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重庆妇幼保健医院在线咨询医生宜宾小腿减肥要多少钱九龙坡区妇幼保健医院的信誉 Donald Trump has called for the cancellation of a Boeing contract to build the Air Force One aircraft that carries the US president, citing out of control costs, in a fresh example of the president-elect using his bully pulpit to pressure American companies.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)呼吁取消一份与波音(Boeing)签署的、建造美国总统专机空军一Air Force One)的合同,称其成本失去控制。这是特朗普借助候任总统身份向美国企业施压的新例子。Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than billion. 特朗普周二在Twitter网站发消息称:波音正在为未来总统打造一款全新的747型空军一号,但其成本已失去控制,超过0亿美元。Cancel order! Mr Trump tweeted on Tuesday. 取消这份订单!Boeing is building two new versions of the 747 to replace the current fleet that has transported the American president for decades. 波音正在建造两架新版本47型飞机,以替换美国历届总统已乘坐几十年的现有机队。While Mr Trump flies around the US on his personal plane, known as Trump Force One, the air force plane that carries the president has highly sophisticated communications equipment.尽管特朗普迄今乘坐自己的特朗普一Trump Force One)私人飞机奔波于美国各地,但总统专机配备高度精密的通信设备。Mr Trump later told reporters at Trump Tower, where his transition team is based, that the cost of the deal was ridiculous. 特朗普随后在其过渡团队驻扎的特朗普大Trump Tower)向记者表示,这笔交易的成本高得荒唐。But he did not explain how he arrived at the bn figure or the basis for his claims about cost overruns. 不过,他并未解释如何得出40亿美元这个数字,也没有解释他声称的超的依据。Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. 特朗普表示:波音有点讹人了。We want Boeing to make money but not that much money, Mr Trump said.我们希望波音赚钱,但不想让它赚这么多。Boeing did not address the tweet directly. 波音并未直接回复这条Twitter消息。But the company said it was under contract for 0m to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president.不过该公司表示,根据合同,它将.7亿美元帮助确定这种务于总统独特需求的复杂军用飞机的能力。We look forward to working with the US Air Force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the American taxpayer,; the Chicago-based company said in a statement. 这家总部位于芝加哥的公司在一份声明中表示:我们期待与美国空军(US Air Force)在该项目后续阶段开展合作,以便让我们能以对美国纳税人最佳的价值、向总统交付最好的飞机。Richard Aboulafia, an aviation expert at Teal Group, said there was no basis for the cost claims. 蒂尔集团(Teal Group)航空业专家理查德.阿布Richard Aboulafia)表示,特朗普的成本声明毫无根据。He is completely making stuff up arbitrarily, he said. 他完全是在随意捏造事实。That doesn’t mean that one day that there won’t be cost problems. 他说,这并不是说某一天不会出现成本问题。It is just way too early.只是现在谈这个问题太早了。来 /201612/482059重庆星辰整形几点上班

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重庆市第一人民医院医生的电话多少The rise of Donald Trump is, as I argued last week, a symptom of the failings of elites, notably, but not exclusively, the Republican Party’s elite. Mr Trump is successfully channelling aggression and anger. That tactic is not new. Again and again, it has brought demagogues to power. But demagogues do not give answers. On the contrary, they makes things worse.正如我上周所辩称的那样,唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的崛起,是美国精英们失败的一个迹象。这主要指共和党精英的失败,但也不全是。特朗普正成功地煽动攻击心理和愤怒。这并不是新手法。古往今来,这种战术一而再、再而三地让煽动者获得大权。但煽动者给不出问题的。相反,他们让事情变得更糟糕。Many seem to think that things could not get worse. Oh yes, they could. Things could get far worse, not just in the US, but across the world. This is why Mr Trump is so dangerous: he has no notion of the foundations of US success.许多人似乎认为,事情不可能变得更糟。这话不对,它们可能变得更糟,而且糟糕得多,不仅是在美国国内,而且在全世界范围都是如此。