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襄阳四院妇科医院治疗痛经怎么样好不好Wage negotiations in Argentina阿根廷的工资谈判Class war一场关于开学的战争Teachersunions go out on strike教师公会举行罢工“IT CANT be that every annual salary negotiation makes it a strain just to begin the school year,” said President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during a speech to Congress on March 1st. Yes it can.“决不能让每年的薪水谈判成为开学的绊脚石”总统克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·基什内尔,在三月一日国会的演讲中这样说到。但事实就是如此。Strikes this week delayed the start of classes in 19 of Argentinas 24 districts, after provincial unions and governments failed to reach agreements about wage rises. Negotiations between the national government and federal unions, which are meant to set a minimum benchmark for the provinces, also foundered. With some unions demanding more than 40% hikes, the national government and Buenos Airess provincial government, the most influential negotiators, offered increases of just 22% and 25.5% this year respectively. The unions called the proposals “a provocation”.由于省工会和政府就涨工资的问题未能达成一致,本周的罢工已使阿根廷24个行政区中,19个行政区推迟了开学时间。中央政府和联邦公会间的谈判,本打算给各省设置最低工资标准,最后也以失败告终。一些公会要求的上涨幅度超过40%,而中央政府和布宜诺斯艾利斯省政府作为最有影响力的谈判者,分别在今年只提供22%和25%的上涨幅度。公会则称这些提议为“挑衅”。Tension had been expected.The teachersunions want salary rises above Argentinas galloping inflation rate. Since the start of the year the government has devalued the Argentine peso by over 20%, causing inflation expectations to spike. According to Eduardo Levy Yeyati of Elypsis, a consultancy, prices are expected to jump by 32% this year. And now that the government has started publishing more realistic data, it cannot simply pretend the problem of rising prices does not exist.分歧在人意料之中。教师工会希望工资涨幅超过阿根廷奔腾的通货膨胀率。从今年年初开始,政府已经将阿根廷比索贬值超过20%,导致通胀预期异常强烈。据一家名为Elypsis的咨询公司的员工Eduardo Levy Yeyati说,今年物价预期将增长32%。政府已不能简单的把物价上涨的问题当做不存在,目前正着手出版更真实的数据。The teachersunions have a strong hand. In December provincial police squeezed 35-100% pay increases out of their employers. Public-sector employees are not fearful of losing their jobs. Strikes give unions the power to cause widesp chaos.教师工会得到强大的帮助。十二月份,省部门的警察已经从政府那里争取来35%到100%不等的工资涨幅。公共部门的员工并不害怕丢掉工作。罢工引起的广泛骚动,给予了公会强大的力量。But the government cannot afford to concede too much ground. The negotiations with the teachers will set a precedent for salary talks with other unions scheduled for later this month and April. To ensure that inflation does not continue to accelerate, the authorities need to curb real wages. Budgetary considerations also play their part. According to Economía amp; Regiones, a research group, if the provinces were to grant 30% raises to their 2m employees, that would double their collective fiscal deficit.但是政府也不能做太多的让步。本月晚些时候和四月份亦有跟其他公会就薪水问题进行谈判的计划,与教师的谈判会为他们创造先例。为了确保通货膨胀不会继续发展,当局需要抑制实际工资水平。预算方面的考虑也发挥着其自身的作用。据一个名为“经济与区域”的研究小组的研究结果显示,如果省里将其200万员工的工资提高30%,其集体财政赤字将翻倍。That may nonetheless be what happens. In the five jurisdictions that were able to reach accords, the teachers and the provinces agreed to increases of around 30%. That wouldnt do much to bring down inflation, but it would at least help keep it from skyrocketing. And it would mean the school year can begin.尽管如此,该发生的还是会发生。在达成一致的五个司法管辖区,教师与省政府同意将工资提高约30%。这虽然对降低通货膨胀没什么作用,但至少能帮助通货膨胀不再继续暴涨。当然,这也意味着新学年可以开始了。