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And whats the situation,this school year,whats the situation now情况怎么样 这个学年 现在情况怎样Now weve lost 40 percent of all our teaching staff,weve lost 50 percent of our support staff现在我们失去了百分之40的教职员工,百分之50的后勤人员But we are all pulling together.Im just the face that you see and the voice that you hear但我们都在齐心协力 今天在这里你看到我 听到我的声音But I have them in the classroom right now working hard as Im here这个时候我的同事们都在教室里努力的工作But I have the whole school district that pulling together to do what they have to do for the children.Im just one of many people that doing all they can我们整个学校都在齐心协力为孩子们 做我们必须做的 我不过是尽力而为的众多人中的一个Well,were happy for you to be here to represent all those people,and we are grateful to all those people out there that they are working我们很高兴你作为这群人的代表 今天可以来到这里 我们感谢所有那些正在努力的人You know,I just recently partner with J.C.Penney,and J.C.Penney is changing the way they do everything你知道 我最近开始和J.C.Penney合作 J.C.Penney正在改变他们做事的方式And they are all being fair and square and treating people the way they should be treated这就是公平合理 并以应该得的方式去对待每个人And I want to make sure that you are treating yourself,because youre helping everybody else,so just for you你在正确的对待你自己 你在帮助其他人I want to give you a 5,000 dollars gift card to go to J.C.Penney and whatever you want to get我要给你5,000美金的礼物卡 你可以去J.C.Penney买你想要的任何东西All right.Thank you so much,you are welcome.Wow,just for you.No,its unbelievable.Thank you.You are welcome,thank you.好吗 太谢谢你了 不用谢 哇 这是给你的 不 真不敢相信 谢谢 不用谢 应该谢谢你J.C.penney also believes in doing the right thing and they want to make sure that kids realized their full potentialJ.C.Penney 相信该做正确的事情 他们想确保孩子能够挖掘出所有的潜能So theyre going to give you a little bit help to help your school out.Youre going to get a check for 100,000 dollars for your school所以他们想尽绵薄之力来帮助你们学校 你将得到一张价值10万美元的票Oh,thank you so much.Thank you so much.Its unbelievable哦 太感谢了 应该谢谢你 难以置信We believe in you kids,dont ever give up.we believe in you.well back with Daniel Radcliffe right after this我们相信你 孩子们 永远不要放弃 我们相信你 广告之后 与Daniel Radcliffe 马上回来 /201609/467485。

  • Spain and the Catalans西班牙和加泰罗尼亚Scandal in Catalonia加泰罗尼亚的绯闻Jordi Pujols confession undermines Catalans hopes of independenceJordi Pujol的忏悔摧毁了加泰罗尼亚人独立的希望IT IS not the narrative that Catalan separatists hoped for as they face a stand-off with the Madrid government over a planned independence vote in November. Instead of a debate about evil Castilian conquistadors, their cause has been overshadowed by a scandal over a fallen hero, Jordi Pujol, who served for six terms as leader of Catalonia.加泰罗尼亚的分裂主义者希望能够通过11月计划的独立投票脱离马德里政府,这并非是道听途说。但是,人们并未声讨邪恶的卡斯提尔征者,他们的注意力全被坠落的英雄人物—Jordi Pujol的丑闻吸引了。Jordi Pujol曾是加泰罗尼亚连续六届的领导人。Four weeks ago Mr Pujol admitted that his family had hidden money in Switzerland for the past 35 years. “We never found the right moment to declare it,” he said breezily. The confession comes at an awkward time. Mr Pujols hand-picked successor as head of his Convergence and Union (CiU) group, and Catalonias current leader, Artur Mas, has promised a referendum on November 9th. Spains prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, will ban it. Separatists hoped this would swell their ranks. But now all the talk is of the 84-year-old Mr Pujol, a political giant in his region.4周前,Pujol承认其家族在过去的35年内一直在往瑞士的里藏钱。他轻声说:“我们一直找不到适当的时机宣布这一事情”。他在一个尴尬的时刻发表了这个声明。Pujol精挑细选的继任者,汇合党的主席和加泰罗尼亚目前的领导人Artur Mas之前承诺将于11月9日发起公民投票。西班牙总理Mariano Rajoy马里亚诺·拉霍伊·布雷将禁止这一活动。分裂主义者希望这能够提高他们的排名。但是现在所有的话题都集中在该阵营的政治巨擘,84岁的Pujol身上。