这就是特朗普如此危险的原因:他不懂美国成功的根基是什么。Mr Trump is a rightwing populist. Populists despise institutions and reject expertise. They offer, instead, charisma and ignorance. Rightwing populists also blame foreigners. Mr Trump adds to all this a zero-sum view of “the deal特朗普是一个右翼民粹主义者。民粹主义者鄙视制度,排斥专长。相反,他们提供个人魅力和无知。右翼民粹主义者还会谴责外国人。特朗普为这一切增添了零和观点的大格局概念。In any country, embrace of the delusions of populism is disturbing. In Italy, for example, Silvio Berlusconi’s ability to play the pied piper to the misguided lost the country two decades of reform. Yet the US matters more: it has shaped the modern world by sping enduring institutions built upon legally binding commitments.在任何国家,民众拥抱民粹主义的幻觉都是令人不安的。例如,在意大利,西尔维#8226;贝卢斯科Silvio Berlusconi)向被误导者扮演“衣吹笛人”的能力,使本国失去0年的改革机会。不过,美国更为至关重要:美国通过传播在具有法律约束力的承诺基础上打造的持久性制度,塑造了现代世界。Two results of what was a bipartisan achievement are noteworthy. The first is that the US has potent allies. Neither China nor Russia has such allies. They do not even trust each other. The US has allies only partly because it is so powerful; it is still more because it has been trustworthy. The second is that the US has accepted enduring commitments. The obvious example is in its promotion of trade. Without that, the progress of many emerging economies in recent decades could not have happened.两党共同取得的成就带来的两个结果值得关注。首先是美国拥有强有力的盟友。中国或俄罗斯都没有这样的盟友。两国甚至彼此都不信任。美国拥有盟友,仅仅在一定程度上是因为美国如此强大;更重要的原因在于美国一直是值得信赖的。其次是美国接受了持久的承诺。美国对贸易的促进是一个明显的例子。没有这一点,近几十年来许多新兴经济体的发展是不可能发生的。With his transactional view of the world, Mr Trump could well discard both alliances and institutions. This would damage, perhaps destroy, today’s economic and political order. He and his supporters might believe that the US would escape unscathed if it tore up its commitments. They are wrong. If the word of the US proved worthless, everything would change, for the worse.特朗普的“交易型世界观”意味着,他很可能抛弃联盟和制度。这将损害、甚至摧毁当今的经济与政治秩序。他和他的持者们可能认为,如果撕毁承诺,美国不会受什么损失。他们想错了。如果美国的承诺被明毫无价值,那么一切都将变得更糟糕。Mr Trump’s indifference to the credibility of the US goes deeper still. The country provides the world’s most important financial asset: US Treasuries. Since the fiscal position of the US has deteriorated, caution is necessary. So what does the presumptive nominee of the supposedly fiscally prudent party propose? According to the Tax Policy Centre, his (hugely regressive) tax proposals would raise federal debt by 39 per cent of gross domestic product, relative to the baseline. One response might be huge cuts to spending, which he has not explained to his gullible supporters. Another would be a default. He “loves playing withdebt, he says. He even contemplates buying US debt back at a discount. Such “playingwould destroy the credit built up since Alexander Hamilton, the first US Treasury Secretary, devastating global finance.特朗普对于美国信誉的漠不关心可能走得更远。美国提供了世界上最重要的金融资产:美国国债。由于美国的财政状况有所恶化,谨慎一些是必要的。那么,理应在财政上审慎的共和党的假定总统候选人提议了什么?根据税收政策中心(Tax Policy Center)的说法,他抛出的(高度累退性质的)税收提议将使联邦债务与基线相比,增加相当于国内生产总GDP)9%。对策或许是大幅削减开,他并未向轻信的选民解释这一点。另一条对策将是违约。他说,他“喜欢玩”债务游戏。他甚至在考虑以折扣价回购美国债务。如此“玩债”将会摧毁自美国第一任财长亚历山#8226;汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)以来积累起来的信用,毁掉全球金融。Some claim Mr Trump feigns commitment to policies he knows would destroy US credibility and devastate global stability. Yet if he were really so dishonest, what might his limits be? Folly or cynicism which would be worse?