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My fellow Americans, This week, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson, on the 250th anniversary of his birth. Jackson was an American hero. First, as the brilliant general whose crushing defeat of the British at New Orleans saved our independence in the War of 1812. And later, as the seventh President of the ed States – when he fought to defend the forgotten men and women from the arrogant elite of his day. Does it sound familiar? The memory of his leadership lives on in our people, and his spirit points us to a better future. This week, I also traveled to the Willow Run plant in Michigan. At that facility during the Second World War, the Ford Motor Company built not cars, but entire airplanes. At one point, workers there produced a complete B-24 Liberator every single hour – hard to believe. Today, on that site is a new facility, where the cutting-edge cars of the future will be tested. And this week, the old plant was filled once again with thousands of workers and engineers. I was there to share the good news for the American auto industry. We announced well be reversing an 11th-hour executive action from the previous Administration that was threatening thousands of auto jobs in Michigan and across America. And I mean threatening – it was very, very sad to see. In fact, we are setting up a task force in every federal agency to identify any unnecessary regulation that is hurting American businesses and American jobs. The first two job reports of my administration show that weve aly added nearly half a million new jobs. The days of economic surrender for the ed States are over. For too long, special interests have made money shipping jobs overseas. We need a new economic model – lets call it the American Model. Under this model, we will lower the burden on American Business but, in exchange, they must hire and grow America and American jobs. This will be a win-win for our companies and for our workers. Lets buy American and hire American. Lets create jobs in America. Lets imagine new industries. And lets build a beautiful future together. Among the workers building B-24 bombers at the Willow Run plant during World War II was one tough lady. You might have heard of her: they called her Rosie the Riveter. And when Rosies country called her, she answered the call. Rosie was famous for her toughness and her strength – and for the words that were emblazoned above her famous image. It said very simply: ;We can do it.; If Americans unite, and find again within our nation the soul of Rosie and the spirit of Jackson – I have no doubt that we can do it, and do it like never before. Thank you. Enjoy your week.201704/501612。

  • Drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents, and deaths from opioid overdoses have nearly quadrupled since 1999.现在药滥用每年比交通事故,夺去了更多人的生命。阿片类药物过量导致的死亡数量,已经是1999年的四倍。Under Obamacare, health plans in the Marketplace have to include coverage for treatment, but theres more we need to do.在奥巴马医疗法案下,市场上的医疗方案必须包括对治疗方案的覆盖,但还有很多我们需要去做的事情。For nearly a year, Ive been calling for this investment so hundreds of thousands of Americans can get the treatment they need,在近一年里,我们一直呼吁这样的投资,因此数十万人们获取了他们需要的治疗。and Im glad Congress is finally getting it done.我很高兴国会最终做到了。The second thing the Cures Act does is make a significant investment in Joe Bidens Cancer Moonshot.治愈法案做的第二件事情,是在乔·拜登癌症的登月计划上做出了重大投资。In my State of the Union Address this year, I set a goal of making America the country that ends cancer once and for all在今年我的国情咨文中,我们设定了目标让美国成为一劳永逸终结癌症的国家and I put the Vice President in charge of Mission Control.我让副总统负责这一指挥中心。This bill will allow us to invest in promising new therapies, in new ways to detect and prevent cancer,这一法案将允许我们投资于新的治疗方法,投资于检测和预防癌症的新方式,and to develop more vaccines for cancer just as we have them for measles or mumps.开发更多的癌症疫苗,就像我们有麻疹和腮腺炎的疫苗一样。Joes done an incredible job -- this bill is a chance for Congress to do its part, too.乔已经完成了不可思议的工作--这一法案让国会也有机会做出他们的努力。Third, well be giving researchers the resources they need to help identify ways to treat, cure, and prevent all kinds of brain disorders.第三,我将让研究者有他们需要的资源,来确定治疗方法,治愈,阻止各种类型的脑障碍。Alzheimers. Epilepsy. Traumatic Brain Injury.阿尔茨海默氏症,癫痫,颅脑损伤。And it also supports the Precision Medicine Initiative,这也持着精准医疗计划。这是我们开始的一项计划,an effort we started to bring doctors and data together to develop treatments and health care that one day can be tailored specifically for you.让医生们利用数据开发治疗方案,并终有一天打造出为你专门定制的医保方案。That can lead to some big breakthroughs.这能引领一些重大突破。201612/484307。
