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池州处女膜修补多少钱东至人民医院药流多少钱Xiaohua: Hello, Round Table Word of the Week again. So last week, we talked about aerobic exercise. I guess it time anaerobic.John: Exactly. Anaerobic exercise is exercise intense enough to trigger lactic acid mation. It is used in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and also to build muscle mass. So bottom line, an anaerobic exercise is a high intensity activity which lasts from mere seconds to up to two minutes.Xiaohua: 无氧运动跟有氧运动相对,指的是高速剧烈的运动运动时会在体内产生乳酸因为强度很高,所以不能够很持久,一般从两秒钟到两分钟John: Yeah, so interestingly enough, anaerobic exercise increases your capacity to withstand the buildup of waste substances, such as lactic acid, and removes them from the body. This actually means your endurance and ability to fight fatigue will improve.Xiaohua: 无氧运动可以加速身体的新陈代谢,还有肌肉的负重能力John: And so weight training is a common type of anaerobic exercise, again from mere seconds to two minutes.Xiaohua: 负重训练weight training也是一种无氧运动,既可以通过负重器械,也可以通过像哑铃、杠铃这样的器械来完成John: And so sets of one to five repetitions primarily develop strength. Sets of six to twelve repetitions develop a balance of strength, muscle size and anaerobic endurance. And sets of thirteen to twenty develop anaerobic endurance.Xiaohua: 力量训练,如果是做一到五次的话,主要是为了增强力量;做六到十二次,则是可以在力量均衡的同时还可以增肌;而如果做到十三到二十次,则对增强力量已经没有很大的帮助而主要的帮助是在增加无氧情况下肌肉的承受力John: Yeah, and so looking at free weights, therere a few different pieces of equipment you can use. One is the dumbbell. And Im sure if you have been to a gym, you have seen many of these. The dumbbell is actually a part of a pair. Usually, you take one in both hands and use it in different exercises.Xiaohua: 哑铃应该是最主要的力量训练的器械一般是一只手拿一个用来均衡地训练力量John: Then there is the barbell which is, basically, just a bar that you can put different weights on top of it and uses in your exercise.Xiaohua: 杠铃barbell,很多都是可调节重量的John: And then there is the medicine ball, which is a weighted ball roughly the diameter of the shoulders and is usually used rehabilitation and strength training.Xiaohua: medicine ball健身实心球经常被用来进行术后或者病后的恢复训练John: Then there is the kettlebell, sometimes called the cannonbell, which is, basically, a cast-iron or steel weight that looks kind of like a ball or cannonball with a handle.Xiaohua: 壶铃长得有一点点像壶,在球上有一个把手John: And then, of course, there are the bodyweight exercises which many people are aly familiar with. There is, of course, the push-up or press-up. That used by lying in a prone position and raising and lowering the body only using the arms. This, actually, exercises the pectoral muscles so the chest, the triceps, as well as your shoulders.Xiaohua: 还有一些体重训练,其实指的就是用自身的体重,而不是用哑铃、杠铃这些器械来训练力量最通常的是push-up仰卧起坐(应该是俯卧撑,此为主持人口误)还有pull-up引体向上John: Then there is the pull-up again which most people are familiar with. Two different types of grips: the palms facing ward or away from you and then also the palms facing towards the person. These really help with the shoulders and the biceps.Xiaohua: 引体向上锻炼得主要是肩部肌肉和肱二头肌John: And, of course, there is the sit-up and the crunch. The only real difference between the two is that the sit-up has a fuller range of motion and it targets the hips, not just the stomach. The crunch targets mostly only the stomach.Xiaohua: 还有两种很常见的体重运动就是仰卧起坐和卷腹了它们之间的区别是仰卧起坐的动作幅度更大,而且训练得有可能不光是腹部肌肉,还可能训练到臀部肌肉而卷腹则只是训练腹部肌肉And that all we have Round Table Word of the Week. 3660贵池医院人流费用 务实的华人平日在在旧金山各地安安静静地忙碌着,但在这一日,华人们所有的都会点燃,他们会盛装出席“根文化”的新年盛世,并把这份喜庆传播到整个北美地区由此,中国的农历新年不仅是华裔移民的节日,也成为了美国多元化历史和文化的一部分New words dialogue :What do you have in store? The usual Folks Out of this world World-renowned Elaborate Float 听力中英对照文本敬请期待下期内容! 36我向星星许愿 尝试着去相信 虽然那时很遥远 但确有圣诞夜 我猜圣诞老人他很忙 因为他从未来过 圣诞来临时 我就会想到他 那是一年中最好的时光 所有的人都回家了 在圣诞节的气氛下 是不该独自度过的 竖起了那圣诞树 朋友们都聚在一起 圣诞节来临时 真是非常有趣 孩子们的礼物包五颜六色 这些我都听过 却从来没有见过 圣诞夜没有人会睡觉 都翘首盼望着圣诞老人的降临 当他雪橇上的铃声响起 我四处都能听到 当天使唱起圣诞歌时 我却从来都听不见 孩子们的其他梦想 曾逝去的会再次寻回 当圣诞节来临时 这就是我所有的祈望 La la la la ... I'm wishing on a star And trying to believe That even though it's far He'll find me Christmas Eve I guess that Santa is busy Cause he's never come around I think of him when Christmas comes to town The best time of the year When everyone comes home With all this Christmas cheer It's hard to be alone Putting up the Christmas tree With friends you come around It's so much fine when Christmas comes to town Presents the children wrapped in red and green All the things I've heard about, but never really see No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve Hoping Santa's on his way Presents the children wrapped in red and green All the things I've heard about, but never really see No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve Hoping Santa's on his way When Santa's sleigh bells ring I listen all around The herald angels sing I never hear a sound And all the dreams of children Once lies will all be found That's all I want when Christmas comes to town That's all I want when Christmas comes to town池州子宫肌瘤手术方法

安徽省池州市东流人民医院网上预约挂号今天跟大家继续分享英国著名的儿童绘本(粉红猪)Annie老师今天跟大家分享的是 (佩琪在家)咱们听语音,开始今天的故事Peppa at home佩奇在家There are lots of fun things to do at home. Peppa eats spaghetti in the kitchen. “Yummy-yummy!”在家能做好多有意思的事情佩琪在厨房里吃意大利面“真好吃!”Peppa plays hide and seek in the sitting-room. “Coming, George! ”佩琪在客厅玩捉迷藏,“乔治,我来抓你了!”Peppa and George have a splashy time in the bathroom. “The bubbles are thickly! ”佩琪和乔治在浴室里享受泡泡浴“哇,这些泡泡真厚啊!”Peppa and George have bunk beds. “Night-night, George! ” Goodnight, Peppa Pig.佩琪和乔治准备在双层床睡觉了“晚安,乔治!” 晚安,小猪佩琪「英语学习笔记」spaghetti n. 意大利面yummy adj. 美味的好吃的hide v. 躲藏seek vi. 寻找splashy adj. 溅开的;这里把splashy time 引申为“泡泡浴时间”bubble n. 气泡bunk n. 床铺,铺位 更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 59池州不育检查 石台县医院阳痿早泄价格

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