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绵阳市那里看不孕不育正规成都医学院附属孕育医院收费标准Li: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Li and with me is Rob. Hi Rob.李:大家好,欢迎来到我们所说的英语。我是李,和我一起的是罗伯。你好,罗伯。Rob: Hi Li. It looks like youve been busy.罗伯:你好,李。你看起来很忙。Li: Ive just picked up some groceries from the local shop, you know - milk, eggs, b, flour - Im going to make a cake.李:我刚才在当地的商店买了一些食品杂货,你知道的——牛奶,鸡蛋,面包,面粉——我将要做一个蛋糕。Rob: Oh good. So how was Mr Brown, the shopkeeper? Hasnt he just split up with his wife?罗伯:哦好的。那么布朗先生怎么样,那个店长?他和妻子离婚了吗?Li: He has. It was tricky in the shop. I didnt want to say anything to him just in case I mentioned his wife. I only said: ;Good morning;, and he just said: ;Is it?;李:离了。店里很棘手。我不想和他说任何话以防提到他的妻子。我只说了:“早上好”,然后他说:“好吗?”Rob: Hmm, it sounds like youve been ting on eggshells.罗伯:嗯,听起来你像走在鸡蛋壳上。Li: Oh no, the shop was very clean, nothing on the floor - I dont really think hes the sort of person to throw food around!李:哦不,商店很干净,地面上没有东西——我真的觉得他不是把食物到处扔的那种人!Rob: No Li - I mean you were trying very hard not to upset him - thats what ting on eggshells means.罗伯:不李,我的意思是你努力试着不去让他难过,这才是走在鸡蛋壳上的意思。Li: Oh! So its about being nice - its about being sensitive to the situation?李:哦!所以它是说做的好,对情况很敏感?Rob: Yes.罗伯:是的。Li: Well, I was very sensitive. But what have eggshells got to do with it?李:我很敏感。但是和鸡蛋壳有什么关系?Rob: Well, if there were eggshells on the floor literally you would have to be very careful where you put your feet!罗伯:从字面上说,如果地面上有地蛋壳你走路就会非常小心!Li: OK, but this phrase means you are being careful about what you say. Lets hear some examples:李:好的,但是这个词组意思是你对你说的话很小心。让我们来听一些例子吧:I had to be so careful with what I said to my ex-girlfriend. The smallest thing made her angry: it was like ting on eggshells.我得小心跟我的女朋友说话。很小的事都会惹怒她:我如履薄冰。Ever since my argument with my neighbour about parking, I feel like Ive been ting on eggshells.自从我和邻居在停车问题上争吵了,我变得如履薄冰。Since my friends father died, I dont know what to say to him: its like ting on eggshells.自从我朋友的父亲去世了,我不知道和他说什么:我如履薄冰。Li: So, ting on eggshells can be awkward because you dont know what to say and you dont want to offend someone. So Rob, what should I have said to Mr Brown?李:所以,行走在鸡蛋壳上可能回很尴尬因为你不知道说什么而且你不想冒犯他人。那么罗伯,我应该和布朗先生说什么?Rob: You could have said plenty more fish in the sea!罗伯:你本可以说“大海里有好多鱼!”Li: What?!李:什么?!Rob: Or... I didnt like her much anyway?罗伯:或者,“我本来也不喜欢她”?Li: Rob, I think thats the opposite of ting on eggshells.李:罗伯,我觉得这是如履薄冰的反面。Rob: Really? Anyway let me help you with your shopping... oops.罗伯:真的吗?不管怎样让我来帮你提着吧...喔。Li: Rob! Youve dropped the eggs all over my kitchen floor.李:罗伯!你把我的厨房地板掉的满是鸡蛋。Rob: Now you really will be walking on eggshells!罗伯:现在你真的要在鸡蛋壳上行走了!Li: Thats not funny.