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Oil jumped back above a barrel yesterday for the first time this year and iron ore posted its biggest one-day gain on record as more traders bet that the worst of the 20-month commodity rout was over. 油价昨日反弹至每桶40美元上方,这是今年以来的第一次,同时铁矿石价格出现有记录以来的最大单日涨幅,越来越多的交易员们押注持续20个月的大宗商品低迷已度过最糟糕阶段。 The slump in oil and other commodity prices had raised concerns for the health of the wider economy, with central banks warning of a possible deflationary spiral and a sharp slowdown in emerging market growth. 石油和其他大宗商品价格暴跌已引发了对整体经济健康状况的担忧,一些央行警告可能出现通缩螺旋,同时新兴市场增长大幅放缓。 But moves by some of the world’s largest oil producers to agree an output freeze have helped to put a floor under prices, with Brent crude rebounding by 50 per cent since mid-January. 但是,全球一些最大的产油国同意冻结产量之举帮助设置了价格下限,布伦特原油(Brent crude)自1月中旬以来反弹50%。 The international oil benchmark gained 5.6 per cent to .96 a barrel — the highest since mid-December and with gains since mid-January reaching 50.4 per cent. It remains well below the near-0-a-barrel level it averaged between 2010 and 2014. 这一国际油价基准昨日上涨5.6%,至每桶40.96美元,这是自12月中旬以来的最高点,自1月中旬以来的涨幅达到50.4%,但仍远低于2010年至2014年期间每桶近100美元的平均水平。 Iron ore, one of the key commodities for many miners, rose almost 20 per cent to .60 a tonne — the biggest one-day rise since the index began in 2009. 铁矿石是许多矿商的主要大宗商品之一,昨日上涨近20%,至每吨62.60美元,这是自2009年开始编制价格指数以来的最大单日涨幅。 Officials in China, the world’s largest importer of oil and metals, have vowed to avoid a hard landing as they try to move away from manufacturing and infrastructure spending towards a more service-based economy. 在全球最大石油和金属进口国中国,官员们誓言要避免经济硬着陆。中国正试图推动经济转型,从依赖制造业和基础设施出转向更多依赖于务业。 While analysts caution that excess supplies in many commodity markets should continue to weigh on prices, the near-panic-level selling seen in January has abated. “I think that if we’re not at the bottom then we can’t be far off,” said Julian Kettle, head of metals at Wood Mackenzie. “People are starting to get far less negative about China.” 尽管分析师们告诫称,许多大宗商品市场上的供应过剩将继续令价格承压,但是1月份出现的近乎恐慌的抛售已经消退。“我认为,即使我们尚未触底,我们也不可能距离谷底太远,”咨询公司Wood Mackenzie金属部门主管的朱利安#8226;凯特尔(Julian Kettle)表示。“人们对中国的负面情绪开始消散了。” Natural resources stocks have been some of the biggest beneficiaries, with Glencore and Anglo American’s share price both almost doubling since the beginning of the year after being the worst performers on the FTSE 100 in 2015. They led gains alongside Chilean copper miner Antofagasta, which is up 75 per cent since January 20. 自然资源类股票属于主要受益者之列,其中嘉能可(Glencore)和英美资源(Anglo American)在2015年沦为富时100指数(FTSE 100)表现最差成份股之后,自今年初以来股价均上涨近一倍。这两家矿商与智利铜矿公司Antofagasta领涨,后者的股票自1月20日以来上涨75%。 Copper, aluminium and zinc have all rallied by 10-25 per cent since January. 铜、铝和锌价自1月以来反弹10%至25%。 China will tackle overcapacity in its steel and coal sector, policymakers said at the annual meeting of the national legislature in Beijing at the weekend. 中国政策制定者上周末在北京举行的全国人大年会上表示,中国将致力解决钢铁和煤炭行业的产能过剩。 Saudi Arabian officials are to meet Russian counterparts in coming weeks to see if the world’s top two oil exporters can lead other producers to freeze output, as many have seen their national budgets squeezed by the price collapse. 沙特阿拉伯官员将在未来几周会晤俄罗斯官员,看看全球两大石油出口国能否带动其它产油国冻结产量,目前许多产油国的政府预算受到油价暴跌的挤压。 