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威廉王子为女王自传作序 -- :5:53 来源: 威廉王子为女王自传作序Prince William pays tribute to the Queen's 'life of service'Prince William has written movingly of the "example and continuity" provided by the Queen throughout the turbulent decades of her long rein.威廉王子动情写道,女王在其漫长的任期中经历了动荡的几十年,她“立下了典范,为国家务矢志不渝”Writing in the preface to a new biography of his grandmother, the Duke of Cambridge said she had presided over a period of unprecedented transmation, in which the world had changed "almost beyond recognition".剑桥公爵(Duke of Cambridge)为祖母的新传记作序,他写道,女王任期间,世界发生了前所未有、“翻天覆地”的变革Prince William, in his preface to Elizabeth II: The Steadfast, by the mer Home and eign Secretary Lord Hurd, writes: "Over the last ninety years, the world has changed more rapidly than at any time in history. When my grandmother The Queen was born in 196, the wounds of the Great War were still healing, but few would imagine how soon they would be reopened. The confidence of the previous century had morphed into uncertainty and many worried – as they still do – about the challenge presented to our commies by rapid technological and social change."前英国内政兼外交大臣赫德男爵(Home and eign Secretary Lord Hurd)创作了女王自传《伊丽莎白二世:坚定不移(Elizabeth II: The Steadfast)威廉王子在该书的序言中写道,“过去90年间,世界变化之快超过了历史上任何时期当我的祖母——女王伊丽莎白二世于196年降生时,一战留下的创伤还在愈合期,但是很少有人会料想到,不久之后,历史的创伤将被再次揭开人们在上个世纪的自信转变成了不确定性科技发展和社会变革对我们的社会提出了挑战,许多人对此表示担忧,这种担忧一直延续至今”Prince William adds: "After almost ninety years, we find ourselves in a world that has changed dramatically, almost beyond recognition to the world that The Queen was born into, but where the role of charity, family, duty and compassion perseveres. I think I speak my generation when I say that the example and continuity provided by The Queen is not only very rare among leaders but a great source of pride and reassurance. Time and again, quietly and modestly, The Queen has shown us all that we can confidently embrace the future without compromising the things that are important.”"威廉王子还写道:“将近90年之后,世界的面貌发生了巨大改变与女王出生时的世界相比,这种变化可以说是翻天覆地的,但女王慈善、家庭、责任及热情这些原则却始终如一我想,我可以代表我这一代人发言,女王立下的典范及为国家务的矢志不渝,不仅在领袖中极为罕见,而且给人民带来巨大的自豪感和慰藉一次又一次,女王以平静而谦虚的方式向我们所有人展示,我们既能自信地拥抱未来,同时也能坚守重要的价值”"From a personal point of view, I am privileged to witness the private side of The Queen, as a grandmother and great-grandmother. The Queen’s kindness and sense of humour, her innate sense of calm and perspective, and her love of family and home are all attributes I experience first-hand. All of us who will inherit the legacy of my grandmother"s reign and generation need to do all we can to celebrate and learn from her story. Speaking myself, I am privileged to have The Queen as a model a life of service to the public."“从个人角度来说,我很荣幸能见女王作为祖母、曾祖母时私人的一面我亲身体会到了女王的慈爱和幽默感,她与生俱来的冷静和远见,以及他对家人和家庭的爱祖母的任期和她所处在的世代将给我们留下宝贵的财富,我们都应尽自己的所能,颂扬、学习她的人生故事女王一生都在为人民务就我个人来说,我很荣幸能有这样的榜样”Prince William also pays tribute to the role played by his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, in supporting the Queen throughout her 63-year reign. He writes: "I should add that no mention of The Queen is complete without paying tribute to my grandfather Prince Philip, who has devoted his life to supporting her."