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过个“绿色”情人节!Forget an extravagant bouquet of roses or an exquisitely packaged box of chocolates this Valentine's Day.If you want to be a good lover, start thinking about the impact your romance has on the environment.Campaigners say the traditional tokens of affection exchanged on February 14 should be ditched because they damage the planet.Instead, couples should be striving to "enjoy a greener romance" - at least according to a pressure group in Wales.Waste Awareness Wales is promoting e-cards to try to reduce the waste caused by the 13 million Valentine's cards bought in Britain each year.Couples are also being urged to make their own cards from left-over wrapping paper.Other advice includes buying flowers planted in a pot instead of a bunch of cut ones. Those who insist on buying chocolates are urged to buy ones with the least packaging.Better presents than those involving packaging are "waste-free" gifts such as theatre tickets.People wishing to cook a romantic meal are advised to check the quantities of food required for their recipe so they do not waste food by making too much. They are also urged to compost any peelings.Give organic chocolate is another environmental-friendly choice.Giving organic chocolate helps you to "go green" and stay healthy. Organic chocolates are free of pesticides and are farmed in a sustainable way. Also, scientists have proven that organic chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has many health benefits, including helping your heart and boosting serotonin levels. 今年情人节送什么?大束玫瑰和精美的盒装巧克力还是算了!如果想做个好情人,那就先想想你的浪漫会不会危及环境吧。环保活动人士称,传统的情人节礼物应该被抛弃,因为它们会危害环境。情侣们应尽量“享受绿色浪漫”——至少威尔士的一个压力集团这样认为。为了减少纸质贺卡造成的废弃物,“威尔士环保意识”组织目前正呼吁人们用电子贺卡传情。每年情人节,英国都要消耗1300万张纸质贺卡。该组织还号召情侣们用剩下的包装纸自制贺卡。其它建议还有:用盆栽植物取代花束;非要买巧克力的可以买外包装最简单的那种。“无废弃”礼物比带包装的礼物好,比如戏票。想做情人节浪漫大餐的人可以事先估计好所需要的食物量,以免造成浪费。果皮、蔬菜皮可以用作肥料。赠送有机巧克力也是一个环保的选择。送有机巧克力环保又健康。有机巧克力(指巧克力豆)在种植中不使用杀虫剂,采用的是可持续种植技术。此外,科学家已明,有机巧克力(尤其是黑巧克力)对健康有很多益处,它能够保护心脏和提高(血液中的)复合胺水平。 /200803/31797。

Gowns are not the only highly lucrative product placement opportunities for brands during awards season; jewellery houses are getting in on the act too.在各大颁奖典礼上,礼并非各大时尚品牌公司唯一可资利用的广告植入宣传机会,珠宝公司同样也是积极参与。“The combination of celebrity plus social media is a hugely profitable platform for luxury jewellery and watch brands,” says Shaz Moaven, founder of Moaven PR, which specialises in working with celebrities and luxury brands. “Social media increases the reach and visibility of brands internationally. While it provides news stories for journalists, the popularity of the celebrity means that the story has a long shelf-life.”“名人与社交媒体相结合,成了众多奢侈首饰与手表公司赚取滚滚财源的重要平台,”莫阿文公关公司(Moaven PR)创始人沙兹#8226;莫阿文(Shaz Moaven)说,他是与名人及奢侈品牌打交道的行家里手。“社交媒体能提高该品牌在全世界的知名度及影响力,并能为媒体记者提供新的传奇故事,名人的知名度意味着相关故事能够流传更长时间。”When Fabergé recently placed its Treillage collection on Olivia Palermo, Erin O’Connor and Andrea Riseborough, the jewels sold briskly. The Fine Treillage Rose Gold ring sold out over Christmas in stores in Britain and America. The brand has found that celebrity endorsement online has translated effectively internationally and, more importantly, into new markets.