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青岛青医附院医术怎么样山东省青岛枣庄激光脱毛费用If you think that Internet shopping on a Sunday gets you the best deals, then think again. Tuesday is actually the best day of the week if you want to grab a bargain, according to an exhaustive analysis of on-line shopping. 如果你以为周日上网购物能得到最实惠的价格,我劝你三思。根据一份对网上购物的详尽分析报告,如果你想买到便宜货,周二其实才是一周里网购最划算的一天。 Thursday is the second best day followed by Friday - but Sunday is when you are least likely to make a saving. 买便宜货的次佳时机是在周四,然后是周五,而在周日网购是最不可能让你省钱的。 The study also looked at months and found that the pre-Christmas rush in November is when there are most bargains around on the web - and not the January sales. 该研究还调查了不同月份的网购情况,发现十一月圣诞节前的购物潮是你最可能从网上淘到便宜货的时节,而非一月份的特卖。 US retailer reporting service SumAll examined 3,000 companies and half a billion transactions as part of its report. 为零售商提供数据的美国务机构SumAll在撰写报告过程中,调查了3000家公司和5亿笔交易。It worked out the average discount offered to consumers on each day of the week and over different times of the year. 调查分析得出消费者在一周里每天得到的平均折扣,以及在一年中不同时段得到的折扣。 The best day of the week was Tuesday where savings were 4.81 percent, followed by Thursday on 4.80 percent. In third place was Friday at 4.65 percent, then Wednesday at 4.13 percent and Monday at 4.11 percent. 一周中最适宜网购的一天是周二,能省4.81%,其次是周四,可省4.8%。排在第三位的是周五,4.65%,然后是周三(4.13%)和周一(4.11%)。 Only the foolish would shop on a Saturday where the discounts were typically 3.84 percent - and Sunday was the worst with 3.37 percent. 只有傻瓜才会周六上网购物,折扣率通常仅为3.84%,周日则是最糟的——3.37%。 The analysis by month is even more surprising as most people think that waiting until the post-Christmas sales would yield the biggest discounts. 按月份所作的分析结果更出乎人们的意料,因为大多数人认为要等到圣诞节后的特价甩卖才能得到最大的折扣。 In fact, November is when you will get the largest savings at 5.99 percent on average. January came in second at 4.95 percent, followed by May at 4.50 percent. 事实上,十一月份是你购物最实惠的时候,平均折扣率为5.99%。其次是一月份,折扣率为4.95%,接着是五月份,折扣率4.5%。 The worst month to buy on-line was March where you could expect to save just 2.76 percent. Consumers and experts have been speculating for years about the best time to shop online. 最不适宜网购的月份是三月份,你将只能省2.76%的钱。多年来,消费者和专家们一直在思索和推测网购的最佳时机。 Booking a flight has almost become a science with some claiming that buying six weeks before you travel guarantees you the best price. However a recent analysis by the US Airlines Reporting Commission found that was not actually the case. 订机票的学问几乎已经成为了一门科学,有些人称旅行前六周购买机票价格最优惠。然而,美国航空公司报告委员会新近的研究发现,事实并非如此。 Not only did the six week window fail to stack up, in some cases the best fares were on sale as long as 24 weeks before departure. 旅行前六周买到的机票远远不是最便宜的,在某些情况下,价格最优惠的机票早在临行前24周就已经开始销售了。 The ARC said that booking well in advance is best advised for busy routes or long haul flights, as the price only tends to go up. 航空公司报告委员会说,在航线繁忙或长途飞行的情况下,最好是提前一大段时间订票,价格越往后只会一直往上涨。 /201209/197948青岛李沧区祛痘的地方 山东省青岛蓬莱治疗狐臭哪家医院好