威廉王子也对其祖父爱丁堡公爵(Duke of Edinburgh)致敬,赞颂祖父在女王63年任期中提供的持他写道,“我应该补充一句,提到女王,就不得不向我的祖父菲利普亲王致以敬意他毕生都是女王的持者”The book comes as the country prepares to celebrate the moment, on September 9, when the Queen's becomes Britain's longest-reigning monarch – overtaking the record set by Queen Victoria.今年9月9日,女王伊丽莎白二世将成为英国史上在位最久的君主,打破之前维多利亚女王的记录随着英国人民准备庆祝这一时刻,这本自传也即将出版Although the Queen had insisted she wanted no fuss to be made, the landmark will be recognised with a range of souvenir china and photographic exhibitions at three royal palaces. On the day itself the Queen will be opening a new railway line in Scotland and taking a ride in a carriage pulled by a steam train. 虽然女王坚持不想兴师动众,但是为庆祝这一里程碑式的日子,三座皇家宫殿将推出一系列的纪念品瓷器和摄影展纪念日当天,女王将启动苏格兰一条新铁路线路开通仪式,并搭乘蒸汽火车Elizabeth II: The Steadfast will be published on August 7 by Penguin Books, as part of series of short histories of Britain's sovereigns entitled Penguin Monarchs.《伊丽莎白二世:坚定不移将于8月7日由企鹅出版集团发布这部自传属于题为“企鹅君主”(Penguin Monarchs)的英国君主简史系列之一英文来源:每日电讯报译者:Zoella围棋大师吴清源去世 享年百岁 -- ::57 来源:   Go master Seigen Go, heralded as the strongest professional player in the Showa era, died of old age early Sunday morning at a hospital in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture. He was 0.  周日早晨,围棋大师吴清源在神奈川县小田原市的一家医院里去世,享年0岁他被认为是昭和时代最强的职业选手  Funeral services will be held with only close relatives in attendance, but a more public farewell ceremony is expected to be held at a later time.  只有亲朋好友才能参加吴清源的葬礼不过面向大众的告别仪式将在晚些时候举行  Go was born in 19 in Fujian Province, China. His talent at go was recognized at an early age, and in 19 he came to Japan at the age of . Go became a disciple of Kensaku Segoe, a seventh-dan player, and was quickly promoted to third dan the following year. He was granted the ninth dan in 1950 and became a naturalized Japanese citizen in 1979.  吴清源19年出生于中国福建省人们在他年少的时候就知道他的天赋19年,岁的吴清源来到日本,师从濑越宪作七段,仅花了一年时间就晋级三段1950年,吴清源被授予九段,并于1979年加入日本国籍  In 1933, Go and fifth-dan player Minoru Kitani announced a new strategy focusing on the center of the board, which has become the basis of modern go strategy.  1933年,吴清源和木谷实五段公布了更注重中腹的新布局,它已成为现代围棋战术的基础  Go dominated professional circles until his retirement in 198, waging fierce battles with top players.  在198年退役前,吴清源多次和顶尖棋手激烈交手,并统治了职业棋坛女子状告特朗普 称岁被特朗普和一富商先后强奸 --5 18:56: 来源: 一名美国女子日前以强奸罪起诉美国共和党总统竞选人、地产大亨唐纳德.特朗普该女子在起诉书中声称,199年,年仅岁的她在一场派对上被特朗普以及他的一位富商友人先后强奸 Donald Trump faces rape allegations again. An unidentified Calinia woman filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan Federal Court on Monday, which was first reported by the Real Deal.特朗普再次面临强奸指控6月日,一名身份不明的加利福尼亚女子在在曼哈顿联邦法院提起诉讼据纽约权威地产杂志The Real Deal抢先报道The lawsuit claims that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her when she was years old at a sex party hosted by Epstein in 199. Trump has previously denied the allegations, calling them “categorically false” and “disgusting.”她在起诉书中称,特朗普及其友人杰弗里.爱泼斯坦199年在爱泼斯坦举办的一场派对上强奸了她,当时她才岁特朗普否认此指控,称其“一派胡言”、“让人恶心”Epstein has also been previously accused of sexual deviancy and pedophile activities, but has denied claims as well. He did, however, plead guilty to soliciting a minor in one case filed against him in .爱泼斯坦还曾被指控性变态和有恋童癖,不过均被其否认然而,他在年的一起诱奸未成年少女罪名成立A Los Angeles Federal Court judge dismissed the lawsuit last month.