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蒲江县治疗女性疾病多少钱彭州市人民医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样新津县妇幼保健院可以做人流吗 Barack Obama has declared cyber threats from abroad a “national emergency”, as he took action to impose sanctions on overseas actors engaging in cyber attacks that threaten the US’s national security or economic health.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)宣布来自国外的网络威胁是“国家紧急状态”,他采取行动,对发动网络攻击、危及美国国家安全或经济健康的海外行为主体实施制裁。The US president’s executive order gives his government new powers to #173;target significant cyber threats that affect critical infrastructure, disrupt the availability of websites or networks, or steal trade secrets or financial information, such as large troves of credit card data.美国总统的行政命令赋予其政府新的权力,打击那些影响了关键基础设施、扰乱网站或网络的可用性、窃取商业机密或财务信息(比如大量信用卡数据)的严重网络威胁。US officials declined to name potential targets of the new sanctions but said, as an example, that the executive order could be used against individual hackers hired by companies or countries.美国官员不愿指明新制裁的可能目标,但表示举例来说,该行政命令可被用于打击受公司或国家雇佣的个体黑客。The US has aly ratcheted up its response to cyber breaches, imposing additional sanctions in January on agencies and officials in North Korea, which it blamed for the breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment last year. In May 2014, it indicted five Chinese soldiers for hacking into six US companies.美国已经逐步加大了针对网络侵入的回应力度,今年1月美国向朝鲜的机构和官员施加额外制裁,指责他们要对去年索尼影视(Sony Pictures Entertainment)受到的网络攻击负责。2014年5月,美国对5名中国军人提出刑事罪名,称其非法侵入6家美国公司的计算机系统。It is unclear whether the new authority will be used in cases that could raise political tensions, such as sanctions against Chinese officials.目前还不清楚这项新的权力会不会被用于可能引发政治紧张的情况,比如对中国官员施加制裁。The new authority closes gaps that have posed a challenge to US law enforcement, such as cyber threats from countries that do not have extradition treaties with the US, lack strong cyber security laws or turn a blind eye to such attacks.这项新的权力弥补了对美国执法部门构成挑战的空白,比如网络威胁的发源地国家与美国没有引渡条约,缺乏强有力的网络安全法律,或者对此类攻击视而不见。The US hopes the executive order will encourage other countries to consider such sanctions, said Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cyber security co-ordinator. Potential punishments include freezing assets under US jurisdiction, such as bank accounts, and prohibiting US citizens or entities from engaging in transactions with those under sanctions.美国总统特别助理兼网络安全协调员迈克尔#8226;丹尼尔(Michael Daniel)表示,美国希望这项行政命令将鼓励其他国家考虑此类制裁。可能的惩罚包括冻结在美国管辖范围的资产,如账户,以及禁止美国公民或实体与受制裁目标进行交易。A spate of devastating cyber breaches at JPMorgan Chase, Target, health insurer Anthem and others has prompted the Obama administration to encourage more information sharing on cyber threats between government agencies and with the private sector.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)、Target公司、医疗保险公司Anthem等企业接连遭到的破坏性网络攻击,促使奥巴马政府鼓励政府机构与私营部门分享更多网络威胁信息。Legislation that would encourage such exchanges is again being considered in Congress. Similar bills have stalled in the past because of privacy concerns but lawmakers are hoping recent hack attacks will give new momentum to the proposals.美国国会正再次考虑关于鼓励此类信息交流的立法。出于隐私担忧,过去类似法案曾不了了之,但立法者们希望近期的网络攻击将给予相关提案新的动力。“Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges to the ed States, and my administration is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront them,” Mr Obama said in a statement.奥巴马在一份声明中表示:“网络威胁对美国经济和国家安全构成最严重的挑战之一,我的政府正在推行一项综合策略来应对这些威胁。”Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of cyber security firm CrowdStrike, said he was optimistic the new sanctions would “raise the cost to our cyber adversaries and establish a more effective deterrent framework to punish actors”.网络安全公司CrowdStrike的联合创始人德米特里#8226;阿尔佩罗维奇(Dmitri Alperovitch)表示,他看好新的制裁措施,它们将“增加我们的网络对手的成本,建立一个更有效的威慑框架来惩罚那些行为主体。” /201504/368046郫县男科挂号