费伯奇(Fabergé)最近请奥利维亚#8226;巴勒莫(Olivia Palermo)、艾琳#8226;欧康娜(Erin O’Connor)以及安德丽亚#8226;瑞斯波罗格(Andrea Riseborough)代言其Treillage珠宝系列后,它们很快就销售一空。在英美各大门店,Fine Treillage Rose Gold款戒指在去年圣诞假期期间供不应求。该公司发现名人的网络代言也能在全球产生立竿见影的效果,而且更重要的是在新兴市场尤为如此。A day before the London premiere of The Hobbit, actor Dominic Monaghan tweeted about the Glam Rock watch he would be wearing the next night. “Dominic’s tweet had an immediate impact on sales even before he put the watch on his wrist,” says Moaven. Similarly, when Moaven dressed Britney Spears in De Grisogono jewellery and a Glam Rock SoBe watch in her new music “Scream and Shout” with will.i.am, the watch sold out within hours. There is now a two-month waiting list for the watch, and the song has gone on to become number one in more than 20 countries.就在《霍比特人》(The Hobbit)伦敦首映式前一天,主演多米尼克#8226;莫纳汉(Dominic Monaghan)在自己的微中展示自己佩戴的华丽摇滚手表(Glam Rock),他准备第二天晚上戴着它参加电影首映式。“甚至第二天手表还没戴手上,多米尼克的显摆就让该表的销售一发而不可收,”莫阿文说。类似的情况还有: 在“小甜甜”布兰妮(Britney Spears)与will.i.am合作的新音乐电视《尖叫呐喊》(“Scream and Shout”)中,莫阿文让她佩戴德#8226;克里斯可诺(de Grisogono)首饰与Glam Rock SoBe watch手表亮相后,短短几个小时内该款手表就被抢购一空。如今想购买该款手表就得静等两个月时间,而且该首歌如今还在20多个国家雄居音乐榜冠军。However, competition is fierce. More haute couture brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior, now have their own jewellery divisions and celebrity contracts. Companies such as Leviev and Backes and Strauss, which were previously diamond wholesalers, have entered the world of retail. Meanwhile, jewellery and watch powerhouses such as Chopard and Tag Heuer have sizeable celebrity budgets.但是,各大品牌之间的竞争异常惨烈。包括路威酩轩(Louis Vuitton)、香奈儿(Chanel)以及迪奥(Dior)在内的更多高级时尚品牌如今都成立了自己的珠宝分部,并与不少名人签订了合同。雷弗埃夫(Leviev)及Backes and Strauss等以前专营钻石批发的公司也把触角伸进了零售业。与此同时,萧邦公司(Chopard)以及豪雅(Tag Heuer)等珠宝及手表巨挈也拔备了相当可观的名人代言经费。Agencies are usually tight-lipped about celebrity fees but Haig Avakian, whose family business has a boutique at the entrance of the Beverly Wilshire hotel on Rodeo Drive, confirms celebrities with more followers on social media sites are commanding larger fees from luxury brands. “From a celebrity’s perspective, their following on social media sites has now become an extra-added value when negotiating certain placements. It provides brands with extra exposure. Someone like Rihanna has over 27m Twitter followers – that’s a direct form of advertising. This is taken into account when discussing placements,” says Avakian.各家公司通常对名人代言费讳莫如深,但黑格#8226;阿瓦基安(Haig Avakian)却承认在社交网站上有更多拥趸的名人往往会提出更高的代言费。阿瓦基安的家族在罗迪欧大道(Rodeo Drive)的贝弗利山威尔希尔酒店(Beverly Wilshire)入口处经营着一家专卖店。“名人如今在社交媒体网站上的影响力与日俱增,此举可以让他们在敲定网络广告代言费时额外增加谈判筹码,也能额外增加品牌的曝光度。如蕾哈娜(Rihanna)在Twitter上拥有2700万多的拥趸——那就相当于直接打广告。商谈广告代言费时,这就得考虑进去,”阿瓦基安说。“Some celebrities and socialites have enormous followings – Pink, for example, has over 12m followers – so the impact is big,” he adds. “The speed at which we can get our brand name out to a massive audience, based on the celebrity’s following, is unprecedented.” When Paris Hilton tweeted about wearing an Avakian necklace at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, for example, Avakian saw a significant rise in the number of Avakian Facebook fans within minutes and the necklace (worth 0,000) was sold out within weeks.