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视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》The lower mandible of their beaks is greatly elongated.他们的下喙长得非常长They slice it through the surface of the water at ten metres a second.他们能以每秒十米的速度划过水面If and when it hits a tiny fish, itll snap shut.当下喙碰到小鱼时 会立刻合上But why come up river to these open sand flats?但为何要逆流而上到这片开阔的沙滩来呢This is the answer.这就是But this nursery will not exist for long.但这个托儿所无法长期存在Four weeks from now, itll be under ten metres of water.再过4周 这里会被十米深的河水淹没If by then these chicks cant fly, they will drown.若到那时幼鸥仍不会飞 就会被淹死The problem for young skimmers is that when they hatch,幼小的剪嘴鸥在破壳而出时the lower part of their beaks is the same size as the upper.他们的下喙跟上喙一样长While they wait for it to grow,等待下喙长长的同时they do their best to learn the skimming technique.他们会努力学习捕食技巧201403/280078。

  • They trap the water from the monsoons as ice and release it in the summer when the snow melts.它们冷凝雨季的水变成冰,夏天冰雪溶化时再变回水。The glaciers of the Himalayas are the source of all the great Asian rivers-the Indus, Ganges, Mekong, Yangtze Kiang.喜马拉雅山冰川是亚洲所有大河的源头,包括印度河,恒河,湄公河,长江。Two billion people depend on them for drinking water and to irrigate their crops, as in Bangladesh.二十亿人依赖其河水作饮用和灌溉,比如孟加拉国人。On the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra.位于恒河和雅鲁藏布江三角洲。Bangladesh is directly affected by the phenomena occurring in the Himalayas and at sea level.孟加拉直接受到喜马拉雅山的变化和海面上升的影响。This is one of the most populous and poorest countries in the world.它是地球上人口最多又最贫困的国家之一。It is aly hit by global warming.已经因全球变暖遭受打击。The combined impact of increasingly dramatic floods and hurricanes could make a third of its landmass disappear.越来越严重的河水泛滥和飓风的蹂躏将令其土地消失三分之一。When populations are subjected to these devastating phenomena,they eventually move away.当人们遭受这些灾难,最终只能迁移。Wealthy countries will not be spared.富裕国家也不能幸免。Droughts are occurring all over the planet.全世界都出现旱灾。In Australia, half of farmland is aly affected.在澳大利亚,已有一半农田受影响。We are in the process of compromising the climatic balance that has allowed us to develop over12,000 years.我们正在向哺育我们一万二千多年的气候平衡作出妥协。More and more wildfires encroach on major cities.越来越多的森林大火侵害主要城市。In turn, they exacerbate global warming.反过来它们加剧全球变暖。As the trees burn, they release carbon dioxide.树木燃烧时释出二氧化碳。The system that controls our climate has been severely disrupted.调节我们气候的机制已被严重扰乱。The elements on which it relies have been disrupted.它所依赖的环境已被破坏。The clock of climate change is ticking in these magnificent landscapes.在这壮丽风景背后气候改变的时钟正在嘀嗒响。201411/341861。
  • Promote good health by keeping your kitchen stocked with these essential healthy foods.厨房中经常储备这些必需的健康食品,促进身体健康。You Will Need你需要Low-fat dairy products低脂奶制品Lean meats瘦肉Brown rice糙米Whole-grain foods全谷食品Canned and dried beans罐装蚕豆或干蚕豆Nuts坚果Tuna packed in water水浸金鱼Frozen and fresh fruit冰冻和新鲜水果Frozen and fresh vegetables冰冻和新鲜蔬菜Veggie burgers素食汉堡Fish鱼Meatless meatballs无肉肉丸Spices香料Healthy oils健康的油Nutritional fact labels营养标签Steps步骤STEP 1 Stock your refrigerator1.装满冷藏室Stock your refrigerator with low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese, and skim or one percent milk. Have lean meats like roast beef or turkey on hand for sandwiches or snacks.冷藏室中装满低脂奶制品,比如酸奶,奶酪,脱脂牛奶或百分之一的奶。对于三明治或者快餐,随时准备一些瘦肉,比如烤牛肉或者火鸡肉。