李:这并不搞笑。Rob: I didnt like your cakes much anyway.罗伯:反正我也不喜欢你的蛋糕。Both: Bye.一起:再见。 /201402/275903双流区中医院人流收费标准 Its beyond me. 我完全不能理解。 /201212/212602goof-off------偷懒耍滑头Hello, everyone! 欢迎大家来到小强英语!在日常生活中我们总会遇到一些偷懒耍滑头的人,他们总是找各种各样的借口来逃避自己的工作。那么在英语中如何表达“偷懒耍滑头”的意思呢?——goof-off.它是一个名词,注意中间有个连字符,通常指;a person who usually evades work or responsibility;。动词表达则为;goof off;,没有连字符.我们来听一下例句:A goof - off will never achieve anything. 游手好闲的人永远不会有什么成就.John is always goofing off - either making phone calls or going to the clinic to see doctors during office hours.约翰总是偷懒耍滑头。上班时不是去打电话就是跑到医务室去看病。本期我们学习了“偷懒耍滑头”的英语表达,偷懒的人是;goof-off;,它的动词表达则是;goof off;.生活中,我们不能偷懒耍滑头,而要勇于承担自己的责任,完成自己该做的事。好了,本期的节目到此结束,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请关注新浪微@小强英语!本栏目由原创,。 /201407/315831四川成都医学院附属不孕不育医院预约

成都排名最好的不孕不育医院谈论年龄、体重、身高、相貌等 1. 词组句型长大grow up, be of agesentence patterns:He is growing up under the love of family.She is of age and can live independently.不成熟的immature, at a tender agesentence patterns:It is a immature plant.She is very immature for her age.My sister is at a tender age.年老的old, be advanced in yearssentence patterns:He is too old to go out for a walk.The Great Wall is very old.She is advanced in years, so she cant do it again.His grandmother is advanced in years.丑陋ugly, plainsentence patterns:This is an ugly building.He is too ugly in his heart.I am plain.丰满的fat, plumpsentence patterns:That pig is very fat.His elder sister is very plump.胡须beard, moustache, whiskersentence patterns:Who is that man with the beard?He keeps a months growth of beard.His father always keeps moustache.Does the man whom you are describing have whisker?I missed the train by a whisker.2. 多种表达How old are you?May I ask how old you are?May I ask your age?What age are you?Im 20 years old.Im 20 years of age.Im 20.John is not 28 yet.John is not quite 28.How tall is he?Whats his height?He is approaching 50.He is almost 50 years old.My father passed 45.My father turned 45.My father is over 45.I am of an age with Tom.I am of the same age as Tom.We are still teenagers.We are still in teen.Is she at a tender age?Is she young and immature?My grandma is advanced in years.My grandma is very old.She is old enough to get married.She has reached a married age.How much does she weigh?Whats her weight?How heavy is she?Ive gained weight.Ive put on weight.She is very beautiful.She is very pretty.Do you think he is a good-looking man?Do you think he is fine-looking man?Do you think he is of striking appearance?She is very slim.She is very slender.She has a willowly figure.He has brown skin.His skin is brown.She has shoulder-length hair.Her hair is shoulder-length.Has he a bulging forehead?Is his forehead bulging?She has rosy cheeks.She has ruddy cheeks.I have a flat nose.My nose is flat.My brother wears a beard.My brother has a beard.My brother keeps a beard. /201208/194522四川成医附属不孕不育医院网址 雅安市人民医院宫颈息肉

