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重庆市第八人民医院看病贵不贵巫溪县做黑脸娃娃多少钱Apple苹果Frictionless fruit一体化产品Convenience is the technology giants latest weapon便捷性成了这位科技巨头的最新武器Cooking up a better Apple ecosystem库克让苹果的生态系统提升了一个层次AN APPLE launch that has an audience of thousands clapping and whooping? Must be a new iPhone, surely, or the long-awaited iWatch? The truth may sound dull, but it matters as much as any fancy new gadget. What Apples boss, Tim Cook, presented on June 2nd, at the companys annual conference for software developers in San Francisco, were upgraded operating systems, one for its Mac desktops and laptops and another for its mobile devices, plus a new programming language. These, combined with other moves to nurture the Apple “ecosystem”, should make its offerings even more attractive to both developers and consumers—and even more formidable to its rivals.这次苹果发布的产品引起了观众的欢呼雀跃吗?这次发布的肯定是一款新的iPhone,或是那期盼已久的iWatch吧?虽然发布会真正的内容或许听来无趣,但它在苹果发展战略中的地位不亚于一款华丽的新产品。本月2号,每年一度在三藩市举行的苹果软件开发者发布会上,苹果的老总蒂姆·库克向世界展示了最新升级的操作系统,其中包括一套台式和笔记本电脑的新系统,还有另外一套移动设备所使用的新系统,同时还推介了一套全新的编程语言。与其他共同构成苹果生态系统内容的结合之下,无论是站在开发者还是消费者的角度来看,新一代的操作系统都将会令公司的产品变得更有吸引力,甚至还能在同行业的竞争里进一步拉开差距。Apples pitch is greater convenience, in at least three ways. First, the operating systems, OS X Yosemite for Macs and iOS 8 for mobiles, will do more than improve on the current versions when they are released in the autumn.They will allow devices to work together seamlessly. An e-mail started on an iPhone or iPad can be finished on the desktop. If your iPhone rings, you will be able to take the call on your Mac—in effect, using it as a speakerphone.至少从三个方面我们可以看出,本次苹果的战略中心在于提供更好的产品便捷性。首先是新的两大操作系统,当中包括电脑使用的OS X Yosemite以及移动设备所使用的iOS 8。而今年秋季这两大新系统正式发布时,人们将会看到这次的升级不仅仅是新系统在现有系统的基础上进行提升。新系统能够让所有的苹果产品进行无缝对接。例如,一封邮件的编辑可以从iPhone或者iPad上开始,并且能够转移到台式电脑里完成。如果你的iPhone响起了电话铃声,那你能够在自己的电脑里接听这通电话—实际上就相当于把电脑作为扬声电话来使用。Apple is not the first to make such a promise. When Microsoft launched its Windows 8 system in the autumn of 2012, its big idea was to provide the same experience on all types of device, from desktop to mobile. Yet few have bothered to buy Windows smartphones or tablets, or personal computers with Windows 8. “Microsoft have all the pieces,” says Carolina Milanesi of Kantar WorldPanel, a research firm, “but they havent pulled it all together.”苹果并不是首家做出这种承诺的公司。例如,微软在2012年秋季Windows 8操作系统发布会举行之时,就已经将这样的一个设想呈现了出来:一个能够连接从电脑到移动设备所有类型产品,提供一体化体验的操作系统。然而,只有很少一部分人不厌其烦地购买了配有Windows系统的智能手机或平板电脑,或是配备Windows 8系统的个人电脑。来自调查公司Kantar WorldPanel的Carolina Milanesi表示,“微软已经拥有全部所需的设备,但他们并没有将其整合到一块。”Not only does Apple promise friction-free computing; it has customers who are likely to use it. They upgrade eagerly, either by buying new gear or by installing new software on old stuff. Mr Cook boasted at the conference that 89% of Apples mobile devices were on iOS 7 and 51% of Macs on OS X Mavericks, the current incarnations. In comparison, he gloated, only 14% of Windows personal computers were on Windows 8. And a mere 9% of mobile devices with Googles Android operating system had the latest variant.苹果不仅对外承诺了一体化操作的更新,而且该品牌的顾客们也愿意去使用新系统。