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Controversy About Automobile Plant in India Grows印度农民面临土地转移工业用问题 In India's West Bengal State, authorities have started talks with protesters opposing an automobile plant proposed by Tata Motors to manufacture the world's cheapest car. The automaker has suspended work on the plant, in the face of growing protests by farmers and politicians. The difficulties encountered by the project reflect a growing problem in India: how to move farmers off their land to make room for industrial expansion. 在印度的西孟加拉省,当地政府和抗议者开始对话。这些抗议者反对塔塔(TATA)汽车公司在这里设厂制造世界最便宜的汽车。在农民和政治人物的抗议下,塔塔暂停了这项计划。这场争议凸显出印度面临的日益紧迫的问题--如何把农民从他们的土地转移,为工业扩张提供空间。When Tata Motors was looking for a site to establish an automobile plant to manufacture the Nano car, the West Bengal State government wooed the company and acquired one-thousand acres of land from farmers for the high-profile project.  印度塔塔汽车公司在为旗下的NANO汽车加工基地选址的时候,西孟加拉省的官员向塔塔公司大力游说,并为这项众所瞩目的计划从当地农民手里征集了一千顷土地。The Nano is the world's cheapest car, scheduled to rollout in October.  NANO是世界上最便宜的汽车,原计划在今年10月投放市场。But the Nano plant in Singur became embroiled in controversy after some farmers, led by an opposition political party, demanded their land back. The protests snowballed, last month, as demonstrators blocked roads and prevented workers from reaching the plant. 不过,塔塔在西孟加拉省辛谷地区的生产基地最近遇到麻烦。当地一些农民在反对党人士的领导下,要求归还他们的土地。抗议愈演愈烈。上个月,示威者堵住道路,不让工人进入基地。Calling the situation "hostile and intimidating" Tata Motors has suspended work at the plant.  塔塔以目前局势“充满敌意和威胁”为理由,暂停了基地工程。Authorities in West Bengal State, who want to rescue the project and the state's image as a business-friendly destination, have started talks with the protesters. 西孟加拉省官员希望挽救这项工程,同时也希望挽救该省创造友好经商环境的努力。官员们最近开始和抗议者对话。The head of the party leading the protests at Singur, Mamata Banerjee, says the concerns of the affected farmers must get top priority. However, she is prepared for a compromise.  组织辛谷地区抗议的反对党领袖马马塔·巴纳吉说,农民关注的问题必须得到高度重视。巴纳吉女士同时表示,妥协是有可能的。"We want a settlement. Let industry smile and [the] agriculture also," she said. 她说:“我们希望化解事端。让工业和农业都满意。”Many have blamed local politics for the deadlock in Singur. 很多人说,地方政治的纷争导致了辛谷地区抗议。But analysts say that, even if a solution to the impasse is found, the acrimony surrounding the Nano plant reflects a deeper problem, how to move farmers off their land to make room for industrial expansion. 不过也有分析人士指出,即使目前的争端找到解决办法,这次争议也反映出印度面临的一个更深层次的问题--如何把农民从他们的土地转移,为工业扩张提供空间。Since India's economy entered a high growth path, many industries have drawn up ambitious expansion plans. State governments are wooing business houses to boost development in the state. 印度经济进入高速发展阶段。很多工业设计了雄心勃勃的扩张计划。各省政府为了促进地方经济而大力招商引资。A senior official at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Anjan Roy, says industry needs space to set up manufacturing plants. 印度工商协会联合会的高级官员安让·罗伊说,建设厂房需要大量用地。"Industry cannot be set up in suspension, hanging somewhere. So industry will need land and the country needs industry, so you will have to organize land for industry," said Roy. "Now in India, 63 percent of land is arable. But the fact is that with a very high proportion of arable land, there is still a lot of arable land which is not cultivated, which is lying fallow." 他说:“你不能在半空中盖个工厂。工业需要用地,国家需要工业,所以工业用地必须解决。现在的印度,63%的土地是可耕地。不过事实上,尽管印度可耕地比例很高,但是还有很多土地处于闲置。”But as farmers and tribal communities resist giving up their land, the promised industrial development has become a flashpoint. The Nano plant is not the only site facing protests. In the eastern Orissa State, thousands of villagers have demonstrated against plans by South Korea's POSCO firm to set up a steel plant on large swathes of forest land. The Supreme Court gave a go-ahead to the plant, but villagers say it will force them off their land. 不过,由于农民和地方族群社区拒绝出让土地,工业开发区的计划用地常常成为争议焦点。遭到抗议的并不只是塔塔公司的汽车生产基地。在东部的奥利萨省,上千名村民抗议韩国POSCO公司在那里的林地上修建钢铁厂。印度最高法院批准了这项建厂计划,但是当地村民并不买账。In many other regions where industries want to set up factories, farmers have vowed not to give up heir land. 很多其他地区也有类似情况。Sociologists say such conflicts are inevitable in a country where two-thirds of the people still depend on farming.  社会学家说,在农业人口超过三分之二的国家,这类冲突不可避免。The head of the Center for Science and Development in New Delhi, Sunita Narain, says tensions are growing because farmers are often displaced without adequate compensation and without help finding a new way to make a living. 新德里科学发展中心主任苏尼塔·纳林说,冲突的起因之一是失地农民没有得到足够补偿,也没有获得足够帮助来寻找新的谋生手段。"Indian laws are very antiquated, when it comes to land. They do not go far enough in compensating rural communities for the land that they will give up, or the minerals that will be taken from their area, or water that will be taken away," said Narain. "The larger message coming out of this is: the poor in India are asserting the fact that they live on these resources and that they need either benefits to be shared or a different way of development." 