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长春医科大学第二医院人流手术多少钱长春医院做人流好我的假期 --19 :19:30 来源: I had a long holiday May Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want.During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting. Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children. It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house. My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.I like the holiday. I like my May Day.吉林大学三院简介 明十三皇陵之一——定陵英文导游词 定陵英文介绍 -- ::38 来源: 明十三皇陵之一——定陵英文导游词 定陵英文介绍明朝万历帝的地下皇陵定陵是明十三皇陵之一早在万历帝岁时,他便下令为自己修建陵墓,这座陵墓耗时6年,花费了这个国家两年的地税钱1958年,定陵被发掘出土,从此便成为地下物馆向公众开放Dingling, the underground mausoleum of Emperor Wan Li, is one of the thirteen imperial tombs of the Ming Dynasty (68-). Emperor Wan Li (73-) ordered the construction of his own tomb when he was and it took six years to complete the construction which cost about two year’s land taxes of the entire empire. The Emperor gave a party in his own funeral chamber, so the chronicles say, to mark its completion, and thirty years later he was buried in it amid a splendid ceremony.  The tomb was excavated in 1958 and has since been open to the public as an underground museum. Some fifty kilometers northwest of Beijing city center, the group of tombs (known as Ming Tombs) near Dingling are scattered around the southern slopes of the Heavenly Longevity Mountains(1), bounded by hills on three sides with a southern exposure to an open plain.   The approach to the Ming Tombs is a shaded 7-kilometer-long road known as the Sacred Way. Its beginning is marked with a marble archway standing 7 meters long and meters high. The marble archway is similar to the triumphal arches of Europe (Paris, Rome, Berlin, etc.). This archway, one of the finest and best preserved in the country, was erected in 0, at a time when Chinese architecture had reached its climax.  A stone table nearby proclaims that entrants must dismount at this point and proceed on foot, that admittance beyond the archway was bidden to ordinary citizens, and that violating this law was punishable by death.  Further on, this road is lined with gigantic stone statues, of lions, camels, elephants, horses, and mythical animals and of generals, civil mandarins, and courtiers().   Dingling consists of the underground palace and surface structures, most of which are now in ruin, leaving the magnificent soul Tower still standing in a spacious courtyard. Each corner of the Tower is a single block of stone. The rafters, beams and architraves are also carved out of stone and decorated with colorful motifs. The Tower houses a large stone tablet inscribed with Wan Li’s posthumous title.   Immediately behind the tower is the burial mound encircled by a 700-meter-long brick wall. The mound is called the Precious City and directly beneath it is a mammoth tomb-the Underground Palace, where the emperor and his two empresses were expected to live an eternal life in splendor and luxury.   The Underground Palace lies 7 metes below the surface. A flight of stone steps leads down to the main entrance, which is a richly carved gateway with a double-leaf marble door. Each leaf, tons in weight, hinges on an axis which is carved from the same piece of marble. The lower end of the axis rests in a hole on the stone doorstep and the upper end in a hole of the bronze lintel which weights ten tons. Each marble leaf, incredible, is thicker near the axis and tapers off toward the middle of the door. This allows one person to open and close the massive door easily. The door was ingeniously sealed on the burial scene by a stone bar, known as the "Self-acting stone." Once put in place from inside, this bolt would prevent the door from ever being opened again.   The Underground Palace consists of three aligned vaults: the Ante-Chamber, the Sacrificial Chamber and the Burial Chamber. Each chamber is provided with an entrance gate as massive as the main gate.  