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Xu Xiake (1587~1641) was a descriptive Ming Chinese travel writer and geographer noted for his bravery and humility. 徐霞客(1587~1641),地理学家、旅行家和文学家,以勇敢谦逊著称。He visited southwestern China extensively for years. 他花了很多年在西南地区考察。With an ancestry in Jiangxi, he was born Xu Hongzu, as the second son of Xu Yu#39;an and Wang Ruren. 徐霞客祖籍江西,名宏祖,徐豫庵和王孺人的第二个儿子。It was often commented that it was his mother#39;s encouragement to travel that shaped Xu#39;s predilections.人们常说是他母亲的鼓励形成了徐霞客的爱好。His sobriquet is Zhenzhi.徐霞客字振之。Xiake was an alternate sobriquet given to him by his friend Chen Jiru and it means ;one who is in the sunset clouds;.霞客是他的朋友陈继儒给他的取的号,意思是“日落时的霞中的人”。His other friend, Huang Daozhou, also gave Xu an alternate sobriquef: Xiayi, meaning ;untrammelled in the sunset clouds;.他的另外一个朋友黄道周也给他取了个号:霞逸,意思是“在日落时的霞中无拘无束”。Xu Xiake, after 30 years of traveling, wrote many travel diaries on famous mountains and other places, with a total of 600 000 characters.徐霞客游历30年,写了60万字的游记。After his death, these diaries were compiled into a book called The Travel Diaries of Xa Xiake.他去世后,这些游记经后人整理成书,就是著名的《徐霞客游记》。The book is mainly about his observation during his travel from 1613 to 1639 and provides detailed records of geography, hydrology, geology, and plants.《徐霞客游记》主要记述了他在1613年至1639年游历期间的观察结果,提供了有关地理学、水文学、地质学和植物的详细记录。The book is highly accomplished in both geography and literature.《徐霞客游记》既是地理名著又是文学佳作。As a literary work, the book vividly portrays the landscapes amid narration, hence imbuing it with a strong real-life flavor. Through applying dynamic description and personification, the travel diaries were more delicate and paid more attention to details than did their predecessors, boasting a high artistic and aesthetic value.作为文学作品,《徐霞客游记》于叙事过程中穿插生动的风景描写,具有强烈的现实意味,使用了动态的描述和象征,比原来的同类作品更加精致、更注意细节,具有很高的艺术价值和审美价值。Besides, a large glossary and rich rhetoric techniques were employed to express the author#39;s feelings.而且,作者为了表情达意应用了大量的术语和修辞技巧。While recording his travel experiences in his diaries, Xu Xiake also related the lives and customs of local people as well as the distribution of ethnic minority groups, which was seldom seen in official history.在记录旅游经历的同时,徐霞客还记下了少数民族的分布情况以及当地人民的生活和习俗,这些在正史里是很难见到的。Hence, this book is also valuable in the study of history and nationalities.所以《徐霞客游记》对研究历史和民族也很有价值。 /201604/435073

London has more billionaires -- measured in pounds sterling -- than any other city in the world, according to The Sunday Times newspaper#39;s Rich List 2016.英国《星期日泰晤士报》近日公布的2016年富豪榜显示,以英镑计算,伦敦是全球亿万富翁最多的城市。Some of the richest tycoons in Britain have lost vast chunks of their fortunes because of a retail slump, sinking oil prices and the steel industry crisis, the paper said.该报称,零售市场低迷、油价下跌以及钢铁业危机导致英国一些最富有的大亨的财富大幅缩水。Nevertheless, the overall fortune of the 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain was higher this year -- and the country boasts 120 sterling billionaires, a figure beaten only by the ed States (378) and China (193), the paper said.尽管如此,英国伦敦1000名最富裕者的总资产仍比去年有所增加。该报道指出,英国的亿万英镑富翁共有120位,这一数字仅次于美国的378位和中国的193位。And it said there were more sterling billionaires in London (77) than any other city, ahead of New York (61), San Francisco (57) and Hong Kong (49).报道指出,伦敦共有77位亿万富翁,其次为纽约的61位、旧金山的57为和香港的49位。Publicity-shy brothers David and Simon Reuben topped the list this year, with a fortune of 13.1 billion pounds, up 3.4 billion pounds on last year.爱抛头露面的戴维·鲁本和西蒙·鲁本兄弟今年荣登榜首,拥有财产总值131亿英镑,比去年多34亿英镑。