他说:“印度土地法相当陈旧。有关法律对农村社区出让土地、矿产、和水资源的补偿没有充分的规定。整个现象反映出的问题是,印度贫困人口强调,他们依靠这些资源生活。他们要么共享利益,要么需要另外一种发展模式。”Officials and businessmen argue that the factories will industrialize the countryside and provide much-needed jobs in rural areas, where millions of people are unemployed or underemployed.  政界和商界领袖说,建厂可以实现乡村工业化,并带来就业机会。这里现在有上百万的人处于失业或者不完全就业状态。Anjan Roy says businesses are willing to pay adequate compensation to landowners, but their investments must be protected. 安让·罗伊说,企业愿意为土地所有者付足够补偿,但是他们的投资必须得到保护。"Industry wants a transparent system of land dealing for whenever industry has to have land requirements," added Roy. "Second, when a land is settled it should be unencumbered and there should not be any interference from politicians." 他说:“企业希望在使用土地的过程中相关程序高度透明。其次,如果土地征用已经完成的话,企业对土地的使用不应当受到政府干涉。”But development experts say the way ahead may not be easy and warn of more standoffs between business and farmers as the country's economic priorities shift from agriculture to industry. 不过,开发领域的专家们说,印度的工业化进程不会一帆风顺。他们警告说,在印度的经济重心从农业向工业转移过程中,企业和农民之间会有更多纠纷。200809/47874。

India's Economy Maintains 9 Percent Growth油价和通胀将拖累印度强劲经济?   India's economy grew by nine percent last year making it the world's fastest-growing major economy after China. But the news is not all good. There are worries that high crude oil prices and runaway inflation will slow down growth. 印度经济去年增长百分之9,成为仅次于中国的经济增长最快的国家。但也有人担心,高企的原油价格和失控的通货膨胀将拖慢印度的增长步伐。India has pegged economic growth in the last fiscal year at a higher-than expected nine per cent. It is the third successive year that the economy has grown at this pace. 印度上个财政年度经济增长百分之9,高于预期,而且是连续第三年实现这个增长速度。The numbers should have brought cheer to the government. But Indian officials are not celebrating as they battle two emerging concerns, high global crude oil prices and rising inflation.  政府本应对此感到欣慰,但印度官员并没有额手相庆,因为他们正在努力应对两个正在出现的问题,这就是高企的全球原油价格和不断攀升的通货膨胀率。Record high crude oil prices are hurting India significantly because it imports about 70 percent of its needs.  由于印度石油需求的大约百分之70靠进口,因此创记录的原油价格正在使印度受到严重伤害。The government heavily subsidizes prices of petroleum products. But public sector oil companies are now reeling under losses, and have warned they could face a cash crunch if retail prices are not raised. 印度政府对石油产品价格进行大量补贴,但国营石油公司仍旧亏损严重。国营石油公司警告说,如果不提高零售价格,他们将面临现金危机。The government is likely to raise prices of gasoline soon, but there are concerns that the move will fuel inflation, which is aly running high. 印度政府可能很快就会提高汽油价格,但是也有人担心,这样做会导致已经很高的通货膨胀率进一步攀升。India's inflation rate surpassed eight percent last week, its highest level in four years. 印度的通胀率上星期超过百分之8,是四年来最高的。Finance Minister P. Chidambaram says the government is trying to get a grip on prices. But he says there are no "easy solutions or instant answers."  印度财政部长奇丹巴拉姆说,政府正在努力控制物价,但是没有什么灵丹妙药或立竿见影的解决办法。"Nobody is drawing any great satisfaction with an inflation [rate] of 8.1 [percent]," said Chidambaram. Eight-point-one is worrisome inflation. But we are confident that we will gain mastery over the situation, and inflation will be contained over a period of time. Of course it depends on crude oil prices and commodity prices." 他说:“没有人会对百分之8.1的通胀率感到高兴,百分之8.1的通胀率令人担忧。但我们有信心,我们会控制局面,在一段时间后遏制通货膨胀。当然,这取决于原油价格和商品价格。”However, the finance minister expressed optimism that the economy will maintain a growth rate of 8.5 percent in the current year. 不过,奇丹巴拉姆仍对经济今年保持百分之8.5的增长率表示乐观。Economists say that may not be an easy task. There are aly signs that the economy is slowing somewhat. Growth in the manufacturing sector came down substantially in the early part of the year, partly due to slowing demand from consumers being hurt by high prices. 经济学家指出,这不是件轻松的任务。现在已经有迹象表明,经济增长开始放慢。今年头几个月,制造业增长幅度回落很多,部分原因在于消费者受高价格影响,减少了需求。Indeed, the year ahead could be challenging for India. Economists say the government faces a daunting task in trying to maintain a high economic growth rate and keep inflation in check, which is hurting millions of poor people in the country. 今年对印度来说很具挑战性。经济学家指出,印度政府面临的艰巨任务是保持高增长率,同时遏制使这个国家数百万穷人受到伤害的通货膨胀。200806/40703。

