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简阳市纹绣培训哪家好四川省纹绣哪里好攀枝花学化妆造型多少钱 Little interest in the next iPhone#39;s purported Force Touch feature combined with weak demand in China could sink iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.分析师郭明池称,下一代iPhone的压感触控功能(Force Touch)在中国遭到了冷遇,国内需求低,这很可能会导致iPhone第四季度销量下滑。Reportedly slated for the iPhone 6S, Force Touch makes the screen pressure-sensitive so it responds to how you press on the surface and is aly in use on the the MacBook and Apple Watch. But Force Touch has failed to generate much excitement among MacBook and Apple Watch owners, Kuo said in an investors note picked up on Tuesday by Taiwanese news site Apple Daily. So Force Touch may not be ;the most significant change to the iPhone#39;s interface to date; that the analyst claimed it would be in an April report, according to Kuo#39;s latest opinion.据称,具备压感触控功能的iPhone 6S可以感知用户按压表面的不同力度,从而调出不同的对应功能。而这项技术已经在MacBook和Apple Watch上得到了应用。但是本周二的台湾苹果日报中刊登了郭明池的这样一番评价:压感触控并没有在MacBook和Apple Watch的用户激起很大的反响。与今年4月份郭明池爆料iPhone 6S将持Force Touch的时候态度明显不同,他现在并不认为压感触控是“苹果iOS迄今为止最大的变革”了。Expected to be released in September, the next iPhone comes in an ;off-year; for Apple. That means the new handset will likely offer a few enhancements and one significant new feature. But this year#39;s phone won#39;t be considered a major upgrade as was last year#39;s big-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If Force Touch doesn#39;t prove to be a killer feature for the new iPhone, existing iPhone users may see little reason to upgrade. That could push overall iPhone sales down in the fourth quarter, according to Kuo.预计在九月份发布的下一代iPhone可谓是“生不逢时”。一般来说,新机除了会做一些性能提升外,更重要的是会带来一项重要的新功能。但是今年的iPhone相比去年发布的大屏幕iPhone6和 IPhone6 Plus而言,恐怕不足以吸引用户升级购买。郭明池认为,如果Force Touch对于新的iPhone来说确实不能算作杀手级特性的话,iPhone手机的当前用户几乎没有理由购买新机,这也将导致iPhone的销量在第四季度直线下跌。Another factor that Kuo believes will hurt fourth-quarter iPhone sales is China. Still the world#39;s largest smartphone market, China is seeing weaker demand for mobile phones as the market has become more saturated. Apple has been hit by the downturn, losing its spot as the No. 1 smartphone seller in China and now in third place behind local vendors Xiaomi and Huawei, according to research firm Canalys. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged that China could see some ;speed bumps; because of economic woes.郭明池认为会损害iPhone第四季度销量的另一因素就是中国。中国当前仍是世界上最大的智能手机市场,但其手机市场已经趋于饱和,用户对于手机的需求正在减弱。据调研公司Canalys的数据显示,苹果公司已经开始衰退了,当前已失去了在中国智能手机销量第一的地位,位于本土品牌小米和华为之后,屈居第三。甚至苹果的CEO Tim Cook都已经承认,由于经济低迷,中国市场的发展已经进入了“减速带”。With no real killer feature for the new iPhone and sluggish demand in China, Kuo said that iPhone sales in the fourth quarter could fall to between 65 million and 75 million. If that forecast isn#39;t on the higher side, then sales would actually drop below the record 74.5 million iPhones reported in the same quarter in 2014. That would mark the first time that quarterly iPhone sales dropped on a year-to-year basis.郭明池预测,由于新版iPhone没有真正的杀手级特性,而中国市场需求也不旺盛,iPhone在第四季度的销售可能会跌至6500-7500万部左右。照此估计,iPhone的销量将低于去年同期苹果7450万部的骄人成绩,也将面临其历史上第一次销量下滑。Nothing definitive is known about the next iPhone at this point. Apple is expected to stick with the same screen sizes introduced last year -- one iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen and a larger edition with a 5.5-inch display. Kuo has suggested that the new phones will be powered by the Samsung-produced A9 processor, the successor to the current A8 chip. Combine that with 2GB of RAM, and the next iPhones would offer a hefty bump in power and speed over the iPhone 6.截止目前,关于新版iPhone的任何消息均不能保确切。苹果公司很可能继续延续去年发布的屏幕尺寸版本:一款4.8英寸,同时发布一版5.5英寸屏幕的iPhone。郭明池预测新版iPhone将会采用三星制造的A9处理器,以代替当前的A8芯片。再结合2GB的RAM存储器,下一代iPhone将比iPhone6在运行和速度方面都有一个飞跃。 /201509/397963资阳学习纹绣需要多少钱

