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A new art project thats made a stop in Michigan is trying to empower women and value girls by recognizing their potential. Girl Noticed has a message and is stating in ten-foot-tall terms.Watching someone sketch is interesting. Watching someone sketch a mural on a wall is fascinating because of the scale. But, theres a problem when you do a mural on an outdoor brick wall using charcoal and chalk. Its going to weather away. It will eventually fade to nothing.And the artist Im watching says thats part of the message.;We go through our lives feeling invisible a lot of times, feeling unnoticed, or feeling like were noticed for the wrong reasons,; Lori Pratico said as she stepped down from the ladder.She says she wants people to re-think what they notice about women before the chance fades away and they miss the best part of someone.;Because were so saturated with the media and how were supposed to look, and how were supposed to act, and the roles were supposed to play. And is that really who we are as women?; Pratico asked.Pratico and her partner in this project, photographer Elizabeth Sanjuan, have put together three mural projects in their home state of Florida. This mural on the brick wall of Ann Arbors Jefferson Market and Cakery is the first trip out-of-state. They plan projects for all 50 states over the next three years.Lori Pratico in front of a Girl Noticed mural in Florida.The words ;Notice Me; are drawn in large letters above a chalk and charcoal portrait of a woman. Its a drawing of Chris Avers from Algonac near Lake St. Clair. She drove up while I was visiting.This is the first time the artist and the subject of the mural have met in person.Pratico chooses someone who inspires her for each mural. Shes featured a 16-year-old who beat cancer. Another subject was a young student with Asbergers who was bullied at school. Pratico chose Chris Avers because Avers posted on Facebook that she was 23 years sober.;Its kind of funny that this happened because I really put it out there on Facebook which I (normally) dont. I thought, You know what? I just dont even want to be ashamed anymore. It is what it is. You dont even need to see my face. Just know that sobriety is a choice and its an awesome choice. Its not an easy choice, especially at the beginning, but its the best choice youll make,; Avers said.Part of this project is interactive. Visitors are asked to write on a post-it note, revealing what they want people to notice about them. Then they put those notes on the wall along side the mural.For Avers, that note was easy.;Ill say notice my sobriety. Thats what Im here for. Its what Im showing up for. Heck yeah.;The artist, Lori Pratico, says most women understand the message from Girl Noticed. Theyre tired of being noticed for their appearance, but not for their skills, or ability, or fierceness. But Pratico says a lot of men laugh, wink, and nudge because they know what they notice about women.David Adgate is not one of those kind of men. He was visiting Jefferson Market and was curious about the mural.;Its a really cool project. You know, Ive never heard of anything like this before and, you know, these are people, these are women. We need advocates like this. These are really cool.;I ask him what he would want to be noticed for.;You know, if I wanted to be noticed for anything, I think it would be for what I do to serve and empathize because I think, you know, when that happens in other people, I see it and it helps me to be better. So. Yeah,; Adgate responded.Lori Pratico says she hopes the mural and the post-it notes start a dialogue, or at least start people thinking.;A lot of women really even have a hard time filling out that post-it note because they dont think about it. Theyve gotten to a point in their life where they just dont even think about what they want noticed about themselves,; Pratico said.This Michigan mural is being installed right across the street from an elementary school. Pratico says she hopes those young girls get the message and think about how theyd like to be noticed.Support for arts and cultural reporting on Michigan Radio comes in part from a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.201504/370982

Did you on Madonna week?I just hope you are.Yes. I love seeing that by the way.你有参加麦当娜周吗 我希望你参加了 我参加了 而且我超喜欢那个录像I have a funny story.My parents actually live below her in New York.有趣的是 我父母在纽约时实际上就住在她楼下Back in I dont know when,back in when they lived in New York,忘了大概什么时候 他们还住纽约时which was like 25 years ago. Um-hmm.And she used to have just like this overflow of club invites.大约25年前 -嗯 她曾受邀参加很多俱乐部活动 像这样爆满的活动Out of her mail box.And so they drop in on some of clubs.邮箱都被挤爆了 所以我父母他们也顺便去了这样的一些俱乐部Madonna was invited too.Your parents would go to the clubs that Madonna was invited too? Yeah.You have hip parents. I know.Wow.麦当娜也参加的 你父母也会去参加 有麦当娜出席的活动吗 是的 好潮的老爸老妈 是的 哇哦And is, are they like clubbing type people?Em, well.Im just gonna answer that for you, No.但 他们像泡俱乐部的人吗 呃 好吧 我帮你回答那问题 不像Oh, look at that.They do not look like they are go clubbing any time soon.快看 他们看起来确实不像 之前有参加过什么俱乐部Like were they stay there once they got there,will they go: ;Oh, no. this is not for us.;看起来一旦他们到了那儿 他们就会说;哦不 这不是我们待的地儿;will they stay?I think they would stay.I think they are that kind.他们会留下吗 我想他们会的 他们就是那样的人Em, they had more invites for new years than I did, to be honest.I was the one that drive through.额 实话说 新年邀请 们收的比我还多 我才是没有存在感的那个And they were at a golf club in Hollywood.Wow. 而且他们还是好莱坞一家高尔夫俱乐部的会员 哇哦 /201601/423988

