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颐和园早春美景 --31 :50:33 来源: 颐和园早春美景The Summer Palace landscape, consisting mainly of Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, covers an area of .9 square kilometers, with much of it under water. The area\'s 70,000 square meters of land features a variety of palaces, gardens and other ancient-style architectural structures. Well known its large and priceless collection of cultural relics, it was among the first group of historical and cultural heritage sites in China to be placed under special state protection.The CCTV Tower is reflected in the Summer Palace's Kunming Lake. Photo taken in March, . [PhotoCRIENGLISH.com]Flowers blossom at daybreak at Beijing's Summer Palace. Photo taken in March, . [PhotoCRIENGLISH.com]A quiet bridge and tranquil waters at Beijing's Summer Palace. Photo taken in March, . [PhotoCRIENGLISH.com]The Cloud-Dispelling Hall dominates Longevity Hill at Beijing's Summer Palace. Photo taken in March, . [PhotoCRIENGLISH.com]Cherry blossoms make an early appearance at Beijing's Summer Palace. Photo taken in March, . [PhotoCRIENGLISH.com] 颐和园 美景你想要什么(What Do You Want) -- :5: 来源: 你想要什么(What Do You Want)  i'm of the opinion that taiwan's students are pathetic because they have too much pressure in their lives. because they have to pass the joint college entrance exam, they must study hard, to meet their teachers' and parents' expectations, they have to study day and night.  but it's such a shame because most students don't know what they really want and what their goals in their future should be. so what should they strive towards? should they only want to get the best grades and pass the jcee? the answer is no. in my view, all students should calm down a few minutes and think earnestly about what they want.千山秋游(An Autumn Trip to Qiahan) -- :01:5 来源: 千山秋游(An Autumn Trip to Qiahan)   last autumn we took a trip to qianshan by bus. it is about thirty miles from the city. we planned to put up in a hotel there in order to watch the sun rise the next morning.  as soon as we got there, we began to climb up the mountains. how great the sight is! we felt as if we had entered amother world full of beauty, peaeefulness and loveliness. there are hundreds of mountains, one after another. there are magnificent cliffs, one above another. we climbed up vigorously and breathed the fresh air greedily. as the sun was going down, we descended to a little hotel at the foot of the hill, where we had a big dinner, and then went to bed early so as to regain the energy ior the expedition next morning.bee daybreak, we reached the peak of the highest mountain after a hard groping and climbing in the dark. unaware of the cold wind, we stood motionlessly, with our eyes fixing at the hr end of the east. suddenly thin ravs of red hue sp across the sky. as the redness deepened, some mysterious clouds moved across thc sky, dividing heaven from the earth. just at this moment, up from the brightening far east rose the sun. it was so red and yet so tender that we could gaze at it with naked eyes. and a slight applause from us. the amazed spectators, rang through the peak. up, up it rose, adding to itself strength and glory at every step. it dazzled with vigour, driving away darkness, cold, and misery from the earth, and bring light, warmth, and happiness to men.  we were completely amazed at the wonder and the greatness of nature. we jumped and shouted like innocent children and we bathed in the first rays of the sun with the peak till it was time our return.My parents --19 :8:55 来源: My parents I have a busy father and a kind mother. My father is a businessman. He is years old. He is short. He likes ing newspapers after meals. He watches TV in the evening. He goes to work by car. He has got a nice black car. He often plays golf with his friends on the weekend. He does not often eat dinner with us. My mother is a housewife. She doesn’t work. She stays at home. She is beautiful. She has long hair. She does housework in the morning. She often goes shopping in the afternoon. She is kind, but she is strict to my study. She likes ing. She watches TV at night, too.I love my parents. And they love me too.

二年级英语作文:My father job --1 01:50:1 来源:   my father is a nice man. he likes to play computer games. he is an owner of a factory which produces many things .he is good at designing. he works very hard. i love him very much because, sometimes, i can help him to do something in his factory .he is always on busine tri because he has his busine everywhere so it takes up too much of his time .  theree, he doersquo;t have any time to play with me but i dorsquo;t blame him that. i often end a lot of my time on the computer, so i have something to do. my mother is usually on the phone and tells my father to get home early but my father doersquo;t listen to her. so my mother and i sometimes are uet and i dorsquo;t like my father in a see that he always gets home late.  i love my father but not his job!

The Coat of Einstein 爱因斯坦的衣 --6 :8:50 来源: The Coat of Einstein 爱因斯坦的衣  One day, Einstein was walking in a street in New Youk. His close friend met him and said,"Einstein, you should buy a new coat. Look, how old your coat is!" But Einstein answered, "It doesn't matter. Nobody knows me here."  After a few years, Einstein bacame a famous csientist in the world. But he still wore the old coat.  The friend met him again and told him to buy a new coat. But Einstein said,"I needn't buy a new one. Everyone knows me here."  有一天,爱因斯坦走在纽约的大街上他最好的朋友遇见了他并对他说:“爱因斯坦,你该买件新衣了看看你的衣多旧啊!”但是爱因斯坦却回答说:“没关系的,这里没有人认识我”  几年以后,爱因斯坦成为世界著名的科学家,但是他仍然穿着那件衣  那位朋友再次遇见他,告诉他去买件新衣但是爱因斯坦说:“我不需要买新衣了,这里每个人都认识我”

Summer Camp --19 ::1 来源: On Saturday, we went camping, with our teachers. First we pitched the tent. Then our older brothers and older sisters played game with us. At noon, we all had a delicious lunch followed by a barbecue dinner. At night, we had bonfire and sang and danced. We didn’t sleep until : at night. But some of the boys were so noisy we couldn't fall alseep. I only slept three hours. The next morning, everybody woke up very early. After exercising in the morning, we all went to see the small pigs. On the way there, we saw a lot of geese. At :00, we went back to eat ice cream. It was so cold. Then, we all played games together. We ate lunch at :00. In the afternoon, we played musical instruments and sang. After that, camp was over. We had a lot of fun at the summer camp. I am looking ward o going to another summer camp soon.

My Study --19 :: 来源: My study is big. It’s about ㎡. The walls are white and the floor is dark yellow. The lights on the wall are very beautiful. There is a big window on the wall. The window curtains are yellow and light green. In front of the wall, there is my desk. There is a telephone, a globe and some books on the desk. There is a piano on the right of the desk. It’s my favorite present from my parents when I was nine years old. On the left of the desk, there is a bookshelf. There are many books on the shelf. Some are storybooks. Some are picture books. Some are cartoon books. Some are music books. There are some English books, too. On the shelf, there is a Snoopy and a Blue Cat. I like them very much! In the evening or at the weekends, I do my homework and play the piano in my study. I can all kinds of books, too. In my study, I can gain much knowledge. I like my study. What about you?

快乐之家(Hay Family) -- :56: 来源: 快乐之家(Hay Family)   everyone has a family. i have a family, too. i name it “happy family”, because everyone in my family is happy.  come and meet my family, please! my mother is kind. i love her, and she loves me, too. my mother is pretty. she likes beautiful clothes. i call her“dressy mum”.  my father is a boss. he is tall and thin. he has a small head. i give him a nickname“small head father”. i am fat and lovely. i have a big head. i give myself a nickname“big head girl”. i study hard. i am a good student.  we are happy every day!

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