The Ante-Chamber is now bare. The Sacrificial Chamber, flanked with an annex chamber on each side, contains three white thrones. The central one, carved with dragons in high relief on its back and sides, was the emperor, who was flanked in death by two empresses on thrones carved with phoenixes. In front of each throne is a set of five-altar pieces and a large blue-and -white porcelain jar still containing oil and wick in a bronze tube. This is called "everlasting lamp"(3) which was supposed to provide "everlasting light". Midway along the side walls are simple arched doorways leading into the annexes. Each annex contains a stone couch on which an empress’s coffin was to rest. In the center of each couch there is a square hole in which yellow earth was placed, presenting a secret connection between the coffin and the earth. At the end of each annex is a huge gate with a self-acting stone. Beyond the gate is a vaulted passage which is blocked. The passage was intended the entombment of the empresses should they die after the emperor, as no one was supposed to disturb his corpse.   In the Burial Chamber, the largest part of the tomb, stand three red-lacquered coffins, side by side on a white marble platm. The one in the middle is the Emperor’s coffin, with the First Empress’s on the left and the Second Empress’s on the right. Inside each coffin there is another coffin, and thus, each imperial corpse is held in two coffins, one kept within the other. In the narrow spaces between the three sets of coffins are two pairs of vases and three boxes which originally contained a wooden imperial seal and wooden tablets recording the bestowal on the emperor of his posthumous title. There is also an iron helmet decorated with gold and jewels, a suit of mail, a sword, a bow, and iron-tipped arrows.   ON either side of the coffins are 6 wooden chests that contain wooden figurines, women’s head-dresses decorated with golden phoenixes and jewels, wooden seals with the posthumous titles of the empresses, jade belts, strings of jade pendants, robes, shoes and sets of gold chopsticks, spoons, cups, and wash-basins. Also on the platm were wooden models of sedan chairs, coaches, spears, bows, arrows, flagstaffs with silk banners and other objects used in imperial processions.   When the emperor’s coffin was opened, a silk shroud, jade cups and jade bowls with a gold cover were first exposed. The shroud was then carefully rolled back, revealing among other precious objects a royal crown which is the only royal crown excavated so far in China. Of Emperor Wan Li, only bones and hair remained. He wore a beard, and his long hair in a top knot was secured with long gold pins. The "dragon robe", in which he was buried is not so well preserved as a similar one buried with him. Rolls of silk, all in gorgeous patterns and many woven with gold th, m his mattress and bedding. Both empresses’ coffins contained phoenix coronets and other headdresses, bronze mirrors and gold boxes cosmetics and toilet s. The coronets are of fine gold mesh with dragons and phoenixes, each adorned with more than a hundred germs and five thousand pearls.   Most of the relics (some three thousand pieces )are on display in the Dingling Museum Exhibition Hall, which has attracted millions of visitors from China and abroad since the museum opened in 1959.   Notes:   1. Heavenly Longevity Mountains 天寿山   . generals, civil mandarins, and courtiers 武臣、文臣和勋臣   3. everlasting lamp 长明灯 英文导游词 定陵英文介绍长春皮肤泌尿专科医院在那儿

