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2019年09月20日 20:18:28 | 作者:华龙频道 | 来源:新华社
More than 25 million years ago, India, once a separate island on a quickly sliding piece of the Earth’s crust, crashed into Asia. The two land masses are still colliding, pushed together at a speed of 1.5 to 2 inches a year. The forces have pushed up the highest mountains in the world, in the Himalayas, and have set off devastating earthquakes.2500多万年前,印度还是一个快速滑动的板块上的独立岛屿,它与亚洲大陆发生了碰撞。这两个板块仍在继续相撞,每年以1.5到2英寸(约合3.81厘米)的速度相互挤压。这些力量令喜马拉雅山脉形成世界最高的山峰,并引发灾难性的地震。Experts had warned of the danger to the people of Katmandu for decades. The death toll in Nepal on Saturday was practically inevitable given the tectonics, the local geology that made the shaking worse and the lax construction of buildings that could not withstand the shaking.数十年来,专家一直警告加德满都人民要注意这种危险。鉴于地质构造、令地震震动加剧的地质情况,以及建筑物的构造不严谨、抗震能力差,尼泊尔在周六出现的惨重伤亡实际上是不可避免的。GeoHazards International, a nonprofit organization in Menlo Park, Calif., that tries to help poorer, more vulnerable regions like Nepal prepare for disasters, had noted that major earthquakes struck that region about every 75 years.设在加州门洛帕克的非营利组织国际地质灾难协会(GeoHazards International)是一家试图帮尼泊尔等较为贫穷、脆弱的地区为应对灾难做准备的机构。该机构指出,每隔75年,这里就会发生一次大地震。In 1934 — 81 years ago — more than 10,000 people died in a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in eastern Nepal, about six miles south of Mount Everest. A smaller quake in 1988 with a magnitude of 6.8 killed more than 1,000 people.81年前的1934年,在尼泊尔东部距离珠峰大约6英里(约合10公里)的地方发生8.1级地震,共有1万余人丧生。1988年,共有逾1000人在一次规模较小的6.8级地震中丧生。Brian Tucker, president and founder of GeoHazards, said that in the 1990s, his organization predicted that if the 1934 quake were to happen again, 40,000 people would die because of migration to the city where tall, flimsily built buildings would collapse.国际地质灾难协会的总裁兼创始人布莱恩·塔克(Brian Tucker)说,上世纪90年代,他所在的组织曾预测,倘若1934年的地震再次发生,就会造成4万人死亡——这是因为人口在向这座城市迁移,高大而脆弱的建筑物将会坍塌。In an update just this month, GeoHazards wrote, “With an annual population growth rate of 6.5 percent and one of the highest urban densities in the world, the 1.5 million people living in the Katmandu Valley were clearly facing a serious and growing earthquake risk.”国际地质灾难协会在本月的更新信息中写道,“这里的年均人口增长率为6.5%,而且城市密度位于世界最高之列;在这种情况下,住在加德满都谷的150万人明显面临着严重而且越来越大的地震风险。”The organization helped set up a local nonprofit to continue preparations, including the reinforcement of schools and hospitals.该组织协助成立了一个本地非营利组织,以继续进行准备工作,其中包括学校和医院的加固。Saturday’s earthquake occurred to the northwest of Katmandu at a relatively shallow depth, about nine miles, which caused greater shaking at the surface, but at magnitude 7.8, it released less energy than the 1934 quake.周六的地震发生在加德满都西北地区,震源相对较浅,约为9英里,所以地表的震动更加强烈。但是由于震级为7.8级,所以释放的能量比1934年的少。Roger Bilham, a professor of geological sciences at the University of Colorado who has studied the history of earthquakes in that region, said that the shaking lasted one to two minutes, and the fault slipped about 10 feet along the rupture zone, which stretched 75 miles, passing under Katmandu.科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)地质学教授罗杰·比尔汉姆(Roger Bilham)曾研究过该地区的地震历史,他说,震动持续了一到两分钟,断层沿着断裂带滑动了约10英尺,断裂带长达75英里,从加德满都穿过。The earthquake “translated the whole city southward by 10 feet,” Dr. Bilham said.这场地震“让整个城市向南移动了10英尺”,比尔汉姆士说。Aftershocks as large as magnitude 6.6 have occurred mostly to the northeast of Katmandu.最高达6.6级的余震多数发生在加德满都的东北部。