Hedge funds have largely switched from betting against the oil price at the start of the year to positioning themselves for further gains, regulatory data show. US oil production has started to decline in the face of lower prices, though companies may keep output going if the price recovers further. 监管申报数据显示,对冲基金已在很大程度上从今年初押注油价下跌转向押注价格进一步上涨。面对油价低迷,美国石油产量已开始下降,但如果价格进一步复苏,企业可能会保持产量。 “We’ve seen a return of risk appetite,” said Michael Wittner, analyst at Société Générale. “[But] it’s going to be volatile and it’s not a slam dunk that prices keep going up from here in a straight line.” “我们已经看到风险偏好回归,”法国兴业(Société Générale)分析师迈克尔#8226;威特纳(Michael Wittner)表示。“但是波动性将会较高,不能保价格将从目前水平直线上升。” /201603/430764BEIJING — China has clarified for the first time a closely watched issue over land rights that has caused uncertainty for the millions of Chinese who park their wealth in their homes.北京——中国首次澄清了公众密切关注的一个土地使用权问题。数以百万计的中国人将财富投入到了房产上,这个问题一直让他们感到很不踏实。Chinese officials said that a group of homeowners in the eastern city of Wenzhou would not have to pay a fee to extend the rights to the land under their residences. Homeowners in China own their actual dwellings but not the land underneath them. All land in China is owned by the government, which parcels it out to developers and homeowners through 20- to 70-year leases.中国官员说,东部城市温州的一群房主不必付费用来续期住房的土地使用权。中国的房主拥有的是住房本身,但不拥有住房下面的土地。中国的所有土地都属于政府,政府把土地出租给开发商和房主,租期20~70年不等。In Wenzhou, the local government had told some homeowners whose 20-year leases had expired that they would have to pay a hefty fee to renew, and the situation there was being monitored closely across the country. Many Chinese homeowners — a bedrock of the country’s economy and growing consumer sector — worried that they would have to pay dearly to keep using the land under their homes.在温州,地方政府曾告诉一些20年租约已到期的房主,他们必须付大笔费用来续期,这引起了全国的密切关注。房地产是中国经济的一块基石,也是一个日益增长的消费门类,中国的很多房主都担心自己必须付出大笔金钱,才能继续使用住房下面的土地。The decision — announced on Friday by Wang Guanghua, China’s vice minister of land and resources — stops short of providing homeowners all over the country a clear legal framework on their land ownership rights. Nevertheless, it could set a precedent that would pave the way for similar moves in other cities.这个决定是国土资源部副部长王广华在上周五宣布的,它没有为全国各地的房主提供一个明确的土地所有权法律框架。不过它可以成为一个先例,为其他城市的类似举措铺平道路。At a news conference, Mr. Wang said that the measures were temporary and that the government was working on “relevant legal arrangements” for those holding 70-year leases, according to a transcript of the briefing on the ministry’s website. Much of China’s residential land is covered by 70-year leases.根据该部网站上的文稿,王广华在一次记者招待会上表示,这些措施是暂时的,政府正在为那些持有70年租约者“作出法律安排”。中国大部分的住宅用地使用期限都为70年。The issue of land ownership rights came into focus in Wenzhou in April after the local government demanded that homeowners whose land-use rights had expired after 20 years pay fees of up to a third of the value of their homes before they could sell their apartments. The decision provoked protests from property owners in Wenzhou, a coastal city of eight million that was one of the first to set up private enterprise after the government opened up the economy in the late 1970s.今年4月,土地所有权问题在温州成为了一个关注重点,因为地方政府要求,土地使用权20年到期的房主需要缴纳房价的三分之一,才能出售住房。该决定引发了当地房主的抗议。温州是一个800万人口的沿海城市,是中国政府1970年代末开放经济后首批建立私营企业的城市之一。