长春市延安医院妇科专家驴友必知中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村 --5 :1:00 来源: 中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村. Nanling village 南岭村Nanling is known as the "First Village of China."南岭村被誉为“中国第一次”The village's best-known tourist attraction is Qiushuishan Park, a nice escape from downtown Shenzhen. The 53-hectare park is surrounded by an 800-meter long mini Great Wall. Inside is a Hakka folk culture museum and a badge museum with more than ,000 badges with the image of Chairman Mao Zedong.南岭村最有名的旅游胜地是求水山公园求水山公园是一个远离深圳市区的度假胜地,占地面积53公顷,四周被长800米的迷你长城环绕求水山公园以内有客家民俗园和拥有,000多个毛泽东像章的展览馆The peak of the 53-meter hill can be reached by cable car a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong and Buji Subdistrict, where Nanling is located. The park includes a golf training course and a roller coaster.坐缆车可登上海拔53米的主峰求水顶,在这里可以鸟瞰香港和南岭村所在的布吉街道全景 中国六大最富有的村镇之深圳南岭村长春哪能做处女膜修复手术 丢失皮夹 I Lost My Wallet-- ::59 CARL: Hello. Excuse me.SALLY: Yes. Can I help you?CARL: Do you remember me? I just had lunch here a half hour ago.SALLY: Of course I remember you. CARL: I think I lost my wallet here.SALLY: Oh, no. Really? I didn't see anything.CARL: Really? You didn't find a wallet?SALLY: No, I didn't. Would you like to go look by the table with me?CARL: Yes, I would. It's not here. And it's not on the floor.Has anyone sat at this table since we left?SALLY: No. It's been empty the whole time.CARL: Hmm. I don't know how it could have happened.SALLY: I remember, sir, that your friend took the bill.You didn't pay the lunch yourself, did you?CARL: No. My friend did.SALLY: Then are you sure you took your wallet out of your pocket while you were here?CARL: No, I'm not sure. But I usually take out my wallet when I sit down.It's uncomtable to sit on it. So I usually put it next to me on the table.SALLY: Maybe you lost it bee you came here. Or maybe you left it at home.CARL: I don't think it's at home. I think I had it when I left the house.But what should I do?SALLY: Well, the first thing you should do is make sure it's not at home.Then, if it isn't, you need to call your credit card companies and cancel your cards.Next, you need to replace whatever you lost , your driver's license, things like that.CARL: Should I call the police?SALLY: You can if you want. But the police usually don't do anything about lost wallets.CARL: Hmm. I'll go home and check. Maybe you're right. Maybe it's at home.SALLY: I'm sorry we couldn't find it, sir. CARL: Thanks your help.卡尔:哈啰,请问一下莎莉:请说,我能帮你吗?卡尔:你记得我吗?刚刚一小时前我在这里吃午餐莎莉:当然我记得你卡尔:我的皮夹掉在这里莎莉:不会吧,真的吗?我没有看到卡尔:真的吗?你没发现到皮夹?莎莉:没有你要跟我到桌子那边看看吗?卡尔:好的不在这里,也不在地上我们走后这一桌有人坐吗?莎莉:没有,一直是空着的卡尔:我不知道怎么会这样莎莉:先生,我记得是你朋友付帐的你没有付自己的午餐钱,不是吗?卡尔:是的,是我朋友付的莎莉:那么你确定在这里你曾从口袋拿出皮夹来吗?卡尔:我不确定但是通常我坐下来时,会把皮夹拿出来坐在上面很不舒,所以通常我把它放在桌子上的旁边莎莉:可能你来这里之前就掉了,或是你遗忘在家里卡尔:我想不会在家里,我记得出门时带着我该怎么办呢?莎莉:首先你要确定不是放在家里如果不是,你要打电话到信用卡公司取消信用卡接下来你要重办遗失的件,像是驾照之类的东西卡尔:要报警吗?莎莉:如果你要的话可以但是警察通常不处理皮夹遗失的案件卡尔:我会回家找找看也许你是对的,也许是放在家里莎莉:很抱歉,我们没有找到,先生卡尔:谢谢你的帮忙蛟河人工流产多少钱

长春208医院做全身检查要多少钱I Love Our School 我爱我们的学校 -- 19:53: 来源: I Love Our School 我爱我们的学校  Our school is a famous one with a long history. It's very beautiful. There are a lot of trees, flowers and grass in it. We have two teaching buildings, a computer room and a large library.  There are six grades in our school, and there are eight classes in each grade. Above all, there are many good teachers in our school, so classes are very interesting and lively. All of the teachers are friendly to us. I love our school.  我们学校是一所具有悠久历史的名校,它很美校园里面有许多花草树木我们有两座教学楼,一个电脑室和一个大的图书馆  我们学校有六个年级,每个年级有八个班重要的是我们学校有许多优秀的老师,所以课堂生动有趣所有的老师对我们都很友好我爱我们的学校 傲慢与偏见电影台词年完整版下载(中英对照) --7 ::39 来源: 傲慢与偏见电影台词年完整版下载(中英对照)Lydia! Kitty!莉蒂雅! 凯蒂!My dear Mr Bennet, have you heard?亲爱的贝纳先生,你听说了吗?Netherfield Park is let at last. Do you not want to know who has taken it?尼德斐园最后终于租出去了你想知道最后是谁租走了吗?As you wish to tell me, my dear,I doubt I have any choice in the matter.亲爱的, 如果你想说的话, 我能说不听吗?Kitty, what have I told youabout listening at the door?凯蒂, 我说过不要在门边偷看There's a Mr Bingley arrived from the North.有一位叫宾里的先生从北方来了Five thousand a year!Really?听说年收入五千磅呢!真的?He's single!Who's single?他还是单身!谁还是单身?A Mr Bingley, apparently. Kitty!当然是那位宾里先生阿,凯蒂!How can that possibly affect them?这干她们什么事?Mr Bennet,how can you be so tiresome?贝纳先生,你怎么好像兴趣缺缺阿?You know he must marry one of them.你要知道,他要跟她们其中一个结婚That is his design in settling here?他就是为了这个住在这里?You must go and visit him at once.你要马上去拜访人家阿Good heavens. People.你们好阿DOC文档下载 傲慢与偏见电影台词朝阳区妇女医院是不是三甲医院长春无痛人流哪家比较好




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