The man who set Catalonia on a path from no self-government to an annual budget of 25.5 billion (.9 billion, about half of Irelands) liked to be called “president” or “the most honourable”. A foundation bearing his name specialises in ethics. In 23 years as president until 2003, he became a master at persuading Catalans that they were victims of Madrid. The battle cry of the independence campaign is that the rest of Spain steals Catalan taxes and wastes them on lazy southerners. Now Mr Pujol himself has been found hiding his own stash of cash.这个创立了加泰罗尼亚的人见了加泰罗尼亚从无政府一直到年均255亿欧元预算案(339亿美元,约有爱尔兰一半的产值)更多地被称为“总统”或“最尊贵的人”。一个专门研究伦理道德的基金会以他的名字命名。截止2003年为止长达23年总统任期使他非常擅长说加泰罗尼亚人让他们相信自己是马德里政府的受害者。独立运动的呼声主要是西班牙的其他地区偷了加泰罗尼亚的税收并浪费在了懒惰的南方人身上。而今却发现Pujol自己偷偷地藏钱。Other family members are under investigation. A son, also called Jordi, goes before a judge in mid-September to answer questions about tax fraud and money-laundering after a girlfriend accused him of carrying bags of 500 notes to Andorra. Another son, Oriol, has quit as secretary-general of the senior partner in the CiU group, Catalan Democratic Convergence: an investigating judge suspects him of taking bribes. A legion of longtime Pujol-haters in Spain are dancing on the dynastys political grave and hoping that this may kill the referendum.Pujol其他的家人正在接受调查。儿子Jordi在女友控诉他将价值500欧的包包票据送往安道尔市后,将于九月中旬前在法庭上对税收贪污和洗钱的罪行进行辩解。另一个儿子Oriol辞了加泰罗尼亚民主党派,汇合党高级领导人秘书的职位:调查的法官怀疑他受贿。众多长期反对Pujol的西班牙人在Pujol王朝的政治坟墓上跳舞,希望这能扼杀加泰罗尼亚的公民投票。The scandal will hurt Mr Mas, but it does not sink separatism. He is being tugged in opposite directions by his referendum pledge. His more moderate coalition partner, Democratic Catalan Union (UDC), has threatened to quit. The ardently separatist Catalan Republican Left (ERC), which props up his minority government, wants him to defy Madrid by calling an illegal referendum if need be. It also demands an inquiry if Mr Pujol does not appear before the Catalan parliament.这一绯闻确实会影响Mas,但却不会扼杀独立主义。他在公投的请求下已经转到了对立面。其较为温和的政党联盟,加泰罗尼亚民主联盟(UDC)威胁弃权。持其少数政党的激进的分裂主义政党——加泰罗尼亚民主共和党(ERC)希望能够通过非法的公投公然反抗西班牙政府。它也要求如果Pujol未出现在加泰罗尼亚的议会上的话,就进行调查。Mr Mas may hold an early election that serves as a proxy for a vote on independence. Carme Forcadell, leader of a Catalan pressure group that has driven the separatist surge, insists on this if Mr Rajoy blocks the referendum. But opinion polls show CiU trailing ERC. The Pujol affair will damage it further. If the UDC walks out, Mr Mass party may be hammered.Mas可能会举行一个前期选举以选出独立的代言人。推进分离主义的加泰罗尼亚压力集团的首领Carme Forcadell 坚信这一点(如果Rajoy阻碍公投的话)。但民意调查显示汇合党远远落后于加泰罗尼亚民主共和党。Pujol事件对其伤害更深。如果UDC退席,Mas政党的发展将遇到巨大阻碍。A test of separatist feeling will come on September 11th, Catalonias national day. In previous years Ms Forcadells group has called out millions to demand an independence vote. This years protest may be less impressive. Those who want a new deal with Spain but dislike full independence may stay away. Anger about the economy, a source of many gripes, is dimming, but the Pujol scandal will sp disillusion. The man who built up Catalan national pride is now undermining it.9月11日,加泰罗尼亚的国庆日将测试分裂主义者对此事的态度。前些年Forcadell的政党可以召集起几百万的人要求独立公投。今年的抗议力度可能会减弱。那些希望能与西班牙有一个新的解决方案,但不希望完全独立。导致许多牢骚的对经济的愤怒已经开始减弱,但Pujol事件可能会让人们更加失望。曾经造就加泰罗尼亚辉煌的人现在在毁灭它。翻译:毛慧 校对:曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201507/388860。
  • A study finds that younger runners and runner older than 65 burn oxygen at very similar rates. 一项研究发现,年轻的跑步者和65岁以上跑步者耗氧率非常相似。Although runers have great oxygen consumption which helps them maintain great energy levels for the run. 虽然他们年纪大了,他们有很大的氧气消耗,这有助于他们维持跑步高能量水平。Justus Ortega, an associate professor of kinesiology at Humboldt State University, stated, 洪堡州立大学运动机能学副教授奥尔特表示,There’s good evidence that it’s never too late to get into exercise, 有很好的据表明,锻炼身体永远不会太迟,it’s about finding what types of exercises are right for your body.主要是找到什么类型的锻炼适合你的身体。译文属。201606/448484。
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