译者:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201602/425560枣阳市第一人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱Turkey and Syria土耳其和叙利亚Bad blood bubbles恶战到底Relations between the two neighbours are getting worse than ever两邻国之间的关系到达历史冰点A dangerous spat一场危险的争执After a series of mortar bombs fired from Syria landed in the south-eastern Turkish town of Akcakale, killing five people on October 3rd, Turkey’s government ordered its forces to fire on Syrian military targets. The Turkish shelling, which continued into Thursday, reportedly killed several Syrian soldiers, raising the spectre of a tit-for-tat that could get out of hand. Turkey has repeatedly called on the UN to impose a buffer zone in Syria to protect civilians and, by implication, to give rebels trying to overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad a haven. This latest escalation of hostilities between the two neighbours makes the prospect of a wider intervention a notch likelier. But as The Economist went to press, both sides seemed loth to let the spat slide into a bigger punch-up straight away.10月3日,当叙利亚炮弹对准土耳其东南部小镇Akcakale进行一系列炮轰并杀害了其5名国民后,土耳其政府对部队下达命令以叙利亚为军事目标进行打击。炮火一直持续到周四,据报道一些叙利亚士兵在此次炮击中丧生,而两国这种针锋相对的形式有可能失控。土耳其一再呼吁联合国在叙利亚建立一个免战区来保护平民,言下之意,就是给试图推翻阿萨德的叙利亚政权的叛军分子一个避风港。而近期,两国之间不断升级的敌对事件,使得国外干预的可能性更高。就在《经济学人》付梓之际,双方似乎都不愿意引起更大规模的纷争之中。After the Syrian attack, Turkey’s mildly Islamist prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, convened his top generals for emergency talks, while Ahmet Davutoglu, his foreign minister, called on the heads of NATO and the UN, among others, to back Turkey’s appeals for a buffer zone in S yria. In Akcakale residents chanting slogans took to the streets to protest. The town has been prey to stray bullets from Syria in the past fortnight, as clashes intensified between rebels and troops loyal to Mr Assad.在叙利亚的袭击之后,土耳其外交部长呼吁北约和联合国的首脑,持其在叙利亚建立一个安全区,与此同时,土耳其温和的伊斯兰总理雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)立即召集了高级军官进行了紧急会议。但是Akcakale小镇的居民上街喊着口号表示抗议。在过去的两周里,随着忠于叙利亚总统阿萨德和叛军之间矛盾的加剧,小镇犹如猎物般深陷流弹的囹圄。Despite Turkey’s retaliatory strikes, which many Turks hope are a face-saving ploy rather than a prelude to war, it remained unclear whether the Syrian shells had been fired deliberately. Some Turks even speculated that the rebels’ Free Syrian Army, which Turkey has been helping by providing it with bases and probably arms and training, may have orchestrated the attack in a bid to lure Turkey into the conflict.尽管土耳其进行报复性打击,而土耳其居民们希望这仅仅只是表面功夫而非战争前奏,但是到现在为止,仍不能确认叙利亚的炮击是否属于故意行为。一些土耳其公民甚至推测是那些叙利亚叛军的所做作为(土耳其一直通过提供与基地和武器和训练帮助他们),这起袭击也许是精心策划的,以将土耳其引入冲突。A military confrontation between Turkey and Syria has been mooted ever since Syria downed a Turkish air force reconnaissance jet on June 22nd near the Syrian port city of Latakia. Turkey growled about possible retaliation, massing its troops along the border and declaring that it had revised its rules of engagement with Syria.早在今年6月22日叙利亚在其港口城市拉塔基亚击落一架土耳其空军侦察起,两国之间的军事对峙就开始了。土耳其愤怒宣称将会进行可能的报复,沿着边境集结军队,并单方面对外称,已修改与叙利亚的交战规则。Syria is now Mr Erdogan’s biggest headache, with opinion polls suggesting that most Turks are unhappy with his government’s so far fruitless attempts to change the regime in Damascus. The slaughter of Syrian civilians continues unabated. About 80,000 of them, at last count, had sought refuge in Turkey.然而现在叙利亚仍然是Erdogan总理最头疼的问题,而民意调查显示众多的土耳其人对当局政府在大马士革政权更替问题到目前为止的都没有任何结果表示了不满。叙利亚对平民的屠杀一直在持续进行着。在最近的一次统计中,约有80000在土耳其寻求庇护。Mr Erdogan’s support for Syria’s rebels has complicated and soured Turkey’s other relations in the region, particularly with Iran, Syria’s main local ally. Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, a Shia, has also turned against Mr Erdogan for coddling his Sunni rivals. Meanwhile, Mr Assad has resumed the backing his father Hafez, who was president before him, used to give to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey, ceding control of a string of towns along the Turkish border to the PKK’s allies in the Democratic Union Party, a group of Syrian Kurds better known as the PYD. Turkey’s enthusiasm for a buffer zone may well be boosted as much by its fear of these newly emboldened Kurds as by its concern for Syria’s beleaguered people.Erdogan总理因为持叙利亚反对派使得土耳其与邻国的关系变得更加恶劣,这其中尤其是叙利亚的盟友伊朗。伊拉克总理努里·马利基(Nuri al-Maliki)是位什叶派,也因为土耳其总理背弃他转而持逊尼派对手而与其决裂。