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Jesse Marcel remains convinced that there was one thing in the debris that could only be extraterrestrial. He described small metal-like I-beams with hieroglyphic symbols.The metal beam like our small miniaturized I-beam, and had these perplexed violet symbols on the inside edge of that. You know, that's something like, this is alien writing.While Marcel Junior described as metal I-beams, his father remembered them as not being like metal: it looked more like wood. Such contradictions among eyewitnesses are widesp among the Roswell faithful. Other key witnesses also described very earthly debris of wooden sticks, tinfoil, a tough paper and rubber strips. Scientists and skeptics alike find it hard to believe an alien spaceship would be constructed from such simple materials.If you're gonna go from one star system to another, you need a craft that can go a fair fraction of the speed of light. It has to go ten, maybe 100,000 miles a second. Well, a craft like that is going to have to have enormous engines. It's just gonna be something that's gonna, you know, probably be the size of an ocean liner. This is not gonna be a little, you know, souped-up motorbike.While the physical abilities of this material remain(s) in question, almost all the key witnesses made reference to seeing unusual markings. Jesse Marcel described seeing alien hieroglyphics on small metal I-beams.I have to believe this was something from another civilization. I'm actually convinced of that. The Marcels both think they saw alien hieroglyphics. But other witnesses testify to seeing nothing more than flower patterns. If the origin of these markings can be identified, it might solve the Roswell mystery once and for all.12/93490China leader on visit to JapanB:Chinese President Hu Jintao is set to begin a five-day state visit to Japan, the first such trip in a decadeThis Japanese company makes diggers. One in ten is sold to the Chinese. It expects its sales to China will grow 16-fold within 3 years, such is the pace of Chinese growth. But the boss says Beijing’s influence doesn’t end there. Countries that produce the resources China needs, like Russia, South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil are using the money they have made to invest in their own infrastructure. That helps to increase demand for our machines, so China’s economic growth is hugely important to them and to us. China became Japan’s largest trading partner last year, overtaking the ed States. Cheap Chinese-made goods have lowered prices in the shops here, boosting profits for the firms that sell them. But many in Japan worry that China’s exporting its problems too. Poisoned Chinese dumplings were blamed for a spate of illnesses recently. Look at these labels making clear where these herbs come from. In this case, Japan. And on this sign up here, reassuring people that none of the produce in this cabinet comes from China. Such is the level of concern about safety of Chinese-made products. Shoppers seem skeptical that enough is being done to protect them. The rowover dumplings is leading some people here to question Japan’s relationship with its powerful neighbor. China has been the superpower now, I think all the governments are afraid to offend them. But then, you know, you have to worry about domestic, you know, like voters that who has(have) to have their own concerns. So they have to play delicate juggling act. But nonetheless, you know, people’s health comes first. Could poisoned dumplings sour this relationship? It’s possible. Both countries' leaders pledged cooperation to find a corporate. But so far, little progress. Tibet is another difficult issue. China’s supporters were out in force when Japan hosted the Olympic torch, urging people here not to interfere. Hu Jintao’s visit is, was scheduled to be the final stage of improvement of the relationship which became worsened under the time of Koizumi. But we had trouble over the dumpling issue and then of course the Tibet issue. So these have posed us very new difficult challenges. There are problems, though, the shared history between the two countries presents difficulties that people in Japan and China are unwilling to put aside. To me, more difficulty lies in the perception of Chinese people over international order, and they still have a tendency to think the international order in a hierarchical terms, China top and followed by such countries. Chinese Prime Minister has described his own meetings with Japanese leaders as helping to break the ice. Now both sides will be hoping the president’s visit will ensure that thaw continues. Chris Hogg, B News, Tokyo. juggling act: a difficult situation in which you are trying to do several things at the same timethaw: To become warm enough for snow and ice to melt. If something thaws relations between people or if relations thaw, they become friendly again after a period of being unfriendly.01/60612美国失业率继续上升,六月份的失业人数高于预期。先失业率已达9.5%,为26年来的最高水平。Unemployed worker (L) talks with Employment Guide staffer at job fair in San Jose, California 20 Jun 07/77601Toyota Motor Corp. says it's on track to become the world's largest automaker. CNN's Eunice Yoon reports In the race for the title of world's largest automaker, Toyota of Japan proved Tuesday it's on track to unseat US car giant General Motors.'We've posted record highs from sales to net profit in our third quarter.' In its latest quarterly earnings report, profits jumped 7% to more than .5 billion. The company sold enough Camry sedans, Prius hybrid electric cars, and other vehicles in North America to warrant the construction of new factories there.'The impressive thing about Toyota is they're expanding in multiple regions at the same time and that's giving them a lot of momentum, er, to take that number one spot.'Drivers worldwide have praised Toyota for making what they consider low maintenance, high mileage vehicles. That formula is working in North America where the automaker is now thinking of building an eighth assembly plant, a move that could help ward off political pressure. But there has been growing criticism in the US over Toyota's rising imports. One American politician from the heart of the American auto industry in Detroit says the Japanese carmaker benefits unfairly from state-run pension systems and a government that dabbles in the currency markets. The weak yen played a big part in Toyota's profits. Yet many car analysts say those remarks are unfair.'If a politician wants to come out against Toyota, he's gonna have to come out against employment and environmental technology, and that's pretty tenuous ground to be standing on.'Toyota says it's sticking by its full year forecasts and analysts say the company is on course for an eighth straight year of record earnings. Still, Toyota in Japanese tradition is staying modest.'There is a lot of talk of us becoming number one in the world. We are trying not to be too conscious of it. We want to produce cars that the market wants.'And with it looking as though the market wants more Toyota-made cars, analysts say the company will drive by GM as soon as this year. Eunice Yoon, CNN, Seoul.Vocabularyward off phr-v. To ward off a danger or illness means to prevent it from affecting you or harming you.She may have put up a fight to try to ward off her assailant.dabble v. If you dabble in something, you take part in it but not very seriously.He dabbled in business.01/61102Some 40,000 people have been killed in Mexico over the past five years as the Latin American country's police and military battle powerful drug cartels that are also fighting with each other over smuggling routes. In spite of the dire headlines, hundreds of thousands of US citizens vacation in Mexico every year and many of them, especially those who are retired, have opted to buy property and live there. The warm weather and the lower cost of living are big draws.  在过去5年,墨西哥军警与强大的贩毒集团之间的战斗,以及贩毒集团之间为争夺贩毒路线而进行的内斗造成大约4万人丧生。然而,仍然有几十万美国公民不顾这些可怕的新闻,每年都要去墨西哥度假。其中许多人,特别是那些退休的人,甚至选择在墨西哥购买房子并且住在那里。墨西哥温暖的气候和较低的生活费用是吸引他们在那里买房的最大动力。News from Mexico these days tends to be bad.   近来从墨西哥传来的往往都是坏消息。Shootouts and grisly murders dominate media reports. 媒体报导充斥了战和恶性谋杀之类的新闻。But some Americans are moving to Mexico looking for peace and relaxation. 可是,一些美国人却前往墨西哥寻找平静与休闲。Michael Baldwin and Stephanie Villareal spoke to VOA via Skype from their home near the tip of Mexico's Baja peninsula. “We have been here almost a year now. We came from Houston, Texas. We came down temporarily last summer and made the decision to make it permanent and we actually drove from Houston to Cabo San Lucas,” Baldwin said. 迈克尔.鲍尔温和斯蒂芬尼.比利亚雷尔从位于墨西哥巴扎半岛顶端他们的家里,通过Skype软件对美国之音说,“我们在这里住了将近1年。我们是从德克萨斯州的休斯敦来这里的。去年夏天,我们本来是临时性地来这里玩儿,结果决定要在这里长住下去。实际上,我们是从休斯敦开车到卡波圣卢卡斯来的。”Baldwin says they love the natural beauty and mild climate and that their improved lifestyle has also saved them money. “Houston versus Cabo, our expenses have been reduced by about 30 percent,” Baldwin said. 鲍尔温说,他们很爱那里的自然美景和温和的气候。另外,生活方式的改善也给他们省了钱。他说,“卡波圣卢卡斯与休斯敦相比,我们的生活费用减少了大约30%。”201106/139467