#160;11第十一单元Conversation#160;1会话#160;1A:Excuse#160;me,Mr.#160;Li.#160;I#160;have#160;something#160;to#160;discuss#160;with#160;you.A:对不起,李先生。我有点事得跟你商量。B:I'm#160;in#160;a#160;bit#160;of#160;a#160;hurry,Miss#160;Liu.#160;Can#160;you#160;wait#160;for#160;a#160;minute?B:我这会儿正忙,刘。可以等等吗?A:I#160;would#160;really#160;appreciate#160;it#160;if#160;we#160;could#160;talk#160;for#160;a#160;few#160;minutes#160;now.#160;It's#160;about#160;the#160;overtime#160;you've#160;asked#160;me#160;to#160;put#160;in.A:我很想现在就和你谈谈,只要几分钟。是关于您让我#160;加班的事。B:All#160;right.#160;What's#160;the#160;problem?B:那好吧。有什么困难吗?A:I#160;really#160;can't#160;work#160;overtime.#160;Because#160;my#160;husband#160;has#160;been#160;ill#160;recently,I#160;must#160;take#160;care#160;of#160;him.A:我真的不能加班。因为我丈夫最近病了,我必须照顾他。B:I'm#160;sorry#160;to#160;hear#160;that.#160;Take#160;good#160;care#160;of#160;your#160;husband.#160;HI#160;find#160;another#160;one#160;to#160;replace#160;you.B:听到这件事我很难过,照顾好你丈夫。我另外找人替你。Conversation#160;2会话#160;2A:I'm#160;too#160;tired#160;now.#160;I've#160;aly#160;worked#160;for#160;12#160;hours#160;overtime!A:我太累了。我已经加了#160;12个小时的班了。B:God!#160;Don't#160;you#160;think#160;they#160;should#160;get#160;you#160;an#160;assistant?B:天啊?你不认为他们应该给你请名助手吗?A:Yes,they#160;were#160;supposed#160;to,but#160;so#160;far#160;nobody's#160;turned#160;up,#160;and#160;I#160;have#160;to#160;do#160;the#160;work#160;alone.#160;This#160;is#160;the#160;first#160;break#160;I've#160;had#160;all#160;day.A:应该是,可是目前为止还没有人来呢。我不得不一个人做这事。这是我一天来头一次休息。B:They're#160;really#160;running#160;you#160;into#160;the#160;ground.#160;Why#160;don't#160;you#160;ask#160;for#160;some#160;time#160;off?#160;You#160;could#160;take#160;a#160;long#160;weekend#160;and#160;have#160;a#160;good#160;rest.B:他们对你有些太过分了。你为什么不请几天假呢?好好休息一下。A:I'm#160;afraid#160;I#160;can't#160;before#160;I#160;finish#160;this#160;project.A:在完成这个项目之前,恐怕我不能。B:You'd#160;better#160;pay#160;more#160;attention#160;to#160;your#160;health.B:你最好多注意健康。A:I#160;will,thanks#160;for#160;your#160;concern.A:我会的,谢谢你的关心。B:You're#160;welcome.B:不用客气。 /201604/439094。

US Vice President Condemns Russia's Unilateral Border Move切尼谴责俄国在格鲁吉亚军事行动  U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney has condemned Russia's military operation in Georgia as an illegitimate and unilateral attempt to change the country's borders by force. 美国副总统切尼谴责俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的军事行动是企图单方面使用武力更改格鲁吉亚疆界的非法行动。Speaking at a news conference in Tbilisi with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, Vice President Cheney said Russian actions in Georgia "cast grave doubt on Russia's intentions and on its reliability as an international partner, not just in Georgia, but across this region and indeed throughout the international system."  美国副总统切尼在第比利斯与格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利共同举行的记者会上说,俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的举动令人对俄罗斯的意图以及俄罗斯作为国际夥伴的可靠性产生了深深的疑虑,人们的疑虑不仅涉及格鲁吉亚,还延伸到整个地区,以及整个国际体系。Mr. Cheney added that America will work with the governments of Georgia and other allies to protect common U.S.-Georgian interests and values. 切尼还说,美国将与格鲁吉亚和其它盟国齐心协力,捍卫美国与格鲁吉亚的共同利益及价值观。"After your nation won its freedom in the Rose Revolution, America came to the aid of this courageous young democracy," he said. "We are doing so again as you work to overcome an invasion of your sovereign territory, and an illegitimate, unilateral attempt to change your country's borders by force that has been universally condemned by the free world." 切尼说:“在你们的国家在玫瑰革命中赢得自由以后,美国立即向你们这个英勇的新兴民主国家伸出了援手。当你们正在争取制止对你们领土主权的侵犯以及企图用武力改变你们国家疆界的、而且遭到整个自由世界唾弃的单方面非法行动的时候,美国再次向你们伸出援手。”Mr. Cheney visited Tbilisi for a show of support following Georgia's recent conflict with Russia, whose forces pushed into the Caucasus nation after Georgian forces launched an offensive against the breakaway South Ossetia region. The vice-president's visit follows a U.S. pledge of one-billion dollars in assistance to help Georgia rebuild housing, transportation and other infrastructure destroyed in its conflict with Russia last month. U.S. officials say the aid package does not include any military assistance. 切尼在格鲁吉亚与俄罗斯最近发生冲突后访问第比利斯,以表示持。在格鲁吉亚军队向争取独立的南奥塞梯地区发动进攻之后,俄罗斯军队进入了格鲁吉亚。在切尼访问格鲁吉亚之前,美国已经承诺提供10亿美元帮助格鲁吉亚重建住房、运输等上个月在与俄罗斯的冲突中遭到破坏的基本设施。美国官员说,这些援助并不包括军事援助。Mr. Cheney met Wednesday in Baku with Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, saying the ed States has a deep and abiding interest in the security of the Caucasus. His trip includes a visit to Ukraine. 切尼星期三在巴库与阿塞拜疆总统阿利耶夫会晤。切尼说,高加索地区的安全与美国利益息息相关。切尼这次旅程中还包括乌克兰。Meanwhile, foreign ministers of six former Soviet republics allied in the Collective Security Treaty Organization issued a statement in Moscow expressing concern over Georgia's use of military force in South Ossetia. While the CSTO, backed Russia's role in the Georgian conflict, the organization's member states did not follow Moscow's lead in recognizing the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  与此同时,在集体安全条约组织中的6个前苏联加盟共和国的外长在莫斯科发表声明,对格鲁吉亚在南奥塞梯动用军队表示关注。虽然这个集体安全条约组织持俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚冲突中发挥的作用,但是该组织成员国没有跟随莫斯科承认南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹的独立。