  The end of the 2015 went out with a very wet bang in the UK. 2015年在非常潮湿的天气中结束。According to new statistics released by the Met Office on Tuesday, December was the wettest month ever recorded in any calendar year in the UK. 据英国气象办公室的最新统计数据,十二月是英国有记录以来历年最潮湿的月份。On top of that, this December was the warmest on record. 不仅如此,十二月也是有记录以来最热的月份。The Met Office said that December 2015s temperatures looked more like April or May in the region. 气象局表示,2015年12月的温度更像该地区四、五月的温度。But no resident of the UK would be surprised by this news. 但没有英国居民对此消息感到惊讶。Devastating floods have been forcing evacuations and closing businesses. 洪水已迫使人员疏散和企业关闭。Prime Minister David Cameron called the flooding ;unprecedented.;首相卡梅伦称洪水是“前所未有的”。译文属。201601/420632


  Chronic wasting disease is a fatal neurological disease that affects deer.The State Department of Natural Resources is concerned about the sp of CWD through Michigans deer population.Chad Stewart is a deer specialist with the DNR.Stewart told us that of 5,000 deer tested, the DNR has found only seven that were infected with CWD. But, he added, if left unchecked, CWD will sp quickly and could devastate Michigans deer population over the coming years.GUESTChad Stewart is a deer specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. He tweets @chad_m_stewart.201607/453281

  Europe France’s economy欧洲 法国经济Austerity stakes紧缩困境A reluctant government faces the imperative of public-spending cuts法国削减公共出势在必行,政府陷入两难境界Franse’s finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, staged a charm offensive in London this week to improve his country’s battered economic image. Days after the European Commission had forecast that France would miss its budget-deficit target of 3% of GDP in 2013, a key promise of President Francois Hollande’s, Mr Moscovici urged people to look beyond “simplistic stereotypes”. The government may miss its target, he said, but it was making structural reforms to restore competitiveness and sound public finances.法国的财务首相皮耶尔 莫斯科维奇本周在伦敦打了漂亮的一仗,改善了法国经济窘迫不堪的形象。欧盟委员会预测法国将难以兑现2013年GDP3%的预算赤字目标,而那是总统弗朗西斯奥朗德的重点承诺。数日之后,莫斯科维奇呼吁人们看穿“单纯的陈见”。他表示,也许政府不能如期完成目标,但它采取结构化改革以恢复竞争力,重塑夯实的公共财政。The commission’s verdict was sobering. French GDP will grow by 0.1% this year, compared with a government forecast of 0.8%, and the deficit will reach 3.7%. After long defending the 3% target as a sign of its credibility, and insisting on overly ambitious growth forecasts, the government has abruptly switched message to plead for more time. And the commission clearly intends to opt for indulgence.委员会的裁定是一盆冷水。新的一年,法国GDP增长率将会是0.1%,与政府0.8%的预测相差甚远。而且赤字会达到3.7%.长期坚守3%的目标已成为法国信誉的象征,同时伴随着野心勃勃的增长预测。但风云突变,政府扭转口径,央求着要更多时间。显然,委员会意欲纵容之。Without much struggle, it seems, France has won the argument that it should not be punished for its failure. It blames poor growth—the commission forecasts a euro-zone recession in 2013—and fears that more belt-tightening might make things worse. The French claim that, judged by the structural deficit, adjusted for the cycle, the government has made a bigger effort than at first appears. Mr Moscovici does not plan an emergency budget to squeeze the deficit back towards 3% this year, partly for fear of provoking “a political and social shock”. Jens Weidmann, the Bundesbank chief, said that “putting consolidation off would just shift the problem into the future.” But the German government stayed silent and Wolfgang Schauble, the finance minister, told a newspaper he was “fully confident” thatFrance was on the right track.虽未曾付出太多的努力,但看上去,法国已经赢得不必为失败而受惩的舆论持。它责难低下的增长率——委员会预测了2013年欧元区的萧条——并担心紧缩政策会让一切更糟糕。法国宣称,由相对经济周期校准的结构性赤字判断,政府作的努力比表面上的要更为显著。莫斯科维奇并未制定紧急计划以在年内将赤字压缩到3%,部分是由于担心这会引起“政治和社会的震荡。”德国央行主观简魏德曼表示延迟“延迟”只是把问题留给未来。但德国政府保持沉默,而且财政首相沃尔夫冈邵伯向报纸表示他“无比自信”地认为法国经济正步入正轨。Mr Moscovici may get away with drift once, but he is unlikely to be indulged twice. As it is, letting him off the hook depends on taking seriously his efforts to sort out the public finances. This year, three-quarters of the effort to curb the deficit consists of higher taxes, says the Cour des Comptes, the national auditor. Yet with a total take of over 44% of GDP, Franceis aly the most heavily taxed country in the euro. Companies and the rich have been squeezed; investment has gone on hold. The constitutional court has rejected Mr Hollande’s planned 75% top income-tax rate, although the government plans to revive it in another form. Even some Socialist deputies concede that the government cannot go on pushing up taxes.但事不过三,莫斯科维奇很难继续得到包容。事实上,只有正视他为解决公共财政问题作出的努力才能让他免于责难。据国家审计员Cour des Comptes表示,今年控制赤字的努力有四分之三都用于征收高额税。法国已是欧元区课税最繁重的国家,税收占到GDP的44%。公司和富人保守压榨,投资搁置了。立宪法院拒绝了奥朗德设立最高75%所得税的计划,但政府计划通过别种形势实现它。甚至一些社会党代表也承认政府不能无止尽地抬高税收。That leaves no choice but cuts in public spending. Mr Moscovici says these will account for “most” of the deficit reduction in the 2014 budget. This is where the hard part begins. The commission forecasts a deficit in 2014 of 3.9%, even higher than in 2013, as well as a rise in unemployment to 11%. The government has begun to float various ideas, such as means-testing family benefits and lengthening the period for pension contributions. A policy review is under way with the aim of eliminating duplication and cutting jobs. The prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, has set up a commission to look into pension reform. “This is all very different to what Socialist governments did before,” says an insider.如此一来,法国别无选择,唯有削减公共出。莫斯科维奇表示那会占到2014年预算赤字削减的“大部分”。艰险的征程由此展开。委员会预测2014年的赤字率会达到3.9%,甚至高于2013年的,与此同时失业率会上升至11%。政府集思广益,采用诸如家庭付能力调查以及延长养老金的供期。首相吉恩马克 艾洛特已成立一个委员会调查养老金改革。“这与此前社会党政府的所作所为大相径庭。”内部人士透露说。