“有些名人与名流拥有大量拥趸——比方说,红粉佳人(Pink)的粉丝就超过了1200万——所以这种影响力非同寻常,”他补充道。“由于追星效应,时尚品牌影响广大消费者的速度前所未有。”比方说,当帕利斯#8226;希尔顿(Paris Hilton)佩戴阿瓦基安品牌的项链亮相去年戛纳电影节(Cannes Film Festival)时,阿瓦基安就看到自己在Facebook的粉丝数量在短短几分钟内大幅飚升,而价值50万美元的一款项链也在几周内被抢购一空。“Product which is seen to work in the entertainment space can have an immediate and profound impact on online searches, sometimes within minutes of the placement – the speed of the reaction can be astounding,” says Vanessa Emilien of RKi 360, a London-based strategic marketing agency, whose clients include Bond Street jeweller David Morris.“受空间追捧的产品就能对网络搜索产生直接深远的影响,有时广告植入几分钟后就能立竿见影——网络拥趸的反应速度让人瞠目结舌,”伦敦战略营销机构RKi 360负责人范妮莎#8226;艾米里安(Vanessa Emilien)说,她的客户就包括了邦德街(Bond Street)珠宝店大卫#8226;莫里斯(David Morris)。However, some brands are starting to re-evaluate their celebrity endorsement strategies, continues Emilien. “The Office of Fair Trading is now asking celebrities to clearly indicate on the tweet that the message constitutes some form of advertising, which for the brand may be seen as counter-productive,” she says.但是,有些品牌开始重新评估聘请名人代言的策略,艾米里安继续说道。“公平交易办公室(The Office of Fair Trading)如今要求名人必须在客中明确说明穿着或佩戴某种品牌就相当于为其做广告宣传,而品牌公司认为这可能会适得其反,”她说。 /201303/231474。

Often we're told that we have to suffer now — give up what we want — in order to succeed later, that in order to save we must sacrifice. Give up instant gratification to get delayed gratification.But you can do both.For years, I was confused about this, as I books and websites that sent me two different messages:Pleasure later. The first message was that in order to be successful, in order to build wealth, you have to delay gratification. You can't have instant gratification and be successful.Pleasure now. The second message was usually from other sources on Happiness, but sometimes from the same source: enjoy life now, while you can, because it's short and you never know when your last day will come. Live every day like it's your last. Trouble is, I agree with both messages. And if you this site often, you’ll see that I send both messages: Live frugally and simply! But also enjoy life!That's because I've reconciled the two philosophies into one: Live life now and enjoy it to the fullest — without destroying your future. The key to doing that? Find ways to enjoy life completely, utterly, maximally … that don’t cost your future very much.Here are some tips for actually living that philosophy:Find free or cheap pleasures. Frugality does not have to be boring or restrictive … if you use your imagination. Be creative and find ways to have fun — loads of it — without spending much money. Have a picnic at the park, go to the beach, do crafts, board games, fly a kite, make art, bake cookies … I could list a hundred things, and you could come up with a few hundred more. Make a list of simple pleasures, and enjoy them to the maximum. This is the key to the whole idea of enjoying life now without spending tomorrow's dollar. See Savor