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A潘玮柏教学地道日常口语 7 /200707/15452点击此处下载音频大家好!广播学口语又和大家见面了。由于英国是岛国。船只对于英国人来说是不可缺少的。所以有关船的俚语也就应运而生了。今天我们就要学习两个关于船的俚语。(音乐);in the same boat;是我们要学习的第一个短语。字面的意思是;在同一条船上;。这就意味着大家风雨同舟。有福共享,有难同当。所以俚语表示:;处境相同,面临同样的问题;。Andy和Tom的好朋友。看到Andy事业有成。Tom也感到很高兴。;If you are happy , I am: wersquo;re in the same boat! So if you are rich, I wonrsquo;t be hungry too;(如果你高兴,我也一样。咱们有福同享嘛!所以你有钱了,我当然不会饿着)都是铁哥们了。谁跟谁呀。有福同享,有难也同当。他们之间的友情可是经过了考验了的。If you lose your job, I will lose mine: So we `re in the same boat.(如果你失业了,那么我也会一样,所以我们俩是难兄难弟)你是否也曾有过一个同舟共济的人呢。珍惜他吧。所谓人生得一知已足矣!(音乐)我们知道了;in the same boat;是;处境相同;。那么;miss the boat;是指什么呢? ;miss; 有;错过;的意思。;miss the boat;字面是错过了开船的时间了。在俚语中是指;错失良机;的意思。Tom虽然事业有成。但说起追女孩子,可是太外行了。怪不是他至今都没有女友。Andy特地为他开了一个party,可Tom却因为工作不能参加了。Andy很生气:You are missing the boat! Donrsquo;t regret!(你错过了一个好机会。你不要后悔)Tom却不忍放弃这次良好的商机。;No, if I go to the party, I am missing the boat really.;(不,我要是参加了,那我才是错过了这次良好的机会。)(音乐)鱼和熊掌怎么可以兼得呢。来复习一下我们今天学习的句子:(1)If you lose your job, I will lose mine. So we are in the same boat.如果你失业,我也会。因为我们是难兄难弟。(2)You are missing the boat. 你正在坐失良机。好的,下次见!So, in this suburb, the poo and the pee and the wash water are going to this treatment plant right in the middle of the community.那么,在这片城郊,各种排泄物们和废水正涌向处于区域中心的处理池。It looks more like a park than a treatment plant.其实与其说处理池,它看起来更像一个公园。The poo at the very bottom of all those layers of gravel -- not touching anyone那些处于所有砂砾层最下方的粪便们--不与其它成员接触is providing solid food for those marsh plants.为沼泽植物提供了固体养料。And the clean, clear water that comes out the other end is traveling underground to water each persons yard.在另外一头出去的清澈而干净的水会从地下运输用于灌溉每个人的庭院。So even though theyre in a desert, they get their own personal oasis.所以即使他们身处沙漠之中,他们也可以拥有私人绿洲。This approach is called Integrated Water Management, or holistic or closed-loop.这种方法被称为水资源综合治理,也可以说成全面治理或循环利用。Whatever you want to call it,你们想叫它什么都可以,its in conflict with the status quo of how we think about sanitation, which is contain, treat, push it away.但它与我们目前对卫生设施体系的看法(收集,处理,排放)是相悖的。But in this approach, were doing one step better.在这套系统中,我们做的更好。Were designing for reuse from the very beginning,我们一开始就设计成了循环利用。because everything does get reused, only now were planning for it.由于所有的东西都希望被再利用,直到现在我们还在继续规划。And often, that makes for really beautiful spaces.经常,这套系统能帮助创造美妙的空间。But the most important thing about this system isnt the technicals of how it works.但是对于这个体系来说,最重要的不是其科技原理,Its how you feel about it. Do you want this in your yard? Why not?而是你们对它的感觉。你们希望在你们的后院中拥有它吗?为啥不呢?I got really curious about this question.我对这个问题十分好奇。Why dont we see more innovation in sanitation?为什么我们没有在污水处理中看到革新?Why isnt that kind of thing the new normal?为什么革新迟迟不来?And I care so much about this question, that I work for a nonprofit called Recode.我真心关心这个问题,之后我为非营利性组织“科技投资新闻资讯网”工作。201612/485360As a mother myself, of three young children, I know how hard it is to work while raising a family. And I also know that Im far more fortunate than most.作为三个孩子的母亲,我深知边工作边照顾家庭的艰难。我也知道,我比大多数人更加幸运。