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莱阳小腿减肥多少钱 Tears: Aquarius (January 20-February 19):Aquarius is a large southern constellation near the celestial equator. It is the 11th sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters on or around January 21.The story goes that there was a prince in Troy called Ganymede. He was very handsome and gentle. His handsome appearance was quite rare even among the divine.The only woman he deeply loved was the cup-bearer for Zeus. She once captured his heart by her sweet singing at night and prevented other girls of getting the attention of the prince.Helen was the name of this cupbearer. She had the same name as the most beautiful woman in Troy. Zeus was in favor of Helen even though she was just a maid. Once, Helen accidentally heard about Apollo and Athena’s plan to attack Troy. Helen tipped off the plan regardless of the consequences. However, she was caught on the way and taken back to the divine temple. Zeus was hesitant to kill her but decided to seriously punish her. Reminded by his son Apollo, Zeus decided to pass the guilt to Helen and the prince.On that day, Zeus transformed himself into a hawk flying over the sky of Troy. He quickly focused on Prince Ganymede walking in the garden and was attracted by his handsome appearance. He had seen many beauties but never saw such a good-looking boy. At this moment, an evil thought came into his mind and Zeus flew down to the mountain in the form of a large bird, whisking Ganymede away to the heavens.Zeus ordered Ganymede to be his cupbearer to replace Helen. However, Zeus’ wife Hera was jealous of Ganymede’s good looks and decided to trick him. One night, Hera let Helen go secretly because she knew that Helen would find Ganymede to elope. As it turned out, they were all captured by Hera. Zeus was angry about their behavior and determined to kill Ganymede. But when the archer Chiron tried to shoot Ganymede, Helen warded off the arrow with her body.Unable to have things her way, Hera was so angry that she transformed Ganymede as a clear cup to pour water for Zeus forever. This constellation is placed in the sky near other watery constellations including a dolphin (Delphinus), the sea monster (Cetus) and a fish (Pisces).Since then, the boy has served as cupbearer to the gods. This constellation is placed in the sky near other watery constellations including a dolphin (Delphinus), the sea monster (Cetus) and a fish (Pisces).星座起源的美丽传说:水瓶的眼泪  伊是一位王子。伊是特洛伊城的王子,是一位俊美不凡的少年。他的容貌是连神界都少有的。伊不爱人间的女子,他深深爱着的是宙斯神殿里一位倒水的侍女。这个平凡的侍女曾经在一个夜晚用曼妙的歌声捕获了伊的心,也夺走了特洛伊城里所有女孩的幸福。天界的那个女孩叫海伦,和特洛伊城里最美丽的女子海伦拥有同样美丽的名字。宙斯非常喜爱海伦,尽管她只是一个侍女。可是有一天,海伦无意中听到太阳神阿波罗和智慧女神雅典娜关于毁灭特洛伊城的决定,海伦不顾戒律赶去给王子伊报信。结果在半途中被发现,宙斯的侍卫们将海伦带回了神殿。宙斯不忍处死她,但决定好好惩罚她。在他的儿子阿波罗的提示下,宙斯决定将这份罪转嫁给与海伦私通的特洛伊王子身上。这天,宙斯变做一只老鹰,降临在特洛伊城的上空。他一眼就看见在后花园中散步的王子。宙斯惊呆了,他见过许多美丽的女神和绝色的凡间女子,却从来没见过如此俊美的少年。宙斯被伊特别的气质深深吸引,一个罪恶的念头油然而生。他从天空俯冲下来,一把抓起伊,将他带回了神殿。在冰冷的神殿,伊见不到家人也见不到海伦,他日渐憔悴。而宙斯却逼迫伊代替海伦为他倒水,这样他就可以天天见到这个美丽的男孩。宙斯的妻子女神赫拉是个嫉妒成性的女子,她看在眼里,怒在心头,她不仅嫉妒宙斯看伊时那样无耻的眼神,更嫉妒伊有着她都没有的美丽光华。于是赫拉心生毒计,决定加害这个无辜的王子。她偷偷将海伦放走,海伦自然要与伊私逃下界,这时她再当场将两人捉住。雅典娜明白这是赫拉的计谋,但也无能为力,被激怒的宙斯决定处死伊。然而,就在射手奇伦射出那致命一箭的刹那,侍女海伦挡在了伊的胸前!眼看奸计没能得逞,赫拉恼羞成怒之下,将伊变成了一只透明的水瓶,要他永生永世为宙斯倒水。然而,水瓶中倒出来的却是眼泪!众神无不为之动容,于是宙斯变将伊封在了天上,作一个忧伤的神灵。伊夜夜在遥远的天际流泪,人们抬头看时只见一群闪光的星星仿佛透明发亮的水瓶悬于夜空,于是叫它水瓶座。 /201209/200232平度市妇女儿童医院去痘印多少钱青岛怎么去黑头收缩毛孔



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