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赣县妇幼保健院中药科信丰县小江中心卫生院咨询电话ed Nations Warns of North Korean Food Crisis粮农组织呼吁紧急行动缓北韩饥荒 The ed Nations World Food Program says urgent action is needed to prevent what it calls a "serious tragedy" because of food shortages in North Korea. A bad harvest and soaring world food prices may be creating one of the leanest years in the North since a period of mass starvation in the mid-1990's.  联合国世界粮农组织说,需要采取紧急行动以防止北韩因粮食短缺而导致的严重悲剧。粮食歉收以及世界粮价大幅上涨,可能使北韩步入自上世纪90年代中期的大饥荒以来最为贫困的一年。 The ed Nation's World Food Program warned Wednesday "time is running out" to avert a "humanitarian food crisis." Jean-Pierre de Margerie is the WFP's representative in Pyongyang. 联合国世界粮农组织星期三警告说,缓解人类粮食危机的时间紧迫。该机构在平壤的代表马杰里说:"We have a bit of a 'perfect storm' here, because we have all these factors lining up," he said. “北韩有点像置身于一场大风暴,因为我们面临这一系列的困难因素。”The main factors are a dramatic spike in world food prices and the consequences of last year's severe North Korean flooding on harvests. De Margerie says prices for basic foods, like corn and grain, have at least doubled since last year.  主要因素是世界粮价大幅上涨,而北韩去年的水灾严重影响收成。马杰里说,像玉米和谷物之类的主要食品价格自从去年以来上涨了一倍。North Korea has experienced food shortages because of decades of self-imposed economic isolation, culminating in the mid-1990's, when hundreds of thousands of North Koreans are estimated to have died of starvation. The WFP says North Korea was able to meet about 80 percent of its basic survival food requirements, last year. De Margerie says, this year, the North will probably only produce about 60 percent of its basic needs. 北韩由于几十年来自行采取的经济封闭政策而一直粮食短缺,到上世纪90年代中期达到最严重的程度,据估计,当时有数十万北韩人死于饥荒。世界粮农组织说,去年,北韩的粮食生产能够满足维持基本生存所需要的80%。马杰里说,今年北韩的粮食产量可能只能满足60%左右的基本需求。He says there are signs of severe strain on the North's Public Distribution System, or PDS - the government office responsible for providing food to citizens. 他说,有迹象显示,北韩的公共分配体系,也就是负责向民众提供粮食的政府部门的情况非常严重。"Officials - government officials at the local, county, and provincial level, are telling us - maybe for the first time - that they're experiencing difficulties in ensuring that PDS dependents are receiving their rations," de Margerie said. "And, they're telling us that there is a chance that they will have have to suspend PDS rations in the future. We've never heard this before." 马杰里说:“县级和省级的地方政府官员告诉我们,他们难以保依靠公共分配体系的民众得到配给,他们这样说可能是前所未有的。他们还告诉我们,有可能不得不中断公共分配系统的配给。这也是我们闻所未闻的消息。”The WFP is intensifying talks with donor nations who, according to de Margerie, are "asking a lot of questions" about North Korea's delays in nuclear weapons negotiations and recent bellicose rhetoric to the South. 世界粮农组织正在加紧与捐赠国的谈判,马杰里说,捐赠国针对北韩推延核武器谈判以及最近对韩国的舆论攻击提出了许多问题。Last month, Pyongyang publicly threatened to turn South Korea "into ashes." The North has cut off most official contacts with the South, in disapproval over conservative President Lee Myung-bak's North Korea policies. The Lee administration says aid and economic cooperation with the South depends on the North fulfilling promises on nuclear disarmament. 平壤4月公开威胁要把韩国化为焦土,北韩还切断与韩国的大部分官方接触,以显示不赞同保守派的韩国总统李明的北韩政策。李明政府说,韩国向北韩提供的援助和经济合作取决于北韩是否信守解除核武装的承诺。Since Mr. Lee's February inauguration, the North has gone without the massive transfers of South Korean rice and fertilizer it had received for years under other administrations. De Margerie says, unless the North receives fertilizer soon, it may have to prepare for another bad harvest in the near future. 自从李明2月就职以来,北韩就再也没有得到韩国的大批粮食和化肥援,而以前的韩国政府曾提供这样的援。马杰里说,除非北韩很快得到化肥援助,否则近期内将再次准备承受农业歉收。"The thing is, is that we're running out of time," he said. "You know, this fertilizer needs to be applied on the field before the end of May. So, it's unlikely that they'll be able to meet this critical deadline." 他说,问题是我们现在时间急迫,因为必须在5月底之前给土地施肥。现在看来不大可能赶上这个关键性的农业季节。The ed States is preparing a donation of half a million tons of grain to North Korea this month, via the World Food Program. 美国准备4月通过世界粮农组织向北韩捐赠50万吨粮食。