有些人声称,特朗普只是在假装持那些他知道将摧毁美国信誉和破坏全球稳定的政策承诺。不过,如果他真的如此不诚实,那么他的极限可能是什么?愚蠢或是玩世不恭,哪种情况更糟糕?It is still quite likely, albeit far from certain, that Mr Trump will be defeated. That might depend on whether Bernie Sanders decides to run as an independent. But if he were defeated, would that be the end of the matter? Arguably, not. Yes, the populist moment might pass. But it might also not do so. The domestic legitimacy of the US role in the world economy has understandably eroded.尽管远非确定,但特朗普被击败的可能性仍然相当大。这或许要取决于伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)是否决定以独立候选人身份参选。但是,如果特朗普真被击败,事情就结束了吗?可以说,不会。是的,民粹主义时刻或许会过去。但也可能不会过去。可以理解的是,国内对于美国在世界经济中角色的合法性认识已被削弱。This is partly because of the financial crisis, but also because many Americans have done poorly in recent decades. This is not just a US problem. Branko Milanovic has noted in his book Global Inequality that the upper-middle class largely the middle and lower classes of high-income countries has done relatively poorly in recent decades. Princeton professors Anne Case and Angus Deaton note, in addition, a sharp relative deterioration in mortality and morbidity among middle-aged white American men, due to suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse. This surely reflects the despair of these people. It is tough to fail in a culture that worships personal success. Support for Mr Trump among this group must express this despair. As their leader, he symbolises success. He also offers no coherent solutions. But he does provide scapegoats.原因部分在于金融危机,也在于很多美国人近几十年来境况不佳。这并非仅仅美国的问题。布兰科#8226;米拉诺维Branko Milanovic)在他的《全球不平等Global Inequality)一书中指出,中上阶层人士——主要是指高收入国家的中下阶层人士——在近几十年里日子过得相对较差。此外,普林斯顿大学(Princeton)教授安妮#8226;凯斯(Anne Case)和安格斯#8226;迪顿(Angus Deaton)指出,由于自杀、吸毒和酗酒,美国中年白人的死亡率和患病率升高得很厉害。这当然反映出了这些人的失望情绪。在一个崇尚个人成功的文化里,失败是很难受的。这个群体对特朗普的持肯定是在表达这种绝望。作为他们的领袖,他象征着成功。他并未提供说得通的解决方案。但他的确提供了替罪羊。If rightwing populism is to be defeated, one must offer alternatives. In a forthcoming article, Dartmouth College’s Douglas Irwin notes that protectionism is quack medicine. Productivity growth accounted for more than 85 per cent of the job losses in manufacturing between 2000 and 2010. Effective policies would include generous earned-income tax credits, combined with higher minimum wages. The evidence from the UK is that this mixture can be highly effective. Anger over illegal immigration is also understandable. Employers of undocumented workers should surely suffer heavy penalties.若想击败右翼民粹主义,我们必须提供替代解决方案。在一篇即将发表的文章里,达特茅斯学院(Dartmouth College)的道格拉#8226;欧文(Douglas Irwin)指出,保护主义是一剂假药000年至2010年,生产率提高造成5%以上的制造业失业。有效的政策将包括慷慨的低收入补助工薪抵税额和更高的最低工资。英国的据表明,这两个办法的结合可能非常有效。对于非法移民的愤怒也是可以理解的。雇用无工人的公司当然应受到重罚。US banks have paid more than 0bn in fines. But almost nobody has gone to prison. Combined with the (necessary) rescue of the financial sector, this has generated a widesp belief that the system is being exploited by morally disreputable insiders.美国的付了000亿美元的罚款。但几乎没有人入狱。再加上对金融部门(必要的)纾困,这让人们普遍相信,整个体制被道德败坏的内部人利用了。More fundamentally, within the high-income countries, the gainers from globalisation and technology feel no apparent responsibility for losers. Lowering taxes should not be everything. Above all, the system’s legitimacy depends on elite performance, which has been poor.