泸州医学院附属中医医院中药科In 2001, while interviewing executives at Nokia, I was introduced to the Finnish word. It meant humility, I was told, but humility with a quiet self-assurance. That self-assurance seemed well-deserved. Nokiawas then the giant of the mobile phone world, controlling 35 per cent of the global market.2001年,在采访诺基亚(Nokia)高管时,有人跟我提到了一个芬兰词 。 有人告诉我,它的意思是谦逊,是带着默默自信的谦逊。这种自信似乎当之无愧。诺基亚当时是全球手机行业的巨擘,控制着全球手机市场35%的份额。Could it last, I asked in the articles I wrote at the time. We now know that it did not. After being eclipsed by Apple’s iPhone and by Android-based Asian handsets, Nokia last year handed over its much-weakened mobile phone business to Microsoft. But Nokia has not disappeared. It is now a mobile networks operation, has a digital mapping business and owns a host of patents.我在当时写的文章中问道,它能长期屹立不倒吗?我们现在知道,它不能。在被苹果(Apple)的iPhone和基于安卓(Android)系统的亚洲手机夺去光后,诺基亚去年将其实力大大减弱的手机业务售予微软(Microsoft)。但诺基亚没有消失。它现在经营着移动网络业务,拥有数字地图业务和很多专利。Reinventing itself is not new to Nokia. It has done so repeatedly since it began life in 1865 as a paper manufacturer. It has since been a maker of rubber boots, raincoats, cables and television sets. It has been an electricity generator, was once Ireland’s leading producer of toilet paper and the world’s only supplier of studded bicycle tyres.重塑自身对于诺基亚并不新鲜。自从1865年作为一家造纸商创建以来,它曾多次这么做过。之后诺基亚生产过橡胶靴、雨衣、电缆和电视机。诺基亚做过发电商,曾经是爱尔兰主要卫生纸制造商,也曾是全球自行车防滑钉轮胎的唯一供应商。This is unusual. Few companies change their businesses as dramatically and only a minority last as long. In an influential book, The Living Company, first published in 1997, Arie de Geus asked why some companies endured while others died young. The average multinational company lasted less than 50 years, but some, such as Nokia, were well over 100 years old.Royal Dutch Shell, where Mr de Geus worked for 38 years, began in 1833. A few had been around for centuries, he wrote. The Sumitomo Group of Japan could trace its origins to a copper casting shop founded in 1590.这不同寻常。很少有企业会进行如此剧烈的业务转型,而且只有少数能够存活这么长时间。在1997年首次出版的颇具影响力的《长寿公司》(The Living Company)中,阿里德赫斯(Arie de Geus)问道,为什么一些公司可以长寿,另一些公司却英年早逝。跨国企业的平均寿命不到50年,但诺基亚等一些公司的历史却远远超过了100年。德赫斯为之工作了38年的荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)是在1833年创建的。他写道,很少有企业会存活几个世纪之久。日本住友集团(Sumitomo Group)的起源可以追溯到1590年创建的一家铸铜店。In no other type of organisation, whether universities, armies or churches, was there such a disparity between the shortest and longest-living institutions.其他任何类型的组织(不管是大学、军队还是教堂),寿命最长和最短者之间都不会出现如此巨大的差异。Does it matter whether companies live centuries or not? Is not the death of companies and the birth of new ones the way economies and societies progress – through what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction”?公司能否存活数个世纪是否重要?老公司的灭亡和新公司的诞生,不是经济和社会通过约瑟夫訠籱祟(Joseph Schumpeter)所称的“创造性破坏”进步的方式吗?Yes. Companies can become complacent, as Nokia was about the arrival of the smartphone. Many are replaced by quicker, more alert competitors. But Mr de Geus and others have argued that long-living companies perform a valuable role.是的。公司可能会变得自满,诺基亚对于智能手机的出现的态度就是如此。很多公司被行动更迅速且更警觉的竞争对手取代。但德赫斯和其他一些人认为,长寿公司发挥着重要作用。They lay down roots. They establish links with communities, provide employment and memories to successive generations of workers and act as an important social glue. As families have become more fragmented and people more mobile, long-living companies provide a sense of cohesion and communal solidarity.它们会扎下根基。它们与社会建立联系、为一代代员工提供就业和回忆,同时充当一种重要的社会粘合剂。在家庭变得更为分散且人们的流动性变得更强之际,长寿公司提供了一种凝聚感和社会团结感。When they die, neighbourhoods are often left desolate, longstanding suppliers lose business and former employees and their families are deprived of their workday memories.当这些公司灭亡时,临近的社区通常会变得荒凉起来,长期供应商会丢掉业务,以前的员工和他们的家人会丧失他们对于工作的回忆。