The difficulty is political. It may be evident to outsiders—and to some in the government—that, given its competitiveness and growth problems, France has no choice but to rethink its generous welfare state and well-staffed public sector. But a year after the 2012 election campaign, public debate has barely begun. Mr Hollande was elected on a promise to kick-start growth, cut unemployment and end austerity. Now he presides over recession, rising joblessness—and the need to impose more austerity on dumbfounded voters.难度在于政治方面。考虑到法国的竞争力和经济增长困境,它除了对优厚的福利和齐整的公共部门加以慎思外别无选择。但2012年选举结束的一年之后,公众的质疑声才刚刚开始泛滥。奥朗德带着促进经济增长,降低失业率和终结紧缩的承诺上任。如今,他要为经济萧条和上涨的失业率买单——以及让投票者目瞪口呆的紧缩政策。翻译:袁航译文属译生译世 /201610/471723Britain The public finances英国 公共财政Off target偏离目标Despite a good month, George Osborne is far from balancing the budget纵然一月好光景,平衡收路漫漫January is always a bumper month for the public purse. Government receipts spike as workers scramble to meet self-assessment tax deadlines, pushing public income far above spending. The month provides a fleeting glimpse of a budget surplus, but it also, by contrast, is a striking reminder of how distant that goal remains.对公共财政而言,一月是喜庆丰收的时刻。随着工人们发奋实现自我评定缴税期限,政府收入飙升,一举带动公共收入远远甩开出。这一月间,预算出现过转瞬即逝的盈余,但也适如其反地揭示了目标的真正实现何其遥远。The latest data, released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on 21st February, showed a January surplus of £15 billion ( billion). That allowed £11 billion of borrowing to be repaid, nudging public-sector debt down to £1.16 trillion or 74% of GDP. But over the course of recent years the reverse has been true: spending has been higher than receipts, meaning more borrowing and a growing pile of debt.2月21日国家统计办公室(ONS)公布的最新数据显示一月盈余达到150亿英镑(230亿英镑)。这笔盈余能够偿还110亿英镑的借贷,并将公共部门债务削减到1.16万亿英镑,即GDP的74%。但这几年的现状与此截然相反:入不敷出,也意味着债台高筑。The coalition’s austerity plan proposes to close this gap by raising income and cutting spending. Much of the early push focused on taxes: the first budget set out by George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, in June 2010, included a VAT increase and higher capital gains tax. Because the tax changes were front-loaded, they are almost complete: the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), a think-tank, reckons four-fifths have been made. In part, this pace was possible because the aims are modest: to raise receipts from 37% to 38% of GDP and hold them there.联合政府的紧缩计划设想通过提高收入,削减出来填补差额。计划的初始围绕税收展开:财政大臣乔治奥斯本在2010年6月通过了第一批预算案,包括了更高的增值税和资产利得税。由于税收变动在前期实行,他们几乎都得以完成:一个智囊团,财政研究所认为该计划已经完成了五分之四。某种程度上,这样的进度是完全可行的因为目标并非遥不可及:将进款从GDP的37%增加到38%并保持在那个水准。But even this humble target now looks tough. Income tax has brought in less than expected, as has VAT: consumer spending is held back by flatlining wages. On top of this the sale of 4G spectrum, supposed to raise £3.5 billion, netted just £2.3 billion.但即使只是实现这个简单可行的目标目前也看来举步维艰。所得税的税额不尽如人意,增值税亦然:消费出因工资浮动而低迷不振。在此之上,4G频谱的销售只实现了23亿英镑的净收益,而原计划是35亿英镑。This bad news means that a new income stream, appearing for the first time in January, is very welcome. Since March the Bank of England has been buying government debt, attempting to stimulate the economy through quantitative easing. Because its holdings are so large the interest it receives is chunky, too (by July 2012, the bank had earned £24 billion on its bond-holdings, which currently stand at £375 billion). This cash will be returned to the government, with a first payment of £3.8 billion, further boosting January’s income. Future payments will help put revenue plans back on track.这样的噩耗也意味着,新收益流在一月的首次出现大受欢迎。自年3月以来英格兰一直在购买政府债务,试图通过量化宽松政策刺激经济。由于占有数额庞大,利息也很可观(截止2012年7月,已经通过持有债券挣到240英镑,而债券数额目前达到3750亿欧元)。这笔现金会归还政府,首批付38亿英镑,进一步促进一月的收入。未来的出会帮助收益计划重回正轨。But the biggest test of austerity is spending cuts. Here plans are more ambitious: the savings account for 85% of planned deficit reduction, according to the IFS. And they have only just started: only a third of cuts to benefits and a fifth of those to departmental spending will be in place by the end of the financial year. Over the next five years, reductions in benefits, investment and government consumption will deepen year on year, cumulatively cutting expenditure from 42% to 37% of GDP.但紧缩政策的最大考验是削减出。相关的计划野心勃勃:据财政研究所的数据,储蓄要占到计划赤字缩减的85%。而一切才刚刚起步,到财政年底之前,只有救济金削减额的三分之一以及部门出削减额的五分之一能就绪。在之后五年,津贴、投资及政府消费的削减会步步深入,累计将出从GDP的42%缩减到37%。It is early days, but the signs are not good. In December, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), a fiscal watchdog, forecast that government departments would make extra cuts allowing a £4.5 billion underspend this year. But this week’s data confirm that spending on public services is actually likely to rise this year, so that forecast now looks optimistic. Overall,Britainlooks set to borrow slightly more this year than it did last year. The long road to a balanced budget is getting longer.时候尚早,但情形并不乐观。12月,财政监督机构英国预算责任办公室预测今年政府部门需要进一步削减45亿英镑出。但本周的数据实公共务出可能会在今年上升,是以现在看来前景一片大好。总体上,英国今年预计贷款会比去年略多。通往平衡预算的漫漫长路变得愈发漫长。 翻译:袁航译文属译生译世 /201610/470409

  Refugees The hard journey Europes plan to cope with maritime refugees needs to go further难民 艰难的旅途 欧洲为应对海飘难民而制定的计划还需要做的更多,考虑的更深远。THE gulf between sentiment and action is as wide as the Mediterranean itself. On May 13th the European Commission issued its plan for dealing with immigration, including the multitude who take to boats on the shores of north Africa in the hope of reaching asylum on European Union soil or, more likely, of being plucked from the wavesby a passing vessel. The reports authors clearly lament the shameful drowning of thousands of migrants,left to their fate because of cuts in marine patrols that were deemed to be picking up too many people. Nevertheless, the commissions ideas on what to do fall lamentably short.同情感性与实际行动之间的鸿沟正如地中海的宽广。5月13号,欧委会商讨处理包含大量从北非海岸乘船起航寄希望于在欧洲大陆寻求到政治避难,但讽刺的是此行更大的可能性是被路过的船只从海浪中救起来的难民的外来移民问题。报告的作者叹息的将这令人感到惭愧羞耻的溺亡数以千计的移民者的悲惨事件归咎于他们的命运,因为由于海军巡逻的介入,理应并已经救起过很多很多人了。虽然如此,欧委会将如何去做才能弥补目前(在应对此类问题)的不足作为了商讨的重点。