Step 2: Keep smart foods in pantry2.聪明选择餐具室食物Keep smart foods in your pantry. Buy brown rice, whole-grain noodles, canned or dried beans, whole-grain bs, nuts, whole-grain cereal, and tuna packed in water.Choose cereal with at least 3 grams of fiber.聪明选择餐具室食物。买未经漂白的大米,全谷类面条,罐装蚕豆或干蚕豆,全谷类面包,坚果,谷类食物还有水浸金鱼。谷类食物中至少含有3克的纤维。Step 3: Fill your freezer3.填满冷冻室Fill your freezer with healthy choices, such as frozen fruits and vegetables, lean ground meat, veggie burgers, fish, and meatless meatballs.用健康的选择填满你的冷冻室,比如冷冻水果和蔬菜,瘦肉,汉堡,鱼和少量肉的肉丸。Step 4:Spice up your food4.增添香料Spice up your food by keeping these healthy choices in your spice rack: black pepper, basil, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger,oregano, sage, and garlic.为了使你的食物更具风味,可以选用你香料架上的香料:黑胡椒,罗勒油,桂皮香料,百里香,生姜,牛至,鼠尾草和大蒜。Taking 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon a day can lower your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and prevent blood platelets from clumping, so be sure to find ways to add cinnamon to your meals.每天吃1/4茶匙的肉桂可以降低胆固醇,血糖浓度,还可以防止血小板凝固,因此确保找到一些方法在你的饭菜里增加肉桂。Step 5: Stock with fruits and vegetables5.储备水果和蔬菜Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables give you the essential minerals, fiber, and nutrients to help protect you from chronic diseases and cancers.在你的厨房里储存新鲜的水果和蔬菜。水果和蔬菜提供给你必需的矿物质,纤维和营养,预防慢性疾病和癌症。Step 6: Keep heart-smart cooking oil6.用质量高的食用油Keep heart-smart cooking oils, such as canola oil, olive oil, sunflower, and flaxseed oil.用一个质量较高的食用油,例如菜油,橄榄油,葵花油还有亚麻油。Canola oil contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other oil.菜油含有更多的欧米茄-3多脂氨基酸,多于其他的食用油。Step 7:Check the nutritional fact label7.查看营养标签Check the nutritional fact labels on your food to see how much sodium, calories, and fat are in the products. Grabbing a healthy food out of your kitchen can make a big difference in your diet.查看食品上的营养标签,看看在这些产品里含有多少的纳,钙和脂肪。从厨房随便抓一种健康的食物都能让你的饮食产生重大变化。In 2005, a study found that only 52 percent of adults under 30 used the nutritional facts labels when purchasing their foods,a decrease of 10 percent from 1995.2005年一个研究发现,仅仅52%的30岁以下成年人购买食品时使用营养标签,比1995年下降了10%。视频听力译文由。 /201407/310006。
  • The knots still have a further 2,000-mile non-stop flight红腹滨鹬还得不停的飞上三千公里to reach their breeding grounds in Canada.才能抵达加拿大的繁殖地Flight gives birds many advantages,飞行给了鸟类许多优势but theres a period in their lives但在生命中有一段期间when they are forced back down to Earth.它们不得不回到地面上The nesting season.筑巢季This is the time when they are at most risk,这时候它们的处境最危险so they must find the safest possible location.因此必须尽可能 找到最安全的地点Few go to greater extremes than lesser flamingos.小红鹤的作法最为极端They nest in the remotest corners of Africas caustic soda lakes.它们在非洲的苛性纳湖 最偏远的角落筑巢Like their reptilian ancestors, birds lay waterproof eggs.和它们的爬虫类祖先一样 鸟类产的卵是不透水的Despite this, flamingos still protect theirs尽管如此,红鹤仍旧把卵on special mud-stack nests放在特殊的泥堆上保护as the lake is prone to flooding.因为湖水随时会泛滥Its also just a little cooler up here.上面这里也比较凉爽Temperatures at ground level地面温度can reach a blistering 50 degrees Centigrade.可能上升到炽热的摄氏五十度Once a chick hatches,雏鸟孵化后的it spends the first six days in the nest.头六天都待在鸟巢里This is when its at its most vulnerable -雏鸟这时候最为脆弱totally reliant on its parents.完全仰赖父母照顾201308/253949。
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