上月,该女子曾向洛杉矶联邦法院提起诉讼,不过被驳回The New York Daily News points out there are many vulgar charges missing from the new case, like an allegation that Trump threw money at the defendant after she expressed fear of pregnancy after the rape. Also missing is the claim that Trump called Epstein a “Jew bastard,” and her original request 霍建华林心如宣布婚讯 网友大喊心疼胡歌 -- :7:3 来源: 7月5号是个好日子继陈晓陈妍希这对夫妇宣布领和怀的消息之后,林心如和霍建华即将举办婚礼的消息也随之公开 July 5th is indeed a joyous day. We have heard the news of Michelle Chen’s marriage registration and pregnancy and now, wedding bells are ringing Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo!7月5号是个好日子继陈晓陈妍希这对夫妇宣布领和怀的消息之后,林心如和霍建华即将举办婚礼的消息也随之公开Right bee , we were discussing the possibility of a romance between Jerry Yan, and Ruby Lin. Little did we know that one month later, at Ruby Lin’s 0th birthday party, Wallace Huo would finally confess to her.在年开年之前,外界纷纷猜测言承旭和林心如有可能已经秘密相恋然而,人们并不知道,就在两人扑朔迷离的关系传开一个月之后,霍建华在林心如0岁的生日派对上可能已经对其表白And a few months later, on th May (also known as the day of 5 – I love you – in chinese), Wallace declared that he is dating Ruby! After ten years of friendship, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo decided to start dating. But that’s not the most surprising thing yet, the most surprising thing is that…. they announced their wedding plans today! Wallace Huo Jian Hua, 36, and Ruby Lin Xin Ru, 0, will be getting married in Bali Island at the end of the month. Another May-December relationship with an age difference of years, the same as Chen Xiao-Michelle Chen who registered their marriage today.几个月之后,在5月日(中国将其称为5,与“我爱你”谐音)当天,霍建华公开了与林心如的恋情十年的友情终于修成正果然而,这还不算是最令人惊讶的,就在7月5日这天,两人公布了即将结婚的喜讯,瞬间引爆了圈据报道,36岁的霍建华与0岁的林心如将于本月月底在巴厘岛上举办婚礼两人和刚刚宣布登记的陈晓陈妍希夫妇一样,都是女方比男方年长四岁Wallace Huo: Having received a lot of enquiries from my friends today. Yes, Ruby and I are getting married, thanks everyone’s concern!华说:今天收到很多朋友的询问是的,我和心如要结婚了,谢谢大家的关心!Ruby Lin: Yes, Hua-ge (Wallace) and Elder Sister (referring to herself) are getting married, thanks everyone’s concern.林心如:是的,华哥和要结婚了,谢谢大家的关心!The news was first announced via Weibo but the funniest thing is that the current #1 trending topic on weibo at time of publish is #Invasion of Hu Ge’s Weibo#. Yes, Hu Ge’s weibo has been invaded by fans sharing love with him as his other half (Wallace) has been stolen by Ruby. #Ruby Lin# is number on the trending list while #Michelle Chen Pregnancy# is number 5 on the list. Interesting to note that neither Wallace Huo nor Chen Xiao made it on the list even though the news concern them as much as their female counterparts.这则消息首先是通过微发布,然而有趣的是,现如今#胡歌微沦陷#却牢牢占据了微热门话题的榜首没错,由于霍建华要结婚的消息传开,胡歌的微已经被诸多“胡霍党”(即同时喜欢胡歌和霍建华的网友)所占据#林心如#这一话题紧随其后,位居话题榜第二位,#陈妍希怀#的话题位于第五位霍建华和陈晓虽然也是重磅新闻的当事人之一,但是却没有出现在热门话题榜上Still, let’s be happy them and wish them all the best their future together.无论如何,还是要祝福霍建华和林心如这对情侣,愿他们永远幸福 million in damages.《纽约每日新闻指出,在本次的案件中,许多粗俗的指控被撤回,比如她声称,在被强奸后担心怀,特朗普曾甩给她现金,还比如特朗普称爱泼斯坦为“犹太杂种”,以及她曾要求 1亿美元的赔偿金She cites in an affidavit: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”她说:“强奸结束后,特朗普还威胁我,不能把事情告诉别人,否则,我和家人可能会被杀,或者有其他后果”