The CSTO member states are Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  集体安全条约组织的成员国是俄罗斯、亚美尼亚、白俄罗斯、吉尔吉斯斯坦、哈萨克斯坦、塔吉克斯坦和乌兹别克斯坦。To date, only Nicaragua has extended such recognition. Nonetheless, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Moscow is pleased with the CSTO statement.The senior Russian diplomat says the document places all of the right accents, including the unacceptability of military force by Georgia, on finding ways to prevent renewed use of force, and an assessment of everything going on around South Ossetia. Georgian President Saakashvili, speaking with Mr. Cheney at his side, said his country is committed to a peaceful resolution of all issues and is committed to dialogue with all domestic forces as well as any nations in the neighborhood and worldwide. 格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利在切尼身旁发表讲话说,格鲁吉亚致力于和平解决一切问题,也努力与国内各派力量以及本地区和全世界各国开展对话。200809/47536。

Rice: Israeli Settlements Have 'Negative Effect' on Peace Talks赖斯努力促以巴和平进程重回正轨  America's top diplomat is in the Middle East trying to get the peace process back on track. 美国国务卿赖斯正在中东访问,试图推动中东和平进程重回轨道。Israeli settlement expansion topped the agenda as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met separately with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Rice used exceptionally harsh language to condemn Israel's announcement on Friday that it plans to build 1,300 new homes in disputed East Jerusalem, on land the Palestinians claim for their future capital. 在美国国务卿赖斯跟以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人分别举行会谈时,以色列扩大定居点的问题是主要议程。赖斯使用不同寻常的严厉措辞指责以色列星期五宣布的准备在有争议的东耶路撒冷建造1千3百个新住房的计划。巴勒斯坦人把东耶路撒冷称作他们未来的首都。"I do believe and the ed States believes that the actions and the announcements that are taking place are indeed having a negative effect on the atmosphere for negotiation," said Condoleezza Rice. "And that is not what we want. We should be in a position of encouraging confidence, not undermining it." 赖斯说:“我确信,美国认为这种行动和宣布对谈判的气氛造成负面影响。这不是我们想要的。我们应当立足于鼓励建立信心,而不是破坏它。”Rice spoke at a news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Ramallah.  赖斯是在西岸城市拉马拉跟巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯举行记者会时讲这番话的。"We believe that settlement is the highest hurdle on the road of our political endeavors," said Mahmoud Abbas. "With the continued expansion and building of settlements the more tough the hurdle would become."  阿巴斯说:“我们认为定居点问题是我们为之奋斗的政治道路上的最大障碍。随着定居点建设的继续扩大,障碍也日益增大。”Israel says it has the right to build anywhere in Jerusalem because it will remain the capital of the Jewish state in any final peace agreement.  以色列说,以色列有权在耶路撒冷任何地方建造定居点,因为在双方达成的最终协议中,耶路撒冷是以色列首都,这种地位不会改变。Despite the obstacles, Rice said both sides remain committed to the peace process. 尽管有这些障碍,赖斯表示以巴双方仍然致力于和平进程。"We are all devoted to and believe that it is possible to establish the agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis for the establishment of a Palestinian state by the end of the year," said Mahmoud Abbas. 赖斯说:“我们都在努力,并相信,巴勒斯坦人和以色列为今年年底建立巴勒斯坦国达成协议是可能的。”But that goal is in doubt because in addition to the settlements, gaps are wide on core issues like Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.  不过,这个目标是否能够达到令人怀疑,因为除了定居点之外,在像巴勒斯坦难民和耶路撒冷地位的核心问题上仍然存在很大差距。Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is also embroiled in a corruption scandal that could force him to step down. In the meantime, Mr. Olmert is widely seen as too weak to close a peace deal involving major territorial concessions to the Palestinians. 以色列总理奥尔默特还跟一起腐败丑闻有牵连,这也许会迫使他下台。奥尔默特被广泛评价为过于软弱,从而无法达成一项牵涉到对巴勒斯坦人做出领土让步这类重大问题的协议。200806/42177。

Maybe she will, with the do's and don'ts of lending money to family, we are joined by Mility Hopson, GMA financial contributor and president of Aerial Capital Management. Welcome.Welcome, thank you.So it, it, can we narrow it down.Is there a yes-no answer to the question: Should you lend family money?I wouldn't call it a yes-no answer; I would start with a very basic idea. Before you think about this familial obligation issue, let's start with can you afford it? And if you can't afford it that answers the question right away. Also can you afford it if they don't pay you back? A bank thinks about the same thing. They assess the risk of the loan that they are going to make. And they don't make loans that are going to make them insolvent. You shouldn't either, but if you go down this path, the one thing that I suggest you that helps mute some of the resentment or problems that can occur. Document it. Documentation helps a lot. So those are the guidelines basically, you're saying: write it down on paper, sign it, date it, interest rates, someone said, the interest rates are low, so this is a good deal. We do look at family as a good deal, even for paying an interest that's usually lower than the market rate, right /? Well, I would start with, you know, you want your names, you want the date, you want the amount, you want the purpose and yes you have a right to know. A bank would ask you what the loan is for. You may not wanna lend a family member money for a vacation versus a medical bill.And you should tell them that. Hey, I don't want to pay for your trip to Disney World.