Xinhua, the main state news agency, hailed the government’s decision, calling it “one small step for Wenzhou, one giant leap for China.” Global Times, a nationalist tabloid owned by People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, said it was “the biggest news of the year.”官方通讯社新华社赞扬了政府的这个决定,称之为“温州一小步,中国一大步”。中国共产党党报《人民日报》旗下的民族主义小报《环球时报》说,这是“本年度最重大的消息”。Land-use rights are set to expire in the cities of Qingdao, Jinan and Shenzhen, according to Xinhua.据新华社报道,在青岛,济南和深圳等城市,很多居民的住宅土地使用权也将要过期。The measures “conform to the expectations of the masses,” Xinhua said in a commentary on Saturday.新华社星期六在一篇中说,这些措施“顺应了群众的期盼”。“For all citizens, it is transmitting spring’s first glow of warm air,” it said.“对于所有公民来说,是传递春天信息的最早一缕暖风,”文章写道。The number of residents affected by the 20-year land-use rights in Wenzhou is relatively small. China Youth Daily, a state-run news outlet, said that about 600 households had 20-year leases that expire next year and 1,700 others by 2019. But their property transactions have been in limbo because of the uncertainty over their land-use rights.温州20年土地使用权影响的居民人数相对较少。官方新闻媒体《中国青年报》报道,约有600户家庭的20年租约将在明年到期,2019年还有1700户。但由于土地使用权的不确定性,他们的房产交易一直处在尴尬境地。In 2007, China moved to reassure homeowners by requiring that local governments renew 70-year leases automatically. Yet the law did not make clear whether homeowners would have to pay for the renewal or what would happen to those with shorter leases.2007年时,中国为了安抚房主,要求地方政府为70年使用权自动续期。然而,该法律没有明确房主是否需要为续期付费,以及租赁时间较短的房主会面临怎样的问题。China has one of the highest rates of homeownership in the world, about 90 percent. Many people see it as a good investment in a country that has not experienced a sustained housing slump. Homeownership also plays a social role: Buying a home is widely seen as part of getting married. And in the past two decades since the government has allowed private homeownership, many people rushed to buy homes without thinking of the legal issues governing their limited land-use rights.中国是世界上自住房比率最高的国家之一,约为90%。该国没有经历过楼市的持续低迷,很多人认为房产是一项好投资。住房所有权也扮演了社会角色:公众广泛认为结婚的时候需要购房。自从20年前政府允许私人拥有住房以来,很多人都急于买房,并没有考虑到其有限的土地使用权涉及的法律问题。A majority of them also expected that the government would grant them full ownership of their homes without repossession or a huge fee to renew their land rights. Those moves could hurt the Chinese property market and anger China’s middle class — an important constituency of the ruling Communist Party — that is richer, larger and more aware of its rights than ever before.大多数购房者还认定,政府将让他们完全拥有自己的住房,不会收回土地使用权或是收取巨额续期费用。这些做法可能会冲击中国房地产市场,引发中产阶级的怒火——他们是执政党共产党的重要持者,而且比以往任何时候都更富有、规模更大,对自己的权利也有更强烈的意识。 /201612/485699

Volunteers wearing red and blue raincoats stand in formation to create a pair of human lungs on Sunday in Beijing to promote environmental protection awareness.周日,北京一组志愿者身穿红色和蓝色雨衣形成人体肺叶图,以此来促进环保意识的提高。About 1,500 people in Beijing braved heavy smog Sunday to form an image of giant lungs in a move to raise awareness of air pollution and respiratory health.大约有1500名志愿者不顾雾霾的笼罩,勇敢站在路上形成巨大的肺部形状,以此来提高人们对大气污染和呼吸道健康的意识。The Guinness World Records-setting event was criticized by some on Chinese social media, who argued organizers had put the participants#39; health at risk.一些中国社会媒体批评了吉尼斯世界纪录的组织者,说道组织者这样的行为没有顾及到参与者的健康。