It is possible that the Saturday quake is a preface to an even larger one, but Dr. Bilham said that was unlikely.周六的地震有可能只是更大地震的前奏,但比尔汉姆说可能性并不大。Katmandu and the surrounding valley sit on an ancient dried-up lake bed, which contributed to the devastation. “Very, very soft soil, and the soft soil amplifies seismic motion,” Dr. Tucker said.加德满都和周围的山谷坐落在一个古老而干涸的湖床上,这也是该地区在地震中受到严重损毁的原因之一。“非常非常软的土壤,松软的土壤放大了震动,”塔克士说。Steep slopes in the area are also prone to avalanches like the one that the quake triggered on Mount Everest on Saturday.该地区的陡峭山坡也很容易发生雪崩,就像周六的地震在珠穆朗玛峰上引发的雪崩一样。Katmandu is not the only place where a deadly earthquake has been expected.并非只有加德满都预计会发生致人死亡的地震。Dr. Tucker said Tehran; Haiti; Lima, Peru; and Padang, Indonesia, were similarly vulnerable. In those places, nearby tectonic faults are under strain, and building standards and disaster preparations are seen as inadequate.塔克说,德黑兰、海地、秘鲁利马,以及印度尼西亚巴东同样容易发生地震。这些地方附近的构造断层都处在紧张状态,但建筑标准和灾难预防则似乎不够充分。But not everywhere has been complacent. Over the past 76 years, many earthquakes have occurred along a fault in northern Turkey, starting in the eastern part of the country and progressing west, toward Istanbul. An earthquake in 1999 killed more than 17,000 people, mostly in the city of Izmit, east of Istanbul. The expectation is that the epicenter of the next big earthquake will be in or around Istanbul.不过,并非所有地方都这样麻痹大意。过去76年,土耳其北部的一个断层附近发生了许多地震,该断层从该国的东部开始,朝着伊斯坦布尔的方向,向西部延伸。1999年的一场地震曾导致超过1.7万人遇难,多数遇难者位于伊斯坦布尔东部的伊兹米特市。人们的预期是,下一次大地震的震中将在伊斯坦布尔或其周围。“Istanbul is the place that has been most aggressive in enforcing building codes,” Dr. Tucker said. “I think Istanbul has been doing a good job.”“伊斯坦布尔是执行建筑规范最积极的地方,”塔克说。“我认为伊斯坦布尔做得很不错。” /201504/372169BEIJING (AP) — Upset by a delayed flight, two Chinese passengers decided to open emergency exit doors in protest as the plane was taxiing, forcing it to abort take off and landing them in jail instead, police said Sunday.北京(美联社)——由于对航班厌恶感到气愤,两名中国乘客就在飞机滑行时决定打开紧急出口表示抗议,导致飞机停飞,两人还被送进了监狱,警方周日说。The latest in a growing number of air rage cases involving Chinese travelers happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the southwestern city of Chengdu, after the China Eastern flight was delayed by a snow storm.此事发生在周六的成都,一个中国东方航空公司的航班因为大雪而延误。Angry passengers complained about the delay and a lack of ventilation, and a man surnamed Zhou opened two emergency exits to prevent the plane from taking off, forcing it to return to the gate. A total of 25 passengers were held for questioning while the rest continued on to Beijing aboard a separate flight.愤怒的乘客抱怨航班延误并且机舱内没有通风,一名周姓男子打开了两个紧急出口,导致飞机无法起飞。有25名乘客被留下来接受质询,另外的乘客搭乘另外一个航班飞往北京。Kunming police said in an online statement that Zhou and a tour guide named Li have been placed under 15-day ;administrative detention; for opening the doors and inciting passengers with false information.昆明警方在网上的一份声明上说这名周姓男子和一名李姓导游以打开紧急出口和以虚假信息煽动乘客被处15日“行政拘留”。 /201501/354921MOSCOW — The recent diplomatic thaw between Russia and the ed States over the crisis in Ukraine has had little impact there, but it is being felt somewhere else — in the Arctic Ocean, near the North Pole.莫斯科——最近,俄罗斯和美国因乌克兰问题降至冰点的外交关系出现了解冻迹象,它对乌克兰几乎没有影响,但却可以在另一个地方感觉得到,那就是北极附近的北冰洋。Out on the sea, the polar ice cap has been melting so quickly as global temperatures rise that once improbable ideas for commercial activities, including fishing near the North Pole, are quickly becoming realistic.在海洋中,随着全球气温上升,极地冰盖融化的速度如此之快,曾经无法开展的商业活动正在迅速变成现实,比如在北极附近捕捞渔业资源。