江油市纹绣眉型培训学校哪家好Scientists from China, Sweden and the ed States have developed a high-yielding rice that can reduce methane emissions, a major greenhouse gas blamed for global warming, from paddies。来自中国、瑞典和美国的科学家研发了一种新型高产水稻,同时还能减少甲烷的释放量。甲烷是水稻产生的造成全球变暖的主要温室气体。By inserting a barley gene into rice, Sun Chuanxin and his colleagues created SUSIBA2 Rice, which stores more starch in the section of the rice above ground, according to a paper published on the latest issue of Nature。发布在最新一期《自然》杂志上的文章介绍,通过将大麦基因植入水稻中,孙传信及其同事研发了SUSIBA2型水稻,这种水稻将更多的淀粉储存在根部以上的稻穗中。This means the grains will have more starch while the root will exude less nutrients that will later be turned into methane by microbes in the soil, Sun, who works with Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, told Xinhua。这意味着稻谷能有更多的淀粉,而减少通过根部释放到土壤中的养分,这些养分会被土壤中的微生物转化为甲烷。瑞典农业科学大[微]学华人科学家孙传信告诉新华社。;It solves two major problems mankind faces at one time: environmental degradation and the need for increased grain output, ; Wang Feng, co-author of the paper from Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, told Xinhua。“这样一举两得:既解决了环境的恶化问题,又满足了粮食产量增加的需求。”论文合著者、福建农业科学院王锋告诉新华社。Wang said the rice can cut methane discharge by more than 90 percent during summer and more than half during autumn, as ;the rice displays a greater emission reduction effect in high temperatures.;王锋称,这种水稻在夏天能减少90%的甲烷释放量,秋天能减少50%。“温度越高,该水稻对甲烷的释放量有更好的降低作用。”Meanwhile, small-scale trials have also suggested an increased output: a single plant of the new breed has 300 more grains with a starch content 10 percent higher, Wang added。同时,王锋还介绍道,小规模的试验表明还能增加产量:新型水稻每株能产300多粒稻谷,淀粉含量比常规水稻多10%。Wang said the team is working on applications for the breed in different areas, seasons and using different farming techniques. ;It’s still far away from mass application, but at least we see the light of hope.;王锋介绍,他的团队正在将种子应用到不同的地区、不同的季节以及使用不同的耕作方式。“目前距离大规模推广还很遥远,但至少看到了希望的曙光。”Human-induced methane, though less abundant than carbon dioxide in the air, is responsible for 20 percent of the global warming effect. Rice paddies are the largest single source of methane linked to human activity。人类活动造成的甲烷虽然在空气中的含量不及二氧化碳,但全球温室效应却有20%来自甲烷。水稻则是人类活动产生甲烷最大的单一来源。According to the Ministry of Agriculture, China produces 209 million tonnes of rice in 2014, or 28 percent of the world’s total of 734 million。根据农业部数据,中国在2014年生产2.09亿吨水稻,占世界总产量7.23亿吨的28%。 /201507/388215成都/环亚纹绣培训学校学纹绣绣眉培训多少钱 Takata, the Japanese supplier linked to faulty airbags in millions of cars, widened the scale of potential recalls in the ed States on Tuesday to 34 million vehicles.周二,与数以百万计的汽车上的问题气囊有关的日本供应商高田公司(Takata),把美国市场上可能需要召回的汽车数量扩大到了3400万辆。The supplier made the announcement with federal safety regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which had been prodding the company since late last year to say that the airbags were defective. Takata had fought these demands, even asserting at one point that the agency could not force it to issue a recall.