So why do some companies manage to last so long?那么,为什么一些公司能够存活很长时间呢?In his book, Mr de Geus pointed to four characteristics of long-lived companies. First, they were sensitive to changes in the business environment and in their societies. Second, they had a strong sense of identity. Third, they were “tolerant”, by which he meant that they were not over-centralised and allowed experiments and eccentricities among their staff. Finally, they were conservative in their financing – “they knew the usefulness of having spare cash in the kitty”.德赫斯在书中指出了长寿公司的4个特点。第一,它们对商业环境和所处社会的变化相当敏感。第二,它们有强烈的认同感。第三,它们“宽容”,他的意思是它们并不过分集权,允许员工试验和特立独行。最后,它们在融资方面相当保守,“它们知道留有备用现金的用处。”There are other questions we can ask.我们还可以提出其他问题。Is ownership important? Some companies survive because they are family-owned, educating each new generation to take a role and become executives. But family ownership is no panacea. It is difficult to instil hunger for success, hard work and managerial savvy in successive generations. And not all of the oldest companies are family-owned.所有权是否重要?一些公司存活下来的原因是它们由家族所有,他们会教育新一代人承担角色并成为高管。但家族所有权并非万能药。很难将成功的渴望、勤奋和管理头脑连续植入几代人。而且并非所有历史最长的公司都由家族所有。Does the industry matter? Is it easier to survive in the resources business, say in mining, than in the tech industry? It is difficult to judge. The technology industry is too young for us to know whether, for example, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook are going to show real staying power. Certainly, companies that were once big names in technology – Wang and ICL, for example – are no longer around.行业是否重要?在资源行业(例如矿业)是否要比在科技行业更容易存活?现在很难判断。科技行业还太年轻,我们无法了解苹果、微软或Facebook是否会展示出真正的持久力。当然,科技行业那些曾经的巨擘(例如,Wang和ICL)都已消失。And, most important, can large companies keep innovating or are they inevitably undermined by new arrivals with smaller bureaucracies, no pension liabilities and less of an investment in older technologies and ways of operating?最重要的是,大公司能否保持创新,或者是否会不可避免地受到新公司的削弱?新公司官僚主义较少、没有养老金义务,而且在较老的技术和经营方式方面投资较少。Over the next few months, the Financial Times (which itself is 127 years old) will be examining what helps some companies last so long – and how they can fend off decline. We will be running events and broadcasting s from the leading business cities on four continents: Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York and London.未来几个月,英国《金融时报》(本身有127年历史)将考察是什么帮助一些公司存活那么长时间,以及它们是如何抵御衰落的。我们将举办各种活动,并播放来自位于四个大陆的领先商业城市的视频:香港、约翰内斯堡、纽约和伦敦。Each of these financial and commercial centres has companies that have been around for decades or centuries, as well as thriving start-ups. We will be interviewing executives from both types of companies, as well as academic experts.这些金融和商业中心都拥有具有几十年或几百年历史的企业以及蓬勃发展的初创企业。我们将采访这两类企业的高管和学术专家。But we also want to hear from you, the FT er. Do you think long-living companies are valuable to our societies and, if so, what do you think helps them endure? Do you work or for a company that has been around forever, or do you work for a recent corporate arrival – or perhaps you have worked for both? How do you think the most successful older companies have done it? Please join in the debate by posting your thoughts here or follow #FTLongevity.on Twitter.但英国《金融时报》的读者,我们也希望听到你的看法。你是否认为长寿公司对我们的社会很重要?如果是的话,你认为它们长寿的秘诀是什么?你是在为一家历史悠久的公司工作,还是在为一家最近才诞生的公司工作,或者你曾经为两种公司都工作过?你认为最成功的历史较长的公司是如何做到的?请加入我们的辩论,在这里提出你的看法,或者在Twitter上关注#FTLongevity。 /201507/387907乐山妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗 London—The European Commission is said to be planning to charge Google with using its dominant position in online search to favor the company’s own services over others, in what would be one of the biggest antitrust cases here since regulators went after Microsoft.伦敦——据称,欧盟委员会(European Commission)计划就谷歌(Google)利用它在网络搜索方面的主导地位,偏袒谷歌自身务的做法提起诉讼。