The ed States, Russia and three other nations with Arctic Ocean coastlines agreed last year to regulate trawling in Arctic waters newly free of ice. But the deep freeze in East-West relations after Russia’s annexation of Crimea delayed the expected signing.去年,美国、俄罗斯,以及另外三个在北冰洋海岸线上的国家同意,对在北极冰盖新近消融的水域开展拖网的活动加以规范。但在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚之后,迅速恶化的东西方关系推迟了预期中的协定签署。The day after Secretary of State John Kerry met with President Vladimir V. Putin in the Black Sea resort of Sochi last week, Russia announced it would sign the fishing agreement.美国国务卿约翰·克里(John Kerry)上周在黑海度假胜地索契会见了俄罗斯总统普京,第二天俄罗斯即宣布将签署这份渔业协定。“I think the Arctic genuinely is shaping up to be the exception to the rule,” said Scott Highleyman, director of the Arctic Program at the Pew Charitable Trusts. “The U.S. and Russia seem to be trying really hard to keep talking to each other.”“我认为北极地区确实正在成为一个特例,”皮尤慈善信托基金(Pew Charitable Trusts)的北极计划(Arctic Program)主管斯科特·海利曼(Scott Highleyman)说。“美国和俄罗斯似乎真的在很努力地保持相互交流。”The fishing deal was negotiated in February 2014 among Russia, Norway, Canada, the ed States and Denmark, which controls Greenland, where the talks were held.这个渔业协定的谈判是2014年2月在俄罗斯、挪威、加拿大、美国和丹麦之间举行的,会谈地点选在丹麦管辖的格陵兰岛。It was expected to be signed within weeks of the meeting, but the timing turned out to be dismal when, that month, street protesters in Kiev, Ukraine, overthrew President Viktor F. Yanukovych, a Russian ally, and most East-West cooperation froze.协定原计划在会议召开后的几周内签署,但糟糕的是,那个月在乌克兰基辅发生了街头示威,俄罗斯的盟友、乌克兰总统维克托·F·亚努科维奇(Viktor F. Yanukovych)被推翻,结果东西方之间的合作大多数都中止了。As recently as April, ill-will over Ukraine carried into a meeting of the Arctic Council, an international organization created to foster cooperation in the region, despite diplomats’ appeals to focus on the melting ice instead.就在不久前的今年4月,尽管外交官们呼吁大家把目光集中在融冰上,乌克兰问题引发的敌意,还是蔓延到了北极理事会(Arctic Council)的一场会议中。北极理事会是一个国际组织,成立宗旨是促进各国在北极的合作。“There is no room here for confrontation or for fearmongering,” said Russia’s envoy to the meeting, Sergei Y. Donskoi, the minister of environment and natural resources.“不能在这里搞对抗或者危言耸听,”这个会议的俄罗斯特使、该国环境和自然资源部长谢尔盖·Y·顿斯科伊(Sergei Y. Donskoi)说。The ed States opened negotiations on the fishing accord six years ago, after concluding that enough of the polar ice cap melted regularly in the summertime that an agreement to regulate commercial fishing near the North Pole was warranted.六年前,美国开启了这个渔业协定的谈判,因为美国发现有足够多的极地冰盖在夏季定期融化,需要一项协定来规范北极附近的商业活动。The accord would regulate commercial harvests in an area far offshore — in the so-called doughnut hole of the Arctic Ocean, a Texas-size area of international water that includes the North Pole and is encircled by the exclusive economic zones of the coastal countries.该协定将对一片远离海岸的水域开展的商业活动加以规范。这片水域被称为北冰洋中的“甜甜圈洞”,面积和德克萨斯州差不多大,北极点就在其中。这片水域周围是各国的专属经济区。The part of the doughnut hole that is thawing most quickly, above Alaska and the Russian region of Chukotka, is well within the range of Asian industrial fishing fleets. Whatever their disagreements over Ukraine, Russia, the ed States and the other shoreline states have a shared interest in protecting the high Arctic from unregulated fishing that could affect these countries’ coastal stocks, conservationists say.“甜甜圈洞”中解冻最快的部分,位于阿拉斯加和俄罗斯楚科奇地区以北,在亚洲工业船队的作业范围之内。无管制捕捞可能会影响俄罗斯、美国和其他几个北极沿岸国家的沿海鱼类。无论它们在乌克兰问题上有何分歧,在防止北极高纬度地区的无管制捕捞上,它们有着共同的利益,环保人士说。“Some people call this Arctic exceptionalism,” Clive Tesar, the spokesman for the Arctic Program at the World Wildlife Fund, said in a telephone interview. “We can have our disagreements elsewhere, but in the Arctic, we have to cooperate.”