高田与国家公路交通安全局(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)的联邦安全监管部门共同发出了这项声明。自去年底以来,安全局一直在敦促高田承认气囊存在问题。高田始终不愿遵从这些要求,甚至一度宣称安全局无权强迫它召回。Airbag inflaters made by Takata can explode violently when they deploy, spraying metal fragments into the passenger compartment. Six deaths and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the flaw.高田生产的气囊增压泵在弹出时可能会猛然迸裂,导致金属碎片飞向车内。该问题被认为与六人的死亡、100多人的受伤有关。“From the very beginning, our goal has been simple: a safe airbag in every vehicle,” said Mark R. Rosekind, administrator of the safety agency since December. “The steps we’re taking today represent significant progress toward that goal.”“从一开始,我们的目标就很简单:每辆车都配有安全的气囊,”自12月起担任安全局局长的马克·罗斯金德(Mark Rosekind)说。“我们今天采取的举措,代表着我们朝这个目标迈进了一大步。”But the agency said it did not have a final breakdown yet of all the makes and models the expanded recall encompasses, and that it will not for several days until it coordinates with automakers. The final number of defective cars may shift downward as more tests are performed, Mr. Rosekind said. He acknowledged that the repairs could take several years to complete, but he said that consumers could still drive their cars in the meantime.但是,安全局表示,目前尚未最后敲定这次扩大的召回覆盖的所有汽车品牌和型号,而是需要几天时间来与汽车生产商进行协调。罗斯金德说,经过更多实验以后,问题汽车的最终数量可能会减少。他承认,修理工作可能需要几年时间才能完成,但他表示,与此同时,消费者仍然能够开车。“Yes, people need to drive their cars,” Mr. Rosekind said, adding that they should be checking with their dealers often “to ensure it gets replaced as soon as possible.”“对,人们需要开车,”罗斯金德说。他还表示消费者应该经常与经销商联系,“从而保能及时得到替换”。Even now, Takata and automakers continue to search for the root cause of the inflater defect, but it still remains unclear. But in new filings with the safety agency, Takata went further than it had previously in admitting wider, structural problems with its airbag inflaters.即使是现在,高田和汽车生产商也还在继续寻找增压泵问题的根本原因,但仍不清楚问题究竟在哪。不过,在提交给安全局的新备案文件中,高田承认其气囊增压泵存在更广泛的结构性问题,比以前的立场更进了一步。“Up until now Takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbags are defective,” said Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary. “That changes today.”“在此之前,高田公司一直拒绝承认旗下的安全气囊有缺陷,”运输部部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)说。“这种情况今天发生了改变。”In its filings, dated Monday, Takata said that the propellant in the airbag inflaters — the explosive material that generates the gases to inflate the airbag — could degrade over time if exposed to high humidity and changes in temperature, making it prone to “over-aggressive combustion.”在标注日期为本周一的备案文件中,高田公司称,气囊增压泵里的推进剂——产生填充安全气囊的气体的爆炸物——如果暴露在高湿度和温度波动的环境中,可能会在一段时间后降解,从而容易发生“过于剧烈的燃烧”。Former Takata engineers told The New York Times last year that they had raised concerns over a decade ago that the explosive material Takata uses — ammonium nitrate — was sensitive to moisture and temperature swings. But those concerns went unheeded, they said.曾受聘于高田公司的几名工程师去年对《纽约时报》说,他们十多年前就提出了对公司使用的爆炸物——硝酸铵——对湿度和气温波动过于敏感的担忧。但他们称,这些担忧没有引起重视。Takata’s patents also document how the company’s engineers for years struggled to stabilize the ammonium nitrate in its propellant.高田公司的专利文件的记录还显示,他们的工程师多年以来一直难以稳定推进剂里的硝酸铵。And for the first time, Takata also acknowledged problems with leaks in its airbag inflaters. Tests had revealed that some of its airbag inflaters were found to have leaks in the seals that are supposed to keep them air tight.这一回,高田公司还首次承认了气囊增压泵的漏气问题。