American families need relief. Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm.美国家庭需要帮助。帮助有孩子的女性成功这样的政策不应是新鲜事物,而应该是常规。Politicians talk about wage equality, but my father has made it a practice at his company throughout his entire career.政客们谈论工资平等,但我父亲在他的整个职业生涯中一直在公司践行。He will fight for equal pay for equal work, and I will fight for this too, right along side of him.他将为同工同酬战斗,我也将与他并肩战斗。Americans today need an economy that permits people to rise again.美国人今天所需要的经济,要能让人们再次站起。A Trump Presidency will turn the economy around and restore the great American tradition of giving each new generation hope for brighter opportunities than those of the generation that came before.川普总统任期将扭转经济颓势,恢复伟大的美国传统,即赋予每一代获得比前一代更加明亮机会的新希望。In Donald Trump, you have a candidate who knows the difference between wanting something done and making it happen.在唐纳德·川普身上,你看到这样一位候选人,他明白想要做事和做成此事之间的差异。When my father says that he will build a tower, keep an eye on the skyline.当我父亲说,他要建立一座塔楼的时候,你只需留意天际。Floor by floor a soaring structure will appear, usually record setting in its height and iconic in its design.一层层,一飞冲天的建筑就会出现,而且通常是创纪录的高度、标志性的设计。Real people are hired to do real work. Vision becomes reality.实人用来做实事,愿景变为现实。When my father says that he will make America great again, he will deliver.当我父亲说,他将使美国再次伟大,他会言必信,行必果。201611/480123

And the farther you are away in distance,你距离爆炸点的距离越远越好the longer it is in time from the initial blast;距离爆炸的时间越长越好and the more separation between you and the outside atmosphere, the better.尽可能地将自己和外界隔绝开来So separation -- hopefully with dirt or concrete, or being in a basement --所以,与外界隔绝隔绝--最好是用泥土和水泥隔绝,或者躲在地下室--distance and time is what will save you.保持距离,长时间远离,这些可以拯救你So heres what you do.这些是你应该做的。First of all, as I said, dont stare at the light flash, if you can.第一,正如我所说的,不要用肉眼看爆炸发出的光,如果可能的话I dont know you could possibly resist doing that.我其实不太相信你们能忍住不看。But lets assume, theoretically, you want to do that.让我们假设,从理论上而言,你会很想看。You want to keep your mouth open, so your eardrums dont burst from the pressures.你最好让嘴巴保持张开的状态,这样你的鼓膜不会在压力下破裂If youre very close to what happened, you actually do have to duck and cover, like Bert told you, Bert the Turtle.如果你距离爆炸发生的地方很近,你需要迅速低头并且找掩体躲起来,正如贝尔告诉你的那样--就是那只叫贝尔的乌龟And you want to get under something so that youre not injured or killed by objects, if thats at all possible.可能的话,你最好躲在某些东西下面,避免受伤或致死You want to get away from the initial fallout mushroom cloud, I said, in just a few minutes.你需要远离最初爆炸形成的放射性坠尘蘑菇云,我刚刚说过,这些必须在几分钟内完成And shelter and place. You want to move downwind or crosswind for 1.2 miles.并且躲到合适的地方。你需要沿着风的方向,或者垂直于风的方向跑1.2英里You know, if youre out there and you see buildings horribly destroyed and down in that direction, less destroyed here,你们知道,如果你看到在那边的建筑发生严重的损毁,但是这边的建筑损毁得没有那么严重then you know that it was over there, the blast, and youre going this way,那么你就可以知道爆炸发生在那边,而你应该朝着这个方向走as long as youre going crosswise to the wind.同时注意垂直于风的方向走Once youre out and evacuating, you want to keep as much of your skin,每当你在户外或者在转移过程中,你需要尽可能地用东西盖住自己的皮肤your mouth and nose covered, as long as that covering doesnt impede you moving and getting out of there.