更为根本的是,在高收入国家内部,受益于全球化和技术的赢家显然没觉得自己对输家有什么责任。减税不应该是一切。最重要的是,体制的合法性取决于精英的表现,而他们的表现非常糟糕。The US commitment to both institutions and alliances was right. The creation of an open and dynamic world economy and broadly co-operative relations among the powers remains a great achievement. Yet the greed, incompetence and irresponsibility of elites has now brought forth great populist rage. Mr Trump’s rise is a symptom of a disease that he would undoubtedly exacerbate. If it is not too late, people must now find more effective ways to cure it.美国对制度和联盟的承诺是正确的。创造出一个开放且具有活力的全球经济,并在大国之间建立起大体上合作的关系,仍是一项伟大的成就。然而,贪婪、无能且不负责任的精英们现在引燃了民粹主义怒火。特朗普的崛起是一种疾病的症状,他无疑会加剧这种疾病。如果现在还不算太晚的话,人们必须找到更为有效的“治病”方法。来 /201605/446634 To say Donald Trump’s pivot to optimism came across as a character transplant would be an understatement.说唐纳德?特朗Donald Trump)变得乐观就像是性格移植,是一种轻描淡写。It was as though Barack Obama took to yelling expletives at passers-by or Bill Clinton fixed his gaze on his shoes. Or perhaps a close-shaven Abraham Lincoln suddenly sprung up on the podium. With the brief exception of his acceptance speech on 9 November, this was America’s first glimpse of an upbeat President Trump. He wore it surprisingly well.这就好像是巴拉克?奥巴Barack Obama)开始大声咒骂路人,或是比尔?克林Bill Clinton)改掉了他喜欢低头盯着鞋的习惯,又或者是刮掉胡子的亚伯拉林肯(Abraham Lincoln)突然出现在演讲台上。除1日的胜选演讲,特朗普在国会发表的首次演讲是美国第一次看到积极乐观的特朗普总统。他表现得惊人地奀?His first address to Congress lasted an hour. It was by far the most presidential speech Mr Trump has yet given. The question is whether he can stick to it for hours, days or even weeks.他的这次演讲持续个小时。这绝对是迄今为止特朗普作出的最有总统样子的演讲。问题是他能否坚持数小时、数天、甚至数周。Given Mr Trump’s record, the odds must be with the sceptics. Leaving that aside for a moment, it is worth stressing three things.考虑到特朗普的过往,肯定是怀疑派的胜算比较大。暂且抛开这一点,有三件事值得强调。First, Mr Trump’s opening forty days may have gone better had he adopted Tuesday night’s tone at his inaugural address on 20 January. That notorious moment has aly gone down as the “American carnagespeech after Mr Trump’s dystopian vision of the country he was inheriting and his xenophobic tone towards the world.首先,如果特朗普0日就职演讲中采用了上周二晚上的语气,他新官上任的0天里本可能更顺利。在特朗普对他接手的国家给出了反乌托邦的愿景、并对全世界摆出排外态度后,那一臭名昭著的时刻已经作为“美国大屠杀”式演讲而载入史册。On Tuesday, Mr Trump executed a big change in tone possibly after a family intervention. It is no coincidence that his Twitter account went quiet for the preceding 24 hours Mr Trump’s longest period of social media silence since taking office. If good ratings are what Mr Trump most craves and his compulsive viewing habits would suggest that they are it is just possible the good feedback from Tuesday night will create its own positive cycle.上周二,特朗普的语气大为转变,这可能是源于家庭干预。绝非巧合的是,他的Twitter账户在之前的24小时保持沉寂——这是自他上任以来在社交媒体上最长时间的沉默。如果特朗普最渴望的是好评——他强迫式的审视习惯意味着确实如此——来自上周二晚上的良好反馈可能会创造良性循环。Second, tone really does matter. In terms of substance, Mr Trump’s speech was little different from what he said on 20 January.第二,语气确实很重要。在内容方面,特朗普这次演讲与他0日的演讲几乎没有差别。The content was just as “America firston Tuesday as it was then with the big exception of Mr Trump’s positive words about Nato, which were glaringly absent from his inaugural address.上周二,特朗普演讲的内容就是之前所说的“美国优先America first)——主要区别是特朗普对北约(Nato)的积极评价,这是其就职演讲明显缺失的。The influence of Gen Jim Mattis, who is shaping up to be a key figure in the Trump administration, was reflected in the general’s beaming visage.