测试显示,一些气囊的增压泵的密封垫有漏气现象,而这些密封垫本应该把气体严严实实地封住。Last week, a former Takata consultant said that tests he carried out on prototype Takata airbags in the early 2000s showed that they contained leaks. He urged the company to use a different leak testing method, one that he devised, he said, but his advice went unheeded.上周,高田公司的一名前顾问表示,他在本世纪初对公司的原型安全气囊进行的测试就显示,它们存在漏气现象。他敦促公司使用一种不同的漏气检测方法,也就是他设计的方法。但他说,自己的建议没有被采纳。In February, federal safety regulators began to levy a fine of ,000 a day against Takata because it had not cooperated fully in the agency’s investigation. The company disputed the claims. With the expansion of the recall, though, regulators said they would suspend that fine, which had reached more than million.今年2月,联邦安全监管机构开始对高田公司实施每天1.4万美元(约合8.6万元人民币)的罚款,原因是它没有充分配合该机构的调查。公司反驳了这些指责。不过,随着这次召回范围的扩大,监管机构称,他们将暂停对高田公司的罚款。这项罚金已累计超过了100万美元。 /201505/376283南充学韩国彩妆多少钱

成都晓燕国际纹绣培训学院韩式半永久纹眉定妆培训阅读提示:中文在上,对照英文在下 我感觉自己就像是女王:住在上海,只要我愿意,我身上可以不用带任何像现金(或信用卡)这样的平民化的东西。I feel like the Queen: if I chose to do so, I could live in Shanghai without carrying anything so plebeian as cash (or even credit cards).中国消费者可以用智能手机购买几乎任何东西并付款,很多人也确实在这么做。早餐、午餐和晚餐?挥一挥iPhone魔杖,就有人骑电动车送上门——在“饿了么”等外卖APP点餐通常免配送费,还经常打折。再挥一下魔杖,出租车来了,以折扣价载你出行。再挥一下,就有医生通过电话给你看病,每次通话仅需9.9元人民币(合1.5美元)。Chinese consumers can (and do) swipe smartphones for almost everything. Breakfast, lunch and dinner? With a wave of the iPhone wand, it arrives on a motorbike, delivered often for free and usually at a discounted price, from food delivery apps such as Ele.me (meaning “are you hungry?”). Wave it again, and a taxi appears, y to offer a discounted ride. Wave it once more, and there’s a doctor y to diagnose any ailment by phone for only Rmb9.9 (.5) per call.这被称为O2O,或者“线上到线下”,瑞信(Credit Suisse)预计,O2O从现在起到2017年将以63%的复合年率增长,将达到420亿元人民币规模。线上和线下的结合很快还将走进社区菜市场这种最传统的购物场所——届时上海人用手机扫一扫,就能够为从理发到拔牙、再到购买晚餐鱼头等各种务和商品付款。It’s called O2O, or “online to offline” , and is forecast to grow at a compound annual rate of 63 per cent between now and 2017, to Rmb42bn, according to Credit Suisse. The marriage of online and offline will soon come even to that most traditional of venues, the neighbourhood wet market, where Shanghainese will be able to swipe a phone to buy anything from a haircut to a tooth extraction to a fish head for supper.浙江省东部温州市的一家菜市场已经开始允许消费者用手机扫码购买所有商品,用付宝(Alipay)付。付宝是电商集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的移动付务平台。上海也计划推出这类菜市场,届时我不用掏钱包,就能买上一桶鳝鱼或一条(带蹄髈)猪腿。A wet market in Wenzhou, in eastern Zhejiang province, has aly started letting consumers wave their mobile phones at all of its goodies, and pay with Alipay, the mobile payments service affiliated to ecommerce group Alibaba. Shanghai plans to follow suit, at which point I will be able to load up on a bucket of eels or a leg of pork (with hoof attached) without pulling out my purse.就我个人而言,购买大部分商品时,我仍宁愿拿着一叠沾满细菌、上面印着毛泽东头像的百元钞票付款。但其他人不愿意,至少中产阶级和40岁以下年轻人不愿意。上海人民广场附近受政府补贴的便民早餐车前,西装革履的男士们在早高峰期间排队用智能手机为他们的馒头或者手抓饼扫码付账。手抓饼是一种美味的中国式油煎薄饼。我非常赞成这种方式:如果递给我手抓饼的人没有接触过那些上面沾有所有人细菌的人民币,我会更喜欢这种食物。