无论是购买新设备,还是在原有设备上更新软件,这些“果粉”永远渴望着更新换代。发布会当中,库克先生夸口称在目前使用的最新一代系统普及率方面,移动设备的iOS 7版本达到了89%,而电脑设备的OS X Mavericks则达到了51%。随后他得意地表示,相比之下,微软最新的系统Win 8在个人电脑市场普及率仅为14%,然而谷歌公司的安卓系统在移动设备市场的更新普及率也仅有9%。Apples second move towards greater convenience is to loosen some of its tight restrictions on developers. They will be allowed to bundle apps for sale at a discount in Apples store, to show previews and to invite users to test beta versions. Apple will also allow third-party apps—for example, ones that apply fancy effects to photos—to be embedded in its own apps.苹果第二项优化便捷性的措施,在于放宽以前对开发者的部分严格限制。开发者们即将能够将不同的应用在苹果商店中进行捆绑折扣销售,能够给用户们播放前瞻视频,以及能够邀请用户下载测试版本的应用。苹果还会允许第三方应用(例如,一款能将特殊效果加到照片上的软件)嵌入苹果自己的应用当中。The new programming language, Swift, will make it easier to write apps. Thanks to all this, programmers should be even keener to write them for iOS 8 first, before they turn to Androids many versions or to Windows. A fuller app store is in turn a bigger draw for consumers.全新的编程语言Swift能够使开发者更容易创造新的软件应用。多亏了这一点,编程人员应该会更愿意先为iOS 8系统开发软件应用,而不是转向安卓系统里为数众多的不同版本,或者是投向Windows系统。一个货架上商品琳琅满目苹果商店,相应地会对消费者们产生更大的吸引。The third convenience-boosting move is to simplify the growing mishmash of applications in two fields: health and the home. Apple plans to bring a lot of third-party health apps under a common platform, HealthKit, so that a blood-pressure ing from one app, say, might trigger an alert from another that prompts a call from the doctor. Likewise, HomeKit will bring together diverse apps for stuff around the house: at bedtime, a verbal instruction to an iPhone may lock the doors and dim the lights.第三项优化是关于简化日益杂乱的健康管理和家庭管理应用。苹果计划将大量的第三方健康管理应用都收拢到一个通用的平台下,名为HealthKit。比方说,由于该平台的整合作用,其中某个应用测量出的血压读数,或许能够在另一个应用引起健康警报,进而通知医生打电话过来了解情况。同样地,应用平台HomeKit能够将繁杂的同类家庭管理应用整合起来:在睡觉时间,通过iPhone发出语音指令或许能够直接锁门以及调暗灯光。Apple hopes that the sheer ease of having several interconnected apps in one place will bind people to its ecosystem of devices and software. People will still be able to switch to other devices, and take their data with them, but the fiddliness of changing over may keep them loyal. What may be more likely to put them off is who might get to see all their assiduously compiled data, especially about their health, a concern Apple sought to allay this week.苹果希望通过整合相互联系的应用而达到极端便利体验,能够整合人们的生活,令他们与苹果的软件硬件生态系统紧密相连。人们依旧可以选择别家的设备,并且能够带走他们留在旧设备当中的数据,但或许正是因为这样便捷的转变方式,苹果能够一直保持客户们的忠诚。另外一个更有可能阻碍人们使用这样的应用平台的因素,是信息安全问题。人们担心自己的每天辛苦记录的资料可能会被其他人获取,尤其是用户的健康信息。而这正是一个在本周苹果极力想要向用户们缓解的一个担忧。Although Microsofts new boss, Satya Nadella, is bursting with bright ideas about a “mobile first, cloud first” world, the firm has a lot of catching up to do. As for makers of Android devices, they lack Apples control over the operating system and the app store. The biggest of them, Samsung, plans to sell a smartphone based on its own operating system, Tizen—probably as a hedge against reliance on Google. “This is something only Apple can do,” purred Mr Cook this week. For now, he is right.虽然微软的新老总Satya Nadella正想极力推动一堆充斥着脑海的好点子,有关创建“移动和云优先”世界的好点子,但公司还有许多方面需要努力迎头赶上。至于安卓设备的制造商们,他们所欠缺的是苹果公司的控制力——对操作系统以及应用商店的控制力。安卓阵营里规模最大的三星,正准备发售搭载了自家操作系统Tizen的智能手机——或许以此摆脱对谷歌安卓系统的依赖。本周,库克先生兴奋地说道:“这是只有苹果才能完成的事业。”而暂时来说,他说得很对。 /201406/308592重庆儿童医院属于几甲等医院

