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Language Pointstwo timerfreeloaderliarcheaterjinxkept womanthe other woman/manhome-wreckercheapskategold diggerSOBson of a bitch /201603/428488。

Language Points1.run overI ran over my paper before giving it.The class ran over by 10 minutes.2.hand (sth.) overIts mine. Hand it over!3.look (sb./sth.) overI think youd better have the doctor look you over.4.over ones headYour explanation is totally over my head. /201512/411456。

unit 162 医生建议dialogue 英语情景对话A:What do you think I should do, doctor?A:医生,你看我该怎么办?B:Why dont you try Chinese herbal medicine?B:为何不试试中草药呢?A:Is it useful for me?A:中草药对治我的病有效吗?B:You have to try at least.B:至少你应当试一试。A:OK. Thanks a lot.A:好的,非常感谢。B:Thats nothing.B:没什么。 /201508/391792。

unit 520喝威士忌(1)dialogue 英语情景对话A:Give me Scotch, please.A:请给我来一杯苏格兰威士忌。B:What brand?B:要什么牌子的?A:Black Rose.A:黑玫瑰。B:Soda or water?B:加苏打水还是水?A:Just plain water with plenty of ice rock.A:加水和多一点冰块。B:Alright. Please wait for a minute.B:好的,请稍等。 /201608/461193。

11. Changing an Appointment Time 11.改变预约时间A: Im calling because I need to reschedule my appointment.A:我打电话来因为我需要重新安排我的预约。B: What was the original appointment date and time?B:原来的预约日期和时间是什么?A: I am supposed to come in on Thursday at 10 in the morning.A:我本应该在周四上午10点来。B: Are you Tina Williams?B:你是缇娜威廉姆斯吗?A: Thats me.A:是我。B: When would you like to reschedule the appointment for?B你想把你的预约重新安排在什么时候?A: Can Dr. Harris see me next Tuesday at 10?A:可以让哈瑞斯医生在下周二10点帮我看吗?B: He doesnt have an opening that day until noon.B:那天中午以前他都没有空闲时间。A: Ill have to come on my lunch break then.A:那我会在我午餐休息时间过来。B: So shall I give you that appointment time?B:那我给你定在那个时间?A: Yeah, put me down for that time.A:是的,记下我在那个时间来。B: Just let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule. B:如果你需要取消或者重新预约,请在24小时内提前告诉我们。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/421600。