宝宝都是颜控!长得丑小孩都不理你 --3 :: 来源: A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children, like adults, inherently trust good-looking people more than unattractive ones.一份发表于《心理学前沿杂志的研究发现,孩子和成年人一样会本能地更信任长相好看的人而非缺少魅力的人 the study, a team of Chinese researchers recruited groups of 8-, -, and -year-olds, with 33 to kids in each group (a similarly sized group of college students served as a control). These pint-size volunteers viewed a series of 0 unfamiliar faces, categorizing each one as trustworthy, untrustworthy, or neither; a month later, they came back to view the same faces, this time rating them on attractiveness.为了开展本项研究,中国研究团队招募了一群8岁、岁和岁大的孩子,每组33至人(数量相当的大学生组成控制组)小志愿者们观看了一系列0个不熟悉的面孔,将它们分为;值得信任的;、;不值得信任的;和;无法判断的;;一个月之后,他们又回来看了同样的面孔,这次根据魅力值为它们划分等级Across age groups, the two judgments were closely linked ; the more attractive faces, in general, were also considered more trustworthy. It's one more in a pile of similar findings about how kids make appearance-based judgments: Past research has shown, example, that preschool-age children seek out more attractive peers as playmates, and that they prefer to rely on better-looking people as sources of inmation. Even kids as young as 3 can a person's face to make assumptions about their character.不论在哪个年龄组,这两项判断都是密切相关的;;更有魅力的面孔一般会被评定为更值得信任在此之前,已有大量类似实验,研究小孩子如何依据外表作出判断:比如,过去的研究明,学龄前儿童会寻找更有魅力的同龄人作玩伴,而且他们更喜欢依赖长相更好看的人作为信息来源;甚至连3岁小孩都能通过看人脸来猜测别人的性格;The 'beauty is good' impression may gradually develop through children's daily experiences in witnessing the association between attractive individuals and trustworthy behaviors,; the authors wrote.研究人员写道:;在孩子的日常经验中,他们会目睹有魅力的个人与值得信任的行为之间的联系,而lsquo;美是好的rsquo;这种印象也就逐渐形成了;As we have previously noted, beautiful people have it easier in many ways: They tend to be better paid, more confident, and better liked ; even by the tiniest of humans.正如我们此前提到过的,漂亮的人在许多方面都会过得更容易一些:他们往往薪资更高,更有信心,更讨人喜欢;;甚至连最小的孩子都更喜欢他们

只卖3美元的智能手机长啥样? --01 ::7 来源: 今年早些时候,印度一家公司说他们要推出一款售价仅为3美元的智能手机最近,这家公司称第一批万智能手机即将出货,为此,记者专门进行了采访 Getting your hands on the world’s "cheapest smartphone" is not easy.想要入手一部全世界“最便宜的智能手机”并不容易Freedom 51 is an Android phone advertised by Ringing Bells at 51 rupees (.77 pound).“自由51”是一款安卓智能手机,由Ringing Bells公司推出,售价仅为51卢比(约为.77英镑)In the hand, it feels somewhat like Apple’s iPhone 5.把这款手机拿在手里,感觉有点像iPhone 5And, surprisingly its price, its specifications are quite impressive:而且让人惊喜的是,就这个价位来说,这款手机的配置相当不错camera on both front and back它装载了前置摄像头和后置摄像头in (.cm) wide寸(约合.厘米)屏幕1GB Ram1GB内存8GB internal storage, expandable to 3GB手机容量为8G,可以扩展到3Gquad-core processor providing more processing power when necessary but making less use of its battery at other times这款手机还搭载了四核处理器,能够在有需要的时候提供更高的处理能力,但是有时候电池有点不够用There are two models, one black, one white.这款手机有两种样式,一款白色,一款黑色As I handle the handset, it seems to work like a basic smartphone.当我试用这款手机的时候,它看起来跟一般的智能手机没什么分别But it is hard to really test its capabilities, as it has very few applications, covering only basic tasks, such as:但是真的很难对这款手机的能力进行测试,因为它只有非常少的应用程序,只有一些最基本的应用,例如:calculator日历music player音乐播放器web browser网页浏览器email邮件At the demo, the company told me the final model would be made available scrutiny only after 30 June. Later, on Tuesday afternoon, it said that date had been delayed until 7 July.在演示的时候,该公司告诉我说,这款手机的最终模型要在6月30日过后才能够让公众仔细的审查但是在周二下午,他们又告诉我说这一日期被推迟到了7月7日Some people are worried.