The Reubens, born in Mumbai to an Iraqi Jewish family, own London property and data centre operator Global Switch. They are just ahead of the industrialist brothers Sri and Gopi Hinduja with 13 billion pounds, a figure unchanged from last year, and investor Len Blavatnik with 11.6 billion pounds, down 1.6 billion pounds.鲁本兄弟初上在孟买的一个伊拉克犹太家庭,拥有伦敦房地产及数据中心Global Switch。排在第二位的是辛杜佳兄弟,这对兄弟的财产总值为130亿英镑,相比去年没有发生变化。投资人莱恩·布拉瓦特尼克的财产总值为116亿英镑,相比去年减少了16亿英镑。Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who topped the list in 2008 with a Rich List record of 27.7 billion pounds, is down to 11th place with 7.1 billion pounds, losing 2.1 billion pounds last year.曾以277亿英镑的创纪录身家登上2008年富豪榜榜首的钢铁业大亨米塔尔,今年跌至第11名,身家缩水至71亿英镑,在去年一年就缩水了21亿英镑。Queen Elizabeth II, who turned 90 on Thursday, is the 319th richest person in her kingdom, with a wealth of 340 million pounds. The list does not count the 11.5 billion pounds Crown Estate property portfolio or the 10 billion pounds Royal Collection of art and jewellery as her personal wealth.刚在上周庆祝90岁大寿的英女王伊莉莎白二世列第319位,身家3亿4000万英镑。她的个人财产不包括价值115亿英镑的王室房地产以及100亿英镑皇家艺术和珠宝收藏。 /201605/440796What Is The Strongest Muscle In Your Body?身体最强壮的肌肉是哪一块?What is the strongest human muscle?最强壮的肌肉是哪块?Is it your biceps, quadriceps or could it be your gluteus maximus? You might be surprised to learn that it#39;s none of the above. The question can be a tricky one to answer since it depends entirely on what your definition of;strongest”is. Today we’ll explore this little life mystery.是肱二头肌、股四头肌、还是臀大肌?如果告诉你这些都不是,估计你会很吃惊。给“强壮”的定义不同,也不同。今天我们就对此来探秘。Ability To Exert Force发力能力If by strongest you mean;ability to exert a force on an external object”, then a human#39;s strongest muscle is his or her ‘masseter’ muscle. The masseter muscle is a thick muscle in the cheek and is located at the back of the jaw. It#39;s responsible for opening and closing your jaw during chewing.如果按发力大小来判断,人身上最强壮的肌肉应该是咬肌。咬肌是脸上最厚的一块肌肉,长在下巴后方。咬肌主要负责咀嚼时下巴咬合作用。It is the muscle that can generate the largest externally measurable force attributable to the action of a specific, single muscle. Its strength is the result of incredibly densely packed muscle fibers combined with being attached to a short-armed lever. It can close the teeth with a force as great as 55 pounds (25 kilograms) on the incisors or 200 pounds (91 kilograms) on the molars. 咬肌是能发出最大力量的单独肌肉。它的力量主要来源于高密度的肌纤维。咬肌能使门齿咬合时发出55磅的力, 臼齿则能发出200磅的力。Which Muscle Does The Most Work?干活最多的肌肉是哪块?Now if you take ‘strongest’ to mean ‘does the most work’, the heart lies claim to that. The heart does its work continuously over an entire lifetime without pause, and hence ‘outworks‘ every other muscle.如果用“干活最多”的标准来衡量肌肉强壮与否,那么要数心脏了。人体心脏一直不停的做功,直到生命结束,所以心肌是“干活最多”的肌肉。What#39;s The Largest Muscle?最大的肌肉是哪块?The largest muscle in the human body is the gluteus maximus. The gluteus maximus is located in your buttocks and its size directly corresponds to the important role it has in your everyday life. It#39;s main function is to keep your body erect and straight. Its function is to provide balance and a center of gravity while walking or running.人体最大的一块肌肉是臀大肌。臀大肌长在臀部,所以它的尺寸与人体日常活动息息相关。它的主要作用是持人体直立。让身体保持平衡。同时,在你行走或跑步时,它也能平衡重力。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/454233