“有些人说这是‘北极例外主义’,”世界野生动物基金会(World Wildlife Fund)的北极计划发言人克莱夫·特萨(Clive Tesar)在电话采访中说。“我们可能在其他地方存在分歧,但在北极,我们必须开展合作。”The agreement among the five countries is seen as a first step to a broader international accord to protect the open water until the fish stocks there, like Arctic cod, can be more fully studied. Fish may migrate into the ice-free area as the ocean warms, tempting fishing fleets to follow.五国之间的这个协定,被视为通向更宽泛的国际协议的第一步,该协议将保护开阔水域,直到那里的鱼类资源得到更加充分的研究,比如北极鳕鱼。随着海水变暖,鱼类可能会迁徙到无冰区,捕捞船队可能会紧随其后。The accord is unusual for protecting a huge area from human exploitation before people have had much chance to exploit it. Before the last decade, scientists estimate, the doughnut hole had been icebound for about 100,000 years.该协定的不同寻常之处在于,它在人类尚未有多少机会开采一大块地方的资源之前,就阻止了人类对它的无序开采。据科学家估计,在上个十年之前,“甜甜圈洞”已经被冰封了约10万年。 /201505/376287

A new ed Nations report says Afghanistan#39;s judicial system is still failing women, even with the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban out of power.联合国一份最新报告说,尽管伊斯兰原教旨主义的塔利班不再执政,但阿富汗的司法体系仍对妇女不公。The report released Sunday says only 5 percent of cases of violence against women result in punishment for the criminals.这份星期天公布的报告说,在侵犯妇女的案件中,只有5%的罪犯得到惩罚。The reports also says many Afghan women are financially dependent on the men who attack them.报告还说,很多阿富汗妇女在经济上依赖侵犯他们的男子。Afghanistan#39;s constitution guarantees equal rights for women. Educational and job opportunities for women have improved in recent years.阿富汗宪法保妇女享有同等权利,近几年来妇女在教育和就业机会等方面有所改善。But the report says cultural and family pressure, along with alleged corruption and abuse of power by judicial officials, leaves many women feeling as if there is nowhere they can find justice.但是报告说,文化和家庭压力,以及司法官员被指腐败和滥用职权,使许多妇女感到申冤无门。U.N. officials urge the Afghan government to strengthen access to justice for women by adopting institutional and policy reforms, and enforcing laws protecting them from violence.联合国官员敦促阿富汗政府通过机构和政策改革,切实执行保护妇女免遭暴力侵犯的法律,进而加强妇女获得司法保护的机会。 /201504/370869

South Korea#39;s parliament is considering a law that would classify online gaming as potentially antisocial addiction alongside gambling, drugs and alcohol.韩国议会拟通过一项法律,将网络游戏与、吸毒和酗酒一并列入潜在反社会上瘾症。The bill has won support from parents, religious groups and doctors but has alarmed the internet industry and enraged gamers. The legislation includes provisions to limit advertising, while a separate bill would take 1% of the gaming industry#39;s revenue to create a fund to curb addiction.该提案现已获得家长、宗教团体及医生的持,但遭到了互联网产业反对并激怒了游戏玩家。这项立法案中提出限制游戏广告,而另一个提案则拟征收游戏产业1%的营业额,以建立防治游戏成瘾基金。The uproar over the legislation highlights conflicting social and economic priorities in South Korea. Internet entrepreneurs are prized as a source of innovation, but conservative politicians and many parents say online obsessions are taking a growing toll on schooling, families and workplaces.对该议案的反对之声凸显了韩国的社会与经济优先权之间的冲突。互联网创业素来被褒奖为创新的源泉,但保守政治家和家长们却说网络成瘾现象正在学校、家庭和工作场所中泛滥开来。;We need to create a clean Korea free from the four addictions,; Hwang Woo-yea, an MP in the ruling party, said in a recent speech.执政党议员黄伍延(Hwang Woo-yea)在最近的一次演讲中说道:;我们需要营造一个健康的社会环境,使韩国摆脱这四种上瘾行为的不良影响。;The legislative assault, backed by 14 ruling party lawmakers, is the latest phase in South Korea#39;s culture wars. Headline-grabbing incidents such as the death by starvation of the infant daughter of two online gamers have fuelled a moral panic. A law passed in 2011 that bans gaming between midnight and dawn for anyone under age 16 is being challenged at South Korea#39;s constitutional court.