200804/35296赣州仁济医院怎么样 Did you know? There are a hundred million single Americans, but meeting the right one can seem impossible. So ladies, if you've ever needed advice on how to get the guy, then you'll wanna check this out. It's a new reality show on A that follows four young women looking for love in San Francisco.Helping them out in their manhunts are the show's two love coaches, if you will, Teresa Strasser and JD Robredo, (Hey) good morning to you both.Thanks for having us.Good morning,AliceYou've got the love coaches you?We are.All right Jeddy, this is,er, we are saying it's a reality show, but no one's getting voted off, no one's getting booted or anything like that.Totally.Talk about the women that are on the show.In this, it's very much the entire reality show, because our goal on this is really to document the dating lives of four single women in San Francisco, how long the way for Teresa and I to coach them along, give them some advice on meeting the right guy and it's not(hmm) it's not about how to get a guy, it's how to get the guy, (the guy)how to get the be-right guy for you. And another thing that makes our show different, a lot of these reality shows-- the girls are like 21, (yeah) it's a dinner list from Bakers' field, (ouch) our girls, they are not~our girls are women, they are in their 30s, they are professionals, and you know, when my mom got married at 24, she was about 5 minutes away from being an old maid, but you had to get married.Crack/Quite about the time, right.Gen(yeah)..generationally, that's really changed, now being single in your 30s and being a career person is totally normal, so dating in your 30s as a single women is really general, this is the first generation that you really face that.Yeah, it's...a sea change.Well, let me, let me put all...see what you bring to the table, (OK) with you guys er, you know, the love coaches,(yeah) I love that title. Er,Carrie Bradshaw, (Yeah,Yeah)Will you consider like Carrie Bradshaw, of course, from the Sex and the City.Why?That's right. Well, I'm about twice her size with half her shoes, but I am a single's columnist, I write about my own experiences. Every dating mistake he could make I've made it, written about it, processed it, and hopefully the girls can benefit from many of my dating tragedies. Ok, Jeddy, you got the guy's prospect, but you're happily married. I do. Well, You know I'm the married version of the single guys that these girls are dating, so I'm the only one that can really tell them what's going on in the mind of the guy across the table and how do you get the guy from single dater to happily married which is where I fortunately got to. What a new little baby boy! Yes, I do, the little baby boy. (Yes)A great and credible edition of my life, one of the things in my wife when I talk about a lot is that having our son, the most important thing we can offer him is our marriage, is our relationship, so it's even more important than ever(have a nice solid) that we have a great relationship because that's we have to offer him.Well, let's see you two love coaches in action how to get the guy, here it is.You could fill every seat in this stadium with an available guy, twice.* with all those guys how do you find the guy.Exactly.It's a number's game, you are gonna go in more dates and you could possibly imagine. You are cute teams and that's gonna be worn out.So consider yourselves off the bench and officially in the game.Off the bench, in the game, Get in the game.Let's get some tips now ,Teresa, ok, what's the~the single best piece of advice you can give woman when it comes to dating.Ok, I would say if you have a check list and every women I know has had one, I've had one, and it's six pages long, and it's every qualification a guy's gotta be a left-handed, kayaking, red hair, lawyer, over six feet, you know what I mean, chuck that, pick a few things that are, you know, non-negotiables, and open your mind because the universe could bring you something way better than what you could have planned for yourself.You never know what love is gonna look like, so assuming (what) you do is the first mistake.And it's a number's game, I heard you