  • VOA流行美语 10: drained; wiredMichael和李华都在纽约上大学,最近他们结束了期中考试,今天准 备坐火车去华盛顿参观访问。现在Michael正在火车站等李华。今天 他们在谈话中会用到两个常用语:drained和wired.L:嘿,Michael。这火车站好大,总算找到你了。M:The train is just about to leave. Good thing you got here in time.L:我当然会准时到,我什么时候迟到过?嗨,火车就要开啦?要多少时间才能到华盛顿呐?M:Only about four hours. I'm probably going to sleep the entire way.L:(train leaving station, announcer in background) 你想在火车上睡觉? 不行,你睡觉我跟谁说话呐?M:Li Hua, you are full of energy. But I'm drained, I'm going to sleep.L:我是精力充沛。可你说你是什么? Drained?M:Yeah. Drained, it means exhausted.L:Drained就是累的意思。那drained这个词还能用在其他什么场合呢?M:The word can be used two ways. To be physically drained and emotionally drained. For example, if a couple fight all the time, they would be emotionally tired, which you can also call drained.L:噢,drained可以指体力很累,也可以指一个人在情绪上压力很大。要是一对夫妇老是吵架,那肯定情绪很不好。你是这个意思吧?M:Yeah, you understand. You don't even seem drained after the mid-terms.L:考试倒没让我觉得累,可是,两天前我跟我哥哥为了他的女朋友吵了一架。他那女朋友很任性,还老想管别人,真讨厌。跟我哥哥吵完后,我真是感到很累。M:Yeah, you were emotionally drained. Well, if you don't want me to sleep on the train, we'd better go get more coffee. Let's go to the Cafe Car.L: 那好呀,走,去食品车厢买咖啡!M:This coffee is going to keep me awake the entire trip.L:这杯咖啡就能让你一路上不困啦? 我可不行,到华盛顿之前,我至少还要喝两杯。M:Geez, Li Hua, I don't think I will be nearly as wired as you are.L:Wired? 我猜这是说我精力旺盛, 是不是?M:You are right. This word has a couple of meanings. One means to be energetic and the other means to have nervous energy.L:这么说,wired可以指对某件事很兴奋,也可以说对某件事感到紧张而努 力去做。 要是我精力充沛,可以说:I am wired; 要是在大考前我感到很紧张而抓紧时间复习功课,也可以说:I'm wired。 是这个意思吗?M:Yeah, that's right. But it has one other meaning as well. Wired means to be connected to something, such as being wired into the Internet, or being wired into a discussion.L:噢,跟什么东西联系在一起也可以说是wired, 例如和因特网连接。你最后说的 wired into a discussion 我不太懂,那是什么意思啊?M:You have been participating in the meetings to make decisions about our college, right?L:对啊!我是参加一些会议,讨论有关学校的某些决定。M:Ok, your participation in the college's meetings and being involved in those decisions means you are wired into the discussion.L:噢,我参加这些会议,参预决策的讨论,这就可以说:I'm wired into the discussion.M:Yep. After all this coffee I have had, I don't feel so drained. In fact, after the next cup, I think I'm going to be pretty wired.L:喝了咖啡你就不感到那么累了。再喝一杯,你就精神百倍了。那好,我 再去给你买一杯, 要不要?M:Thanks so much, Li Hua!今天Michael和李华在谈话中用了两个意思相对的词,一个是drained,意思是非常累;另一个是wired,意思是精力充沛. 这次[流行美语]就到此结束,下次节目再见。 /200601/3081。
  • In the secular world we think, ;If an idea is important, Ill bump into it. Ill just come across it.;在非宗教世界里,我们觉得 ;我会毫无预兆就想到一个好主意,我是偶然想到的;Nonsense, says the religious world view.宗教人士会说 ;胡扯;Religious view says we need calendars, we need to structure time, we need to synchronize encounters.宗教人士觉得我们需要日历,需要安排好时间,我们需要同步好想法和时间This comes across also in the way in which religions set up rituals around important feelings.这还帮助宗教们安排传统仪式和感受到特定的感情Take the Moon. Its really important to look at the Moon.就像月亮,看月亮是非常重要的You know, when you look at the Moon, you think, ;Im really small. What are my problems?;你看月亮的时候,你会想 ;我真渺小,我有什么问题呢;It sets things into perspective, etc., etc.这帮助你从不同角度看世界We should all look at the Moon a bit more often. We dont.我们应该经常赏月,可是我们不这么做Why dont we? Well theres nothing to tell us, ;Look at the Moon.;为什么呢,因为光看月亮不会给我们什么信息But if youre a Zen Buddhist in the middle of September,但如果你是个信禅的,在九月中旬you will be ordered out of your home, made to stand on a canonical platform and made to celebrate the festival of Tsukimi,你会去一个专门的站台上,去庆祝月见节日where you will be given poems to in honor of the Moon and the passage of time你会吟诗去赞赏月亮,你会阅读关于时间的文章and the frailty of life that it should remind us of.你会被重新提醒关于生命的脆弱Youll be handed rice cakes.你会收到米糕And the Moon and the reflection on the Moon will have a secure place in your heart. Thats very good.而月亮和它的倒影会让你感到内心中的一片净土。这是很好的事情The other thing that religions are really aware of is: speak well宗教还注重另外一件事情就是去好好说话发言Im not doing a very good job of this here -- but oratory, oratory is absolutely key to religions.虽然我的演讲不是很出色,但是演讲术对宗教来说是非常关键的In the secular world, you can come through the university system and be a lousy speaker and still have a great career.在非宗教世界里,你仍然可以有个很好的工作,即使你演讲说的很糟糕But the religious world doesnt think that way.但是在宗教世界里不是这样的What youre saying needs to be backed up by a really convincing way of saying it.你说的话必须要有说力,去持你的论点So if you go to an African-American Pentecostalist church in the American South如果你去一个在美国南部的非洲美国五旬节教会and you listen to how they talk, my goodness, they talk well.你会知道他们的演讲是如何出色After every convincing point, people will go, ;Amen, amen, amen.;每在说得好的地方,大家会说;阿门,阿门,阿门;At the end of a really rousing paragraph, theyll all stand up,在最后一段振奋人心的地方,大家都会站起来and theyll go, ;Thank you Jesus, thank you Christ, thank you Savior.;他们说 ;谢谢你耶稣,谢谢上帝,谢谢救世主;If we were doing it like they do it -- lets not do it, but if we were to do it --如果我们像他们那样做--好吧算了,但如果我们真的做了--I would tell you something like, ;Culture should replace scripture.;我会告诉你们,文明文化应该代替教典And you would go, ;Amen, amen, amen.;然后你们会说 ;阿门,阿门,阿门;And at the end of my talk, you would all stand up and you would go, ;Thank you Plato, thank you Shakespeare, thank you Jane Austen.;我演讲完的时候,你们应该都站起来,然后说 ;谢谢你柏拉图,谢谢莎士比亚,谢谢简·奥斯汀;And wed know that we had a real rhythm going.我们都知道你们会说的很好All right, all right. Were getting there. Were getting there.好了,快说到重点了201608/460502。
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