这可能会成为监管机关对微软(Microsoft)采取行动以来,欧洲规模最大的反垄断案之一。Europe’s competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, is expected to make an announcement in Brussels on Wednesday that Google has abused its dominant position, according to two people who spoke Tuesday on the condition of anonymity.两名知情人士周二在匿名的前提下透露,欧盟的市场竞争负责人玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔(Margrethe Vestager)将于周三在布鲁塞尔发表声明,称谷歌滥用了主导地位。The decision to push ahead with a so-called statement of objections is the latest twist in the lengthy investigation into Google’s activities in Europe, where it holds a roughly 90 percent share in the region’s search market. If Europe is successful in making its case, the American tech giant could face a huge fine and be forced to alter its business practices to give smaller competitors like Yelp greater prominence in its search queries.采取行动发表所谓的异议声明(statement of objections)的决定,在谷歌的欧洲业务受到的漫长调查中,是最新的一步转折。在欧洲,谷歌约占搜索市场90%的份额。如果欧洲起诉成功,这家美国科技巨头就将面临巨额罚款,而且还将被迫调整其商业操作,在其搜索结果中将Yelp等规模较小的竞争对手呈现在更显著的位置。A representative for Google declined to comment on any potential action by the European authorities. But in an internal memo to employees, first obtained by the technology news site Re/code, the company said it expected the commission to file a statement of objections about how the company displays search results, particularly for shopping. It also expected the authorities to open an investigation into Android, the Google software that runs a majority of the world’s smartphones.谷歌的一名代表拒绝就欧盟可能采取的行动发表。但科技新闻网站Re/code最先取得的一份谷歌发送给员工的内部备忘录显示,谷歌表示该公司认为,欧盟委员会将会发表一份异议声明,涉及谷歌排列搜索结果的方式,尤其是有关购物的搜素结果。该公司还认为,欧盟委员会将对谷歌的Android软件开展调查,世界上大多数智能手机使用的都是Android系统。“We have a very strong case, with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for users and increased competition,” the memo said. “All told, consumers have a lot of choice — and they are exercising it. And many, many other companies have very successful mobile businesses — including Apple, the most valuable (mobile) company in the world.”“我们胜算很大,特别在为用户提供更好的务,以及促进竞争方面,我们有非常好的论据,”备忘录显示。“总之,消费者有很多选择,而他们都在行使选择权。很多、很多公司都有非常成功的移动业务,比如苹果公司(Apple)——世界上市值最高的(移动)公司。”It is still unclear what specific accusations Ms. Vestager plans to include in the charges against Google. But the pressure the company faces in Europe is just one of the regulatory problems that American tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple are facing across the 28-member bloc.目前仍不清楚韦斯塔格尔计划对谷歌提出哪些具体的指控。但该公司在欧洲所面临的难题,只是亚马逊(Amazon)、Facebook和苹果等美国科技巨头,在这个由28个国家组成的政治联盟里,面临的诸多监管难题之一。Europe’s antitrust officials have aly opened investigations into whether Apple and Amazon received preferential treatment in their low-tax arrangements — Apple in Ireland and Amazon in Luxembourg. In addition, privacy watchdogs across the region are asking whether companies like Facebook have securely protected people’s online data. Policy makers are also investigating whether American Internet platforms like Amazon have too much control over how Europeans gain access to online services.欧洲反垄断官员已在调查苹果和亚马逊在其避税安排中是否得到了优待,其中苹果公司是在爱尔兰,亚马逊在卢森堡。此外,欧洲各地的隐私监察组织也在怀疑Facebook等公司没能对人们的在线数据进行可靠保护。政策制定者正在调查亚马逊等美国互联网平台,看它们是否对欧洲人的网络务获取构成了过多的控制。European lawmakers have said that these inquiries are not specifically aimed at American tech companies, though many industry executives say they are aimed at helping European tech companies, which have so far been unable to rival their much larger ed States competitors.欧洲立法者们称这些调查并非专门针对美国科技公司,不过许多业内高管认为,把他们当做目标是为了帮助欧洲的科技公司,这些公司迄今为止还无法跟规模庞大得多的美国公司抗衡。The investigation against Google has aly dragged on for nearly five years at the European Commission without formal charges or a negotiated settlement. That has prompted criticism that the region’s most important antitrust enforcer has been too easy on Google.