A nut to crush a sledgehammer大题小做,宰牛用了杀鸡刀War in the Middle East, oppression in Africa and the ubiquitous human desire for a better life: all have played their part in causing a surge of migration into the EU. The fighting in Syria alone has crammed 4m fugitives into refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. The tide is hardly about to dry up.中东的战争,非洲的压迫和各处想要过上更好生活的人们,这些都成了目前欧洲呈井喷状的移民潮问题的一部分原因。仅叙利亚的战争就已经使4百万的逃亡难民涌入了位于黎巴嫩,土耳其和约旦的难民营。这股移民浪潮怕是很难变得干涸。Not all of these people can find a new life in Europe. The UN convention is clear that refugees automatically qualify once they reach the EU, because they need protection. By contrast, economic migrants do not. A country picks its economic migrants and deports those it does not want.并不是所有的难民都能在欧洲得到新生。联合国公约明确表明因为难民需要被保护,所以一旦难民到达了欧洲,他们便自动获得资格,而经济移民并不具有这项特权,一个国家可以挑选这些经济移民,可以把不符合要求不想要的这些移民驱逐出境。That is the theory. The reality is a tide of human misery. Traffickers charge thousands of dollars, and rob and rape their customers. Refugees and economic migrants are mixed in together, so those that survive the sea journey are cooped up in camps to be sorted. Fewer than 40% of those who fail to gain asylum are ever deported. Some countries, like Sweden and Germany, accept a lot of refugees, many others, including Britain, are grudging. There was international outrage after more than 1,000 people drowned in a few days in the Mediterranean in April.This weeks report is supposed to ensure that such a catastrophe never happens again.这只是理论上的,而现实却要悲惨的多。人贩子收着数以千计的美元的同时,抢劫和强奸他们的客户。难民和经济移民者被统统放置在一起(用船渡海),所以当这些挺过艰难的海上路途,被一同安置在难民营的人们,要被分成难民和经济移民者的类别来分别处理对待。不到40%的难民会因得不到避难许可而被驱逐出境。有一些国家,如瑞典和德国,接收了很多难民,而另一方面,包括英国在内的大多数国家并不愿意接收这些难民。在4月份的几天时间里,有超过1000人溺亡在地中海中,这引起了国际上的愤慨。这周的报道(欧委会的专题会议)强调要确保这样的惨剧绝不能再次发生。Some of its recommendations were expected. It suggests, for instance, that the budget for maritime patrols should triple, that the EU should take on the traffickers by force, and that countries must accelerate the sorting of refugees from economic migrants. Others go further. Refugees are now the responsibility of the country where they land. The commission rightly wants EU countries to share the burden according to their capacity, going by GDP, population, unemployment and how many they have taken in the past.一些建议已经被预料到了。例如什么海军巡航的经费应该提升3倍啊,欧盟应当用武力打击蛇头人贩子啊,各国应加速分辨难民和经济移民者啊之类的建议。而另一些建议则更为深远。难民现今已经成为各个位于欧洲大陆的国家的责任。欧委会理所应当的提出想让各国根据自身GDP水平,人口基数,失业率和以往已经接收的难民数量而得出的可接收容量,来分担这一份重任。In graphics: Why Europes boat people are such a huge problem图表:为什么前来欧洲的海飘难民会成为一个巨大的问题。Compared with Thailand and Indonesia, the plan is a model of compassion. Those countries are callously pushing boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh back out to sea. Yet the EUs plan fails in two ways. One is that the scale of the effort is unequal to the task. The traffickers will not be stopped. Development assistance of a few hundred million euros will not prevent economic migrants setting out. Too little aid is going to countries that host the vast majority of Syrias refugees. The commission calls for the EU to take in a total of 20,000 refugees who are still in third countriesthe UN says the EU should take in 20,000 a year.The other is that the plan is sure to be watered down. Britain, unlike Ireland, has refused to share the burden—which, thanks to a long-standing waiver,it is legally allowed to do, even if that course is morally reprehensible. When the plan is debated in June other countries will also seek to wriggle out of their responsibilities.尽管与泰国和印度尼西亚直接无情的将来自缅甸和孟加拉国的海飘难民直接驱赶回海上相比较而言,欧盟的处理方案简直就是同情难民的楷模,但这个方案从两个方面来说还是挺失败的。一方面这种程度的努力和重任本身是不相等的。(这种程度下)蛇头人贩子是不能被制止的。持续援助的数亿欧元不能阻止经济移民迁出。对安置了大量叙利亚难民的各国援助太少。欧委会提出让欧洲接收总共20000名还处在第三国家的难民,而联合国提出欧盟应该一年接收20000难民。另一方面这个方案一定会枯竭(watered down)不同于爱尔兰,英国拒绝分担这个重任,由于长时间的弃权,虽然这么做会招致道德上的责难,但这么做却是合法的。当这个方案计划在六月份被商讨的时候,其他国家将也可能寻找可逃避责任的机会。The only way to keep migrants off the Mediterranean is to set up camps in north Africa that can take in people rescued at sea and sort through asylum applicants. Getting it right will be hard. North African countries will need money to host them. The processing must be fair and fast. Economic migrants can be sent home. But the one thing EU countries cannot avoid is taking in more refugees.只有在北非建立起兼顾安置从海上救援起的难民和提供甄选政治避难申请人类型的难民营,才能使海飘移民者远离偷渡地中海这条道。要做到拨乱反正会很艰难,北非国家将会需要资金去安置难民,整个过程还必须快且公平,欧洲移民可以返回家园,但接纳更多的难民却是欧盟国家不能避免的事。 译文属译生译世 /201505/376029

  Psychology心理学Time is not money时间不等于金钱Thinking about it makes you a better person, not a worse one时间观念只会提升人格,绝无裨益“THE love of money”, St Paul memorably wrote to his protege Timothy, “is the root of all evil.” “All” may be putting it a bit strongly, but dozens of psychological studies have indeed shown that people primed to think about money before an experiment are more likely to lie, cheat and steal during the course of that experiment.圣保尔曾在给其亲信蒂莫西的信中写到“金钱是万恶之源”。或许,“万恶”一词说的过于严重,但无数心理研究表明实验前被灌输金钱观念的人更容易在实验过程中撒谎、作弊并行窃。Another well-known aphorism, ascribed to Benjamin Franklin, is “time is money”. If true, that suggests a syllogism: that the love of time is a root of evil, too. But a paper just published in Psychological Science by Francesca Gino of Harvard and Cassie Mogilner of the University of Pennsylvania suggests precisely the opposite.另一名言—“时间就是金钱”,出自本杰.富兰克林。如果他说的有理,那么就可以推断出:对时间的珍爱也是万恶之源。然而,哈佛商学院的弗兰切斯卡· 吉诺(Francesca Gino)和宾夕法尼亚大学的凯希·莫吉内尔(Cassie Mogilner)教授共同撰写发表在《心理科学》的论文则持有完全相反的结论。Dr Gino and Dr Mogilner asked a group of volunteers to do a series of what appeared to be aptitude tests. As is often the case in such experiments, though, what the volunteers were told, and what the truth was, were rather different things.他俩召集了一些志愿者,参加一系列类似性向测试的实验活动。和其它这类实验一样,这些志愿者被告知的与事实往往是不同的。