say.Oh, absolutely, volume dating is something we recommend, I mean you wouldn't apply for one job, not get in and then decide I'm unemployable, I'm gonna stay home.Yeah,ok, Jeddy,for the......from the guy's point of view(yeah),er,what do you bring to the table where,where this is concerned, to keep the light?Well, you know what, on a, on a first date especially don't bring a lot of baggage with you, it's one of the tough things about being a single woman in your 30s is that you have a lot of dating experience. On the first date, I don't particularly wanna hear about your ex-boyfriends,(very good) I don't wanna hear about the fact that cheese cake makes you gassy, (leave out all these disorders.Yeah!we know,what the~),you would be amazed when people talk about in their first dates, as a guy keep it light, have a good time, if you start talking about your dating history, I'm probably never gonna call.And chivalry is not dead, right?Chivalry is not dead, it's very tough for a guy, most of the time a guy wants to buy a date on the first meal, on the first dinner, but I don't know if that's ok with you, if I buy you a dinner, is that gonna make you feel like I think you can buy your own dinner, let me buy a dinner, guys pick up the check, women let us pick up the check, we want to.Add a compliment. You gotta, gotta get the guys feel~Yes I learn this from Jeddy, (I didn't know that). Yes, I know. He taught me this and I use it all the time on my boyfriend and it never fails.You know If you~you spend so much time as a woman getting y for a date, wanna look good, so do we, and we are incredibly insecure about how we dress, how we look, (oh, please) we are, we wanna look good, pay us a complimentAll right. 200809/49929Americans Honor Their War Dead美国退伍军人华盛顿纪念阵亡将士  Americans are marking the Memorial Day holiday weekend - a time set aside to honor the nation's war dead. In Washington, this is also a time for the roar of motorcycle engines - as one group of veterans remembers not just the dead, but the missing. 美国人民本周末纪念阵亡将士纪念日,缅怀战争中阵亡的美国军人。在华盛顿,这个周末也是托车引擎发出震耳欲聋的声音的时候,其中有一个退伍军人组织不仅纪念阵亡将士,也缅怀那些至今仍然失踪的军人。They call it rolling thunder - the din created when thousands of high-powered motorcycles fill the streets of Washington for an annual act of remembrance. 为纪念每年一度的阵亡将士纪念日,数千辆大马力的托车在首都华盛顿街上行驶,这些托车手把托车那震耳欲聋的声音叫做“滚雷”。The drivers are military veterans - many from the Vietnam War era - accompanied by family and friends. 这些托车手是退伍军人,其中很多人是越战时期的老兵,他们在家属和朋友的陪伴下参加纪念活动。They converge on Washington every year on Memorial Day weekend to honor their fallen colleagues and to call attention to those still listed as missing in action. 每逢阵亡将士纪念日,他们都汇集在首都华盛顿,缅怀阵亡的战友,并提醒人们不要忘记那些仍被列为失踪的军人。Leaders of the Rolling Thunder event began this year's observance at the White House, where they got an official send-off from President Bush. 滚雷的领导人在白宫拉开今年纪念活动的序幕,布什总统为他们举行了正式的欢送仪式。"You've done a lot for the country," said President Bush. "The troops appreciate you. The veterans appreciate you. And your president appreciates you." 布什说:“你们为国家做出很大贡献,我们的军队感谢你们。退伍军人感谢你们。你们的总统感谢你们。”Mr. Bush will make a formal Memorial Day address Monday at Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac River from Washington. 布什星期一将在华盛顿波多马克河对面的阿灵顿国家公墓发表正式的阵亡将士纪念日讲话。Smaller scale events are expected in cities and towns across the country on Memorial Day - a holiday that is also seen by many as the start of the summer season in the ed States. 在阵亡将士纪念日这一天,预计全美国各地城镇会举行各种不同的小规模纪念活动。很多美国人也认为阵亡将士纪念日这一天是夏季的开始。America's military leaders say they hope the real meaning of Memorial Day will not be lost this year. Major General Mark Hertling, the commander of multi-national forces in northern Iraq, says at a time when political and economic matters dominate the headlines, Americans run the risk of forgetting the men and women now serving far from home."I hope everybody just takes a few minutes on this Memorial Day to just thank a soldier - or more importantly, thank a family member of a soldier, because they are sacrificing just as much," said General Hertling.Hertling appeared on CNN's Late Edition program. 200805/40189宁都县妇幼保健所看不孕不育怎么样