(Perfect dictation ) Absolutely did in / terms, the terms may or may not include interest. They may include a payment plan; they may include it all back at a, over a lump-sum period. And then last, last but not least, sign it, copy it, make sure you both have a copy and when you get into issues, you pull out that piece of paper. And you should have the hurt, supposed to be able to say to the person: I don't think I wanna loan your money for this purpose.Absolutely, it's worse if you feel tremendous guilt and do something that you don't wanna do. You do it and it doesn't go well. That's a really bad situation. So on the front-end, maybe you can go to someone else, maybe I can cosign for a loan for you at the bank, really to create that kind of distance...that might be meeting them halfway. This, this is so loaded, because it is not just the stranger, right? This is all the family history, all the arguments, all the little things you did your bother or sister, you did your parents, whatever you is loaded from the back-end with emotions. There is no question about it, and there are certain people that think the family bank should always be open, that is not the case, there are also in most families there is a go-to person, that person gets called again and again and again, often, because there is a sense that they are good with money, they're button-down, they have the money and can loan it. And so those things just create just tremendous stress around these issues in families.But it is hard to say no, you love this person, right? you wanna help them out. But this maybe not be the best thing for the person. Well, it's hard to say no, but sometimes you have to say no. I had the situation just this week. I had a family member repeatedly needs money and at some point I had to say. And this, the moment of truth was this week. (Yah!) We are done, this is the last check that I would write, because I'm enabling you, to live a life style that you can not afford. And how does he or she react?Not well, I can tell you that.And so that will affect your relationship. You gotta deal with this person at holidays and family reunion? you know? But you know what, it's better than dealing with them when they are facing bankruptcy, facing serious, serious financial problems, because I didn't force them to look themselves in the mirror and try to take accountability for the life style that they were trying to maintain, that they quite frankly could not afford. It was just a fact, there were no two ways about it. Let, now we've been talking about you as the bank in the family, what about if you need to borrow money, what, what do you do? How do you approach your family member?Well, if you need to borrow money, I will go to them in the most professional way possible and I would be the one saying this is what I need the money for, I'd like to document this and write this down, this is when you can be expected to receive the payment. If I don't pay you back, I would be here before the money is due to renegotiate these terms, so they get a sense that you are very serious, very credible and you wanna make sure that this goes really, really well. It's also good for your own self-esteem. You know, hey, we get terms here, we get interest payments, I am gonna pay you back. There is no question about it. One interesting other idea, let's just say for some reason a family member doesn't pay you back, try having them work off the money. That's been something that I've tried lately and that goes extraordinarily well, they may do the baby-sitting that you need done or mowing the lawn or things like that.I don't know any of my relatives would like to clean windows. Mellody Hobson, Thanks a lot for the good advice. Tit touch waters to navigate here. 200810/51397。