四川哪个不孕不育医院好Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak, Im Feifei. And, as usual, Im waiting for Neil, whos late. I think Im going to get some revenge by playing a few jokes on him - especially as he forgot my birthday yesterday.菲菲:大家好,欢迎来到我们所说的英语,我是菲菲。和平常一样,我正在等尼尔,他迟到了。我觉得我要报复他一下,和他开个玩笑,尤其是他昨天忘记了我的生日。Neil: Hi there, sorry, Im late. Welcome to The English We Speak, Im Neil and with me today is Feifei.尼尔:大家好,不好意思,我迟到了。欢迎来到我们所说的英语,我是尼尔,和我一起的是菲菲。Feifei: Ive done all of that.菲菲:我已经做过这些了。Neil: OK, how are you, Feifei?尼尔:好的,你好吗,菲菲?Feifei: Not... good...菲菲:不太好。Neil: Oh dear. Whats the matter?尼尔:哦亲爱的,发生了什么?Feifei: I cant believe you forgot.菲菲:我不敢相信你忘记了。Neil: Forgot? Oh no, what have I forgotten?尼尔:忘记?哦不,我忘记什么了?Feifei: What havent you forgotten? Well, for a start, you were supposed to meet me an hour ago.菲菲:你么忘记什么?首先,你本应该一个小时之前就到达的。Neil: Really? I thought I was only five minutes late.尼尔:真的吗?我以为我只是晚了5分钟。Feifei: An hour and five minutes late. Secondly, you were supposed to be dressed smartly as we are meeting that very famous guest later.菲菲:你晚了一个小时零5分钟。其次,你本应该穿光鲜一点因为我们一会儿要见一个很有名的客人。Neil: Famous guest?尼尔:有名的客人?Feifei: Yes, our very famous guest.菲菲:是的,我们非常出名的来宾。Neil: Whos that, then?尼尔:那是谁呢?Feifei: How could you forget that Justin Bieber is coming in?!菲菲:你怎么能忘记贾斯汀比伯要来呢?Neil: What!? My hero, Justin Bieber?! Where?! When?! Hang on a minute, Justin Bieber isnt coming in. I wasnt born yesterday, Feifei.尼尔:什么?我的偶像,贾斯汀比伯?在哪?什么时候?等一下,贾斯汀比伯不会来的。我不会被欺骗的,菲菲。Feifei: You werent born yesterday but I was - well, twenty-something years ago. It was my birthday! And you forgot! In English, if you want to tell someone that they havent made you believe an obvious lie, you can say I wasnt born yesterday. Here are some examples:菲菲:你不是昨天生的但是我是--大约20多年前的的昨天。昨天是我的生日!你忘记了!在英语中,如果你想告诉某人你没有被他明显的谎言欺骗,你可以说我又不是昨天生的。以下是一些例子:A: Did you know that I was the third man on the moon?A:你知道我是第三个上月球的人吗?B: I wasnt born yesterday. Youre British and I know that no British people have walked on the moon.B:我又不是昨天生的。你是英国人,我知道还没有英国人上过月球呢。A: Learn Russian in 3 days with just one minutes study an hour!A:一小时学一分钟,三天学会俄语!B: Those adverts are so stupid! The only way to learn a language is years of hard study and practice. I wasnt born yesterday.B:那些广告太傻了!学习一门语言的唯一方法就是长年的学习和练习。我不会被欺骗的。Feifei: So, you can say ;I wasnt born yesterday; to show that you are not easily fooled.菲菲:所以,你可以说“我又不是昨天生的”来表示你不会被轻易欺骗。Neil: And I wasnt born yesterday, so I know that Feifeis claim it was her birthday yesterday isnt true.