In the first test they were asked to make, within three minutes, as many coherent sentences as they could out of a set of words they had been presented with. What they were not told was that each of them had been assigned to one of three groups. Some volunteers word sets were seeded with ones associated with money, such as “dollars”, “financing” and “spend”. Some were seeded with words associated with time (eg, “clock”, “hours”, “moment”). And some were seeded with neither. Thus unknowingly primed, the volunteers were y for the second test.第一轮测验要求他们用所给词汇在限定的三分钟内尽可能造出更多连贯的句子。但他们并不知道,所有参与者已被悄悄分为三组。第一组所给词汇主要是金钱类的,如“美元”、“融资”、“消费”等。第二组则与时间相关,如“钟表”、“小时”、“一刻”等。第三组则为中性词汇,完全不同于前两组。就这样毫无知觉地,志愿者们进入了下一轮测试。This was mathematical. They were given a sheet of paper with 20 matrices which each contained 12 numbers, two of which added up to ten (for example, 3.81 and 6.19). They had to write down, on a separate answer sheet, how many of these pairs they could manage to find in five minutes. They were also given a packet of money and told they could reward themselves with a dollar for each pair they discovered.第二场是数字游戏。每人持有一张印有20个数阵的试卷,每个数阵含12个数字,两两相加为10(如3.81和6.19)。要求每人5分钟内在答题纸上写下所能找到的所有相加为10的配对。同时,每人得到一袋硬币,且被告知,若找到一对即可奖励自己一美元。Crucially, they were not asked to show their workings on the answer sheets—and the matrix sheets, on which those workings might have appeared, carried no identifier and were ostentatiously discarded once the test was done. Nevertheless, by hiding an identification code in a sample matrix on the answer sheet, Dr Gino and Dr Mogilner knew which matrix sheet each candidate had been given and thus who had cheated and who had not. They found that 88% of those who had been primed with money-related words in the first test cheated, as did 67% of those given neutral words. Of those primed with time-related words, though, only 42% cheated.关键是,本次测验并未要求考生上交答卷或在试卷上写下姓名等身份信息,尽管试卷上可能会有他们的做题思路,但测试一结束就被狠狠地抛弃了。不过,吉诺教授和莫吉内尔教授其实事先已在答题卷上秘密标好对应试卷的身份代码,因此哪些人作弊、哪些人没作弊,他们是一清二楚的。结果表明,第一次实验中接触金钱相关词汇的志愿者有88%的人作弊,接触中性词汇的志愿者有67%的人作弊,而接触时间相关词汇的只有42%作弊。Nor, despite St Pauls aphorism, was the lure of lucre during the experiment (as opposed to the effect of thinking about it as a result of being primed) necessary as a corrupting influence. A similar trial on different participants showed that presenting the matrix as a test of intelligence also caused those primed with the idea of money to cheat more than those primed with the idea of time—though, intriguingly, that did not apply if the matrix was presented as a test of personality.尽管圣保尔的格言并非毫无道理,但并不一定明就是试验中的利益诱惑才如此广泛地腐蚀了人们纯洁的心灵(该观点反对将实验结果归于事先所灌输的观念)。因为在另一相似的实验中(参与者不同),参与者被告知自己是在做智力测验,最后发现也是同样的结果,即那些有着金钱观念的比时间观念的更易作弊——有趣得是,如果只是视为人格测验,结果却完全不同。This led Dr Gino and Dr Mogilner to suspect that self-reflection played a part in controlling unethical behaviour during the test. They therefore conducted a third test in which, for half the volunteers, there was a mirror in the cubicle they were sitting in when doing the experiment.针对以上测试结果,吉诺教授和莫吉内尔教授怀疑测试中的非道德行为是受自我反省控制的。为此,他们又设计了第三场试验,其中半数人在测验过程中眼前是搁有镜子的。Volunteers primed to think about money cheated 39% of the time when a mirror was present but 67% when it was not. Those primed to think about time cheated 32% of the time in the presence of the mirror and 36% in its absence—results that are statistically indistinguishable.被灌输金钱思想的一组,当现场设有镜子时,参与者在39%的测试过程中出现作弊行为,而没有镜子时,则为67%。相同条件下,被灌输时间观念的一组,分别为32%和36%,该组前后结果基本没什么变化。Finally, a fourth experiment asked primed volunteers to fill in a questionnaire before tackling the matrix. In among “filler” questions intended to disguise what was happening this asked them to rate how they felt about self-reflective statements like, “Right now, I am thinking about who I am as a person.”最后第四场实验要求每位已有不同思想输入的参与者在解决数阵前先完成一份问卷。问卷上设有掩饰之前不光行为的“补充性”问题,调查他们在看到自我反思表述语句时的想法与感受,如“此时此刻,我在思考着作为人,自己究竟是谁。”。As in the previous tests, those primed with money words cheated more often than those primed with neutral words and far more often than those primed with time words. But whether someone cheated was also related to how strongly he felt about the self-reflective statements presented to him in the questionnaire.之前的实验结果显示,被输入金钱类词汇的参与者作弊倾向最高,被输入中心词汇的其次,而被输入时间类词汇的作弊倾向为最小。但是,最后一次实验明,参与者是否作弊也受其在看到问卷上自我反思陈述时的内心感受所影响。It seems, then, that thinking about time has the opposite effect on people from thinking about money. It makes them more honest than normal, rather than less so. Moreover, the more reflective they are, the more honest they become. There must be an aphorism in that.由此,我们似乎可以得出这样一个结论,时间观念与金钱观念对人们所产生的影响是截然不同的。时间观念带给个人诚信的只会是正能量,绝非负能量。而且,一个人越懂得反躬自省,那么他就越诚实。我想,对此必定也有那么一句格言的吧。译者:徐珍 校对者:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201512/415246


  And theres a movie,called ;13 inches or dont even show up;有一部电影 叫做《要么13英寸 要么别出现》And I dont know what that is in centimeters for the canadians,but thats a lot,thats a lot of penis.我不知道那换算成加拿大的厘米是多少 但是那对老二来说很长了I mean,thats a lot.No negotiation either.Like no,six inches but he owns a boat.Nothing like that.我是说 那很长了 没得商量 比如说他只有6英寸 但他有一条船 不是那样的I mean,like thats a lot.Let me put 13 inches in perspective,okay?我是说 那很长 我来举个例子吧If that penis was snow,it would close the school for a week.如果丁丁长度是降雪量 学校一周都没法上课了Thats a lot.There we go.Slam!what do you think?很长 瞧瞧 大满贯 你觉得呢yeah,all right,all right.Okay.Are you happy now?Im good.好 好 好的 你现在满意了吗 还行you just got me to high-five that terrific image.all right.你刚让我为那幅超棒的图 击掌了 好吧The movie ;Train wreck;,this is going to be a big movie.I can sense it.《火车出轨》那部电影 会成为大片的 我能感受到Ok,this is Amy Schumer.Amy Schumer is so funny,she is the best.演员有艾米·舒默 艾米·舒默超搞笑 她最棒了And its her movie,with Judd Apatow,is the Director.And I have the smallest of small parts.这是她的电影 贾德·阿帕图是导演 我扮演了一个小角色Right,but sometimes those parts are small.对 但有时候那些角色 很小But sometimes those parts are cut out.Yeah.But what part do you play?但有时那些角色被剪了 是啊 你扮演的是什么I play,I guess you can say,a vagrant drug addict homeless man.and I showed up as myself.我扮演的是 我想你能说是 一个无业吸毒者流浪汉 我扮演的就是自己You know,I play like a street character that lives near amy.Im kind of like,you know,her buddy.我扮演的是艾米家附近的一个街头小混混 我是她的哥们 Great,lets take a look at this scene from ;Train wreck; .真棒 来看看《火车出轨》的片段201607/455808