the Little Things .Make simplifying fun. I'm a big fan of simplifying my life, from decluttering to creating a simple lifestyle in every way. And to me, this is great fun. I get rid of stuff (and possibly make money selling it) and have a blast doing it. That’s good math.Rediscover what’s important. Oftentimes we spend tons of money, shopping, going out, watching movies, eating out … without really enjoying life. And when we stop to think about it, we never have time for the things we really want to do. Well, that's probably because your life is filled with things that aren't very important to you. Instead, step back and really think about what’s important to you. Then get rid of the other (expensive) stuff, and focus on what's important. Listen to some stuff on my list: my wife and kids, other friends and family, ing, writing, exercising, volunteering, spending quiet time in contemplation. Guess how many of those things cost a lot of money? Read more here .Make people a priority. This is related to the above point, but I thought I'd give it a little more emphasis. If you give "stuff" a priority — stuff like gadgets, nice furnishings, nice clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. — then you will spend a lot of money. But if you make people a priority — the people you love most, you close friends and family — you don't need to spend a dime to enjoy life. Make some time to visit with friends, or your parents … and have a conversation with them that doesn't involve eating out or going to the movies. Just sit, have some iced tea or hot cocoa (depending on the weather), and talk. Tell jokes and laugh your heads off. Talk about books you've , movies you’ve watched, new things going on in your life, your hopes and dreams. And make time for your kids or your significant other — really spend time with them, doing things that don't cost money. (See Spend Time with Family and Loved Ones , 100 Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids and 50 Ways to Be Romantic on the Cheap .)Find time for yourself. Make time every day, and every week, to spend time alone. It really gives more meaning and enjoyment to your life, rather than rushing through life with no time to think, to breathe. For ideas on how to make this time, see these ways to create time for solitude .Sometimes, splurge. You shouldn't restrict yourself from expensive pleasures all the time — it's not good to develop the feeling of deprivation. To prevent that, once in awhile, buy yourself something … or better yet, give yourself a decadent treat. I love things with dark chocolate or berries. Crepes with ice cream and berries are one of my favorites. Just don't go overboard … and learn to enjoy the splurge to the fullest. If you truly take the time to enjoy a treat, you don't need a lot of it.Track your successes. It doesn't really matter how you track your success … you can use gold stars for creating a new simplifying or frugalfying habit, or a spsheet chart to track your decreasing debt and increasing savings or investments. Tracking is a great way to not only provide