Im sorry to hear youre not happy with our price.很抱歉听到你对我们的价格不满。Tip Top Trading prides itself on quality products and good value for money.Tip Top Trading以优质的产品和物有所值的价格为豪。You are a valued customer and your business is very important to us.你是重要的客户并且你的生意对我们很重要。We can match the price of our competitors.我们能给出我们竞争者匹配的价格。Well done Anna.干得好,安娜。It looks like you may have saved that deal.看起来你挽救了这个订单。Saved the deal? Is there a problem?挽救了这个订单?有问题吗?Well, Tutti Fruity has tried to undercut our price but I think I may have saved the deal we had with International Fruit Traders in France.Tutti Fruity想要削减我们的价格,但是我认为我可能挽救了与法国International Fruit Traders公司的订单。Yes, Anna offered a lower price for a bigger order and theyre having a think about it.是的,安娜以更低的价位争取到了更大的订单,而且他们会考虑一下。Crumbs. If the deals not complete I think you need to get out to France and seal the deal.天啊。如果协议没有达成,我认为你应该去法国达成协议。I want you and Tom to fly out there as soon as possible and do some schmoozing.我想让你和汤姆尽快飞往那里,和他们好好谈谈。Oh! You and Tom hey?你和汤姆哦。Thats enough Denise!够了,丹尼斯!This should be fun.这应该会很有意思的。Find out what happens next time on English at Work. Bye.下次再来English at Work看看发生了什么,再见。 /201704/506746。

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 12...Africa. The African plate has been drifting north over millions of years. And when it pushes against the European plate, huge folds of rock have been forced up and over one another into great mountain ranges. Europe's southern mountains, the Pyrenees, Carpathians, and the Alps, all rose from this collision. Pieces of primeval ocean floor have been lifted thousands of meters up into the sky. The Alps are still rising, as Africa continues to push north. The volcanoes of southern Europe are vivid reminders of the great tectonic forces, lurking beneath our feet. The Vesuvius in Southern Italy is a sleeping giant. Nearly 2000 years ago, a huge eruption buried Pompeii. Today the city of Naples lies sprawled across its lower slopes. Who knows when another nudge from Africa would set it off again? It isn't just Europe's southern mountains that owe their existence to the advancing African plate. So too, does the Mediterranean Sea. This sea is one of the defining boundaries of the continent. With its spectacular coastline and clear blue waters, it's one of Europe's great natural treasures. Much of the Mediterranean's extraordinary history hinges on the narrow seaway at its western end. At the Rock of Gibraltar, only 14 kilometers now separate Europe from Africa. About 6 millions years ago, the northward push of Africa, combined with a drop in sea level, created a vast dam, cutting off the Mediterranean from the Atlantic.words and expressionsfold: (n.) To form bends in (a stratum of rock). 【地质学】地层褶曲(在地层的岩石上)形成弯曲Pyrenees: (n.) A mountain range of southwest Europe extending along the French-Spanish border from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. It rises to 3,406.2 m (11,168 ft) at Pico de Aneto. 比利牛斯山脉Carpathians: (n.) (Carpathian Mountains)(中欧)喀尔巴阡山脉tectonic: (n.) Relating to, causing, or resulting from structural deformation of the earth's crust. 【地质学】地壳构造的关Vesuvius: (v.) An active volcano, 1,281 m (4,200 ft) high, of southern Italy on the eastern shore of the Bay of Naples. A violent eruption in a.d. 79 destroyed the nearby city of Pompeii. 维苏威山nudge: (n.) A gentle push. 轻推hinge: (v.) To attach by or equip with or as if with hinges or a hinge.给…装铰链,用铰链接合Gibraltar: (n.) A British colony at the northwest end of the Rock of Gibraltar, a peninsula on the south-central coast of Spain in the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and northern Africa. 直布罗陀200809/47653。

South Korea Weighs Options Amid Heightening Tension With North韩国官员对北韩的威胁未做出反应South Korea is opting for a low public policy profile amid escalating tensions with North Korea. Seoul officials kept quiet, a day after Pyongyang threatened to turn the South into "ashes."  韩国在与北韩日益紧张的关系问题上,选择在公开场合保持低调的政策。在平壤威胁说要将韩国化为废墟一天之后,韩国官员没有发表讲话。 South Korean officials kept relatively silent Monday, just 24 hours after North Korea's official media warned of a "powerful preemptive attack" against the South.  韩国官员星期一保持相对沉默。就在24小时之前,北韩官方媒体警告说,要对韩国发动一次“强大的先发制人的攻击。”The North Korean commentary warned Sunday if it attacks, "everything will turn into ashes, not just a sea of flames." The language echoes North Korean threats in past years to turn South Korea into a "sea of fire." 北韩星期天发表的警告说,如果北韩发动攻击,“一切都将化为灰烬,而不仅仅是一片火海”。这篇使用的语言和北韩过去几年来威胁要将韩国变为火海的说法一致。The threats are a response to testimony last week by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Kim Tae-young. 北韩发出这种威胁是对韩国参谋长联席会议主席金泰荣上星期发表的词做出回应。Kim tells a panel of legislators the South has contingency plans to preemptively strike suspected North Korean nuclear weapons sites, if it becomes apparent the North intends to make use of those weapons against the South. South Korean military leaders have since tried to downplay those remarks. 金泰荣对一个韩国议员小组说,韩国有应急方案对北韩受到怀疑的核武器设施发动攻击,如果很清楚北韩打算用这些武器来对付韩国的话。自从金泰荣发表这番讲话以来,韩国军方领导人一直试图低调处理这一言论。The flare-up over preemptive strikes is part of a broader political landscape of heightening tensions between North and South Korea, which never formally ended their 1950-53 war.  发动先发制人的打击的说法甚嚣尘上与南北韩紧张局势不断加剧的政治大氛围相关。南北韩从未正式结束1950年到1953年的战争。