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In another tip, they suggest drinking water first thing in the morning and throughout the day to stay hydrated.在另外一个方法提示中,他们建议,早上第一件要做的事就是喝水,且一整天都要喝水以保持充足水分。While sleeping, you will sweat, breathe, and get up to use the bathroom, and these things all work to dehydrate the body.睡觉时,你会出汗、呼吸、起来上卫生间,这些都会脱去体内水分。Even mild dehydration can take a toll, decreasing alertness and mental concentration, and contributing to fatigue.即使是轻微脱水也会造成不利影响,降低警觉性和注意力,导致疲倦。It may come as no surprise, but they also stress the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.也许听起来没什么好惊奇的,但他们也强调吃一顿健康早餐的重要性。People who eat a meal first thing in the morning have reported feeling more alert.据报告,早晨按时吃早点的人感觉更清醒。For foods high in simple sugars, like donuts, the alertness will wear off quickly, and those high in fat will cause you to eat more throughout the day.像甜甜圈等单糖含量多的食物,会迅速消耗掉警觉性,那些脂肪含量高的食物会导致接下来的一天吃得更多。But meals high in fiber and carbohydrates like oats are linked to lasting alertness throughout the morning, the explains.但是视频里解释说,像燕麦等富含纤维和碳水化合物的食物能使人一上午都保持清醒。These will suppress hunger and increase cognitive function.这些食物可以抑制饥饿,提高认知功能。Drinking orange juice will also give you a boost in the morning, they say, as citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids.他们说,喝橙汁也会令你早上精力充沛,因为柑橘类的水果富含类黄酮。Researchers have linked flavonoids to slowing cognitive decline from aging and even decreased onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer#39;s.研究人员认为类黄酮可以延缓因年龄增长导致的认知能力下降,甚至还可以降低老年痴呆症等神经系统退化疾病发作的风险。Orange juice is said to increase alertness and cognitive function.他们说橙汁能提高警觉性,加强认知功能。Physical activity first thing in the morning can also help to increase your mental performance and make you more alert, as it increases bloodflow and provides more oxygen to the brain.早晨做点体育运动也有利于改善精神状况,使你更加机敏,因为体育运动能增加血液循环,为大脑提供更多氧气。During exercise, the explains, the hippocampus is highly active, and this region of the brain is responsible for learning and memory.视频解释称,在运动过程中,海马体高度活跃,海马体是大脑中负责学习和记忆的区域。Finally, the team suggests listening to music when you first get up.最后,研究团队建议早晨起床后可以听点音乐。Music can cause the pupils to dilate and increase blood pressure, inducing a ;state of arousal;.音乐可以扩大瞳孔,提高血压,引起“亢奋的状态”。Listening to music also increases activity in the areas of the brain linked to movement and emotion, and can help to release dopamine throughout the body to activate positive feelings.负责运动和情感的大脑区域在音乐的刺激下也可以增加活力,有助于向全身释放多巴胺,激发积极的情感。 /201605/444154。

The ed Nations took a historic step Tuesday to open up the usually secret process of selecting the next secretary-general, giving all countries the chance to question candidates on such issues as how they would resist pressure from powerful nations, tackle sex abuse by UN peacekeepers, and improve efforts to achieve peace.本周二(4月12日),联合国公开下任秘书长选举过程,迈出历史性的一步。在此之前,这一事项一直都是秘密进行,从未对外公布。公开选举中,各国降有机会就以下事宜对候选人进行提问。如:他们将如何抵抗各大强国压力?怎样处理联合国维和人员实施性虐待问题?又将如何加强维护世界和平?Montenegro#39;s Foreign Minister Igor Luksic was the first of eight candidates to face members of the UN General Assembly, citing his small Balkan nation#39;s multiethnic and multicultural diversity as well as his experience as a former prime minister and defense minister in seeking the UN#39;s top diplomatic post. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and former UN refugee chief Antonio Guterres followed.八位候选人中,黑山共和国外交部部长艾格·卢克西奇,率先向联合国委员会列举了本国种族多元化,文化多样性的特色。为竞选联合国最高外交职位,他还说明自己曾担任黑山共和国前国家总理及国防部长。随后,联合国教科文组织总干事伊琳娜·科娃及联合国前任难民署首席安东尼奥·古特雷斯也都各自作了介绍。General Assembly President Mogens Lykketoft called it ;a historic moment ... without precedent at the ed Nations.;联合国委员会主席莫根斯·吕克托夫特说:“这是历史性的一刻……在联合国史无前例。”;As the ed Nations grapples with multiple crises and the organization deals with some fundamental questions regarding its own role and performance, finding the best possible candidates to succeed Ban Ki-moon is absolutely crucial,; Lykketoft said. ;For the first time since this organization started 70 years ago, the process for selecting and appointing the next secretary-general is being generally guided by the principles of transparency and inclusivity.;吕克托夫特说:“联合国现在要应对多重危机,而且还要处理好这个组织本身的根本性问题,即,扮演什么角色?要履行什么责任?因此,寻找一位最佳候选人接任潘基文(联合国第八任秘书长)的职务绝对是至关重要的。”吕克托夫特说,“这是联合国成立70年来,首次在透明和包容的原则下,遴选下任联合国秘书长。”Under the UN Charter, the secretary-general is chosen by the 193-member General Assembly on the recommendation of the 15-member Security Council.按照《联合国宪章》规定,秘书长先由安理会(由15名成员组成)推荐,再由委员会(由193名成员组成)选举产生。In practice, this has meant that the council#39;s five permanent members—the US, Russia, China, Britain and France—have veto power over the candidates. That will not change in deciding whom to recommend to succeed Ban, whose second five-year term ends on Dec. 31.实际上,美国、俄罗斯、中国、英国和法国这五个安理会常任理事国对候选人具有否决权。但这并不影响安理会推荐的接任潘基文职位人员名单。至2016年12月31日,潘基文为期五年的秘书长第二任期职业生涯就结束了。But Lykketoft told the assembly Tuesday that he views the question-and-answer sessions, which will continue through Thursday, ;as a potential game-changer for the ed Nations.;然而,吕克托夫特于告诉委员会说,他认为,这种一问一答的面试形式将会颠覆选举规则,成为联合国的转折点。面试将持续到周四。;If there is a critical mass of countries supporting one single candidate, I don#39;t think the Security Council will be coming up with quite a different name,; he said. But ;if there are many, many candidates and no clear favorite, it could very well be that the absolute final word will be from the Security Council.;“如果很多国家都持某一位候选人,我相信联合国不会有什么异议。”吕克托夫特说,“但若没有最佳人选,将由安理会做最后定夺。”By tradition, the job of secretary-general has rotated among regions and Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe have all held the top UN post. East European nations, including Russia, argue that they have never had a secretary-general and it is their turn. There has also never been a woman secretary-general and a group of 56 nations are campaigning for the first female UN chief.按照惯例,秘书长职务由各地区人员轮流担任。亚洲,非洲,拉丁美洲及欧洲均已有人担任过这一联合国最高职位。包括俄罗斯在内的东欧国家纷纷抗议,表示该地区从未有人担任过该职务,现在该轮到他们了。因为从未有女性担任秘书长,还有56个国家在倡议要选出首位联合国女秘书长。There are currently four women and four men who have thrown their hats in the ring—six from Eastern Europe, one from Western Europe and one from the Asia-Pacific region.目前,该职位共有男女各四名候选者——六名来自东欧,一名来自西欧,还有一名来自亚太地区。 /201604/437082。