The canine companions of airport security staff in Manchester are quick to spot sausages and cheese in passengers#39; luggage but are failing to sniff out class A drugs, a report has found. 一份报告指出,曼彻斯特机场安检人员的犬类同伴最擅长在乘客行李中发现香肠和奶酪,却嗅不出A类毒品。 Inspectors said sniffer dogs at Manchester airport have failed to find any drugs or illegally smuggled cash. The report also found there were major faults with immigration controls, which allowed scores of passengers into the UK without the correct border checks. 缉查人员称,曼彻斯特机场的缉毒犬找不到任何毒品或非法走私的现金。报告也发现出入境管控存在很大漏洞,导致许多入境英国的旅客没有接受正规的边防检查。 The dogs failed to spot a single person carrying heroin or cocaine over the border during a six-month period studied by the independent chief inspector of borders and immigration. But one dog, trained to detect illegal animal products, often found “small amounts of cheese or sausages” carried by holidaymakers, the report said. 英国边境与移民首席独立缉查员调查发现,在长达六个月的时间内,这些缉毒犬没有一次在边检中嗅出携带海洛因或可卡因的人。但报告称,有一只受训专门探测非法动物制品的,却经常能发现度假者携带的“少量奶酪和香肠”。 Inspectors said that although heroin and cocaine were assessed as “very high priority” for the search team, no class A drugs had been found by the dogs between November 2014 and June 2015. 缉查员称,尽管海洛因和可卡因是被评为搜查队应搜查的“最高优先级”的危险物品,但在2014年11月到2015年6月期间,缉毒犬们没有发现一例A级毒品。 The review assessed airport border checks by 286 staff, and the Home Office, which oversees the checks, said improvements must be made. 报告对机场边检的286名工作人员进行了审核。负责监督边检工作的内政部称必须做出改善。 The airport, the UK#39;s third largest, has six detector dogs and new kennels, which cost £1.25m. One dog made “accurate detections” – but most were of cheese or sausages, which the report said was a poor return on the annual cost of running the canine team. 曼彻斯特机场是英国第三大机场,有六只缉毒犬和新舍,共花费125万英镑。其中一只虽然能“准确探测”,但多数情况下找到的却是奶酪或香肠。报告称,与这群缉毒犬每年的花费比起来,这样的回报少得可怜。 Over the period, the dogs helped seize more than 46,000 cigarettes, 60kg of tobacco, 181kg of illegal meat, and £28,000 in cash. The dogs successfully detected illegal drugs on three occasions, finding small amounts of class B substances. They also found tablets of human growth hormone, Viagra and Bromazepam. 在调查期间,这群缉毒犬还帮助查获了超过4.6万根香烟、60公斤烟草、181公斤的非法肉制品,和2.8万英镑的非法现金,还三次成功找出了少量的非法B级毒品。它们还找出过人类生长激素药片、伟哥和溴基安定。 Other elements of border checks were also reviewed, with the report finding that: 边检中的其它要素也受到检查,报告发现: - A significant number of Border Force staff at the airport were not fully trained in immigration work, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the processing of passengers. 大量机场边检工作人员都没有接受过完整的出入境检查训练,导致在检查旅客的过程中拖延没有效率。 - Some staff were called upon to supervise immigration functions at a terminal for a shift without the relevant immigration knowledge or training. 一些工作人员被调去航站楼监督出入境工作,却没有相关的出入境知识,没接受过相关培训。 - There was a “control breach” in April 2015 when 150 passengers from a delayed Ryanair flight were “misdirected through an unmanned immigration control”, meaning they were able to leave the airport without their passports being checked. Managers “acted decisively” to deal with the breach. 2015年4月发生了一次“管控事故”,一架瑞安航空公司的飞机延误,150名乘客被“领到无人看守的出入境管理处”,也就是说,他们不经护照检查就可以离开机场。管理者们“果断行动”处理了这场事故。 A number of passenger entries were also questioned in the report. These included: 报告中也披露了很多旅客入境的问题。其中包括: - An American passenger on a two-month visit with just £37 to his name who had just returned from Egypt on an Islamic studies course. 一位持两个月签的美国游客,刚从埃及进行伊斯兰方面的学习归来,名下只有37英镑。 - A 12-year-old Japanese boy who arrived alone to be picked up by a “dishevelled” man who admitted no schooling arrangements had been made and interacted badly with the boy. When social services weren#39;t available he was granted entry anyway. 一个12岁的日本男孩独自到达机场,后来一个“披头散发”的男性来接他。这位男性承认没有给小男孩安排任何教育计划,和小男孩交流也极其不畅。