  Politics this week本周政治要闻The long process to choose Americas presidential candidates got under way, in Iowa. Ted Cruz won the states Republican caucuses, upending Donald Trump, who had led recent polling. Mr Trump came second, not far ahead of Marco Rubio, considered to be the viable moderate alternative to the populist front-runners. On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton eked out a win over Bernie Sanders by 0.3 of a percentage point, the thinnest- ever margin of victory in the partys Iowa caucuses.战线持久的美国大选在爱荷华州(Iowa)拉开帷幕,共和党总统参选人特德·克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)在该党的党团会议中击败了民调一直都遥遥领先的唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)。特朗普以微弱优势领先马尔科·鲁比奥(Marco Rubio),排名第二。鲁比奥为人稳健,受人欢迎,有相当大的获胜可能。民主党初选希拉里(Hillary Clinton)以0.3个百分点险胜桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)。这是民主党在爱荷华州党团会议中有史以来最险的一次取胜。Ash Carter, Americas defence secretary, said the Pentagon would ask for 3 billion in the White Houses forthcoming budget. Spending on fighting Islamic State is to double, to.5 billion, and support for central and east European countries in response to Russias invasion of Ukraine will quadruple to .4 billion.美国国防部秘书长阿什顿·卡特(Ash Carter)宣布要向白宫申请5830亿美元的国防预算。用于打击“伊斯兰国”武装组织的预算比去年翻一番,将达到75亿美元。用于持中欧与西欧国家应对俄罗斯对乌克兰侵犯的预算将增加三倍,达34亿美元。Facebook moved to ban the private sale of guns through its network and Instagram, a photo-sharing site it owns.脸书(Facebook)将在其网站和照片分享软件照片墙(Instagram)上禁止所有私人的买卖。The World Health Organisation declared that a rise in birth defects in Brazil, thought to be caused by the mosquito-borne Zika virus, is a global emergency. The virus probably caused more than 4,000 cases of microcephaly among new-born children in Brazil and has been found in more than 20 countries in the Americas. The WHO thinks the virus is sping “explosively”. It is thought that a case detected in Texas was probably transmitted through sex.巴西由蚊子传播的寨卡病毒(Zika virus)造成的出生缺陷病例不断增加,世界卫生组织(WHO)宣布此为全球紧急公共卫生事件。寨卡病毒引起了巴西4000多个新生儿小头畸形病例,已波及美洲20多个国家。世界卫生组织认为该病毒正在以“爆炸式”的速度扩散。在美国德州也发现一例疑似由性接触感染的病例。Guatemala put on trial two former military officers charged with letting their soldiers kidnap and rape 11 Mayan women during the countrys 36-year civil war. This is the first time that anyone has been tried for wartime sex-slavery charges in the country where the crimes were allegedly committed.危地马拉(Guatemala)开庭审理两名前军官,他们被指控在危地马拉长达36年的内战中允许手下士兵绑架强奸11名马雅女性。这是该国首例认罪的战时性奴役案。Argentina said it would repay Italian investors who had refused earlier offers of a debt restructuring after the country defaulted in 2001. If Congress approves the deal, the government will pay .35 billion, 150% of the face value of the bonds, to 50,000 investors. It hopes this will set a precedent for negotiations with holdout investors in bonds with a face value of billion.阿根廷(Argentina)表示将赔偿那些在2001年由于违约债券而受到损失的意大利投资者。此前,他们拒绝了阿根廷提出的债务重组的建议。如果阿议会通过了此项赔偿决议,阿政府将赔偿13.5亿美元(2001年债券面值的1.5倍)给50000名投资者。此外还有另外一些顽固的投资人持有面值为60亿美元的违约债券,与他们的协商也将参照这一做法。The Cuban government is to allow residents of two districts in Havana, the capital, to have broadband connections to the internet. Cafes, restaurants and bars will also be permitted this huge privilege.古巴(Cuban)政府将在首都哈瓦那(Havana)的两个区开放宽带网络。这一开放互联网的举措也将惠及咖啡吧,餐馆和酒吧。The Swiss authorities said they would ask the Malaysian government to help them investigate claims that as much as billion has gone missing from Malaysian state-owned firms. A small amount of the money had been transferred to bank accounts in Switzerland. Officials in Singapore said they had frozen “a large number” of accounts as part of investigations into transactions linked to 1MDB, a Malaysian state-investment ?rm.瑞士政府部门表示他们将要求马来西亚政府配合调查有关40亿美元巨款从马来西亚国有企业无故蒸发一事。其中少部分金额已转移至瑞士的账户。在对马来西亚国企一马发展基金(1MDB)的调查中,新加坡官员称他们已冻结了大量与其有交易往来的账户。North Korea declared that it would launch a satellite sometime between February 8th and 25th. Analysts believe the countrys real aim is to test a long-range ballistic missile. Japan has ordered its armed forces to shoot down any missile that threatens to fall on Japanese territory.朝鲜宣称将于2月8日至25日之间发射一颗卫星。分析人士认为朝鲜真正的目的是为了测试其远距离弹道导弹。日本已经命令其武装部队拦截任何可能坠落在日本领土的导弹。Police in China arrested 21 people for their involvement in an alleged Ponzi scheme run by Ezubao, an online ?rm. The company has been accused of defrauding 900,000 investors of 50 billion yuan (.6 billion)中国警察逮捕了e租宝涉案人员共计21人,这一线上公司实则是一庞氏骗局,它已被指控诈骗资金500亿元(76亿美元),涉及投资人约90万名。Talks in Geneva aimed at bringing an end to the civil war in Syria were suspended only days after they began. Opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad are demanding a ceasefire, but fighting is instead intensifying, especially around the city of Aleppo. The talks may resume in three weeks. A conference on aid to the region began in London, amid warnings that Lebanon and Jordan are almost overwhelmed by the cost of housing Syrian refugees.旨在结束叙利亚内战的日内瓦和谈仅进行数日便陷入停滞状态。尽管巴沙尔·阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)政权的反对者们要求停火,战争—尤其在阿勒颇(Aleppo)市附近—却愈演愈烈。此次和谈或将于三周后继续。援助叙利亚的会议在伦敦举行,与此同时多方警告道,安置叙利亚难民所花的成本给黎巴嫩(Lebanon)和约旦(Jordan)几乎带来了严重打击。South Africas president, Jacob Zuma, agreed to pay back some of the m in public money that was spent on his private residence, potentially drawing some of the sting from a scandal that may damage the African National Congress in local elections that are due to take place in May.