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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Waste your life 浪费生命Youre not taking care of your body你没有照顾好你自己的身体 Not only is sleep essential to your health, so is food and exercise. 不仅睡眠对你的健康至关重要,饮食和锻炼也同样对你的健康至关重要I know Im not telling you anything you dont aly know. But eating a balanced, healthy diet and moving your body around truly does have more positive effects other than weight loss. So take a look at your diet and level of activity. 我知道我所说的你也懂的,但均衡饮食、健康饮食除了有减肥的作用外,真的对你的身体健康具有更加积极的影响作用You might find that making a few small changes will greatly improve your life.所以,看看你的日常饮食情况和活动量你可能会发现做出一些小的改变会对你的生活大有改善take a look at 看一看 例句:In case you think I was incautious, take a look at the map.如果你认为我不够仔细,就自己看看地图更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 39There is a change quietly taking place in the Chinese job market. That is service jobs such as a maternity nurse or courier are being paid more than some office jobs. A recent market report found the top best paid jobs in the service sector in China. What are they and what does it say about the changing economy? 58

【课堂笔记】Grammar Points 语法重点本课主要介绍两句在一起无连词相连时的边变化法则,以及"all+人+havehas to do is+原形动词”(某人所必须做的就是……)的用法1.“两句在一起若无连词相连时,往往第一个句子要化简,变成分词短语其法则如下:a.被化简的句子中之主语与主句的主语相同时,该主语要被删除,若主语不用时,则要保留,b.之后的动词要变成现在分词;c.若该动词为be动词时,变成现在分词being之后可予省略,但亦可不予省略,以强调【因为】的意思例1:He has nothing to do,he feels bored. Having →Having nothing to do,he feels bored.(他无事可做,觉得无聊)例:She walked along the street,she ran into Walking her college classmate(她沿着街道走时,和她的大学同班同学不期而遇)He was sick of studing,he cut class, (Being)Being sick of studing,he cut classSick of studing,he cut class.(他厌倦了念书,便逃课了)The school bell had rung,the students havingdashed out of the classroom.→The school bell having rung,the students dashed out of the classroom.(校钟响了,学生们便冲出了教室)根据上述,可知本文的:Gilroy,Calinia has one of the world’s HavingLagest garlic crops,Gilroy,Calinia is known as the “galic capital of the world.”→Having one of the world’s largest garlic crps,Gilroy,Calinia is known as the”galic capital”(由于拥有世界上最大的大蒜产量之一,加州的吉罗伊是著名的【世界大蒜之都】)People believe that garlic helps the body BelievingFight many ms of diseases,people add garlic to their cooking in many parts of the world.→Believing that garlic helps the budy fight many ms of diseases,people add garlic to their cooking in many parts of the world.(因为相信大蒜会帮人体抵抗许多疾病,世界上许多地方的人再烹调的时候会添加大蒜)Nowadays, some people thingk that it kills ThingkingBactebia,some people cat raw garlic as if it were candy.→Nowadays,thinking that it kills bacteria,some people eat raw garlic as if were candy.(如今,有些人认为它会杀菌而吃大蒜就像它是糖果一样).All you have to do is roll down the window of your car and you know you’re in Gilroy.(你所必须做的就是摇下车窗,那么你就知道你是在吉罗伊了)注意:句中有“allwhat+人+havehas to do”(某人所必须做的)及”allwhat+人+shouldcan do”(某人所应能做的)出现时,其后的be动词应接不定式短语(to+原形动词)当主语补足语,此时不定式短语中的to通常均予以省略例:If you want to be successful,all you have to do is (to)work hard.(如果你想要成功,所必须做的就是努力)To borrow books,all you should do is (to) apply a library card.(要借书的话,你所应该做的就是申请一张借书)If war breaks out,all we can do is (to) pray.(如果战争爆发,我们就只能祈祷了) 7590