欧盟委员会对谷歌的调查已经持续长达将近5年,至今没有正式起诉,也没有达成协议和解。有人因此指责这个欧洲地区最重要的反垄断执法机构对谷歌过分客气。Europe’s main focus of investigation is whether Google has abused its search engine’s large market share by favoring its own products. The search engine is more dominant in Europe than in the ed States, where competitors like Microsoft’s Bing have a sizable market share.欧洲的调查主要关注谷歌是否滥用其搜索引擎的巨大市场份额,让自己的产品获得优势。谷歌搜索引擎在欧洲的统治地位要高过在美国,后者还存在微软的必应(Bing)等竞争对手,占据了相当一部分市场。Ms. Vestager, a Danish politician who took over as the European Union’s top antitrust official in November, is scheduled to travel to Washington later this week, where she is expected to meet senior justice officials and participate in antitrust conferences.11月接任欧盟最高反垄断官员的丹麦政治人物韦斯塔格尔计划在本周晚些时候前往华盛顿,她在那里应该会见一些高级司法官员,并参加反垄断会议。More than two dozen companies and organizations have filed antitrust complaints in Europe against Google. Many are in Germany, where powerful publishing groups and online firms have called on the European regulator to stop the American search giant from blocking competition in sectors like online mapping, travel services and shopping.在欧洲已经有数十家公司和机构投诉谷歌垄断,其中许多来自德国,那里的一些强大的出版集团和网络公司向欧洲监管机构呼吁,阻止这家美国搜索引擎巨头在网络地图、旅行务和购物等领域阻挠竞争的行为。“The E.U. competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, will decide what steps they want to go,” Günther Oettinger, a German politician who is charge of Europe’s digital economy, told Die Welt am Sonntag, a German newspaper, on Sunday. “I think that they will be far-reaching.”“欧盟竞争委员玛格丽特·韦斯塔格尔会决定他们将采取那些措施,”分管欧洲数码经济的德国政治人物金特·厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)周日对德国报纸《周日世界报》(Die Welt am Sonntag)说。“我认为相关措施会产生深远影响。”If Google fails to rebut any formal charges, Ms. Vestager could levy a fine that could exceed 6 billion euros, or .4 billion — about 10 percent of Google’s most recent annual revenue. But the largest single fine yet levied in such a case falls well short of that mark: The record is 1.1 billion in 2009 against Intel for abusing its dominance of the computer chip market.如果谷歌无法反驳任何正式指控,维斯塔格尔可以对其处以超过60亿欧元(约合396亿元人民币)的罚款——大概是谷歌最近一年的年收入的10%。不过此类案件迄今做出过的最高额罚款远远低于这个数字:目前的纪录是2009年创下的,当时英特尔(Intel)因滥用电脑芯片市场绝对优势地位被罚11亿欧元。The commission previously spent years reining in Microsoft, which accrued a total of almost 2 billion in European fines over a decade, including a penalty in 2013 for failing to adhere to an earlier settlement.此前,欧盟委员会曾耗费数年时间对微软加以控制,令这家公司在10年里累积向欧洲付了将近20亿欧元的罚款,包括在2013年因未能履行较早前的一份和解协议而受罚。Google still could settle the matter. But whatever the search giant might negotiate with the commission, analysts say, the deal will have a greater impact on its business than previous attempts to settle. Ms. Vestager’s predecessor, Joaquín Almunia, gave Google three opportunities to make concessions that were aimed at allowing the company to escape both a fine and a formal finding of wrongdoing.谷歌依然有望达成和解。然而分析人士说,不管搜索巨头跟委员会如何协商,这一次的协议对其业务的影响,都将超过此前的几次和解努力。维斯塔格尔的前任华金·阿尔穆尼亚(Joaquín Almunia)曾给了谷歌三次妥协的机会,旨在让该公司逃脱一项罚款和一项正式的不法行为裁决。Those settlement efforts repeatedly ran afoul of Google’s rivals, including American companies like Microsoft and Yelp, which successfully complained that most of the changes proposed by Google have been insufficient to solve the antitrust concerns identified by regulators.这些和解努力不断地引起谷歌的竞争对手的异议,其中包括微软和Yelp等美国公司,它们诉称谷歌提出的修改不足以解决监管机构认定的反垄断问题,并最终获得成功。“Everyone should have equal treatment,” said Thomas Vinje, a lawyer for FairSearch Europe, which represents Google rivals. “Google should apply its own algorithm fairly to everything, including its own services.”“每个人都应该得到平等对待,”谷歌竞争对手的代理律师、公平搜索组织(FairSearch)欧洲分机构的托马斯·维尼亚(Thomas Vinje)说。“谷歌的算法应该对所有东西一视同仁,包括它自己的务。” /201504/370414四川省生殖是几级

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