南非总统雅各布·祖马(Jacob Zuma)同意偿还其用于修缮私人住宅的2300万美元公款中的部分费用。该丑闻或将影响南非非洲人国民大会(African National Congress)在5月举行的地方选举中的表现,祖马此举可能会缓和对丑闻的批评之声。At least 86 people died in the most brutal attack in months by Boko Haram, a Nigerian jihadist outfit. The attack took place close to the regional capital of Maiduguri, which houses the armys headquarters. Boko Haram lost control of the city in 2014.尼日利亚圣战组织科圣地(Boko Haram)进行了数月来最残酷的一次袭击,造成了至少86人死亡。此次袭击发生在州首府迈杜古里(Maiduguri)附近,这里同时也是军队总部所在地。科圣地于2014失去了对迈杜古里的掌控。King Felipe of Spain asked the Socialist party, headed by Pedro Sánchez, to form a government. The Socialists control only 90 seats in the 350-seat parliament, which has been deadlocked since an election in December proved inconclusive. In order to become prime minister, Mr Sánchez will have to win the support of Podemos, an anti-austerity movement, and several other parties. It will be tough.西班牙国王费利佩(King Felipe of Spain)要求彼得罗·桑切斯(Pedro Sánchez)所领导的社会党组建政府。社会党仅拥有议会350个席位中的90个席位,自12月大选结果胜负不明以来便陷入了僵局之中。若想成为西班牙首相,桑切斯必须要赢得反紧缩运动“我可以”(Podemos)以及其他几个政党的持。前方道路将很艰难。The EU reached a provisional deal with America about data protection. Last year a ruling by the European Court of Justice abrogated the “Safe Harbour” agreement that let firms store individuals private online data in America. European data-protection agencies gave a cautious welcome to the new “Privacy Shield”.欧盟同美国就数据保护问题达成临时协议。去年,欧洲法院判定废除允许美国公司存储私人在线数据的“安全港”协议。欧洲数据保护机构对此新“隐私防护盾”表示欢迎的同时也有所警惕。Aivaras Abromavicius, Ukraines economy minister, resigned, complaining that the government was doing nothing about corruption.乌克兰经济部长艾瓦拉斯·阿布罗马维丘斯(Aivaras Abromavicius)辞去部长职务,控诉政府对腐败袖手旁观。A general election was called in Ireland for February 26th. The governing party led by Enda Kenny, the prime minister, is ahead in the polls.爱尔兰于2月26日举行大选。由爱尔兰总理恩达·肯尼(Enda Kenny)所领导的执政党在民调中处于领先地位。David Cameron presented a draft deal to “renegotiate” the terms of Britains membership of the European Union. The prime ministers agitated Eurosceptic critics in his party and the press said he had failed to match the robust promises he made in the partys election manifesto last year. A former minister said that possibly a quarter of the cabinet are “certain” to campaign to leave the union in a forthcoming referendum.大卫·卡梅伦(David Cameron)提出草案协议就英国留盟问题进行商讨。首相卡梅伦煽动党内反亲欧派批评者们。媒体表示,他未能遵守去年在政党大选宣言中所做出的强有力的承诺。英国前首相指出,在即将到来的公投中,可能有四分之一的内阁成员“确定”持英国离开欧盟。Another baffling issue, almost as old as Britains EU membership, was cleared up this week when a death certificate was issued for Lord Lucan. The enigmatic aristocrat disappeared in 1974 after his childrens nanny was murdered in London. Decades of speculation about his guilt ensued, as did alleged sightings, but Lucan was never seen again. The court ruling means that his son, Lord Bingham, can inherit the family title and become the 8th Earl of Lucan.鲁肯伯爵(Lord Lucan)死亡明的发布让另一件令人困扰已久的问题—几乎和英国留盟问题一样历史悠久—在本周得到了解决。其孩子的保姆在伦敦惨遭谋杀后,这名神秘贵族也于1974年失踪。几十年里,关于他有罪的猜测接踵而至,目击传言也层出不穷,但从未有人真正再见到过他。此次法庭的判决意味着鲁肯伯爵的儿子宾厄姆勋爵(Lord Bingham)能够继承家族头衔,成为鲁肯伯爵八世。 翻译:刘蕊amp;倪凌晖 校对:戴秀平译文属译生译世201602/426126

  Lexington莱克星顿Paying fealty to farmers向农民们表忠When Ted Cruz is the only person talking sense, something is wrong当只有特德·克鲁兹在理时,事情就有鬼了。A FEW years ago, while reporting on the madness that is European farm subsidies, this columnist came up with a “Richard Scarry” rule of politics. Most politicians hate to confront any profession or industry that routinely appears in childrens books (such as those penned by the late Mr Scarry). This gives outsize power to such folk as farmers, fishermen, doctors, firemen or—to cite a fine work in the Scarry canon—to firms that build Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. The rule is seldom good news for taxpayers, and there is a logic to that too: picture books rarely show people handing over fistfulls of money to the government.几年前,当莱克星顿专栏报道欧洲农作物补贴的疯狂时,曾经提出过理查德·斯凯瑞政治定律,即,多数政客都不愿意招惹一般会出现在童话书里的职业或产业,就如斯凯瑞曾写过的那些。这给了诸如农民、渔民、医生、消防员和制造汽车卡车等交通工具的公司(这在斯凯瑞的书里是一个很棒的职业)过大的权利。这一定律对纳税人来说弊大于利,毕竟,图画书很少画出人们给政府送钱的场面。The Scarry rule was tested afresh on March 7th at the inaugural “Iowa Ag Summit”, a campaign-style forum for politicians pondering White House runs in 2016. Reflecting Iowas clout as host of the first caucuses of the presidential election cycle, the summit lured nine putative candidates, all of them Republicans. Democrats were also invited, but declined. Such grandees as Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey took turns to sit on a dais beside a shiny green tractor, to tell an audience of corn (maize) growers, pork-producers and hundreds of reporters how much they love farmers.在3月7日的爱荷华州农业峰会开幕式上,这个定律再次被验。爱荷华州农业峰会是一个竞选性质的论坛,主要供政客思考白宫在2016年的运转。作为总统竞选圈内第一次党团会议的举办地,爱荷华州充分发挥了其影响力,推选出了9名候选人,9人均为共和党。民主党也在邀请之列,但他们拒绝出席。佛罗里达州前州长杰布·布什、威斯康星州州长斯考特·沃克和新泽西州州长克里斯·克里斯帝等政要轮流坐在讲台上,旁边是一台闪闪发亮的绿色拖拉机。他们告诉听众里的玉米种植者、猪肉养殖者和上百名记者,他们有多爱农民。The gathering was an unprecedented show of strength by the farm lobby. Rather than wait for journalists to tease out candidates positions over months on the campaign trail, the nine Republicans were each quizzed on stage for 20 minutes by the summits organiser, Bruce Rastetter, an Iowa ethanol and pork magnate. His most pointed questions concerned the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a federal mandate which obliges oil firms to blend billions of gallons of ethanol into vehicle fuel each year. Most of that ethanol is made from corn, in a process of questionable value to the environment, though a newer type made from stuff like corn stalks is better for the planet and for people in poor countries who eat corn or feed it to animals.