motivation, but make the process of changing fun.Reward yourself. And in order to make it more fun, celebrate every little success! Set rewards for yourself (hopefully not too expensive!) along your path to success — celebrate one day, two days, three days, a week, two weeks, three, a month … you get the idea.Volunteer. One of the most rewarding things for my family has been when we have managed to volunteer. It's actually something we only started doing last year, but since then, we've done it a bunch of times in a number of different ways. And while it doesn't cost a dime, it is tremendously satisfying in ways that money could never buy. Read more .Live in the moment. Learn to think not so much about the past or future, but about what you are going through right now. Be present. It may seem trite, but it's the key to enjoying life to the fullest — without having to spend money. Think about it — you can spend money on eating out, but if you are not really thinking about what you're eating, you may not enjoy it much at all. But if you cook a simple but delicious meal, and really taste every bite, it can be tremendously enjoyable without costing a lot. Read more .Slow down. In the same way, you can't really enjoy life to the fullest if it's rushing past you like it's on fast forward. Ever think about how quickly a week, a month, or a year goes by? Perhaps you're in the fast lane too much. Try slowing down, and things will be less stressful and more enjoyable. Drive slower , eat slower , live slower .Learn to find cheap, cool stuff. Call me crazy, but I love shopping at thrift stores. You can find so many cool things there, and it costs so little. Garage sales are the same way. Or check out Freecycle , or 20 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Books . 我们常常被告知,眼前要吃苦——放弃我们想要的——为了以后的成功,最后的胜利而牺牲现在。放弃即时行乐而实现今后的幸福。其实你可以同时拥有。过去几年,这个问题一直困扰着我,因为我在书中和在网上看到的不大一样:行乐在后。我看到的第一种讲法就是,为了功成名就,腰缠万贯,你就得延迟享乐。要是你反其道而行之,及时行乐,那就难成功也。及时行乐。我 所了解的第二种关于幸福的说法,主要是从其他地方看到的,但有时也就是从书中读到:趁自己年轻,要及时行乐,珍惜现在,因为人生苦短,你永远也无法预测哪 一天会是尽头。好好珍惜每一天,就好象那是你人生的最后一刻。但问题就是,我觉得这两种说法都没错。如果你常常浏览这个网站的话,你就会发现我的文章同时 体现了这两种态度:既要艰苦朴素!但也应及时行乐!原因在于我将这两种观念合二为一:珍惜现在,及时行乐—但不要毁了自己的未来。那么要做到这一点,关键是什么呢?那就是要尽量实现最大限度的享受现在的生活,但又不陪上自己的未来。想要活得精的话,这里倒是有些建议:找到免费或廉价的行乐方式。勤 俭节约不一定就和无聊或拮据挂勾,当然你得充分发挥自己的想象力。要有创造性,变着花样找乐子,你就会发现,其实享乐方法有很多,不一定要花大把的钱。比 如说,到公园野餐,去海边,做做工艺品,下下棋,放放风筝,画画,烤个小饼干,我还可以列出许许多多,而且我相信你会发现更多。给简单的行乐方式列张表, 并最大可能地来享受其中的乐趣。这就是既能及时行乐又不至于寅食卯粮的核心所在。就好好品位生活的细微之处吧。让快乐简单化。我十分推崇生活简单化,并尽全力将生活的各个方面都变简单。对于我来说,简单就是很大的乐趣。我把不用的东西都处理掉(常常是卖掉赚点钱),整个人就觉得舒坦。而且还能赚钱,何乐而不为呢?重新审定生命的重心。我 们常常花大把大把的银子去购物,旅游,看电影,上饭馆等等,可却没有真正地享受生活。待到我们真地静下来想时,却发现总没有时间做我们真正想做的事情。好 吧,那也许是因为你的生活充斥着太多无关紧要的琐事。你应当退一步,好好想一下,什么对你来说才是最重要的。你可以听听我的想法:对我来说,重要的是我的 妻子和孩子,家庭和朋友,看书,写作,运动,做志愿者,安静地沉思。猜猜看,这些事情中哪些要花费大笔的钞票?接着往下看吧。以人为本。这 个其实和上面一个观点相关联,但我私下认为,这一点更重要。如果你优先考虑某些事情—诸如小玩意,精致的家具,衣着,鞋子,珠宝等等—那么你可能得花大把 的钞票了。但要是你把人放在第一位—你最爱的那些人,亲近的朋友家人—那么,你什么都不需要耗费就能尽享人生之乐。花点时间拜访一下朋友、父母,和他们谈 谈心,不一定要上馆子吃一顿,或是看电影。你要做的,只是和他们坐一起,喝喝冰茶或热咖啡(看天气而定),大家聊聊天就够了。讲讲笑话,就足以让自己笑个 满怀;和他们讲讲自己看过的书,看过的电影,一些正在发生的新鲜事,和他们说说自己的期望和梦想,这已经是很幸福了。还要记得为自己的孩子和爱人留点时 间,和他们一起做些事情,并不一定要花钱。(你看吧,跟家人和自己爱的人在一起,数以百计的方式和孩子一起分享快乐,有一半都不用花大钱。)