在此之前,阿萨德总统的父亲,前叙利亚总统哈菲兹(Hafez)一直持土耳其的库尔德工人党(PKK)。而今,阿萨德总统也开始持该党,并将土耳其边境一系列小镇的掌控权交由PKK在民主联盟党(Democratic Union Party)内的盟友。民主联盟党是有叙利亚库尔德人所组成,又称PYD。土耳其对受怂恿的库尔德人的恐惧和对陷入困境的叙利亚人的担忧使得加强了其对缓冲区的热情大大增加。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201607/455873You might have seen reports about a small town, fewer than 300 people, with a force of 110 reserve police officers. How and why is this happening in Oakley, Michigan?Oakley, Michigan, according to reporter Ryan Felton from Metro Times, is ;a textbook definition of a small town.;In the past, the village has had one part-time police chief. Now that the Village of Oakley has hired Rob Reznick, however, its begun a reserve police force as a way to raise money.;Basically you have a guy who saw an opportunity to fund his department by allowing people to apply as a reserve officer,; Felton said. ;If they paid for their uniform, badge, and firearm, and passed a number of tests, they would be able to work as a volunteer cop, and that usually rounded out to about 00 to cover the total cost as it was explained to me.;And tens of thousands of dollars worth of donations from reserve officers have poured into the city.The people on the reserve police force of Oakley, Michigan, do not need to actually live in Oakley. They can live anywhere. In fact, 98% of people who have applied to be a reserve officer are from Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.;It runs the gamut of wealthy professions,; Felton said. ;Everyone from doctors, attorneys, you have a former Detroit Lions football player who now plays for the Miami Dolphins. I mean its an astounding, remarkable cadre of officers that hes collected for his volunteer force.;Once accepted, these reserve officers have police powers while in the presence of one of Oakleys certified officers, as well as a special gun permit.Oakley residents are ;split right down the middle; on this issue, Felton said.;The dynamic in the room during some of these meetings was just one of the most fascinating experiences to watch because it was just like watching this ugly family feud just play out wide in the open, because youre not talking about people who are unfamiliar with each other,; he said.;On one side of the room you have people who are very happy that Rob Reznick has brought in such a significant amount of money,; Felton said, adding that donations from the volunteers have brought in as much as the town spends in a year on general fund expenditures.;But, on the opposite end, you have people who feel like this has just created this sort of pay to play atmosphere and Resnick is able to just do as he pleases,; he said.201503/365099襄州区妇幼保健中医院的宫颈治疗方法

襄阳中心医院能做三镜一丝手术吗襄樊市军工医院就诊怎么样襄城人民医院肛肠怎么样Europe Dual citizenship in Germany德国 双重国籍在德国Jus sanguinis revisited血统主义死灰复燃?How not to treat people with more than one passport怎样不来对待拥有多重国籍的人Backing Turkey and Germany together期望土耳其能与德国“联姻”The case of a woman from Hanau, in Hesse, shows why Kenan Kolat, leader of Germany’s Turks, calls the German citizenship law “absurdity cubed.” Born in Germany to Turkish parents, she was a dual citizen. According to the law, she had to relinquish one passport between her 18th and 23rd birthday. She chose to forgo the Turkish one. But the Turkish bureaucracy was slow, her birthday came—and her German citizenship went instead.一位来自哈瑙的女士在海赛的亲身经历,向我们解释了德国土耳其社区组织的领袖Kenan Kolat认为德国《国籍法》“荒谬至极”的原因。作为出生在德国的土耳其人,她具有双重国籍。但依据国籍法规定,她必须在18岁到23岁期间选择放弃一个国籍。德国国籍是她最终的选择,但是由于土耳其相关机构办事缓慢,直到她生日那天,她的德国国籍也没有生效。