重庆痘疤价格多少钱重庆中医院好吗Meanwhile, the ground sloth, like the mastodons, must eat most of the day to fuel its huge bulk. This may be the ice age, but by midday, temperatures soar, drawing another predator to the spring to drink—the notorious saber-toothed cat. 同时,巨型地懒和乳齿象一样,为了补充他们庞大体型的能量消耗,他们必须基本上一天到晚地进食。这可能就是冰河时代,但是到了中午,气温则迅速上升,另一只捕猎者也来到了泉水处饮水——令人闻风丧胆的剑齿虎。Most creatures give the sabertooth a wide berth, but this skunk seems unconcerned. The sabertooth may be the ultimate ice age predator, but the skunk is feared, too, because of its unique system of self-defence. These stripes serve to warn off most attackers, but perhaps the sabertooth is yet to learn exactly what they mean. 大多数的动物都尽可能地远离剑齿虎,但是这只臭鼬对此似乎并不在意。剑齿虎可能是冰河时代的终极捕猎者,但是臭鼬也同样令人恐惧,这是因为它们有着独特的自卫系统。这些条纹用来警告大多数的捕猎者,但是这只剑齿虎似乎还没有意识到这些条纹的具体含义。Stamping his feet, the skunk issues a final warning. But this big cat is still curious. But now the skunk has had enough. The ded sabertooth, killer of mastodons and other ice age giants, is defeated by a small but very smelly skunk.臭鼬跺了一下脚来作为最终警告。但是这只剑齿虎还是很好奇。可臭鼬已经受够了。结果是,这只可怕的剑齿虎——乳齿象以及其他冰河时代大型动物的猎杀者,被一只体型娇小但却臭味十足的臭鼬击败了。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属未经许可不得转载。201310/259583Mobile telecoms in Pakistan巴基斯坦的移动通信业At last, 3G终于等到你,3GThe government raises a bit of money and gets a long-awaited industry started政府筹集到了一定资金,启动了长期停滞的产业Now we can really start shopping现在我们可以真正意义上开始购物IN PAKISTAN, as in other poor parts of the world, mobile telecoms are vital to the countrys development, bypassing obstructive bureaucrats and bringing services directly to the masses—from banking to voter registration. Yet it is the only country in South Asia that does not have high-speed mobile internet, because only this week, after eight years of delays and regulatory snarl-ups, did it at last hold an auction of the spectrum required to roll out 3G and 4G services.移动通信的发展对于巴基斯坦以及世界上其他的贫困地区的发展至关重要,避开官僚作风的阻碍,将直接务于大众—从业到选民登记。同时,他也是南亚唯一没有高速移动网络的国家。因为在持续8年的推延以及官僚阻滞的影响下,直到这个星期,巴基斯坦才举行开展3G和4G业务所需频谱的招标。 Demand for the licences fell short of the governments hopes. The finance minister, Ishaq Dar, had talked of the auction raising billion; in the end it produced just under .2 billion. Successful bids were made by two local operators, Mobilink and Ufone, and two foreign ones, China Mobile and Telenor of Norway. Two other big foreign firms that had been expected to take part, Saudi Telecom and Turkcell of Turkey, got cold feet after, it is said, having their request for exclusive one-year licences rejected.运营权的需求度低于政府的预期。金融部长Ishaq Dar曾经提及招标计划是20亿美金,但是最后只产生了12亿不到。成功中标的包括Mobilink 以及Ufone 这两家本土公司以及China Mobile 和 Telenor of Norway这两家国外公司。其他两个国外大集团Saudi Telecom 和 Turkcell of Turkey曾有望参与其中,但是却临阵退缩了。据说是因为拒绝了他们一年独家经营权的要求。The year Pakistans government first talked about auctioning 3G spectrum, 2006, was the year Sri Lanka actually started its services. India held its auction in 2010. Even now, in both these countries only a modest proportion of the population enjoys access to high-speed mobile broadband—but they are far ahead of Pakistan and Bangladesh (see chart).