天气不是那么的热- ::18 A:Nice weather, honey!亲爱的,今天的天气真好B:The days are getting longer!白天也变长了A:May and Daniel often like this kind of weather.阿美和丹尼尔都喜欢这种天气B:Yeah, they can enjoy themselves in the day time and it is not so hot.对啊,天气不是那么的热,他们可以尽情地玩耍A:Honey, how about taking them to the beach this weekend?亲爱的,这个星期带他们去海边玩怎么样啊?B:That's great!好啊A:Since last time we've climbed the mountain, we haven't gone out a long time.自从上次我们一块去爬了山之后,我们已经很久没有出去玩了B:And this kind of weather is rare the season either.而且在这个季节,这种好天气也非常难得A:Yes, I remember last year this time, the weather is so hot.是的,我记得去年这个时候天气非常热B:So we must seize this chance to go the beach.所以我们要抓住这次机会去海边玩A:Daniel loves the beach very much!丹尼尔非常喜欢海滩!B:He will enjoy himself this weekend.这个周末他一定会玩得很愉快,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 The most important skills you need tolearn最需要学的技能 Build a foundation health.锻炼强健的体魄In your twenties it easy to feel like youre invincible. 几岁的时候,你很容易觉得自己所向披靡That fast food and the five margaritas you downed the night bee burn right off and you wake up the next morning feeling fine. This does not last. 吃个快餐、晚上喝的五杯玛格丽塔酒酒劲还没过,第二天醒来还感觉良好但这持续不了多久的Start building healthy habits now bee they catch up to you later.At 30, Im still struggling with this one myself. 在身体垮掉之前赶紧养成健康的习惯30岁的时候,我仍旧在和自己的健康作斗争Get in the habit of eating healthfully and exercising. Your body will thank you years later.习惯吃得健康一点,做做运动几年之后,你的身体状况会感激你现在所作出的努力【知识点讲解】feel like 想要例句:I feel like having some dumplings.我很想吃饺子No man feel like laughing when he bump his funny bone.没有人在撞伤了笑筋时想要笑Do what you feel like!做你想要做的事!catch up 赶上;很快拾起;缠住;了解近况,叙旧例句:Old age and infirmity had begun to catch up with him.他开始显出年老体衰的样子了Staff must stay behind after hours to catch up on their work.下班後工作人员需要留下来把工作赶完更多节目请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),欢迎关注公众号参与“轻松背单词”,一起学习![本节目属] 96我带了零食来电影院- :5: A:Well, it's illegal to bring food and drinks into the theater.带食物饮料进戏院是违反规定的B:Too bad. I did anyway.真糟啊反正我都已经带了A:No wonder you brought such a big bag today.怪不得你今天背了个这么大的包包B:I brought Strawberry Sticks. See?我带了草莓棒来看到没?A:Those are the ones that are pre-dipped in sweet coating!这些就是会先裹上一层糖衣的那种!B:Yep. And there's real strawberry chunks in the coating.是啊而且这层糖衣里还有真的草莓颗粒呢

生病也没那么糟吧 That wasn't so bad- :5:37 A:See? That wasn't so bad.妳看吧?没那么糟嘛B:Easy you to say. My bottom still stings.你说得倒轻松我的屁股还在痛.A:It might be sore a while. You'll be OK. Now let's go home and rest.或许会酸痛一阵子你不会有事啦我们现在回家休息吧B:Can't we go to McDonald's first?我们不能先去麦当劳吗?A:No, sweetie. I'll make you some tomato soup and rice.亲爱的,不可以我会帮你煮些饭和西红柿汤B:No, thanks.不用了,多谢A:And vegetables with porridge.还有蔬菜粥B:Blah...What's that?是喔……那是啥?A:This is all your medicine. You need to take it four times a day three days straight.这是你的药你需要一天吃四次,连续吃三天.,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 True Love 真爱YOU are the love of your life.热爱自己的生活 Dont get that you need to love yourself. 不要忘记自己爱自己Self love is important, but it not something you should achieve and then throw away once youre with your partner.自己爱自己是很重要的,但是这并不是你应该做到的,一旦你和你的另一半在一起的时候就把对其置之不理You must stay in love with yourself your entire life. 你一辈子都得爱你自己If you start to dislike yourself or what youre doing, you need to change just enough to stay on track, to stay true to yourself, and to stay in love with yourself.要是你开始不喜欢你自己,不喜欢自己的所作所为,你就得将自己调整到原来的状态,忠于自己,爱你自己 【知识点讲解】throw away 扔掉; 浪费,错过; 屏弃; 委例句:Just a stone throw away is the City Art Gallery. 不远处就是市美术馆Your life is too valuable to throw away. 你的生命非常宝贵,不要随便浪费Im not advising you to throw away your makeup or get about your appearance. 我不是建议你扔掉化妆品,或者不修边幅《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 9185

情景对话:约在酒吧-- :7:51 SCOTT: So, what would you like to drink? SYLVIA: I don't know. Do they have tea?SCOTT: What did you say? Tea?SYLVIA: Yes. Do they have any iced tea?SCOTT: No, I don't think so. This is a pub. SYLVIA: Sure. A lot of pubs do.SCOTT: I can't imagine that. It sounds strange. Anyway, what would you like as a drink?SYLVIA: Maybe juice then.SCOTT: Juice? It's :30! How can you drink juice? SYLVIA: Why not?SCOTT: But this is a pub. They have beer, or wine, or liquor here.I thought you wanted to have a drink. SYLVIA: But I don't like alcohol. It makes my face turn red.SCOTT: Your face turns red?SYLVIA: Yes, it turns all red. So I don't drink alcohol usually.SCOTT: So what do you usually drink when you go out?SYLVIA: I drink tea, or juice.SCOTT: But you are in a pub right now. Almost all women here know how to drink alcohol.You should learn.SYLVIA: Why do I have to learn? I don't like it.SCOTT: Because when you go out with people, everybody drinks.And your company will have parties too.If you refuse to drink alcohol, people will think you are too conservative. SYLVIA: So you think I need to drink, huh?SCOTT: At least get used to it. You should be able to drink two or three drinks.SYLVIA: Alright. I will try. What are you drinking?SCOTT: Gin and tonic.SYLVIA: Is it strong?SCOTT: Average. Not too strong.SYLVIA: I will have one too then. But you must promise not to laugh at my red face.SCOTT: I promise. I'll go to the bar and get two gin and tonics.

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