为自己留点时间。最好能保每天每周给自己以独处的时间。这样能让你的生活更有意义,充满幸福感,而不是匆匆过活,没有时间思考,没有时间呼吸自由的空气,到最后都搞不清楚自己到底是怎么活的。想想看要怎么才能挤出时间,让自己独处。有时候,稍稍挥霍一下。你 也大可不必老是“清贫苦守”—要是形成了被剥夺感可就不好了。为了防止那种情况发生,你可以偶尔给自己买点东西,要不就允许自己大吃一顿,那就更好了。我 个人很喜欢沾有黑巧克力或浆果的食品。冰淇淋和浆果都是我的最爱。当然不能过度,要学会从奢侈中尽情享受。如果你是真地花时间好好享用一顿大餐的话,根本 不需要花很多钱的。记录自己的成功。你要怎样记录都没关系—你可以因为自己养成了新的简单或节俭的习惯而奖励自己金星,或绘制张大图表,依次记录自己逐渐减少的债务、不断增多的积蓄或投资。这种记录的方式不仅能给你以动力,还能让整个过程充满趣味呢。奖励自己。为了让整个过程更有意思,每一次小小的成功都要好好庆祝!在通往成功的道路上,要不断地奖励自己(希望奖项不要太昂贵)--每天,每两天,每三天,每周,每两周,每三周,每个月……都可以庆祝,我想你应该明白我的意思了。做志愿者。这可以说对我们家而言最有意义的事情了。事实上,我们从去年才开始的。但自从开始做志愿工作以来,我们就一直花时间以各种各样的方式去做。即便做志愿者不须花费一分一毫,却能给人以极大的满足感,这是用钱也买不到的。接着看下去吧。活在当下。不 要老去想过去和未来的事情,只要想想自己现在正在做的就可以了。活在此刻!也许这听起来有点陈腐,但却是真正享受生活的真谛所在—而且还不用花钱哦!仔细 想想看吧—你花钱出去吃饭,但如果你没有真正品味你口中的食物,那么你也就丝毫享受不到其中的乐趣。但是,如果你虽然只是简单地做了些家常菜,但却认真品 味每一口,那么即便没花很多钱,你也享受到了人生的乐趣。还有呢!放慢脚步。同样的,要是你匆匆向前跑去,根本就体会不了生活的美好。你有没有想过一周,一月,甚至一年,怎就一转而逝了呢?也许你在快行道上呆太久了。试着让自己慢下来,让一切不再那么紧张,而是变得更令人愉悦吧!车子开得慢点,饭吃得慢点,让生活的节奏慢一点吧!学会买物美价廉的东西。你可以叫我是疯子,但我就是喜欢在旧货店买东西。在那里,你花一点点的钱,就能淘到很多好东西。杂货店大减价也是同样道理。要不你还可以找些免费的,或读读这本《20种方法教你买到免费和便宜的书》也行呐。 /200806/40723。

开幕前被列为“终极悬念”之一的北京奥运会主题歌,果然以出人预料并且超乎想像的主题和旋律,给全世界带来惊喜,带来感动。没有气壮山河,没有纵横捭阖,《我和你》(You And Me),闪耀着人性与情义的光华,以舒缓而温情的方式,让亿万观众如沐月光清风,在天籁之音中感受“地球村”的和谐之美。《我和你》,北京奥运会这首总共12句歌词的主题歌,传递着和谐世界的人本理念,体现了别具匠心的创作风格,加上世界巨星的完美演绎和简单易唱的词曲节奏,能否成为奥运主题歌中又一首风格迥异却仍传唱不衰的经典?Cheers from the 90,000-strong crowd reverberated through the National Stadium, when Chinese vocalist Liu Huan and British songstress Sarah Brightman presented the theme song for the night, You and Me, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last night.Flashlights and countless camera flashes offered the backdrop to a towering globe on which Liu and Brightman sang their duet, written and composed by France-based Chinese songwriter Chen Qigang. Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan sing the theme song during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony on August 8, 2008 at the National Stadium in Beijing. [Agencies] "Being up there was one of the biggest thrills in my life," Brightman said.She also performed the theme Amigos para Siempre at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games with Spanish tenor Jose Carreras.The 48-year-old soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer wowed Chinese audiences in a concert in Beijing on May 30, 2004, at the Capital Gymnasium.Brightman has also toured other cities in China, such as Shanghai and Guangzhou.She gained fame through performances in hit musicals such as Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.Her style of blending classical vocals and pop-inspired instrumentation and arrangement has earned her 150 gold and platinum awards in 34 countries.Similarly, Liu Huan is one of the most popular singers in China.As composer of the One World, One Dream Olympic song, and one of the country's best known musicians, the stocky 45-year-old Tianjin native majored in French and is a self-taught singer-songwriter.Liu first became known for composing music for Chinese TV dramas, including the TV series Beijingers in New York, a huge hit in the early 1990s. /200808/45691。