该次机会展现了农业游说团体前所未有的魄力。选民们不必再在长达数月的竞选中,等待记者探出候选人的立场,这一次,9名候选人在台上就接受了20分钟的提问,提问者是峰会的组织者布鲁斯·拉斯泰特,他是一名爱荷华乙醇和猪肉业巨头。他所提出的问题中,最值得注意的是关于可再生燃料标准(RFS)的,根据该项联邦法令的规定,石油公司在为机动车提供燃料时,每年要加入数以亿计加仑乙醇,而这部分乙醇大多数是来自玉米,但加工过程对环境的利弊尚且很难说,此外,用玉米杆等材料生产乙醇的新方式对地球其实更有好处,对贫穷国家以玉米为食物或饲料的人们来说也更合理。Taking a stance on the RFS is a nightmare for ambitious Republicans. Boosters insist that ethanol has created 73,000 jobs in Iowa, and many more across the electorally important Midwest. They declare that every barrel distilled means less oil bought from foreign regimes that hate America. The corn lobby adds that recent doubts over the future of ethanol as have hit farm incomes and cost jobs, including at Iowa tractor factories. Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa, who calls the Ag Summit a “bold and brilliant” way to educate presidential candidates about farming, notes that agriculture was booming during the 2008 and 2012 elections, and so was not much discussed. Now, amid falling prices, he calls farmers “genuinely fearful”.对立场暧昧的共和党来说,就可再生燃料标准站队简直堪称噩梦。持者坚称,乙醇产业在爱荷华州创造了73,000个就业机会,在重要的选举去中西部甚至创造的更多。他们还说,每多提取出一桶燃料,就可以少向那些憎恨美国的国家买一桶石油。玉米游说团体补充道,近期对乙醇未来在能源中所占比重的猜疑打击了农产品收入,造成了失业,包括爱荷华州的拖拉机工厂也遭受打击。爱荷华州州长特里·布兰斯塔德把这次农业峰会称为教会总统候选人农业知识的一个“大胆而聪明的方式”,他说,2008-2012竞选期间正值农业繁荣期,因此被鲜少提及。而如今,面对下跌的物价,他说农民们“真的怕了”。However, the RFS is a glaring example of Big Government meddling. It is awkward, to put it mildly, for a small-government conservative to favour rules that force Americans to buy more of something than they want. For, adding to Republicans pain, the RFS is resented by the oil industry, which makes good money by blending a bit of ethanol into petrol but loathes plans to make it add a lot more.但可再生燃料标准是一个大政府干预的例子。有些条例强迫美国人不顾自身意愿过多消费,对于赞成这些条例的小政府保守党来说,说得好听一点,是有些尴尬的。因为正如共和党的痛脚,可再生燃料标准在石油产业中并不讨喜,将少量乙醇混入汽油他们能赚大钱,但添加再多乙醇,他们就不开心了。Most Republicans at the Ag Summit tried to have it both ways. They poured noisy scorn on federal regulation and loudly declared their faith in free markets. They expressed confidence that farmers, not bureaucrats, know best how to manage the land. This was the cue for some corny reminisce. “Ive sat on the end of a turnrow and watched a wheat crop be lost to a hailstorm,” sighed Rick Perry, a former governor of Texas and farmers son. Mr Bush noted that Florida had lots of citrus farms. Asked whether he backs rules that would label all produce by country of origin, he managed to woo Christians, Iowans and Hispanics in a single answer, and all while presenting himself as a family-loving Everyman. The day after the Ag Summit would find him at a Publix supermarket after church, shopping for “Sunday Fun Day” at his Florida home, explained Mr Bush, whose wife is Mexican. Iowa beef would be on the and his own special guacamole, and “I want to know where that avocado is from.”农业峰会上,多数共和党都想既顾此,又不失彼。他们大声谴责联邦规定,并摆明他们对自由市场的信心。他们充满信心地表示,最了解如何管理土地的是农民而非官僚,这引出了一些人埋藏久远的记忆。德克萨斯州前州长里克·佩里是一个农民之子,他叹息道:“我曾经坐在一个洞穴里,眼睁睁地看着一场冰雹毁掉了小麦。”杰布·布什还提到佛罗里达有很多柑橘农场。当被问及他是否持将农产品标明产地的规定时,他成功地用一个同时对基督徒、爱荷华州人和西班牙裔美国人示好—他说,他的妻子是墨西哥人,所以在农业峰会之后,他会在去教堂之后来到大众超市,为他在佛罗里达的家里度过“快乐的周日”而采购。Then seven of the nine murmured that the RFS was the law and so should be enforced, or should be preserved for a while to give farmers certainty as they plant crops. Market forces would ultimately prevail, said Mr Bush delicately, so that farmers might not need the RFS after 2022 “or somewhere in the future”. This pandering marked a timely shift for some. Mr Walker used to denounce ethanol mandates with a passion, calling them “central planning” and “fundamentally wrong”. But the Wisconsin governor, whose fortunes have been surging of late, can ill-afford to alienate a next-door state like Iowa, full of pious, thrifty midwestern conservatives in his image. So Mr Walker told the Ag Summit that he is willing to see the RFS continue, at least for now.9名候选人中,有7个人声势较弱地表示,可再生燃料标准毕竟是法律,应该被遵守,或起码保留一段时间,让农民在种玉米的时候心里有底。而布什先生微妙地说,市场的力量最终会发挥作用的,因此在2022或未来的某个时候,农民也许将不再需要可再生燃料标准。这般迎合言论对某些人来说标志着适时的转变。斯考特·沃克曾极力谴责乙醇法令,称其为“中心控制”,是“根本错误”的。但威斯康星的州长近日好运连连,他不能疏远邻州爱荷华,在他的计划里,该州充满了虔诚节约的中西部保守党。因此沃克在农业峰会上说,起码暂时来说,他愿意看到可再生燃料标准保留下来。Patrick Pig at the trough饲料槽前的帕特里克猪The pandering is bipartisan: ethanol backers cheered reports that Hillary Clinton has recruited an aide to Tom Vilsack, the agriculture secretary and a former Iowa governor, to run her campaign in the state. Yet the pandering is not universal. Mr Perry did not explicitly endorse the RFS. His fellow-Texan, Senator Ted Cruz, told Iowans that he opposes it, explaining his conviction that “Washington should not be picking winners and losers.”这种迎合奉承在两党中都存在。希拉里·克林顿为农业部长汤姆·维尔萨克招来一名助手和一名前爱荷华州长来运行她在该州的竞选,消息一出,就引来乙醇法持者的欢呼。但这种迎合并不普遍。里克·佩里实际上还没有明确认可可再生燃料标准。他属下的一名德克萨斯州参议员特德·克鲁兹对爱荷华人说,他反对该项标准,因为“华盛顿不应该一手定胜负。”Mr Cruz is betting that political dynamics are changing. The Ag Summit showed the farm lobbys strength but also its vulnerability: a truly confident industry would not even ask candidates to declare their fealty, almost a year ahead of the first presidential caucus. In 2000 Senator John McCain simply skipped Iowa, because he opposed ethanol subsidies. Today, the shrink-the-government right is more confrontational. Mr Cruz sensed a political advantage in flying to Iowa to sit beside a tractor telling farmers that they are wrong to want federal help. The coming months will reveal if he is right, or if the Scarry rule remains in force.克鲁兹是在赌,政治风向已经变了。农业峰会在展示农业游说团体实力的同时,也展示了其脆弱性—一个真正有自信的产业,是不会在第一次总统竞选党会开始一年前,就让候选人表忠的。2000年时,约翰·麦凯恩仅仅因为反对对乙醇进行补贴就放弃了爱荷华州。如今,对是否要减小政府权力的讨论更加如火如荼。克鲁兹认为,飞去爱荷华州,坐在拖拉机旁,告诉农民们,他们想要寻求联邦帮助的想法是错的这一举动,会带来政治优势。未来的几个月里将见,究竟他是对的,还是斯凯瑞定律的地位仍牢不可催。 翻译:杨雪 校对:靳方方 译文属译生译世 /201503/366522

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