有些人表示担忧Questions are being asked about whether the company will be able to deliver the millions of handsets it says it can.有人提出了疑问,质疑这家公司是否能像他们所说的那样,提供数百万台这样的手机One member of the Indian parliament, Kirit Somaiya, has even suggested a "huge scam" is being perpetrated, while the head of the Indian Cellular Association has said the sale seemed to be "a joke or a scam".印度议会成员基利特甚至认为一个“巨大的骗局”正在发生,而印度手机协会负责人则表示说,这起销售计划看起来是“一个笑话或者一个骗局”Mohit Goel, the founder and chief executive of Ringing Bells, denies the allegations of fraud.Mohit Goel是Ringing Bells的创始人和CEO,他否认了所有的欺诈指控His family has been in the dry fruits business decades, and he says it was a desire to be part of the digital India dream that drove him to the idea of a cheap handset.在过去的几十年里,他的家庭一直在经营干果生意据他表示,想成为“数字印度”梦想一部分的这个愿望驱使他萌发了“最便宜智能手机”的想法There is no denying the demand such a product.不可否认的是,人们这种产品的确存在着需求India is the world’s second-largest mobile phone market, with one billion subscribers - many have joined those ranks thanks to other low-cost - but not this low - smartphones.印度是全球第二大手机市场,拥有亿手机用户--归功于其他廉价智能手机(尽管比不上这一款手机的低价),许多印度人得以成为手机用户But is the Freedom 51 too good to be true?但是“自由51”手机是不是太好了,反而有点不真实?More than 70 million people had registered online, and the company’s website had crashed.超过7000万人进行了网上注册,该公司的网站而崩溃But the device given out to me and other journalists was actually a Chinese-made phone.但是事实上,发给我和其他记者的手机是中国造的Its brand name - Adcom - had been covered up with white paint on the front, and a sticker hid it on the rear.这款手机原本的商标名字是Adcom,但是在手机正面,有人用油漆涂掉了原本的商标,在手机背面用贴纸将原来的Logo遮了起来And, oddly, the icons of the phone’s apps looked liked those of an iPhone, despite it being an Android device.还有让人感到奇怪的是,尽管这款手机搭载的是安卓系统,但是手机里应用软件的图标看起来跟iPhone没什么两样This led to a furore as people protested outside the company headquarters, and there were multiple inquires by the police, tax authorities and the encement directorate.这些情况导致了人们的愤怒,抗议者们聚集在公司总部门外,并且警方、税务机关和执法局对该公司进行了多起调查Ringing Bells then refunded the deposits it had taken from more than 30,000 people via the internet.随后Ringing Bells公司返还了定金,此前该公司曾通过互联网从30000多人手中收取了这笔定金The new handset is definitely a different model.这款新手机毫无疑问是一个不同的机型The most obvious change is that it now has three buttons below its display, rather than just one.最明显的变化就是,这款手机的显示屏下方有三个键,而不是只有一个So, where is Ringing Bells making these phones, as it has yet to build factories?Ringing Bells没有建厂,那么它到底是在什么地方制造的这些手机呢?Mr Goel says his company is importing "knocked-down parts" from Taiwan and assembling them in Haridwar in northern India.Goel表示说,他的公司从台湾进口“未装配的零件”,然后再印度北方城市哈里瓦组装成机But once it makes enough money, he adds, the company wants to manufacture all the parts in India.但是他补充说道,一旦公司挣到了足够的钱,他们就想在印度国内制造所有的零部件The phone costs about 1,180 rupees to make, and Ringing Bells claims to subsidise it via tie-ups with some of the apps that will be pre-installed.这款手机的制造成本大约是80卢比,但是Ringing Bells声称他们和手机中预装程序的公司有合作,他们可以得到补贴,从而降低手机的售价Mr Goel says the business will still lose about 0 rupees on each phone and hopes the government will step in with subsidies.Goel表示说,从他们目前的业务情况来看,每个手机的成本还是比售价要高0卢比,他们希望将来政府能够给他们提供进一步的补贴About 0,000 handsets are said to be y to send to customers.据说,目前约有万台手机已经准备好出货卖给客户们了


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