吉姆?马蒂斯将General Jim Mattis)正逐渐成为特朗普政府的关键人物,他的影响力反映在容光焕发的脸上。Other than that significant “shout outto America’s alliance partners, Mr Trump laid out roughly what was expected. He promised big tax cuts, federal deregulation, a major infrastructure plan, a wall on the US-Mexico border and the deportation of “bad people He even announced the creation of an Orwellian-sounding federal unit to look after the victims of crime carried out by illegal immigrants the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (Voice). That was vintage Trump. His decision to privilege such victims largely drowned out his call for the US to adopt a Canada-style merit-based immigration system. The latter may well prove to have been a significant announcement.除了向美国盟友们作出这一重要“喊话”外,特朗普的讲话基本符合预期。他承诺大幅减税、放宽联邦监管、实施大规模基础设施计划、在美墨边境建起高墙并且驱逐“坏人”。他甚至宣布打造一个听起来像奥威尔Orwellian)的联邦机构,来照顾非法移民所犯罪行的受害者——移民犯罪受害者办公室(Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement Office,简称Voice)。这是典型的特朗普。他给予这些受害者特殊待遇的决定,基本上淹没了他呼吁美国采用加拿大式的积分制移民制度的声音。后者本来很可能会成为一项重要政策。The final aspect was the degree to which Mr Trump’s speech showed how ily the Republican party is now eating out of his hand.最后一点,特朗普的演讲展现了如今共和党对特朗普多么帖帖。Forty days may be biblical shorthand for a long time. But it is astonishing how rapidly Mr Trump has turned a pro-free trade party into an extension of his America First movement.40天或许是很长时间的缩影。但令人惊讶的是,特朗普如此快速地把一个持自由贸易的党派转变成了他“美国优先”行动的延伸。It was striking to watch Paul Ryan, the Republican speaker, and supposed fiscal conservative, applaud a speech that did not once mention the US budget deficit while unveiling measures that ensured it would swell.看到众议院议长、所谓的财政保守派共和党人保瑞安(Paul Ryan),为一次都未提及美国预算赤字、而又宣布了注定会让赤字膨胀的措施的演讲而鼓掌,令人震惊。No matter how low Mr Trump’s approval ratings fall at 44 per cent, they are aly at a historic low for a president this early into his term he retains the ability to threaten the job security of any Republican who opposes him.无论特朗普的持率会降到多低——目前为44%,已经是历届美国总统上任初期持率的最低水平了——他都保留着威胁炒掉任何一个反对他的共和党人的能力。At almost 90 per cent his approval ratings among registered Republicans is relatively high. This reflects just how bitterly polarised the US has become. Mr Trump may not be loved by his own party on Capitol Hill. But he is feared.他在登记的共和党人之间的持率相对很高,几乎达到0%。这反映出美国如今两极分化是多么严重。国会山(Capitol Hill)的共和党人或许不爱特朗普,但他们都怕他。Democrats clearly loathe him even when he is doing his best impression of Ronald Reagan. They sat in stony silence throughout even when he called for bipartisan action to solve America’s problems.民主党明显讨厌特朗普——即使他如今正竭尽全力地模仿罗纳里根(Ronald Reagan)。他们全程沉默地坐着,即使是在特朗普呼吁两党共同采取行动解决美国问题的时候也是如此。In a night of unexpected lines, Mr Trump’s most memorable was when he said: “The time for trivial fights is over.”在频频说出令人意外之言的那晚,特朗普最令人印象深刻的是当他说:“进行琐碎争斗的时候已经结束。”It was a moment of high chutzpah given Mr Trump’s penchant for picking Twitter battles with celebrities, the media, and stray pundits on TV. He could just possibly have meant it. That was Tuesday night. Will Wednesday morning Trump retain the sunny optimism? We shall find out soon enough.考虑到特朗普热衷于在Twitter上挑起与名人、媒体和电视节目中专家的战争,这一刻他真是厚颜无耻。他也可能是认真的。那是上周二的晚上。之后特朗普还会保持这种阳光乐观吗?我们很快就会得到。来 /201703/497315重庆小腿脱毛费用多少沙坪坝区大腿抽脂价格多少



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