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A: I am sorry, but I cannot stay the rest of class today.B: Why do you need to leave early?A: I don’t feel so good.B: What doesn’t feel right?A: I feel as if I am going to be sick to my stomach.B: Perhaps you should get checked out at the Student Health Center bee you go home.A: I have some medicine at home that I could take.B: Are you going to be OK to drive home, or would you like someone to go with you?A: Thank you, but my friend is in the library, and he can give me a ride home.B: We hope that you are feeling better soon. E-mail me if you have any questions. 5

A: What’s going on?B: Things are fine with me. What’s going on with you?A: Would you help me?B: Help you with what?A: You do know I’m getting y to move, right?B: I remember you telling me.A: Do you mind helping me move in?B: I can help you with that.A: Is this Saturday okay you?B: I’m free this Saturday.A: Can you come help me at :00?B: That’s perfect. I will see you on Saturday.

A: Could I speak with the property manager about a problem I had last night?我能和物业经理说下我昨晚遇到的问题吗?B: I am the property manager. What was the problem that you experienced?我就是物业经理你遇到了什么问题?A: Have you noticed that the lighting in the garage area is almost nonexistent?你注意到停车库的灯几乎是不存在的吗?B: Has this been a problem you in the past?过去这也给你带来了麻烦?A: I just moved here recently, so I really donrsquo;t know how long it has been like this.我刚搬到这儿,我不知道像这样有多长时间了B: Maybe some of the bulbs were burned out.也许有些灯泡烧坏了A: All I know it that it feels very unsafe out there at night.我只知道晚上在那里很不安全B: Do you really think it is that unsafe to have a few dark patches here and there?有的地方没有灯,你认为这很不安全?A: It is unsafe because a rapist could hide in there and attack women.很不安全,因为抢劫的人能藏在那里,袭击妇女B: I will have the night manager look into it. Thank you telling me about it.我会让夜班经理去检查下谢谢你为我们反映情况 8597


  Rejane Chili is 9 years old and lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A few months ago, she found out that she had cancer and the disease quickly progressed into a terminal state.今年9年的蕾珍·绮丽住在巴西的阿雷格里港几个月前她查出了自己患了癌症,并且病情迅速恶化Very debilitated, Rejane can no longer leave the hospital, having being kept there several weeks aly. Throughout this difficult period, the woman receives the regular visit from her friends and family, but she often complains about the absence of someone very special.几周之后,她的身体越来越虚弱,已经离不开医院了在这段艰难的时期,她的家人和朋友经常过来探望陪伴她,但她经常抱怨见不到她那位特殊的朋友Rejane is crazy about her dog Ritchie. She taken care of him ever since he was a puppy and spoils her pet as much as she does her own son.蕾珍所说的是她的爱犬里奇,她非常想念它在里奇还很小的时候,蕾珍就开始照料它,像亲生孩子一样宠爱它 Rejane, being apart from him has been torture. Scared about the possibility of dying without seeing Ritchie again, she asks several times the dog to be brought in a last visit. However, the hospital police are against the presence of animals. Mostly because the risk of contamination is very high someone with such poor health.对蕾珍来说,与里奇分开这么久让她非常煎熬因为害怕不能爱犬最后一面,蕾珍多次请求把她的爱犬带过来让她见见但是院方不允许将动物带进来主要考虑到这么做的话,很容易感染身体状况这么差的病人But Rejane is dying, and coming into contact with a few extra germs cannot greatly deteriorate her current state. Touched by this final wish, the hospital where she is being treated, decides to make an exception and allow the entry of this furry visitor.但蕾珍已经到了生命中的最后一刻,即使感染一些细菌也不会对她当前的状态产生多大的影响了最终,被她最后的愿望所感动,她所在的医院决定破一次例,允许把里奇带进来On the agreed day, Tiago, Rejane son, travels with the dog in a taxi to meet his mum. security reasons, the meeting is scheduled to take place in a special room.在指定的那天,蕾珍的儿子蒂亚戈带着里奇坐计程车来到医院看望妈妈出于安全考虑,这次会面被安排在一个特殊的房间However, once Ritchie sees from far away his owner, he cant wait a minute more. The animal runs toward Rejane and bee anyone could react, he jumps onto her hospital bed, licking her face. What a moving encounter! those around them, it is impossible to hold back the tears.然而,在里奇远远看看女主人的那一刹那,它便不愿再多等一分钟在所有人都还没反应过来的时候,它已经径直奔向蕾珍,跳到她的病床上,舔她的脸多么感人的懈逅!此时,周围的人也已抑制不住自己的眼泪 931。


  :迎接客人 690A British woman who was nicknamed ;fish lips; and bullied out of school has regained her confidence by becoming a Lady Gaga lookalike.英国一名女子曾因被同学冠以;鱼嘴;的外号,饱受欺辱而被迫辍学如今,她通过成为翻版Lady Gaga重拾自信Natalie Burns, 9, of West Hampstead, London, was ced to be home-schooled from the age of after school bullies cruelly named her fish lips fat and ugly.今年9岁的女子娜塔利·伯恩斯来自伦敦西汉普斯特德,曾在学校饱受欺负,被同学称为;鱼嘴;,并嘲讽她又胖又丑在她岁的时候,她被迫在家接受教育With her confidence shattered, Natalie, who works in the music industry, spent her teen years trying to make herself invisible and covered herself up in baggy clothes.随着信心受到打击,在音乐行业工作的娜塔利,会穿着宽松的衣,甘愿在人群中做不愿被关注的人Then in , strangers began to comment on Natalie uncanny resemblance to Lady Gaga and she used her likeness to launch a career as a doppelganger.之后在年,开始有陌生人说伯恩斯和Lady Gaga长相惊人的相似,于是她决定利用自己相像的外形开启Gaga替身的职业生涯To date, she has spent #3;7,000 recreating iconic Gaga looks and perms all over the UK as the outlandish star, charging 600 pounds an hour each appearance.迄今为止,她已花费7000英镑再现Gaga的标志性造型,扮成这位古灵精怪的明星在英国各地进行演出,每次亮相1小时收费600英镑;Each look takes me hours to perfect, but it is so worth it and I feel so confident when Im wearing the costume and channeling Gaga,; said Burns.伯恩斯表示:;每个造型要扮出极致的效果需花费数小时,但这绝对值得,当我穿上演出变身为Gaga时,就觉得十分自信;I used to have zero self-confidence and made no eft in my appearance whatsoever. But now, I love nothing more than pulling on my sparkly leotard and experimenting with dramatic makeup looks. Gaga has definitely given me my life back. Im no longer the timid, shy girl I used to be.;;我曾经完全没有自信,也不会花时间在我的外表上但是现在,我爱上了穿上闪闪发光的紧身衣,尝试戏剧性的装扮Gaga真的让我重新找回了生活我不再是那个胆小、害羞的女孩了;A: It is very nice meeting you.B: Irsquo;m happy to meet you also.A: When did you get moved in?B: Just this past weekend.A: I didnrsquo;t even know the house got sold.B: I absolutely love this house, so I had to buy it.A: I understand, because the house is extraordinary.B: How many years have you been living in your house?A: Irsquo;ve been living here over years.B: Twenty years? That is a very long time.A: I hope that we remain neighbors a while longer.B: I could never move out of this house. 67







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