赣州市立医院四维彩超预约探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 09The email was sent by Olov Bygren. He was studying the population records of an obscure town in northern Sweden, Overkalix. What made these records unique was their detail. They recorded births and deaths over hundreds of years, but they also had accurate details of the harvests. More significantly, Overkalix's isolated location on the Arctic Circle meant that it was particularly vulnerable to famine. In the 19th century, this was a very isolated area, they could not have help from outside. As it was so poor, they really had a hard time when there was a famine, and they really had a good, good time when the, the harvests were good. Bygren appeared to be seeing links between generations that confounded his expectations. I sent Marcus Pembrey an email telling him that we had some, some data, which could interest him. I was terribly excited to get this completely out of the blue, and for the first time, it seemed that there were some data that we could then start to explore, so that was the beginning of our collaboration. Overkalix offered Pembrey a unique opportunity to see if the events that happened in one generation could affect another decades later. While Pembrey and Bygren sifted through their Overkalix data, someone else had stumbled on another group of people that caught them by surprise. Rachel Yehuda is a psychologist. She is interested in how people respond to stress. Well, trans-generational effects were not on my radar screen at all until we opened up a clinic for the treatment of Holocaust survivors. While treating the Holocaust survivors for stress, she was surprised that many of the children of the survivors were themselves suffering stress effect. About five children of Holocaust survivors were calling us for every Holocaust survivor, and what these children said was that they were casualties of the Holocaust too that they had been affected by the Holocaust indirectly. She was convinced that the stress in their children was caused by continual retelling of the stories by their parents.New Words amp; Phrases:confound: If someone or something confounds you, they make you feel surprised or confused, often by showing you that your opinions or expectations of them were wrong. 使混乱;使困惑;使不知所措sift: If you sift through something such as evidence, you examine it thoroughly. 详查,细究Holocaust: The Holocaust is used to refer to the killing by the Nazis of millions of Jews during the Second World War. 大屠杀;大破坏200807/44964赣州市治疗宫颈炎哪家医院好的 Economic Policy Makers Discuss Measures to Restore Market ConfidenceIMFC讨论恢复市场信心的措施 The governing body of the International Monetary Fund is meeting Saturday in Washington to discuss a weakening global economy, inflation and proposals to stabilize financial markets still reeling from bank losses stemming from the U.S. home mortgage crisis.  国际货币基金组织的指导机构国际货币与金融委员会(IMFC)星期六在华盛顿开会,讨论全球经济疲软、通货膨胀和稳定金融市场的建议。世界金融市场仍然处于从美国住房贷款危机造成的损失中恢复的过程中。 The finance ministers and central bankers of 24 advanced and developing countries are discussing reforms collectively advanced by the G7 group of industrialized nations - in other words Europe, North America, and Japan.  24个发达国家和发展中国家的财政部长和中央行长正在讨论工业化七国集体提出的改革建议。七国集团是指欧洲、北美国家和日本。Christine Lagarde is the French economy minister. 法国经济部长拉加德说:"The fact that we are asking for more transparency, more disclosure by the banks, on the one hand; the fact that we're asking for better liquidity by the banks as well, is certainly going to help the current crisis," he said. “事实是,我们要求增加透明度,公开更多情况,另一方面,事实是,我们要求改善资产折现力。这些事实肯定会有助于应付目前的危机。”Lagarde spoke to Bloomberg television.  拉加德通过彭电视台发表了上述讲话。The G7 proposals are usually accepted by the IMF's governing board.  七国集团的建议通常会被国际货币基金组织的这个指导机构接受。On Friday evening, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hosted a meeting of his colleagues from Europe, Canada and Japan along with commercial bankers impacted by the current credit squeeze, the world's most significant financial turmoil since the Asian financial crisis 10 years ago.  