The group of university students and other volunteers collected at the Beijing Garden Expo to endure what the local environmental bureau labeled a ;heavily polluted; day, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.北京每日青年报报道,一些大学学生和其他志愿者集聚在北京园林览会,一起来经受被环保部门认为“最严重污染日”的折磨。An organizer of the event, surnamed Chen, said the date was scheduled a month earlier and the heavy smog was a coincidence.这件事的组织者之一,姓陈,说道这件事早在一个月之前就预计好了,而重度雾霾只是巧合。A representative for Guinness, named only as ;Dunn; in reports, announced the new record at around 3:10 pm, breaking the previous record for ;Largest human image of an organ; set by 982 people in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, on February 22.一位吉尼斯纪录组织代表Dunn 表示说,当天下午3点10分,这些志愿者打破了世界纪录,超越了2月22日在印度Haryana的Haryana由 982人组成的“最大的人体器官图”纪录。Despite the record, some participants were thinking more about their own lungs.尽管赢得了最高纪录,一些参与者在考虑自己的肺部健康问题。;Standing outside for hours on such a polluted day isn#39;t good for the lungs,; said a 40-something participant surnamed Lin. Another said participants were not allowed to wear masks during the event.“在重度雾霾天气下,站在户外几个小时,这对肺很不好,”一位约40岁左右的姓林的参与者说道。另一位志愿者说,在这个活动中,参与者是不允许戴口罩的。Some at the scene questioned the effectiveness and aim of the activity. ;I don#39;t know if getting a Guinness record has any real significance,; said one witness.一些在场的人员质疑这个活动的效果和目的。“我不知道赢得世界纪录是否会有实质的重要影响。”一位目击者说道。 /201511/410360Beijing police arrested a man who robbed a woman he met online and attacked her roommate over claims she did not resemble her profile photo.日前,北京警方逮捕了一名抢劫女网友并袭击其室友的男子,而该男子称这是因为女网友真人与自拍照上不像!The 33-year-old suspect surnamed Dong faces charges of assault and the robbery of 1,700 yuan (3) after the attack at the victims#39; apartment on March 5.33岁的嫌犯董某被指控于3月5日在女网友居住的公寓袭击、并抢劫1700元(约283美元)。Police were able to track down Dong because he previously shared his address with the victim, surnamed Ji, during their many online chats.警方能够抓捕到董某是因为他此前在网上聊天时,曾将自己的地址给过受害人季女士。Dong first met Ji, 29, on chat platform QQ. The two agreed to meet at Ji#39;s apartment in the afternoon with her female roommate Zhao present.董某和29岁的季女士初次相识是在聊天平台QQ上。两人同意于3月5日下午在季女士的公寓见面,她的室友赵女士也在场。But when Dong arrived he became angry, claiming Ji did not look like her profile photo.不过董某一进门就开始发火,他声称季女士和照片上不一样。Dong threatened the two women to hand over their cash before choking Zhao and leaving the apartment. The two women called police.董某威胁两人交出身上的现金,又掐住赵女士的脖子,随后逃出了公寓。两名女士随后立即报了警。Officers apprehended Dong at his home 16 hours after the crime occurred with the help of Ji#39;s chat history and CCTV footage in her building.在季女士和董某的聊天记录以及监控视频的帮助下,在事发16小时后,警方在董某家里抓住了他。 /201704/502775

Some of the world’s biggest oil producers have agreed to cut production for the first time in eight years, sending crude prices higher by more than 6 per cent.全球部分最大石油生产国八年来首次同意削减产量,此举令原油价格攀升逾6%。After more than four hours of talks in Algeria on Wednesday Opec committed itself to reducing output to between 32.5m barrels a day and 33m b/d, according to ministers.根据各国石油部长的说法,周三在阿尔及利亚开展过逾四小时的磋商之后,欧佩克(Opec)承诺自身要将日产量减至3250万桶到3300万桶之间。The agreement surprised oil traders who thought a consensus would be difficult to reach because of divisions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, two of Opec’s largest and most influential members. 这一协议让石油交易商十分震惊,他们本以为,由于欧佩克最有影响的两个最大国家沙特和伊朗间的分歧,这次会晤很难达成共识。Brent crude jumped .84 a barrel to .85.