International law has never fully embraced multiple citizenship. Many countries frown on it, though others take a more relaxed attitude. Germany, however, manages to make it especially complicated for citizens of foreign origin. Its traditional approach goes back to a law passed before the first world war. Based on jus sanguinis (“right of blood”), it gave citizenship to anybody of German descent, but not to foreigners born in Germany, as countries such as America and France that practise jus soli (“right of soil”) do. Then, in 1999, a centre-left government added the two notions together. This would have let a woman born in Germany to Turkish parents be simultaneously German and Turkish. But that law coincided with a regional election in Hesse, where the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) seized on the issue to mobilise its conservative base in opposition. The CDU won the state and took control of the upper house, where it blocked the new law.国际法从来没有真正包容过多重国籍。尽管有一些国家允许自己国家的人拥有多重国籍,但还是有很多国家不承认多重国籍。而德国对外籍人申请申请加入德国国籍的条件十分严苛,最传统的办法还要追溯到一战前通过的法条。依据 jus sanguinis(“血统主义),拥有德国国籍公民的后代自动拥有德国国籍,但是出生在德国的外籍子女并不能获得德国国籍。而像美国、法国等国家则实行 jus soli (“出生地主义”)。随后,1999年,德国左翼党将这两种方法都采纳了进来。这样,出生在德国的土耳其后裔就能同时获得德国和土耳其国籍。但是这新法条的颁布正好与在海赛举行的地区大选的时间不谋而合。在海赛,右派保守党基民党(CDU)抓住了这个问题不放,利用其来动员保守方反对法条的通过。最终CDU赢得了大选,控制了高层,并且封锁了新法条的颁布。A compromise was reached in 2000. Children born in Germany to foreign parents after 1990 can get two passports but have to choose one citizenship before they are 23. This year, the first cohort of such children, about 3,300, reach that age. From 2018 the number will reach 40,000 a year or more. There are about half a million such cases all told, more than two-thirds of them of Turkish descent.然而,在2000年,德国《国籍法》却做出了让步。在1990年之后出生在德国的外籍子女能够获得双重国籍,但是必须在他们23岁之前做出选择哪个国籍的决定。这一年,符合年龄标准的第一批试点孩子大约有3300人。预计到2018年,人数会增加到每年40000人甚至更多。已经知晓的大约有50万这样的案例,其中超过三分之二的人是土耳其后裔。Yet not all young dual citizens must choose. A child born to a German parent in America, say, retains both passports for life. So does a child born to a Greek or Spanish parent in Germany, because dual citizenship is allowed for members of the European Union and Switzerland. This seems unfair to the Turks. This week Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, said as much to Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, during her visit to Turkey. (Mrs Merkel also explained that, though happy for Turkey’s EU accession talks to continue, she retained her “scepticism” about its ever becoming a member.)而今,不是所有拥有双重国籍的年轻人都必须做出选择国籍的抉择。据一位出生在美国的德国小孩所称,他可以终生保留双重国籍。出生在德国的希腊或西班牙小孩同样也能获得这样的待遇,因为双重国籍已经被允许发放给欧盟成员国以及瑞士的公民。这样似乎对土耳其人并不公平。本周,在德国总理Angela Merkel访土期间,土耳其总理Recep Tayyip Erdogan传递了上述意图。(默克尔女士也表示,虽然很高兴看到土耳其加入欧盟谈判得以继续进行,但是她对土耳其加入欧盟仍保持“怀疑”态度。)Besides being unjust and creating two classes of citizens, the law is a nightmare to administer, says Ulrich Kober at Bertelsmann Stiftung, a think-tank. Because countries like Iran do not let citizens renounce their citizenship and others make it costly or difficult, German law in theory grants exceptions. But the rules are not clear, reckons Kay Hailbronner, a lawyer. To make the decisions even more arbitrary, the 16 German states process the paperwork, and each uses different forms.新法条的颁布不仅仅是一种不公平的表现形式,并且在市民中划分出了2种阶级,而且还是管理者的噩梦,Bertelsmann Stiftung的一位智囊团成员 Ulrich Kober这样说道。由于像伊朗这样的国家不允许其居民放弃伊朗国籍,而其他人要想取消伊朗国籍也是件困难的事且费用昂贵,所以德国国籍法按理应该允许例外情况,但事实上,法条中规定地十分模糊,Kay Hailbronner律师这样认为。德国的16个州甚至独立处理法条的相关文件,并且各自使用不同形式的文件,结果决策变得更加随意。What better way to irritate those citizens whom Germany’s politicians say they want to integrate? Mr Kober thinks Germany should simply allow dual citizenship. So do the centre-left parties hoping to replace Mrs Merkel’s government in September’s election, as well as the CDU’s coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party. It may yet happen.如德国的政治家所言,有什么更好的办法能够安抚那些想要融入德国的居民呢?Kober先生认为德国要做的不过是简简单单地允许双重国籍。就像希望能在9月份的大选中击败默克尔政府、基督教民主联盟和自由民主党的左党一样。它总有一天会实现的。翻译:朱大素译文属译生译世201610/471995襄阳市中心医院看妇科好不好

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