以及口鼻,只要这些覆盖物不会影响到你的移动和撤离And finally, you want to get decontaminated as soon as possible.最后,你需要尽快去除身上的放射性污染And if youre wearing clothing, youve taken off your clothing,如果你穿着衣,最好找个地方把衣脱掉youre going to get showered down some place并且洗个澡and remove the radiation that would be -- the radioactive material that might be on you.从而去除辐射污染,这些辐射物质这时候可能已经附着在你身上And then you want to stay in shelter for 48 to 72 hours minimum,之后你需要在避难所里呆上至少48到72小时but youre going to wait hopefully -- youll have your little wind-up, battery-less radio,接下来就是等待了,最好的情况你能有个小型的、不需要电池的发条式收音机and youll be waiting for people to tell you when its safe to go outside.一直等到有人告诉你什么时候外面已经安全了。Thats what you need to do.然后再走到外面来In conclusion, nuclear war is less likely than before,总结一下,核战争已经不想以前那样了but by no means out of the question, and its not survivable.从前的核战争是几乎不能从中生还的。Nuclear terrorism is possible -- it may be probable -- but is survivable.现在的核恐怖袭击是可能发生的,甚至可以说很有可能发生的,但是我们是有可能生还的And this is Jack Geiger, whos one of the heroes of the U.S. public health community.这是杰克·盖格,他是美国公众健康界的英雄之一And Jack said the only way to deal with nuclear anything,杰克说解决核问题的唯一方法whether its war or terrorism, is abolition of nuclear weapons.不管是核战争还是核恐怖袭击,就是废除核武器And you want something to work on once youve fixed global warming,如果你想在全球变暖被解决后找点事情做I urge you to think about the fact that我强烈建议你思考一下这个事实we have to do something about this unacceptable, inhumane reality of nuclear weapons in our world.我们必须采取一些行动来解决这些不能被容忍的,不人道的核武器给我们这个世界所带来的问题Now, this is my favorite civil defense slide, and I -- I dont want to be indelicate, but this--这是我最喜欢的民事防御的宣传画,我不想成为一个粗鄙的人,不过这个--hes no longer in office. We dont really care, OK.他已经不在任了,所以我们没必要认真,对吧。This was sent to me by somebody who is an aficionado of civil defense procedures,这是某个人给我的,这个人非常热衷于民事防御建设but the fact of the matter is that Americas gone through a very hard time.但真正重要的事实是,美国已经经历了一段非常艰难的时期Weve not been focused, weve not done what we had to do,我们没有能够专注地去完成那些我们必须完成的事情and now were facing the potential of bad, hell on Earth.而现在我们面对的是可能将人间变成地狱的潜在危险Thank you.谢谢大家。201605/443515

网络社交英语口语 8:我最近有点忙Don: Hey, Herb! 1) What's up?唐: 嗨!赫伯特,最近如何? Herbert: I've been busy lately.赫伯特: 我最近有点忙。 Don: Doing what?唐: 忙什么? Herbert: I've been spending a lot of time 2) on-line.赫伯特: 我花很多时间在网络上。 Don: On-line?唐: 网络上? Herbert: On the 3) Internet, talking to people in chat rooms.赫伯特: 就是网络上,我在网络聊天室里跟人交谈。 Don: Is that helping you with your 4) shyness?唐: 这样你就不会害羞了吗? Herbert: Yeah! It's easier than talking 5) face-to-face.赫伯特: 是啊!这比面对面说话容易多了。 语言详解 A: The Internet era is upon us. 网络时代已经来临。 B: I guess I have to buy a computer then. 我想我得去买台电脑了。 【What's up?怎么了?/什么事?】 what's up?是常见的用法,表示“什么事?/在做什么?”的意思。例如你一见到朋友就笑起来,朋友就会问你What's up?“怎么了?” A: Wait! Amy! Don't go! 等等!爱米!别走啊B: What's up? What is it? 怎么了?怎么回事? 1) what's up? 最近如何?2) on-line 连线3) Internet (n.) 网络,互联网4) shyness (n.) 害羞5) face-to-face 面对面 /200708/16598

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