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When you go to Rob Ferrel a haircut, you know you re in something really special. The professional hair artist can sculpt logos, designs, patterns and even celebrity faces on a head of hair. He runs his own salon called Rob the Original Barbershop, in San Antonio, where he works his magic every single day.当你去找理发师罗伯·法瑞尔理发的时候,你一定是想要剪个很酷的发型这位职业理发师可以在头发上剪出任何造型,包括品牌标识、图案设计,甚至是明星肖像罗伯在美国圣安东尼奥市经营着一家名叫罗伯原创造型理发店的沙龙,在这里他每天都在创造着属于自己的奇迹 39876

A pacu fish, known eating human testicles, has been captured in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois, the Department of Natural Resources has stated. The fish is a relative of the piranha, which is known its sharp teeth and vicious nature.美国自然资源部近日表示,美国伊利诺伊州劳耶格尔湖发现帕库食人鱼,据称这种食人鱼专咬男性生殖器,与以锋利的牙齿和凶残的本性著称的比拉食人鱼同属一类;The red-bellied pacu is the cousin of a very well-known fish that terrorizes swimmers in made--TV movies and on the big screen: the piranha,; notes the Discovery channel. ;These family members sure know how to use their sharp teeth to make their prey scream mercy.;《探索发现频道称,“红腹帕库食人鱼是比拉食人鱼的近亲,比拉食人鱼非常有名,在电视电影中和大银幕电影中让游泳者感到恐怖这些食人鱼当然知道如何利用锋利的牙齿让猎物求饶”Although the pacu normally stick to a fruit, nut, and insect diet, they have been known to eat other fish as well as human flesh. In 01, two fishermen bled to death after being bitten in the genital region. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has assured residents that it is safe to swim in Lake Lou Yaeger and that attacks by the pacu are extremely rare.尽管帕库食人鱼一般吃水果、坚果和昆虫,但他们也吃其它鱼类,还咬人在01年,曾有两位渔夫因被食人鱼咬掉生殖器后流血死亡伊利诺伊州自然资源部已向居民做出保,在劳耶格尔湖游泳是安全的,被帕库食人鱼攻击的风险非常低The pacu are native to the Amazon, and it is believed that any found in the lake are mer pets illegally dumped into the water. Anyone found guilty of dumping the fish could face charges. Thankfully, no one was injured by the pacu in Lake Lou Yaeger.帕库食人鱼原产于亚马逊地区,据称河中发现的食人鱼都曾被养做宠物,后又被非法放生将食人鱼放生的人将面临指控幸运的是劳耶格尔湖还没人被帕库食人鱼攻击而受伤Piranhas have long terrorized American audiences, with their ferocious appetites and need meat. The fish were featured in a Bond film, ;You Only Live Twice,; as well as their own films ;Piranha; and ;Piranha II: The Spawning.; In these films, the fish have an insatiable appetite human flesh exclusively.比拉食人鱼一直让美国观众感到恐怖,它们生性凶残,爱吃肉食“邦德”系列影片《雷霆谷、食人鱼影片《食人鱼和《食人鱼:繁殖中都讲述过食人鱼的故事在这些影片中,食人鱼非常喜食人In , ;Piranha 3D; was released, allowing a new generation of audiences to be horrified by the fish. It is more likely, though, that piranhas will eat smaller fish or their own if desperately hungry.年,影片《食人鱼3D上映,让新一代的观众们也饱受食人鱼的惊吓但通常食人鱼在极度饥饿时会捕食更小的鱼类或者互相残杀The Department of Natural Resources has stated that if there are more pacu in the lake, they are not a threat to residents.美国自然资源部称,如果湖中出现更多的帕库食人鱼,它们对居民也不会造成威胁 1981Turkish flag, TurkeyTurkish flag in front of Uchisar Castle.飘扬在乌奇萨要塞前的土耳其国旗(译者注:位于卡帕多奇亚,是一座六十米高的巨大岩石,数个圆锥型的巨岩被早期的定居者挖空建成要塞,相连形成庞大社区,巨岩上有数不清的洞口,外敌入侵时,平时就在洞穴社区存好水粮的居民可以躲上数月不必外出,乌奇萨就是“第三个堡垒”的意思,站在这个巨大的天然堡垒上可以看到卡帕多奇亚的全景)