Todd: Hey, so Jeff, you have an MBA, or youre studying to get an MBA?托德:嘿,杰夫,你有工商管理学硕士学位,还是你正在攻读工商管理学硕士学位?Jeff: Im studying to get an MBA.杰夫:我正在攻读工商管理学硕士学位。Todd: OK, why did you choose to get an MBA. You dont seem like the business type of guy. Youre always talking about nature and travel and art.托德:好,你为什么选择攻读工商管理学硕士?你看起来并不是那种商业型的人。你总是谈论自然、旅行和艺术的话题。Jeff: Ah, this Masters of Business Administration in International Tourism, thats my focus, international tourism, is purely out of necessity, not really that I love to be a student or love studying but I think its, in todays world, you need an edge to get a job, and I think this MBA will give me an edge to get a job in the future.杰夫:哦,我的专业是工商管理国际旅游方向,我的专业是国际旅游,我选择这个专业是出于需要,不仅仅是因为我喜欢学习,而是我认为在当今这个世界,找工作时要有优势,我认为工商管理学硕士学位让我以后找工作时有一定的优势。Todd: So are you learning a lot in your program? Is this a good MBA program that youre in?托德:你的专业要学习的内容多吗?你学习的专业是优秀的工商管理项目吗?Jeff: They say education is not burden, Max Lerner, I think said, ;Education is not burden; but, and I do, the subject that I chose, international tourism is an interesting topic, and I enjoy it so, I am learning. Im ing a lot, and I am learning a lot on the subject which is good.杰夫:听说教育不是负担,我想马克斯·雷勒说过,“教育不是负担”,我选择的国际旅游专业是一个有意思的主题,我很喜欢,所以我努力学习。我会阅读大量材料,也会对这个优秀的项目展开大量研究。Todd: I dont know, man, Im actually getting a Masters and, Im getting a Masters in Education, and I think its a waste of time.托德:我不清楚,我也有硕士学位,我是教育学的硕士,可是我觉得那是浪费时间。Jeff: Well, I never think education is a waste of time, but I think its the opportunity cost: What you could be doing instead of studying, and I think thats, you really weight out the options of the opportunity that youre giving up when youre spending all those hours ing and writing, and if you have nothing else better to do then I think, well, then yeah, studying something youre interested in is a good idea. Its better than watching TV or playing games.杰夫:我从来不认为教育是浪费时间,不过我认为是在浪费机会:想想除了学习你可能做的事情,你花数个小时的时间读写时就放弃了做其他事情的机会,不过如果你没有什么更好的事情要做,那学习一些感兴趣的东西是个不错的主意。这比看电视或玩视频游戏强多了。Todd: True. True, but sadly I think most Masters programs, or most education systems are geared actually just to make money, and they have a system where they give the books, you the books, you write the papers, but theres no real learning going on, and its, in effect, I think its a waste of time, but thats not the real way that people learn. They learn by actually doing things or having a challenge and trying to accomplish the challenge using any resource possible, and it seems to me that most Masters programs, MBA, Education, whatever, they dont really teach that.托德:没错,没错,不过遗憾的是,我认为大部分硕士项目或者大部分教育体系的目的都是为了挣钱,他们会提供书籍,然后你阅读这些书并写论文,但其实这样并没有在真正的学习,其实我认为这就是浪费时间,这并不是人们学习的方式。要通过做事情或者接受挑战或者尝试用可用资源去完成挑战来学习,我认为包括工商管理和教育学等在内的大部分硕士学位实际上并没有传授这种方法。Jeff: I agree with you. I think universities are now a business to make money and the bottom line, revenue is, this is what drives univerisity but I do think that there is active and passive learning like you said and I think there is room for both. (Sure) I think passive learning is good. I think active learning is better but I think its harder to, its harder to do. Its harder to get the, get the chance to do active learning, but I think passive learnings OK, as long as its not all you do. (Sure) I think if you can couple them together, theres some passive learning, some active learning, I think therere good together.杰夫:我同意你的观点。我认为大学现在就是挣钱的商业机构,推动大学的底线就是收入,我认为确实有你刚提到的主动学习和被动学习这两种学习方式,这两种方式有各自的优点。(没错)我认为被动学习很好,当然主动学习更好,不过很难做到主动学习。很难有机会去主动学习,所以被动学习也可以,只要你不是一直都采取这种方法。(没错)我想可以把两者结合在一起,既进行被动学习又进行主动学习,结合在一起效果更好。Todd: Well, I think sadly passive learning, book learning, the ing and writing, its cheaper to do so thats why univerisities tend to stress that.托德:遗憾的是,像书本知识、读写这种被动学习的成本更低,所以大学才会强调这种方式。Jeff: Yeah, but Im, I think I agree with you. I think it is a little bit of a waste of time, but if you have nothing else to do thats any better, then I think yeah, education and studying and learning are a very good thing.杰夫:没错,我同意你的观点。我认为这种学习方式是有些浪费时间,不过如果你没有更好的事情要做的话,教育、学习和研究是非常好的选择。 译文属 /201502/359081。

5. It is high time you changed your sales approach.你应该改变营销策略了。还能这样说:Time is up for you to change the sales approach.Its the time to adjust your sales strategy now.应用:at the approach of 在……将到的时候;be approaching to 与……差不多,大致相等;be difficult to approach 难以到达,难以接近6. You should meet the customers current demands.你们应该满足顾客目前的需求。还能这样说:You should satisfy the customers present requirements.You ought to meet the customers current need.应用:meet up 偶然碰到;meet situation 应付局面;meet an emergency 应付紧急情况;meet bill 付账;meet as strangers 像陌生人一样相见7. You should make a great effort to attract the customers.你们应该尽力吸引顾客的眼球。还能这样说:You should do all you can do to draw the attention of the customers.You should endeavor to engage the customers attention.应用:effort to do sth. 努力,奋斗。例如:It was a real effort to stay awake through the film.真要强打着精神才能看完整部电影。8. The unique design of the packing will help us promote the sale of drugs.独特的包装将有助于我们推销这些药品。还能这样说:Special design is helpful for us to promote the sale of drugs.The sale of drugs will benefit from the unique packing.应用:a drug on the market 滞销品,滞销货;drug addict 有毒瘾者,吸毒者;drug dealer 毒贩 /201501/353998。

15. Visitors and Extra Tenants (1) 15.访客和多余的房客(1)A: I have a question about my one-room apartment.A:我对我的一室公寓有个疑问。B: What do you need to know?B:你想知道什么?A: Am I allowed to have extra people living with me?A:允许有多余的人和我一起住吗?B: You are only allowed one roommate, but theyll need to have an application on file.B:你只被允许有一个室友,但是他们需要有文件申请。A: Will I be charged extra for any additional people?A:我要为新增加的人多付钱吗?B: Yes. And youll also need special permission for that.B:是的。而且你需要得到特别的批准。A: Are my visitors allowed to use any of the facilities?A:我的访客允许使用这里的设施吗?B: Yes, but you have to be present with them.B:是的,但你必须在场。A: Are occasional guest sleepovers fine?A:偶然有客人在这里过夜可以吗?B: As long as it is occasional, it should be no problem.B:如果是偶然的话,就没问题。A: Thank you. That is all I needed to know.A:谢谢你。这就是我需要知道的。B: Alright. If you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask. B:没关系。如果你有更多问题,随时来问我。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413651。