在斯里兰卡实际开启其3G业务的2006年,巴基斯坦政府第一次提及3G频谱的拍卖。印度在2010年招标。即使是现在,这两个国家只有一部分人喜欢连接高速移动宽带——但是这比例也远比巴基斯坦和孟加拉要高。In 2003 Pakistans then military dictator, Pervez Musharraf, deregulated mobile telecoms to attract foreign investment. But the civilian administration that succeeded him in 2008 spent years lurching from one crisis to another, and failed to promote the industry. A new government, in power since last June, has faced down protests from opposition politicians and, at last, held the auction.2003年,巴基斯坦当时的军事独裁者Pervez Musharraf解除对于移动通信业的管制来吸引外商投资。但是2008年接任的平民政府在不断发生的危机中步履蹒跚,发展该产业也失败了。去年六月上台的新政府面对反对派的抗议,最终举行了招标。It could have copied war-torn Afghanistan, which has done without an auction, and simply sold licences at low prices, starting in 2012. It did so on the grounds that the economic boost from introducing 3G should be bigger than the one-off windfall from an auction that might have got mired in corruption allegations.它本可以模仿饱受战乱的阿富汗,自2012年开始,不进行招标,单纯地以低价出售经营权。阿富汗这样做,因为引入3G带来的经济发展的利益比一次性拍卖来得高,后者还可能会陷入腐败的指控中去。Pakistans new government, however, needed cash to replenish its foreign reserves. It has not got as much as it wanted, but a less competitive auction may give the successful operators more of a chance to build a profitable business. They have long been plagued by fickle government policies and tight margins in a market that has some of the lowest average revenues per user in the world, at around a month.但是巴基斯坦的新政府需要现金来重新扩大它的外汇储备。它没有获得其预期的那么多,但是竞争不太激烈的招标或许能给中标方更多的机会来建立一个盈利的项目。他们长期困扰于多变的政策以及市场利润空间不足的情况,因为一些用户处于世界上最低收入水平,每月收入在2美元左右。With a crippling energy crisis that leaves its cities powerless for up to 12 hours a day and the villages for longer, and an Islamist insurgency that has paralysed businesses and deterred all but the bravest foreign investors, the country of nearly 200m people sorely needs the boost that high-speed mobile-internet access should bring. A recent study by a British consulting firm, commissioned by the Pakistani government, predicted that by increasing economic activity it could help create up to 900,000 jobs over the next four years, and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year of new tax revenues.伴随着严重的能源危机,巴基斯坦的城市一天有12个小时断电,乡村更久。并且伊斯兰叛乱活动使得商业瘫痪,除了那些最勇敢的外国投资者,没有其他人敢来。有将近2亿人的国家十分需要高速移动网络连接带来的发展。最近一项受巴基斯坦政府委任由英国顾问集团进行的研究,其预计通过增加经济活动,发展高速网络能在接下来的思念时间帮助创造90万的岗位,并带来每年亿万美元的税收收入。Nevertheless, as elsewhere in South Asia, the sp of the mobile internet is likely to be slow, since it depends on people replacing their basic handsets with smartphones, which remain unaffordable for most Pakistanis. So far less than 10% of the countrys 132m mobile subscribers have smartphones, according to industry figures. However, Pakistans mobile operators are playing a long game. Even the local ones have deep-pocketed foreign backers that are prepared to wait for growth to pick up and dividends to flow.然而,就像南亚其他地方一样,手机网络的推广过程是缓慢的,因为它需要人们将他们的功能机置换成智能机,这对于大多数巴基斯坦人来说是难以负担的。产业数据显示,目前,该国1.32亿手机用户中不到10%拥有智能机。但是,巴基斯坦的移动运营商着眼于未来。即使本地运营商也有着有钱的国外赞助人,他们准备等待着发展腾飞、利益的扩张。 /201405/294997潼南区中心医院医生排名重庆市星辰整形医院整容

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