In a scene that played out like the plotline of a Samuel L. Jackson movie, some not-so-precious cargo made its way onto an Egypt Air flight. Yes, there was a snake on a plane.在一个场景中,像塞缪尔#86;杰克逊电影中上演的情节那样,一些不怎么珍贵的货物在一架埃及航空飞机上行走是的,有一条蛇在一架飞机上But unlike the thriller Snakes on a Plane – in which Jackson takes charge on a reptile-rife voyage – the smuggled snake didnt cause any fatalities.但与年的惊悚片《航班蛇患不同——电影中杰克逊负责爬行动物的旅行——那条走私蛇没有引起任何伤亡A 8-year old Jordanian man snuck the Egyptian cobra onto the 90-passenger flight from Cairo to Kuwait on Monday. After the snake bit him and began slithering through the aircraft, the plane made an emergency landing on the Red Sea in the resort town of Al Ghardaqah, reports The Jordan Times.一名8年的老约旦人偷偷这条埃及眼镜蛇放到周一从开罗到科威特的有90名乘客的航班上在蛇咬了他之后开始通过飞机滑行,飞机紧急迫降在红海的度假胜地霍尔格达,《约旦时报报道The man, identified as Akram Abdul Latif, ignored doctors suggestions to wait hours in a hospital observation. (According to wildlife experts, reports CNN, cobra venom is lethal enough to kill a full-grown elephant in three hours or a human in minutes.)该男子名叫Akram Abdul Latif,忽视了医生的建议在医院接受观察小时(CNN报道,根据野生动物专家,眼镜蛇毒足以在三个小时内使一只成年大象或者在分钟内使一个人死亡)The original flight finished its trip later on Monday morning after authorities confiscated the cobra, and Latif made his way to Kuwait that night.在当局没收了眼镜蛇之后,原来的航班在之后的周一早晨结束了航行,而拉提夫那天晚上去了科威特 781最高科技的理由I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy我用的是太阳能计算器,而当时是阴天 (后面的意思,你懂的~~)9 最“权威”的理由The District Court of Appeals recently ruled that homework is officially cruel and unusual punishment地方法院最近裁定家庭作业是官方的不人道和非常规的惩罚措施(于是老师颇感鸭梨……)8 最有爱的理由My mother took it to have it framed我妈妈把作业装裱了~(总不能棒打母爱吧~)7 最经典的理由I ran out of toilet paper and had to improvise厕所没纸了,只能拿作业纸凑合着用了(亲,这个有点过时了)6 最无厘头的理由The nice man with the sign says the end is HERE. No one does homework on the eve of the apocalypse我看到一个非常和善的先生拿着一个牌子写着:今天大家都完蛋没人在世界末日前还做家庭作业(这个)5 最残忍的理由My father had a nervous breakdown and cut it up to make paper dolls我老爸有点神经失常,把作业剪裁开来折纸玩偶了(老爸悲催了) 最高境界的理由I was too worried about genocide in obscure African nations to focus on homework我十分担心暗藏杀机的非洲国家将面临种族灭绝大屠杀,实在无法集中注意力做作业了(家事国事天下事,事事关心,无可厚非嘛~)3 最恶心的理由My dog ate it. Seriously, look I brought a stool sample作业被给吃了真的,你看,我带来了粪便样本(人类已经无法阻止吃作业了) 最得瑟的理由Aliens took it as a sample of human handwriting作业被外星人拿去当人类字迹样本了(茫茫作业中,选中的就素你的,额~)1 最直接的理由What homework?什么作业?(装傻时请自觉配合表情~) 7SEOUL (Reuters) - North Koreahas ordered people who share the name of leader Kim Jong Un to change theirnames, South Korea state-run KBS television reported on Wednesday.首尔(路透社)——韩国媒体周三报道,朝向要求和领导人金正恩同名的人改名North Korea imposed similar bans on the use of the names of its two mer leaders, Kim father, Kim Jong Il, and grandfather, Kim Il Sung, as part of propaganda drives to build cults of personality around them.朝鲜之前的两位领导人在世时也实行了类似的规定,目的是为了推行领导人的个人崇拜Kim Jong Un name is not allowed newborns and people who share the name must not just stop using it but must change it on their birth certificates and residence registrations, KBS reported, citing an official North Korean directive.新生儿不能起金正恩的名字,而那些和金正恩同名的人不仅要该自己的名字,而且还把出生上和户口上的名字改了Kim Jong Il, the father of the current leader, issued the order in , when his son was heir apparent, KBS said. The elder Kim died in December that year and his son took power.