这次立法打击网络游戏成瘾得到了14位执政党议员的持,标志着韩国的文化之争进入了最新阶段。有两位游戏玩家醉心于游戏而饿死了自己的女婴——类似事件常常登上报纸头条,引起了社会的道德恐慌。2011年通过的一条法律禁止16岁以下的青少年在午夜到破晓这段时间内玩游戏,但该法律条文正受到来自韩国宪法法庭的挑战。;There is a huge prejudice that gaming is harmful,; said Lee Byung-chan, an attorney involved in the constitutional court case. ;Games are as harmful as alcohol, drugs and gambling, that#39;s the prejudice.;;有一种巨大的偏见认为玩游戏是有害的,;参与此案审理的律师李炳昌说道。;他们认为玩游戏和酒精、毒品和的害处一样大。;Game companies have taken exception to being lumped together with drugs, alcohol and gambling, and say the bill is a death sentence for their industry. ;The 100,000 people employed in the game industry are not drugmakers,; said the Korea Internet and Digital Entertainment Association, which represents game companies.游戏公司反对将其与毒品、酒精和混为一谈,认为这项立法案无疑是给游戏产业判了死刑。代表游戏公司的韩国网络电子协会抗议道:;从事游戏产业的十万员工绝不等同于制毒者。;Online gaming has become a significant export industry. In 2012, MapleStory and other titles earned more cash from abroad for South Korea than the YouTube sensation Gangnam Style, K-pop music, movies and all other cultural exports combined.据悉,网络游戏已经成为韩国重要的出口产业柱。2012年,包括MapleStory在内的网络游戏为韩国创下的外汇收入比Youtube上大热的《江南style》、韩流音乐、电影等文化出口加起来的还要多。The government started studying internet game addiction in 2011. Its latest annual study found that 2% of South Koreans aged 10-19, or about 125,000 people, needed treatment for excessive online gaming or were at risk of addiction.韩国政府自2011年起开始研究网络游戏的成瘾现象。最近的一份年度报告显示,韩国10至19岁的青少年中有2%(约为12万5千人)的人需要接受网络游戏过量治疗,或者是有游戏成瘾的危险。;My parents tried to stop me but I kept playing. Even the government wouldn#39;t have stopped me,; said Shin Minchul, a 21-year-old college student as he recounted his heavy gaming past.21岁的大学生申敏中(Shin Minchul)在回忆自己的游戏上瘾史时说道:;我爸妈想不让我玩,但我还是在玩。就算是政府也挡不住我玩游戏。;At elementary school Shin bonded with his friends at an internet cafe playing StarCraft for three to four hours a day after classes finished. He dreamed of becoming one of the professionals with corporate sponsorship whose games are broadcast live on cable TV to audiences numbering in the millions. By high school, he was playing World of Warcraft for up to 15 hours straight.上小学时,申敏中每天放学后都会和朋友结伴去网吧玩上三四个小时的《星际争霸》(StarCraft)。他梦想成为一名职业游戏玩家,有自己的赞助商,每场游戏都会在有线电视上直播给千千万万的观众们看。到了高中,他可以不间断地玩《魔兽》(WarCraft)15小时。Shin#39;s rank at school plunged from the top to bottom half. ;When I tried to think more broadly about my life, playing games wasn#39;t that important,; Shin said. ;Then I lost interest.;而他在学校里的排名也从前几名直跌到倒数几名。;当我试着从更广阔的角度考虑我的生活时,玩游戏就没那么重要了,;申敏中说。;那之后我丧失了对游戏的兴趣。;Supporters of the bill say cases like Shin#39;s show why curbs are needed. Kim Min-sun, a mother of two, said online games took children away from real life. ;Without online games, kids would talk to their mother and play,; she said.上述法案的持者称,像申敏中这样的案例明了立法约束的必要性。金敏允(Kim Min-sun)是两个孩子的母亲。她觉得网络游戏让孩子们远离了真实生活。;没有网络游戏的话,孩子们就会跟妈妈聊聊天做做游戏,;她如此说道。Others say South Korea should do more to address the factors behind online game addiction, such as hyper-competitive education and a dearth of other leisure options for teenagers. South Korea had the lowest percentage of students who reported being happy at school in 2012 among 65 countries surveyed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.也有人认为韩国政府应该多下点功夫来深究网络游戏成瘾背后的原因,比如说教育的竞争过于激烈、青少年途径的缺少等等。2012年,经济合作与发展组织开展的一项调查结果显示,韩国学生在校的快乐程度在受调查的65个国家中处于最低水平。 /201312/269582

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