尼尔:我不会被轻易欺骗,所以我知道菲菲声称她昨天生日是假的。Feifei: No, that bit is true.菲菲:不,这个是真的。Neil: Yeah, right. As I say: I wasnt born yesterday.尼尔:是,对啊。正如我说的:我不会被轻易欺骗。Feifei: I was! I really was born yesterday. I had a party and everything. Wheres my card and present?菲菲:我就是!我真的昨天生日。我举办了派对和所有东西。我的贺卡和礼物呢?Neil: Youre not going to fool me.尼尔:你不会欺骗了我的。Feifei: Argh, youre so annoying! I never forget your birthday, Neil.菲菲:啊,你太烦人了!我从没忘记你的生日,尼尔。Neil: I know it wasnt your birthday yesterday...尼尔:我知道昨天不是你的生日...Feifei: It was!菲菲:昨天就是! /201401/273624 今天要讲的习惯用语里都是以hard这个词为主的。Hard和其他英语的词汇一样,有好几种解释。在我们今天要讲的几个习惯用语里hard这个词的意思是 “很难对付”。好我们现在来讲第一个习惯用语:hard and fast。Fast这个词一般是指“速度很快,“但是在hard and fast这个习惯用语里,fast的意思刚好相反;它是指一样东西紧紧地附在某一样东西上。例如:一艘船撞上了岩石,搁浅了,船卡在那里动不了。事实上 hard and fast这个习惯用语就是出自这种情景。然而现在hard and fast的意思已经和过去不同了;它指的是,很难改变的。下面我们来举个例子。这是一个学生刚离开家去上大学。他正在告诉他老家的一个朋友,他对着所大学的看法:例句-1:I like it. It has the subject I want to learn and I think my teachers are great, but I don’t like the hard and fast rules for students. They are old fashion rules and very strict, like a bunch of old men made them about a hundred years ago.这个学生说:我很喜欢这个学校。它提供的课程正是我要学的。而且我认为我的老师们也都非常好,但是我不喜欢要学生遵守的那些死硬规定。那些都是过了时的规定,而且还很严格。它们好像是一些老头在大约一百年前制定的。从这个例句我们就可以知道,hard and fast这个习惯用语是指那些很死板不灵活和很难改变的东西。******我们现在来讲我们今天要讲的第二个习惯用语:to play hard ball。Play就是玩。在这个习惯用语里是指打球。Hard ball是hard 和ball这两个词合在一起而成的。Ball就是球。在这里指的是棒球。它虽然小但是非常硬。用球棒可以把这个球打到一百米那么远的地方。在棒球比赛的时候,球员往往用球棒使劲打击这个球。他们都带着很厚的皮手套来接球。要是一个棒球打中一个人的话,他会把这个人打倒在地,甚至造成重伤。现在to play hard ball这个说法已经不仅仅在大棒球的范围中用了。过去三十年来,它在商业和政治界都用得很多,意思是,为了达到一个目的而采用很激进甚至很残酷的行动。下面我们来举个例子。这个人在讲美国西部一个州,为竞选州长而激烈竞争的事情。例句-2:With a month to go, the race is so close that the both sides are starting to play hard ball. Each side is digging into the other candidate’s life, looking for anything that can hurt him, even if happened twenty or thirty years ago.这个人说:竞选还有一个月的时间。双方势均力敌。大家都开始采用强硬和狠毒的手段,从对方候选人过去的经历中挖掘任何能伤害他的东西,即便是发生在二十或三十年以前的事。******今天我们要讲的最后一个习惯用语是:a hard act to follow。Act这个词,一般作为动词的时候意思是,行动。在这个习惯用语里act是个名词,意思是演艺人员在台上表演的节目。一百多年前,在电影还没哟普及的时代,美国人都爱去看歌舞表演和杂耍,其中有歌唱、滑稽和音乐演出。一个接一个速度很快。A hard act to follow是说一个表演非常精,其他的演员都不愿意紧接着这个演出去表演,以免相形见绌。现在这种表演杂耍已经没有了,但是这个习惯用语仍然在普遍使用,意思是在任何情况下表现出色的事或者是人。就拿美国以前的总统肯尼迪来说吧。他是1960年11月当选为总统的;在1963年11月22号被暗杀。下面例句里讲话的人在会议当时的情景:例句-3:John Kennedy was young, handsome, a fine speaker, and let’s not forget his beautiful wife. So Linden Johnson who took over the White House, when Mr. Kennedy was shot, found the murdered young president a hard act to follow.这个人说:肯尼迪当时很年轻,看起来也很帅,还是一个很好的演说家,别忘了他还有位漂亮的夫人,所以在肯尼迪被杀,约翰逊接替总统进入白宫后,他发现很难和这位被暗杀的年轻总统相媲美。 /201412/345138自贡第五人民医院人流怎样成都检查男人不孕到哪家医院



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