可是当时没有社会务人员在场,他还是被允许入境了。 - A Chinese national with a visa declared an amount of money for “tourism and shopping” which was well above his annual income. He was allowed in for six months, which should not have been permitted without a luggage check or interview, according to the inspector. 一位中国公民,其签上显示其用于“旅游和购物”的钱远远超过了他的年收入。边检人员说,他在没有经过行李检查或面谈的情况下,被允许停留六个月,本不应该这么久的。 - An American professional poker player who wanted to meet a woman he had met on Facebook. Declaring himself a medical marijuana user, he was granted temporary admission to visit the woman until his flight five days later. The inspector said there should have been more checks because two children lived at the woman#39;s home and he should have been told medical marijuana was illegal in the UK. 一位美国职业扑克玩家想约见在脸书上认识的女网友。他说自己是药用大麻使用者。这个人得到了临时许可去约见那个女人,五天之后才离开。边检员说,本该有更多审查程序,因为这个女人家里还有两个孩子,并且该男子也应该被告知药用大麻在英国是非法的。 A Manchester airport spokesman said staff “work extremely closely” with the Border Force and “support their work to address the issues raised in this report”. 一位曼彻斯特机场发言人表示,他们的工作人员与边检部门“在进行极其密切的沟通,持他们的工作,解决这篇报告中提到的问题”。 /201604/438529The southwestern Chinese city of Pengzhou is known as a home for longevity, with 49 centenarians among its population of 780,000 who seem to share some simple common traits for living longer -- be content and eat coarse grains often.位于中国西南部的彭州市以长寿之乡而闻名。彭州市共有78万人口,百岁以上老人就有49位,而他们竟然拥有相同的长寿秘诀——知足常乐,多吃粗粮。Located 36 kilometers northwest of Sichuan Province#39;s capital of Chengdu, Pengzhou has a warm, humid climate, abundant water and a beautiful natural environment. Most of those above 100 years old live in its rural areas and have worked at farming for a long time, a hardy existence that built up their health, especially their cardiovascular system.彭州市位于四川省省会成都市的西北36公里外,气候温暖湿润,水资源丰富,自然环境优美。大多数百岁老人居住在乡下,长期以来一直从事农业生产,吃苦耐劳的生活方式增强了他们的体质,尤其有益于他们的心血管系统。In Tianpeng town, the seat of the Pengzhou government, seven residents out of a total population of 166,000 have now lived more than 100 years. A brief study of their living habits reveals secrets to a longer life, reported local news portal scol.com.cn.彭州市政府所在地天彭镇共有16.6万人,其中有百岁老人7位。据当地新闻门户《四川在线》报道,对百岁老人生活习惯的简要研究揭示了他们长寿的秘诀。The aged usually live in peace of mind, enjoy what they have, stay away from being competitive and are y to help others. Their diets are mainly comprised of coarse grains, vegetables and have lighter flavors. Besides keeping regular diets and avoiding overeating or too much meat, the centenarians also have the habit of sleeping and rising early.百岁老人大多心态平和,知足常乐,不争强好胜,乐于助人。他们的饮食主要包括粗粮和蔬菜,口味清淡。除了饮食规律和避免暴饮暴食之外,他们还有早睡早起的习惯。Lin Yongqing, 103 years old, is known as outspoken and likes keeping nothing in his heart. He loves listening to traditional opera and his favorite foods are eggs and meatballs. Surprisingly, Lin eats six times a day, as his wife, also in her 90s, is always around to cook.103岁的林永清心直口快,什么事儿都不放在心上。他喜欢听传统戏曲,最喜欢的食物是鸡蛋和肉丸子。令人惊讶的是,他每天竟然吃六顿饭,90多岁的妻子总是在做饭。Lin worked all his professional life for a bank as a cashier, forming a strong affinity for counting bank notes. He still misses his career, so when lying in bed, his children bring a bundle of money for him to count. Lin sometimes counts the money dozens of times a day.林永清曾是一名出纳员,非常喜欢数钱。现在的他很怀念上班的生活,所以他躺在床上的时候,孩子们总是给他一捆钱让他来数。有时候,林永清一天能把钱来回数几十次。 /201608/460094It#39;s not ;just hair.;它不“仅仅是头发”。I#39;d like to say it#39;s just hair, and I love myself as much with our without it. But the truth is, it#39;s not. And I don#39;t.