星期五晚上,美国财政部长保尔森主持了一次会议,与会者包括欧洲、加拿大、日本的财政官员和商业的官员。这些受到目前的信贷紧缩和世界金融动荡的影响。这些动荡是自10年前亚洲金融危机以来最严重的。Addressing the IMF panel on Saturday, Paulson said the first six months of 2008 will be difficult for the U.S. economy, which may have aly entered its first recession since 2001. Paulson is calling on the 185-member-nation IMF to sharpen its focus on currency exchange rates and to more closely monitor financial markets.  保尔森星期六在国际货币基金组织发表讲话时说,对美国经济来说,2008年头六个月将是困难的。美国经济可能已经进入2001年以来第一次衰退。保尔森呼吁拥有185个成员国的国际货币基金组织更加努力地集中处理货币兑换率问题,并密切监控金融市场的动向。These weekend meetings are the regular semi-annual gatherings of the IMF's governing panel, whose developing country members - among others - include China, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  这些周末举行的会议是国际货币基金组织这个指导机构每半年举行一次的例会。该机构的发展中国家的成员包括中国、印度、南非、沙特阿拉伯和委内瑞拉。The challenges currently facing the world economy are unusual since at the same time that economic growth is slowing inflationary pressures are rising. Oil has touched a record 2 a barrel, and the price of rice has nearly doubled in just three months. 目前世界经济面临的挑战是不寻常的。因为在经济增长减慢的同时,通货膨胀的压力在增加。石油价格已经上涨到创记录的每桶112美元。稻米价格在仅仅三个月内将近翻了一番。IMF economists expect the world economy to slow to under four percent growth in 2008, its slowest performance in five years. 国际货币基金组织的经济学家们预计,世界经济增长速度在2008年将下降到4%以下。这是5年来的最慢速度。 200804/34727崇义县人民医院处女膜修补

赣州大余妇幼保健院人流价格France Says Russia to Begin Troop Pullout From Georgia Monday俄罗斯称周一从格鲁吉亚撤军  Russia's president said Sunday that Russian troops will begin pulling out of Georgia on Monday, as Western leaders called on Moscow to abide by its commitments under a cease-fire deal. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who brokered the truce, warned the Russian leader that failure to implement the cease-fire would have "serious consequences" for Russian ties with the European Union. 俄罗斯总统星期天表示,俄罗斯军队将于星期一开始从格鲁吉亚撤出。与此同时,西方国家领导人呼吁莫斯科遵守停火协议中的承诺。斡旋停火协议的法国总统萨尔科齐警告俄罗斯领导人,俄罗斯不履行停火协议将会对俄罗斯同欧盟的关系产生“严重的后果”。French President Sarkozy's office confirmed that Russian President Dmitri Medvedev vowed in a telephone conversation with the French leader to begin moving troops out of Georgia on Monday.  法国总统萨尔科齐办公室实,俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在同萨尔科齐的电话中交谈中发誓将于星期一开始从格鲁吉亚撤军。A statement from the French president's office noted that the cease-fire deal, signed Saturday, requires the withdrawal of all Russian forces, "which have entered Georgia since August 7." It said the two presidents also agreed on deployment as soon as possible of international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.  法国总统办公室发表的一份声明说,于星期六签署的停火协议,要求俄罗斯从格鲁吉亚撤出其“8月7日以来进入格鲁吉亚”的所有军队。声明说,两位领导人还同意尽快部署欧洲安全与合作组织的国际观察员。Fighting began August 7 between Georgian troops and separatists in the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Georgian forces say they acted after coming under Russian fire. Russia says it moved into Georgia to protect its citizens in South Ossetia, many of whom have been given Russian passports.  8月7日,格鲁吉亚军队和分离主义份子在主张分离的南奥塞梯地区交战。格鲁吉亚军队说,他们在俄罗斯军队先向他们开火后才予以还击。俄罗斯说,俄军进入格鲁吉亚是保护南奥塞梯的俄罗斯公民。在南奥塞梯的很多人都有俄罗斯护照。It was not clear Sunday whether Russia intends to withdraw from South Ossetia and another separatist region in Georgia, Abkhazia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last week that Georgia can forget about getting back the separatist regions. On Sunday, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said Georgia would not give up those regions.  到星期天为止还不清楚俄罗斯是否有从南奥塞梯以及格鲁吉亚另外一个分离主义的地区阿布哈兹撤军的意图。俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫上星期说,格鲁吉亚不要再指望收回这两个分离主义的地区。星期天,格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利说,格鲁吉亚不会放弃这些地区。"As I said and one thing will be made very clear, Georgia will never give up any square mile/kilometre of its territory," said Mr. Saakashvili. "No matter what happens, we will never reconcile with the fact of annexation, or indeed separation of parts of territory from Georgia with the attempt to legalize ethnic cleansing, and with the attempts to bring Georgia to its knees and undermine our democratic system." 