Personally, I still prefer grimy, germ-laden piles of Rmb100 notes with the face of Mao Zedong on them for most of my shopping. But hardly anyone else does (or at least hardly anyone middle class and under 40). At the government-subsidised Loving Help breakfast cart near Shanghai’s People’s Square, men in suits queue up during morning rush hour to swipe their smartphones for a steamed bun or a shouzhuabing, a delectably greasy Chinese-style crepe that literally translates as “hand-grab pancake”. I’m all for that: I prefer it if the hand grabber of that pancake to serve it to me has not just been handling a wad of the people’s currency (with all the people’s bacteria on it).在附近一幢写字楼外面,一位“饿了么”的派送员蹲在一个蓝色隔热保温袋旁,他要配送顾客们预定的30多份早餐,这些人想必为了维持不断放缓的经济而非常努力地工作,以致于没有时间走上两分钟去附近快餐店吃早餐。我只花了4元人民币(配送免费)就买到了烟肉蛋汉堡加咖啡。好吧,咖啡是凉的,他们还忘记送奶油和糖了,但冲着这份价格和便利,我还是很高兴用一下微波炉的。Outside a nearby office building, an Ele.me delivery man squats next to a blue insulated cooler bag, from which he dispenses 30-odd breakfasts — ordered in advance by people presumably working so hard to keep the slowing economy afloat that they do not have time to walk two minutes to the nearest fast-food emporium. I got my Egg-McMuffin-and-coffee meal for only Rmb4 (free delivery). OK, the coffee was cold and they forgot the cream and sugar, but for this price and convenience I am happy to use the microwave.如果说午餐有什么不同的话,那就是更方便一些:在同一幢大楼里有一个被称为“Fun Box”的自动售卖机,消费者可以在售卖机自取通过APP预订并付费的午餐。晚餐呢?即便是当地油腻的小店也接受手机扫码付。在我们点上一碗馄饨和一盘里脊肉串的时候(用付宝付账),一位现年29岁的上海国企会计师周丽娟(音译)表示,她现在几乎都不带现金了。“有时候我钱包里1000元人民币能放好几个月。”Lunch is, if anything, even easier: in the bowels of the same building is a vending machine called the Fun Box dispensing app-ordered meals paid for by smartphone. Dinner? Even the local greasy chopstick accepts payment by swipe-phone. As we sit over a bowl of wontons and a plate of fried pork strips (paid by Alipay), Zhou Lijuan, 29, an accountant at a Shanghai state-owned enterprise, says she hardly ever carries cash any more. “Sometimes Rmb1,000 in cash can stay in my purse for months.”但是等一下:这些人听说过中国经济正在放缓吗?他们为什么仍在大把花钱?周丽娟有一个还在学走路的孩子,她说,经济放缓——这个消息震动世界各地的市场——对“她的消费行为没有大影响”。她去年“光棍节”期间花了1万元人民币——光棍节是阿里巴巴发明的全球最大的购物日(最初针对未婚人士)。这比她一个月的收入还高,但她准备在今年11月11日的光棍节再次大举购物,尽管经济放缓。“我会买很多东西,我不会太理性。如果我看到真的便宜的东西,我会哇哇叫着买下来。”实际上,尼尔森(Nielsen)的调查显示,逾半的受访者表示,这个光棍节他们计划比去年花更多的钱。But wait a minute: have these people heard that the economy is tanking? Why are they still spending? Ms Zhou, mother of a toddler, says news of the slowdown — which has shaken markets worldwide — has made “no major impact on my consuming behaviour”. She spent Rmb10,000 last year on Singles Day , the Alibaba-invented biggest shopping day in the world (originally targeted at unmarried people). That is more than a month’s income but she’s y for another big Singles Day on November 11, despite the slowdown. “I’ll purchase a lot, and I won’t be very rational about it. If I see a real bargain, I’ll say ‘waaahhh’ and buy it.” In fact, according to a Nielsen survey, more than half of those surveyed said they plan to spend more this year than last.全球市场无疑会认真审视中国今年光棍节期间出现的每一个趋势,看看中国经济到底行还是不行。不管怎样,上海的上班族们仍会通过O2O订餐。但“饿了么”表示打算减小折扣力度,所以赶紧“趁热”在手机上购买巨无霸汉堡吧。看来天底下真的没有免费午餐,即便是在拥有全球最大购物节的国家。The world’s markets will doubtless scrutinise every Single’s Day trend this year for signs that the Chinese economy is (or is not) doomed. Either way, Shanghai’s workers will keep ordering O2O meals. But Ele.me says it is reducing its discounts, so get your smartphone-swiped Big Macs while they are hot. It seems there is no free lunch, even in the land of the world’s biggest shopping festival. /201511/409961 成都/学半永久性化妆漂唇术多少钱乐山半永久眉培训



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