我想说其实它也仅仅是头发,即使我没有头发,我也会很爱自己。但是事实上,头发却不只是头发,我也不想失去自己的头发。We all have those parts of ourselves that define who we are, or that we#39;d seriously love to change.我们都有自己的某些身体部分,而且能够给自己定性,或者我们会因为爱它而很认真地去改变它。I#39;ve always been defined by my hair. And it#39;s always been a struggle for me. Fine and curly, in my teen years I abused it–trying all sorts of relaxers and processing options in order to make it straighter and easier to manage. Some worked for a while, but they took a toll on the health of my hair. I desperately wanted it to grow, but it never seemed to. It#39;d break off before anything much would get anywhere. I was just so frustrated and unhappy.我一直是因为自己的头发而特点显著。这也一直是我纠结的问题。一头漂亮的卷发,但是在我十几岁的时候,我开始折腾自己的头发——用了各种软化剂和其他处理方法来让卷发变成直发,变得好打理一些。一些方法只是暂时有效,但是这些方法却严重损害了我的发质。我非常期望自己的头发能够继续生长,但是缺再也没有生长了。现在的头发总是莫名其妙地会折断。我很失望,很伤心。For many, hair is seen as a marker of health and well-being. Maybe even economic stability. If you can afford to have regular blowouts and great color, you are probably doing pretty well in life. But there#39;s a downside to that reality–when we#39;re doing pretty bad in life, it shows through our hair.对于许多人来说,头发是健康和身体好的一个标志。或者甚至是经济稳定的象征。如果你有钱定期烫头发和染头发,或许你的生活很富裕。但是却有与事实相反的一方面——当你的生活一团糟的时候,你的头发也会乱糟糟的。And so, about four years ago I went through a pretty intense six months health-wise. It consisted of two surgeries and a great deal of medication. Due to this, my fragile hair grew even more fragile; it was weaker, finer and much more brittle. I may have not been experiencing hair loss or thinning in the obvious sense, but my hair had changed in a real way that was devastating to me.因此,在大概4年之前,我在6个月中进行了许多次健康治疗。包括2次外科手术,以及许多药物治疗。因此,我的头发越来越脆弱,发质越来越差,又细又脆。我或许没有经历过特别明显地头发脱落或者变细,但是我的头发真的对我造成了巨大的创伤。 /201607/454368

Zhao Dan (1915 ~1980)赵丹(1915 ~ 1980)Zhao Dan, born in Zhao Feng Chao in Nan Tong city, Jiangsu Province, whose ancestor hometown was in Feicheng, Shandong Province, was one of the most acclaimed and accomplished actors in Chinese film history.赵丹,原名赵凤朝,原籍山东肥城,出生于江苏南通,中国电影史上最卓越的男演员之一。He was fascinated with film and drama since childhood,which he spent in a theater that his father owned. In 1932,Li Pingqian, a famous director of Star Film Studio, took a fancy to him and made him act a rich playboy in silent film The Spring Dream of the Lute. Since then he became a basic actor in Star and starred in over 20 films like Twenty-Four Hours in Shanghai, Three Sisters, Go to Northwest, Nation#39;s Soul, Crossroad, Street Angel, etc. Since 1933, of which Crossroad and Street Angel Zhao played in 1936 and 1937, were two pieces that early revealed his talent. At the same time, he starred in world famous dramas such as Nala, Big Thunderstorm and Romeo and Juliet. His artistic talent in film and drama made him soon become an attractive drama actor and film star.赵丹自幼着迷影剧,童年在父亲开的剧院里度过。1932年被明星影片公司著名导演李萍倩看中,在无声片《琵琶春怨》中扮演一执跨子弟,从此成为明星影片公司的基本演员。1933年起,他先后参加拍摄了《上海二十四小时》、《三》、《到西北去》、《热血忠魂》、《十字街头》、《马路天使》等20多部影片。其中,1936年和1937年他主演的《十字街头》与《马路天使》是最早表现出他才华的优秀作品。与此同时,他还在世界名剧《娜拉》、《大雷雨》、《罗密欧与朱丽叶》中饰演主角。在影、剧两个方面露出的艺术才华,使他很快成为一名引人注目的话剧演员和电影明星。After the war broke out, Zhao began a creative relationship with director Zheng Junli, with the 1948 anti-Kuomintang drama-comedy, Crows and Sparrows which was the symbol of his performing arts. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, his playing historical figures in biographical films made his performing arts reach its peak. The three figures of Nie Er, Lin Zexu and Li Shizhen have been the immortal artistic images in Chinese film gallery.