South Korean officials refused to confirm Monday a report in South's largest daily newspaper that North Korean jet fighters have flown close to the heavily armed North-South border at least ten times since conservative President Lee Myung-bak was inaugurated last month. 韩国官员星期一拒绝实韩国最大的报纸的一篇报导。那篇报导说,自从观点保守的总统李明上个月就职以来,北韩的喷气战斗机至少10次飞临有重兵把守的北韩和韩国边界。Mr. Lee has taken a much stiffer policy line with North Korea than his two predecessors, who transferred billions of dollars in aid and investment to Pyongyang with little or nothing requested in return.  与他的两位前任相比,李明对北韩采取了强硬得多的政策。那两位前任总统为平壤提供了数十亿美元的援助和投资,只要求很少的回报或是不要求任何回报。This month, Mr. Lee's top official on North Korea policy warned a joint North-South industrial zone would not be expanded unless there is progress in diplomacy to get rid Pyongyang's nuclear weapons capabilities. In response, North Korea expelled most of the South Korean officials in charge of managing the zone, located in the North Korean city of Kaesong. 这个月,李明政府一名负责北韩政策的高级官员警告说,除非在消除平壤制造核武器能力的问题上出现外交进展,否则不会扩大北韩和韩国的一个联合工业区。作为回应,北韩驱逐了负责管理这个位于北韩城市开城的工业区的大部分韩国官员。South Korean media did ed senior military officials as saying the South may soon issue some type of general expression of regret for the recent worsening of North-South relations. However, they say it will not be an apology, and that the South will not deviate from its "practical" principles on dealing with the North. 韩国媒体引述高级军事官员的话说,韩国可能不久将发表某种形式的一般性讲话,对最近南北韩关系的恶化表示遗憾。但是,韩国官员说,这不会是道歉,而且韩国也不会偏离处理北韩事务的“务实”原则。Dong Seung-young, a North Korea expert at the private Samsung Economic Research Institute, says the world may just have to get used to chilly North-South relations for a while. 民间机构三星经济研究所的北韩问题专家董承勇说,世界可能暂时不得不适应僵持的南北韩关系。He says even if the stalled relations last a long time, President Lee's government places top priority on "fixing" South Korean policy toward the North.  董承勇说,即使南北韩关系长期停滞不前,李明政府也会把重点放在“修复”韩国对北韩的政策上。Mr. Lee's political allies say ten years of lenient treatment toward Pyongyang made it easier for the North to test a nuclear weapon in 2006. Now, with North Korea four months late in providing a promised nuclear declaration, they say a firmer approach is needed. 李明的政治盟友说,10年来以温和的方式对待北韩让北韩更容易在2006年试验核武器;现在,北韩拖了4个月还没有提供它所承诺的有关核活动的申明,李明的政治盟友认为有必要采取更为强硬的态度。President Lee may get a firmer mandate in his North Korea policies from legislative elections next month, in which which his conservative party is expected to make gains. Some experts say the North's recent moves may be aimed at influencing that vote. 李明总统可能在下个月举行的国会选举中获得对他的北韩政策更为坚定的授权。预计,李明的具有保守倾向的政党将获得更多的议席。一些专家认为,北韩近期的举动可能是为了影响那次选举。Others, like Professor Yang Moo-jin of Seoul's University of North Korean Studies, say Pyongyang is trying to influence South Korea's relationship with the ed States. 位于首尔的北韩事务大学的教授杨木仁和其他人都认为,平壤试图影响韩国与美国的关系。He says North Korea is trying to send a signal that strengthening the U.S. - South Korea alliance is not the best way to solve the nuclear issue. He says Pyongyang wants to convince U.S. and South Korean leaders not to seek ways of pressuring the North when they meet at an upcoming summit. 杨木仁说,北韩试图发出一个信号,那就是加强美韩联盟不是解决核问题的最佳办法。杨木仁说,平壤希望说美国和韩国领导人,在即将到来的峰会中,不要寻求向北韩施压。President Lee is scheduled to meet with President Bush in Washington next month. The chief U.S. delegate to the nuclear talks, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, is scheduled to arrive Tuesday in Seoul to meet with officials here.  预料,李明总统下个月在华盛顿会晤布什总统。美国核谈判首席代表、助理国务卿希尔将于星期二抵达首尔,与韩国官员举行会谈。200804/33035。

Katie Couric: Neil Bernstein is a teen psychologist and author of "How to Keep Your Teenager Out of Trouble and What to Do If You Can't". And Dr. Marilyn Maxwell is a professor of Internal Medicine, and Paediatrics at St. Louis University, and co-author of "Questions Kids Ask about SEX; Honest Answers for Every Age. Katie Couric: Good morning to both of you,(Good morning.) nice to see you both. So, let me just review the statistics, 55% of boys between the ages of 15 and 19 and 54% of girls between those same ages have, are, reported getting or giving oral sex. And the numbers were slightly lower for intercourse among these respondents. You're not surprised, are you? Both: No Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: No, I m not surprised. In my clinical practice, it's a very common phenomenon in talking to kids and they take it so casually. Katie Couric: And and why do you think that's the case? Do you think it's because this notion of being obsessed with technical virginity, you know, or in other words, all the lectures about safe sex and STDs may have resulted in this, and staying away from intercourse? Neil Bernstein: Well, that's part of it. We may have inadvertently created a monster, because what a lot of the kids think is, well, going all the way might not be OK, but oral sex is an acceptable alternative. That's not necessarily the message we'd like them to have, but that's the way a lot of teens view that. We have to change the basic message. Katie Couric: And that one thing we have to remember is there are definite hazards, health hazards, and STDs can be contracted through oral sex. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Yes, a lot of teens don't understand that you can get certain sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea. Those can be contracted through oral sex. Katie Couric: And the other thing that we have talked about is that this is not reciprocal. This is mostly girls doing this to boys, and that brings out a whole different subject about girls being submissive, subservient, demeaned by this act and girls are struggling with this, I understand. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: They are. There is an emotional toll associated with oral sex. Katie Couric: Have...have you found that as well? Neil Bernstein: Yeah, I, sometimes it depends. Certainly girls are more casual, but you know a lot of girls unfortunately view it as a way out of a difficult situation and satisfied with them. Katie Couric: And some we talked to and Dr. Bernstein participated in my Teen and Sex special. They actually thought it is empowering in a weird way, and a way that they could actually have controlled over the situation . Neil Bernstein: Yeah, I know. I've got something he wants how sad to feel that way. Katie Couric: Well, I guess the big question parents are struggling with, myself included, is: how do you talk to your kids about this, how do you convince them? You know, it's such a generational thing too, because people of my generation think, I believe, most of them, I can't speak for my entire generation, that this is a more intimate act in many ways than intercourse and that. . . Obviously, everything has been turned on its ear, but how do you talk to your daughters in particular and say: listen, I don't want you engage in this kind of behavior. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: The most important thing is that you do talk, and you talk and you talk. And parents should be real and they should tell their children what they would like from them, and they should discuss relationships and intimacy. With oral sex there is a disconnect between intimacy and relationship and the sexual act. Neil Bernstein: Yeah, it's about values and that's really the job of a good parent to convey decent morals to their kids. And the other thing I would stress to young people is there really are no shortcuts to intimacy. You just can't achieve it in a few days no matter what you do and a lot of kids don't get that. And a lot of kids get hurt very quickly and rebound etc, etc. And these attitudes are shaped over the course of time. And then parents have to be aware of the power of peer pressure and a good relationship with your son and daughter counteracts that power of peer pressure, certainly negative influences of it. Katie Couric: So, certainly staying close to your kids in all areas of life, you know, you have to develop that connection to them. So, and also what about a little healthy fear? I always think that's helpful. Neil Bernstein: Uhhh....Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Katie. I agree with that. very complete for that.Katie Couric: No. I mean I stayed, I stayed pretty straight narrow because I was afraid of not only my parents' rough, not that they weren't great parents, but I was always so terrified of disappointing them. (Yeah)So, you do have to set high standard and make them fearful about when they go against these standards, don't you? Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Katie. I think that's so important what you said setting high standards. Some parents are fearful of telling kids what they want and the standards that they'd like them to have. So they need to enforce that...Katie Couric: They want to be their friends (Yes.)instead of a parental, you know, authority figure. Neil Bernstein: Yeah, but there's a difference between fear and guilt and there's some confusion about that. (Yeah.)Fear is what will happen to you; guilt is how you will make another person feel. Katie Couric: I think all those things should be (You know that...)considered even when they are making a distinction of that. Neil Bernstein: When I was a kid, they were telling us that if you masturbate, your hand would fall off.Katie Couric: Anyway, well, thank you so much for the advice. It's a tough subject to deal with in five minutes. But thanks so much for trying. Dr. Marilyn Maxwell: Thank you. 200807/44759。