A 21-year-old Instagram artist is making waves across the Internet for his very convincing and thoroughly executed Disney Princess cosplay.21岁的Instagram艺术家最近由于他极具说力和脱胎换骨般的迪斯尼公主cos红遍网络。Richard Schaefer has spent the past five years perfecting his creative craft, using the classic Disney Princess canon as inspiration for his makeup transformations.通过借鉴经典迪斯尼公主的标准来作为他化妆变身的灵感来源,理查德·沙菲尔花费五年时间来使他的手艺接近完美。Check out some of Schaefer’s cosplay looks below, as well as our chat with him about his works of art.让我们一起看看他的一些cosplay照吧,另附就他的艺术大作,我们同他展看的对话:“I started when I was about 16. The costumes on the other hand were made by hand. Some costumes were made from salvaged materials I found around the house such as table cloths and old t-shirts and the others were made from fabrics I found at a local discount fabric store.”“当我16岁左右的时候就开始了cos。另一方面,着装都是我手工做的。一些装是用我在房子周围发现废弃边角料做的,像桌布、旧T,其他的则由当地面料折扣商店的纺织品做的。“I keep doing it because it keeps me happy and busy. I love learning new techniques and practicing in myself. I am constantly learning and I don’t plan to stop any time soon.”“我一直做cos,是因为它使我快乐和忙碌。我喜欢学习新技术,自己练习。我不断地学习而且任何时候都不打算停止。”“It doesn’t matter what Gender, race, or species you are, cosplay will always be for you. So embrace your inner princess and go out and fight those dragons! You’ll be glad you did.”“无论是什么性别,什么种族,cos永远属于你。所以请拥抱你内心的公主吧,走出去和那些龙战斗去吧!你会发现你会因为自己的所作所为而感到由衷的高兴。” /201606/450636。

Disney fans brace yourself - there is a real life version of the house from Up.  迪士尼粉丝站稳了!现实版的《飞屋环游记》来了。  Hot air ballooning enthusiast Simon Askey has taken to the skies in an inflatable wonder that mimics the house in the Oscar-winning Pixar animated flick.  热气球发烧友西蒙·阿斯卡乘着一款充气气球飞入云霄,这个热气球是一大奇观,模仿皮克斯奥斯卡获奖动画片而制成。  Just like the film#39;s main character Carl Fredericksen - whose motto in the movie is #39;adventure is out there#39; - he is travelling the world using the multicoloured floater.  和影片主人公卡尔·弗雷德里克一样,阿斯卡座右铭也是“外面就是花花世界” 。他乘着色斑斓的热气球环游世界。  The Bristol-made balloon has been enchanting guests at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular in Australia. Hordes of eager visitors have taken to social media to excitedly report its presence.  这只气球是布里斯托尔制造,在澳大利亚堪培拉热气球表演节上源源不断吸引着游客。热情的游客们已经在社交媒体上兴高采烈地争相报导。  Owner Askey says this will potentially include a trip to Japan later this year. But fans can only hope the balloon makes its way to Angel Falls, Venezuela, which was the original inspiration behind Up#39;s #39;Paradise Falls#39;.  热气球主人阿斯卡说今年有可能会去日本一游。但粉丝一心只期待气球飞去委内瑞拉天使瀑布,那里是《飞屋环游记》“天堂瀑布”灵感的来源。 /201604/435519。