他说:“正如我说过的那样,有一件事必须非常明确。格鲁吉亚永远不会放弃一寸领土。无论发生什么,我们永远不会同吞并格鲁吉亚领土的人妥协;也不会同那些企图分割格鲁吉亚领土,以使种族清洗合法化,试图让格鲁吉亚俯首帖耳,损害格鲁吉亚民主制度的人妥协。”Mr. Saakashvili also said Russian troops staying in the separatist regions cannot be called "peacekeepers" after the events of the past week. He spoke at a joint news conference with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who urged a prompt withdrawal of Russian troops. 萨卡什维利还表示,驻留在分离主义地区的俄罗斯军队在发生了上星期的事件后,不能再被称作什么“维和部队”了。他在同来访的德国总理默克尔举行的一个联合记者会上说的这番话。默克尔敦促俄罗斯军队尽快撤出。The cease-fire agreement, brokered by the French President in his capacity as head of the European Union, calls for troops to return to their pre-conflict positions, and allows Russian peacekeepers to patrol parts of South Ossetia. 由法国总统斡旋的停火协议要求双方军队回到发生冲突前的位置,并允许俄罗斯维和人员在部分南奥塞梯进行巡逻。法国目前是欧盟轮值主席国。U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday that the cease-fire agreement allows Russian troops stationed as peacekeepers to stay temporarily in some areas, until European monitors arrive. 美国国务卿赖斯星期天说,停火协议允许俄罗斯军队作为维和部队暂时驻扎在某些地区,直到欧洲的观察员抵达为止。200808/46200 Bush Meets With Talabani, Cites Progress in Iraq布什会见伊拉克总统讨论许多议题   U.S. President George Bush has met with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani at the White House. The outlook for an agreement on the future nature of the American presence in Iraq was among the many issues discussed. 美国总统布什在白宫会见了伊拉克总统塔拉巴尼。两国领导人在会谈中讨论了许多议题,包括双方对美国今后驻伊拉克军队的地位达成一项协议的看法。The focus was on the positive as the two men met briefly with reporters at the end of their formal talks. 两位领导人在结束正式会谈之后举行了简短的记者会,他们在记者会上的说话以正面内容为主。President Bush cited progress in Iraq. 布什总统列举了在伊拉克取得的进展。"I complimented the president on the fact that as security has improved he and his fellow officials are reaching out to all aspects of society to help people realize the blessings of a free life," he said. 布什总统说:“我向塔拉巴尼总统表示祝贺,事实是,随着伊拉克安全的改善,总统先生和他的同事们把工作延伸到了社会的各个方面,帮助人民获得美好的自由生活。”Mr. Bush acknowledged there is still a lot of work to be done. He made specific mention of ongoing negotiations on a strategic framework agreement between the ed States and Baghdad that will allow U.S. forces to remain in Iraq after the end of the year, when their ed Nations mandate expires. 布什承认,伊拉克还有大量工作要做。他特别提到美国跟巴格达就一项战略框架协议正在进行的磋商,根据这项协议,美国军队得以在今年年底之后继续留在伊拉克,而联合国允许美军驻扎伊拉克的授权年底到期。He said the agreement must "suit" the Iraqi government. 布什说,这项协议必须让伊拉克政府满意。President Talabani said he hopes a deal can be reached soon. 塔拉巴尼总统表示,他希望能够很快达成协议。"We are doing our best for this strategic agreement with the ed States of America. I think we have very good important steps towards reaching and finalizing this agreement," he said. 塔拉巴尼说:“我们正在尽最大努力争取跟美利坚合众国达成这项战略协议。我认为,我们为努力达成和敲定这项协议都采取了非常重要的步骤。”The Iraqi president said the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is also focusing on getting important laws dealing with oil and elections through the legislature. He stressed fostering national unity remains a priority. 塔拉巴尼表示,伊拉克总理马利基领导的政府也在集中精力通过立法程序,制定跟石油和选举有关的重要法律。塔拉巴尼强调,促进国家的团结统一仍然是优先解决的大事。"I can say we are proud to achieve good successes in Iraq. Our economy is growing and we have also big steps forward for national reconciliation," he added. 塔拉巴尼说:“我可以说,我们为伊拉克取得的成就感到自豪。我们的经济正在增长,我们在实现全国和解方面也取得了重要进展。”President Talabani also mentioned Iraq's efforts to improve relations with all its neighbors, including Iran and Syria. The Bush administration has cautioned that Tehran and Damascus foster terrorism in the region, but has said repeatedly it will not stand in the way of regional diplomacy by Iraq.  塔拉巴尼总统还提到伊拉克跟包括伊朗和叙利亚在内的所有邻国改善关系的努力。布什政府告诫说,德黑兰和大马士革扶植该地区的恐怖主义,同时也反复强调,这不会妨碍伊拉克在这个地区的外交努力。The meeting with Jalal Talabani was a late addition to President Bush's schedule, and was only announced on the eve of the session at the White House. President Talabani has reportedly been in the ed States undergoing medical treatment. 布什跟塔拉巴尼的会谈很晚才加进布什的日程表,并于两人在白宫举行这次会谈之前刚刚宣布。有报道说,塔拉巴尼总统到美国接受治疗。200806/42807龙南人民医院不孕不育多少钱江西省赣州人民医院在线咨询



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