消息传来,布伦特(Brent)基准原油每桶跃升2.84美元,至每桶48.85美元。The push marks the first co-ordinated action to bolster crude prices that have battered the finances of producer economies since the oil collapse began two years ago. 此举是两年前油价开始崩盘以来,产油国首次协调一致地采取措施提振原油价格。此前,低迷的油价已对多个产油经济体的财政造成连续打击。The last time Opec cut production was during the financial crisis in 2008.欧佩克上次削减石油产量,是在2008年金融危机期间。It is also a shift in the Saudi-led Opec strategy of pumping flat out to maintain market share and put pressure on high-cost producers such as US shale drillers.此举也标志着以沙特为首的欧佩克改变了策略,不再通过竭尽全力采油的方式,维持市场份额并对美国页岩油开采商等高成本石油生产商施加压力。But the lack of detail on how much each producer will limit output, if at all, will raise questions among oil analysts and other market observers on the execution and success of any deal in easing an oversupplied market.不过,公告缺少每个产油国将限制多少产量的细节——如果真的要限产的话,这会令石油业分析师和其他市场观察人士质疑:任何旨在缓解这个供过于求市场的协议,会不会真的付诸实施并取得成功。The new production target is a decrease of between 240,000 b/d and 740,000 b/d from the 33.24m b/d the cartel pumped in August, according to analysts’ estimates compiled by Opec.根据欧佩克编制的分析师估计数值,新的产量目标将日产量从欧佩克8月份的3324万桶减少了24万-74万桶。Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria’s minister of state for petroleum resources, said Opec would set up a committee to work out how the reduction in production will be split among members. 尼日利亚石油部长伊曼纽尔#8226;伊笔#8226;卡希库(Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu)表示,欧佩克会成立一个委员会,制定减产量在成员国中的分配方案。It will report back to the group in November, which is when Opec plans to hold its next formal ministerial meeting in Vienna.欧佩克计划于11月份在维也纳召开下次正式部长级会议,届时该委员会将向欧佩克报告进展。The amount of oil taken off the market will determine how successful the deal is in alleviating a supply glut. 该协议能否成功缓解供应过剩状况,取决于市场中减少的石油流入量。Oil analysts and people familiar with Saudi oil policy believe between 700,000 and 1m b/d needed to be taken off the market to have a meaningful impact on global supplies and prices.石油分析师及熟悉沙特石油政策的人士认为,要想对全球石油供应和价格产生显著影响,石油日产量需减少70到100万桶。 /201610/469310Thousands of Venezuelans streamed across the border into Colombia Sunday to purchase essential goods that have become impossible to find or purchase in their home country because of a severe economic crisis that has caused critical shortages.成千上万委内瑞拉人星期天通过边界涌入哥伦比亚,购买生活必需品。他们无法在国内买到这些必需品,原因是委内瑞拉发生严重经济危机,市场供应短缺。Many drove hours to take advantage of the 12-hour opening of the border between Tachira, Venezuela and Cucuta, Colombia.有些人开车几小时,就是为了赶上委内瑞拉的塔奇拉和哥伦比亚的库库塔之间边界开放12个小时。Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro closed the border last year for security reasons, but ordered Sunday#39;s temporary lapse.委内瑞拉总统马杜罗去年以安全为理由关闭了与哥伦比亚之间的边界,但是下令这个星期天临时开放。Venezuelans were able to stock up on items in Colombia that have become almost impossible to find or afford in Venezuela, like flour, oil, toilet paper, shampoo and medicines amid triple-digit inflation.委内瑞拉人在哥伦比亚囤积在委内瑞拉几乎已经买不到或者因为通货膨胀达到三位数而买不起的商品,比如面粉、油、卫生纸、洗发液和各类药物。Last week, hundreds of Venezuelans illegally crossed into Colombia in search of basic goods.上个星期,数以百计的委内瑞拉人非法进入哥伦比亚,寻找基本生活用品。The shortages are mainly blamed on the drop in oil revenues in Venezuela, a country that imports almost everything it consumes.委内瑞拉市场供应短缺主要被归咎于委内瑞拉石油收入下跌。这个国家几乎所有消费品都依靠进口。 /201607/453817

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