金正日于年发布了这项指令,当是金正恩已经是法定继承人金正日于年月去世,随后金正恩接管权力;The ban is highly possible since North Korea hadthe same policy in the era of Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung,; a ministry official said.韩国一名部级官员称:“朝鲜非常有可能实施了这项措施,因为在金日成和金正日时期也实行过同样的政策”It is not known how many people there arein North Korea called Kim Jong Un, but Kim is a very common family name and Jong Un are common given names.目前还不知道朝鲜有多少人的名字叫做金正恩,但是金是普遍的姓氏,而正恩也是普遍的名字 6679

Samoan Christian church.萨亚的基督教堂 7387The water's blue, the waves are lapping. Geez, it's hot. Do I have enough sunscreen on? Why did I wear this bathing suit? How long have we been here? I wonder what's happening at the office. Have they finished that project? Where is that cellphone? Wait, don't tell me there's no service!海水碧蓝,波涛拍岸唉,天气真热我抹的防晒霜足够多了吗?为什么我要穿这件泳衣?我们到这儿多长时间了?不知道公司有没有发生什么事他们完成那个项目了吗?我的手机放哪儿了?等等,别告诉我这里没信号!Can't slow down? Even on vacation? You've got plenty of company.无法放慢节奏?即使在休假的时候?有很多人和你一样 39New haunts and classic villains hit the big screen supersized scares throughout the entire year.年,全新鬼怪面孔和经典恶魔形象将登上大银幕,让今年一整年笼罩在极度的恐惧之中1. The Bye Bye Man《送葬人Jan. 1月日The STX thriller follows three college students who move into an old house and unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity who preys upon them once they discover his name. Faye Dunaway stars in the Stacy Title film.在这部STX公司的恐怖片中,三个大学生搬进了一所老房子,并在无意中释放了一个灵异生物一旦有人发现它的名字就会被猎杀影片由斯塔西?泰特执导,菲?唐纳薇主演. Split《分裂Jan. 1月日M. Night Shyamalan wrote and directs the Universal thriller, which stars James McAvoy as a creepy kidnapper who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and takes three high school girls captive with his 3 distinct personalities. The supernatural film co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula and Haley Lu Richardson.环球影业的恐怖片《分裂由奈特?沙马兰担任编剧和导演,詹姆斯?麦卡沃伊饰演一名具有多重人格的恐怖绑架者拥有3种人格的麦卡沃伊绑架了3名高中女生这部灵异电影由安雅?泰勒?乔伊、贝蒂?巴克利、杰西卡?苏拉和海利?路?理查森联袂主演3. Rings《午夜凶铃3Feb. 3月3日The Paramount threequel - to The Ring and The Ring Two - resumes the tales centering on a mysterious cursed tape that threatens to take viewers lives. F. Javier Gutierrez directs the third installment of the hit horror franchise, this time starring Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Vincent DOnofrio and Laura Wiggins.派拉蒙公司的《午夜凶铃3(年《午夜凶铃、年《午夜凶铃)主要围绕一卷神秘的诅咒录像带展开,观看这卷录像带的人会受到性命威胁《午夜凶铃3是热门系列恐怖片《午夜凶铃的第三部,该片由F?哈维尔?古铁雷斯执导,此次担任主演的是约翰尼?盖尔克奇、艾米?缇加登、文森特?多诺弗里奥以及劳拉?威金斯. A Cure Wellness《救命解药Feb. 月日Dane DeHaan stars in the Fox psychological thriller as an employee who is sent to rescue his boss from a European “wellness spa; but soon realizes he trapped, and discovers that the facility has a more sinister purpose than just serving the health needs of its patients. Also featuring Mia Goth, the film is director Gore Verbinski first horror film since The Ring.戴恩?德哈恩在这部福克斯心理惊悚片中饰演一名职员,她被派遣到一家欧洲“健康水疗中心”拯救自己的老板,她很快意识到老板被人困住,并且发现水疗设备不是为病人提供医疗务的,而具有更加邪恶的目的《救命解药是自年《午夜凶铃以来戈尔·维宾斯基执导的第一部恐怖电影,米娅?高斯也出演了该片5. Patient Zero《零号病人Feb. 