产“殿堂级”汽车的制造商,想要培养出能够跟丰田(Toyota)和福特(Ford)一样家喻户晓的厂商,在如此多的不利因素的作用之下,也难怪这些个“雄心壮志”最后只成了一个“中国梦”。译者:颜士竣 译文属译生译世 /201411/341271厦门做塑美极费用

厦门微格整形美容医院去除鱼尾纹手术怎么样The Detroit Tigers entered this season with expectations as big as their payroll. Its currently at 6 million, the fourth-largest in the major leagues. The only teams who spent more are the Los Angeles Dodgers, the New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox.You know, big city teams that compete for things like the World Series.The Tigers might have been paying like the big boys, but they werent playing like them.Through Saturday, the Tigers had lost 11 of their last 12 games. And they were losing them in the worst possible ways: by blowing great pitching performances due to anemic hitting, or by blowing gigantic leads through horrendous relief pitching—the most frustrating losses to watch.When the Tigers looked up, they were mired in fourth place, next-to-last in their division. It was only mid-May, but most pundits and fans were aly calling it a lost season. They predicted their manager, Brad Ausmus, might not survive the week.But how much blame can you really pin on a baseball manager?Unlike other sports, in baseball coaches rarely call plays. Most decisions, like when to pull a starting pitcher, or put in a pinch hitter, should be fairly obvious.The problem is Ausmus doesnt seem to be enrolled in either school.There are now two main approaches to managing: old school, where you trust your instincts, and new school, where you trust your computer—a method made famous in Moneyball.For example, when his starting pitching is throwing a gem, he pulls after the seventh inning, then watches Detroits woeful relievers blow huge leads. But when his starter is getting shelled, he sticks with him, for reasons no one can discern.Watching the Tigers lose games this way is an awesome thing to behold. And the fans love it!But theres more to managing than just making decisions. And Ausmus seems to be missing those tools, too.Ausmus predecessor, the salty old dog Jim Leyland, had plenty of critics.When he made all-star hitters bunt with men in scoring position, the fans booed—and should have.But Leylands teams always won. Everywhere. In the minors, in the majors, in the National League, and in the American League—at every level, in eight states, and five decades.Howd he do it?To be honest, I dont know, but he seemed to have the rare ability to connect with his players, and get the most out of them. They almost always had their best seasons playing for him.For Ausmus, it seems to be the opposite. They sign big money relief pitchers, and watch them bomb.But nothing cures a losing streak like weak opposition, and the Tigers have been blessed with a nine-game homestand, starting with the even worse Minnesota Twins.On Monday night, Detroit was in the process of blowing an eight-run lead, when Ausmus went out to argue a third strike call. He got so worked up, he ended up pulling off his hooded sweatshirt—the kind your kids forget at summer camp—and draped it over home plate.It was one of the strangest protests Ive seen—but it worked. The player he defended ending up hitting the game-winning home run.Ausmus missed the next game, because he had to serve a one-game suspension. The Tigers won anyway, which kind of cuts both ways. But Ausmus isnt dead yet. The rest of this homestand will likely determine if hell get a stay of execution.If he does, hed be wise to start trusting his instincts, and his players—or he soon wont be in a position to trust either.201605/445233 It induces euphoria, and excites the sexual regions of the brain.它能引起快感,刺激大脑的性区域,It is quite possibly hallucinogenic.引起幻觉。It leads to strange, unpredictable, and unproductive behavior in those who use it.使用它的人可能产生奇怪,出乎意料的,不明智的举动。Whats more, it growswild, much as a weed.更重要的是它和杂草一样是野生的。Is this the latest menace to society? No, its catnip.这是对社会的最新威胁吗?不,它是猫薄荷。The catnip plant is actually an herb, and a relatively common member of the mint family.猫薄荷实际上是一种药草,是薄荷家族中常见的一员。If kitties ever decided to have a war on drugs, catnip would be outlawed because of a chemical called“nepetalactone.”如果猫咪们决定来一次反毒品大战,那么猫薄荷将会被认定为非法药物,因为它含有一种叫做荆芥内酯的化学物质。Lactones carry chemical messages inside a body, and nepetalactone carries its message straightto the pleasure center of a cats brain, where it can randomly excite the cats neural circuits associatedwith sex, playing, hunting, and feeding.内酯在身体内传送化学信息,荆芥内酯则直接将信息传入猫脑的“快乐中枢”,在那里可以随意刺激猫与性欲,玩耍,捕猎以及喂养有关的神经环路。Although a cat may try to eat catnip or a catnip toy, it is only the smell of catnip that transfers the drug toa cats brain, not the actual ingestion.尽管猫会尝试吃掉猫薄荷或者猫薄荷玩具,但这仅仅是猫薄荷的气味将药物传输至猫的大脑中,并不是实际的摄取。This is why a small amount of catnip inside a toy can make a cathappy again and again.这就是为什么玩具里的一小点猫薄荷就能让猫不停地兴奋。Its also why a cat will sometimes be more interested in the cardboard box that acatnip toy came in than the actual toy-the cardboard might carry more of the smell.这也是为什么猫有时会对装猫薄荷玩具的箱子而不是猫薄荷玩具更感兴趣,因为箱子可能有更多的气味。If your cat seems unaffected by catnip, dont worry.如果你的猫不受猫薄荷的影响,不用担心。A cats sensitivity to catnip is genetically determined,and some dont respond at all.猫对猫薄荷的敏感度是由其基因决定的,有些根本毫无反应。 201411/341640厦门激光祛斑的价格福建省厦门薇格医院点痣多少钱



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