Ever sent a racy text to the wrong person? Twenty percent of Britons have managed to send racy texts to the wrong person, and nearly one in 10 has been caught red-handed "sexting," according to a poll on Tuesday.Under-25s are the most careless, with 43 percent admitting to sending fruity texts to the wrong contact. Men and women were equally guilty."Text and picture messaging has now become so second nature that people are less cautious, leading to messages frequently going astray," said Keir McConomy, Managing Director of SellMyMobile.com which commissioned the survey."A key aspect of text messaging is that it allows a more detached method of communication. This was part of its initial popularity and a likely explanation for the large number of people willing to send out explicit content."The survey of 1,097 mobile phone users also revealed that one in five respondents fail to wipe their phones of personal content such as contacts, messages and pictures before selling, giving away or recycling their mobiles.Vocabulary:racy: having a style that is exciting and amusing, sometimes in a way that is connected with sex (风格活泼的;不雅的)be caught red-handed: 被逮个正着fruity: 粗俗的,色情的second nature: something that you do very easily and naturally, because it is part of your character or you have done it so many times(第二天性;习性)go astray: to go in the wrong direction or to have the wrong result(走错方向;误入歧途)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109069

The grassroots cause known as the Tea Party movement has brought its demands for lower taxes and smaller government to Washington. The Tea Party rally in Washington was the final stop on a nearly three-week national tour.After stops in 48 cities in 23 states, the Tea Party Express rolled to a stop just blocks from the White House.“茶党快车”在全美二十三个州的四十八个城市作停留后,抵达离开白宫仅几个街区的终点站。The Washington rally coincided with tax deadline day in the ed States, the day Americans must file their income tax returns with the government.在华盛顿举行集会的这一天正好是美国人报税的最后期限,在这一天之前,美国人务必向政府申报自己的所得税。Tea Party Express organizer Amy Kremer addressed a crowd of several thousand people on Pennsylvania Avenue and predicted the movement would bring change to Washington in November's midterm congressional elections.“茶党快车”的组织者克雷默在宾夕法尼亚大道上向几千民众发表讲话,她预计“茶党”运动将在十一月举行的国会中期选举中给华盛顿带来变化。"We have a message for them," said Ms. Kremer. "They may not listen to us now, but I guarantee you they will listen to us in November when we vote the bums out!"克雷默说:“ 我们有话要告诉他们。他们现在可能不会听,但是我向你保他们十一月份的时候会听,那时候我们会把那些不中用的家伙赶出国会。”Tea Party supporters want to cut taxes, government spending and the federal budget deficit. They also oppose President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders, and many want to repeal the recently-passed health care reform law.“茶党”持者们希望减税、减少政府开和联邦赤字。他们也反对奥巴马总统和国会的民主党领袖们,他们中很多人希望废除最近通过的健保改革法。Congressional Republicans who spoke at the rally eagerly welcomed Tea Party supporters.在这次集会上发表讲话的国会共和党人热切地欢迎“茶党”持者。"Thanks for coming to the Devil's city to help us do the Lord's work!" said Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia. 他说:“感谢你们来到这个‘魔鬼’之城,来帮助我们做上帝的工作。”201004/101765

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