月日The Screen Gems title stars Matt Smith as a man who can communicate with the zombie-like creatures who are taking over the planet. Hoping to find the cure, he tracks down Patient Zero (Stanley Tucci), who some reason does not exhibit the usual symptoms of the virus. Stefan Ruzowitzky directs the film, also featuring Natalie Dormer, Clive Standen and John Bradley.银幕珍宝公司的《零号病人由马特?史密斯担任主演史密斯可以与统治地球的类僵尸生物交流出于某种原因,零号病人(史坦利?图齐)没有出现病毒感染的一般症状,史密斯跟踪零号病人希望找到治愈病毒的方法该片由斯戴芬?卢佐维茨基执导,演员阵容还包括娜塔莉?多默尔、克莱夫?斯坦登和约翰?布拉得利6. Get Out《逃出绝命镇Feb. 月日Comedy Central breakout Jordan Peele wrote and directs the Universal release, following a young black man who visits his white girlfriend family estate and uncovers a sinister, racially-charged conspiracy. Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams star as the young couple, alongside Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitd and Keith Stanfield.喜剧中心频道报道环球影业发行的《逃出绝命镇由乔丹?皮尔担任编剧和导演一名黑人青年到其白人女友家做客,他发现了一个邪恶的种族阴谋丹尼尔?卡卢亚和艾莉森?威廉姆斯饰演这对年轻情侣,凯瑟琳?基纳、布莱德利?惠特福德和凯斯?史坦费尔德也参与了演出7. Raw《生吃March 1月日Julia Ducournau wrote and directs the French-language coming-of-age film about a vegetarian college student who slowly becomes a cannibal. The Focus World title notably led multiple audience members to pass out during a fest screening last year.茱莉亚?迪库尔诺是这部法语成长纪事电影的编剧兼导演,影片讲述了一个素食主义大学生慢慢变为食人族的故事在去年的一场电影节放映会上,这部Focus World制作的电影将许多观众吓晕了8. The Belko Experiment《贝尔科实验March 3月日Tony Goldwyn is among those trapped in a high-rise corporate office in Bogota, Colombia as part of a twisted social experiment, which asks 83 Americans to kill three of their coworkers or those running the experiment will kill six of them. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn penned the BH Tilt release, directed by Greg McLean.83名美国人被困在哥伦比亚波哥大的一座高层办公楼里,以进行一场扭曲的社会实验,实验者要求被困者杀掉3名同事,否则就在他们中杀掉6人托尼?高德温是其中一名被困者影片发行方为BH Tilt,《护卫队导演詹姆斯?刚担任该片编剧,克瑞格?麦克林恩担任导演9. Sleight《魔术技法April 7月7日JD Dillard directorial debut centers on a young street magician who is left to care his little sister after his mother passing and turns to drug dealing in the Los Angeles party scene to keep a roof over their heads. When he gets into trouble with his supplier, his sister is kidnapped and he is ced to rely on both his sleight of hand and brilliant mind to save her. The BH Tilt release stars Jacob Latimore, Dulé Hill and Seychelle Gabriel.《魔术技法是JD?迪拉德的导演处女作一名年轻的街头魔术师在母亲去世后负责照顾他的,他在洛杉矶的派对上贩卖毒品以维持两人的生计在魔术师与供货商发生冲突后,他的被人绑架,他不得不依靠自己的魔术技法和聪明头脑去拯救该片由BH Tilt发行,雅各布?拉蒂尔、多勒?希尔和赛切儿?加布埃尔担任主演. Amityville: The Awakening《鬼哭神嚎:觉醒June 3月30日Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Leigh are among those in the th installment of the classic horror franchise. Directed by Franck Khalfoun, the latest entry from Dimension and Blumhouse follows a young girl who moves into a new home with her single mother and comatose young brother, who makes a miraculous recovery as other strange phenomena occurs.《鬼哭神嚎:觉醒是经典系列恐怖片《鬼哭神嚎的第十四集这部最新影片由帝门公司和Blumhouse制作、法兰克?卡尔丰执导、贝拉?索恩和詹妮弗?杰森?李出演一名年轻女孩和她的单亲妈妈以及昏迷中的弟弟搬进了新家,之后弟弟奇迹般的康复了,同时还出现了其他奇怪现象 835

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