战争爆发后,他于1948年在反国民党的戏剧喜剧《乌鸦与麻雀》中与导演郑君里合作,该片是他表演艺术成熟的标志。五、六十年代,他在《李时珍》、《林则徐》、《聂耳》这三部传记影片中塑造的历史人物形象,达到当时我国表演艺术的高峰。李时珍、林则徐,聂耳这三个人物都成为中国电影画廊中不朽的艺术形象。Zhao Dan was a successful performing artist with many outstanding achievements. In the several decades of his film career, he appeared in 35 films, portrayed a series of brilliant roles. In 1995#39;s centennial commemoration of the birth of world film and 90 years of Chinese film, Zhao Dan was posthumously awarded the “Centennial Award” as one of the best actors in Chinese film.赵丹是我国卓有成就的表演艺术家。在他几十年的艺术生涯中,一共拍摄了35部故事片,塑造了一系列光辉的艺术形象。1995年,赵丹获得为纪念世界电影诞生100周年和中国电影诞生90周年而特设的中国电影“世纪奖”最佳男演 员奖。 /201605/443522Attempts to master a new computer program, or other forms of high-tech equipment, might seem to be going nowhere. You may tend to doubt your ability, and thus feel very frustrated. However, keep at it. You#39;re not beyond all help! Nothing more than a little focus, concentration and dogged persistence is required. It might also pay off to ask someone who knows more about it to assist you.试图掌握一门新的电脑程序或其它形式的高科技设备可能都半途而废了。你可能会怀疑自己的能力,因而感到十分沮丧。然而,坚持住,你并不需要任何的帮助。只要注意力再集中一点,毅力更顽强一点,就可以了。请教在这方面比你了解更多的人帮助你,也会让你取得成功。Your well being horoscope幸福运势The energy that you feel today, may have you so jittery that others don#39;t know what to do with you. The influence from the day#39;s aspects can really bring a boost and you#39;d be wise to plan things to do. Get yourself busy with physical chores. Pull things out, organize, move furniture around - whatever it takes. It#39;s better to be productive than to drive everyone crazy.今天的你有点紧张,让其他人不知道该如何与你相处。今天各方各面的影响会让你有所提升,如果你够聪明的话,就应该计划好一切。做一些体力活让自己忙起来!把东西拿出来整理整理,家具可以换个位置--不管需要花费多大的精力。与其让别人抓狂,不如让自己更加多产。Your finance horoscope财务运势Today#39;s celestial configuration will be favorable to changes in your relationships. Your professional and private lives will be influenced by how well you deal with these relationships. You may have decided, that in one way or another, your behavior needs to change. Now it is time for you to act. Don#39;t be discouraged if it takes a long time to see lasting improvement.今天行星运行迹象对改变情感关系十分有利。你如何处理这些关系将会影响到你的职业生活以及私人生活。你可能已经决定无论如何都要改变自己的行为。现在是行动的时候了。如果需要长时间才能看到持久的改善,可千万不要沮丧哦!Your love horoscope爱情运势Today you could pick up intuitively on powerful feelings of affection from someone whom you might be attracted to romantically. You might feel a rush of exhilaration from this experience; then your skeptical side might kick in and say it#39;s all wishful thinking. A little skepticism is healthy, but don#39;t let it overpower your positive impressions. All astrological signs are that what you#39;re sensing is in fact the case. Follow your heart.今天你的直觉可能会感受到对你有吸引力的人向你传来了非常强烈的感情。对此,你可能感到十分喜悦,但随后你就会有所怀疑,认为这只是一厢情愿。有一点怀疑是正常的,但别让怀疑影响你积极的印象。所有的星座迹象都表明你感受到的实则就是事实。跟从自己的内心。Your career horoscope事业运势You could be involved with some interesting discussions. You and your romantic partner might expand each other#39;s horizons, or you could be working on a creative group project. Your creativity will be strong and your mind will be buzzing with exciting ideas. You#39;ll express yourself in a confident and enthusiastic way. Your positive energy could be contagious. You act as the group cheerleader, boosting morale.你可能会加入到一些有趣的讨论中。你和你的另一半可能会使彼此的眼界更加宽阔,又或者你可能正在与创造性的团队合作一项工程。你的创造能力很强,你的脑子里可能满是令人激动的想法。你会以一种自信而又热情的方式表达自己。你的正能量很有感染力,会传染给别人。你就像团队的拉拉队队长一样,能够激起士气。译文属 /201608/462392

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