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A cat has raked in 0 million (619 million yuan) since she became Internet famous two years ago, reported UK newspaper Daily Express last week.据上周英国《每日快报》的消息:自从2012年走红网络后,有只猫的身价已经超过了1亿美元(约合6.19亿人民币)。Tabatha Bundesen, 29, is the owner of Internet sensation Grumpy Cat. She lives in Arizona, US and was working as a waitress.它就是轰动网络的“不爽猫”。而它的主人——居住在美国亚利桑那州、29岁的塔芭莎#8226;邦德森曾当过女务生。On Sept 22, 2012, Bundesen’s brother took a photo of her grumpy-looking cat and posted it to Internet forum site Reddit. The photo went viral and Grumpy Cat quickly became a meme. The cat’s fame is largely due to her unique peeved look. Grumpy Cat has a form of dwarfism and an underbite that gives her a perpetual frown.2012年9月22日,邦德森的哥哥给这只表情不爽的猫拍了张照片,并将其传到了网络论坛Reddit上。照片一夜走红,对不爽猫的各种模仿令它更疯狂地传播。这只猫之所以名声大噪主要是因其独一无二的愤怒表情。而其实是它(天生的)侏儒症和反颌症让它总是愁眉不展。In most cases, just being Internet famous can’t make one rich. Grumpy Cat has her own agent who transformed her into a money-making machine. Grumpy Cat’s empire includes a line of stuffed toys and T-shirts; various self-help and life-advice books (One of them is titled The Grumpy Guide to Life.); an original TV-movie (Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever) and soundtrack. Grumpy Cat even has her own line of coffee called “Grumppucino”, according to the Business Insider.多数时候,网络走红并不能令谁成为富豪。但是不爽猫的经纪团队让它变成了“吸金神器”。不爽猫的“帝国”里有(以他为原型的)毛绒玩具、(印着它照片的)T恤、一系列励志与生活建议类图书(其中一本名为《不爽猫生活指南》)、原创电视影片(《不爽猫最糟糕的圣诞节》)以及音乐作品。另据(美国知名客)Business Insider报道,它还有自己代言的咖啡,名为“Grumppucino”。In more recent media reports, the cat’s owner Bundesen was ed as saying the 0 million figure is “completely inaccurate”, although she didn’t say if the actual figure is higher or lower.在媒体的最新报道中,不爽猫的主人邦德森称1个亿收入的说法“并不完全准确”,但她并未透露实际数字到底是多少。Money machine吸金神器The cat changed her owner’s life. “I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since,” Bundesen tells The Daily Express.在接受《每日快报》的采访时,不爽猫的主人邦德森说,“它的照片亮相社交网络的几天之内我的手机一直响个不停,而我很快就有能力辞掉务生的工作了。”The news that a cat has earned in two years what most folks couldn’t make in a lifetime has irked quite a lot of people. They feel it’s unfair that someone without any talent or who hasn’t done any hard work should earn so much. “The fact that this woman made 0 million because her stupid cat looks bummed out fills me with unspeakable rage,” tweeted Ben White, a US journalist.据报道,这只猫两年内的收入是大多数人终其一生都望尘莫及的,这让很多人心生不爽。他们觉得猫的主人毫无天赋、无所事事、丝毫没有付出努力就挣了这么多钱实在有失公平。美国记者本#8226;怀特就在Twitter上写到:一只看上去垂头丧气的蠢猫竟为它的主人赚来1亿美元,这事儿让我怒不可遏。But people make money from their looks, or equally randomly advantages, all the time, says Derek Thompson writing in The Atlantic. Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen is worth 0 million. Her height, place of birth, skin tone, or bone structure is in no way any less a natural lottery than Grumpy Cat’s unamused scowl. As just like Gisele, says Derek, Grumpy Cat’s owner works hard to get licensing and endorsement deals for her pet.但是,《大西洋月刊》的(专栏作家)德瑞克#8226;汤普森则写到:人们因为外貌长相或是同样偶然的机遇发财致富却是常有之事。巴西超模吉赛尔#8226;邦辰就拥有2.9亿美元的身价。而她的出生地、肤色、骨架无一不是像不爽猫的愁眉苦脸一样与生俱来。德瑞克认为,正如吉赛尔一样,不爽猫的主人为了让自己的宠物获得许可、签下代言合同也付出了努力。The Internet is a whirlwind of massive media exposure, says Derek, and random memes and personalities get super famous for reasons that can’t be fully explained all the time. “It’s pointless to be moralistic about the fortune of Grumpy Cat any more than we’re condemning of the fortune of any other celebrity,” he says.德瑞克还说,互联网就是大量媒体曝光带来的一阵“旋风”,偶然的走红或是名人们因某些原因而声名大噪并不总能解释得一清二楚。“因此,站在道德的高度对不爽猫吸金加以,就像我们指责名人们的收入一样毫无意义。” /201412/349998

With 300,000 Chinese tourists expected to visit Spain this year and a million by the end of the decade, hotels are rushing to adapt in order to receive a ;Chinese-friendly; stamp of approval。今年预计有30万中国游客到西班牙旅游,而到2020年中国游客人数将达到100万。鉴于此,西班牙的宾馆酒店正在争相调整务策略,只为获得“中国友好”认。;It#39;s paradoxical that Spain, the biggest tourist destination after France and the ed States, is practically unknown in China,; said Kurt Gr#246;tsch, chief executive of Chinese Friendly International, whose endorsement is recognised in all 28 EU member states. The World Tourism Organisation estimates that 100 million Chinese will leave their country on holiday this year。“西班牙是继法国、美国之后的第三大旅游胜地,但是在中国却鲜为人知,这实在有些矛盾,”中国友好国际项目主席Kurt Gr#246;tsch说。该项目认已获得28个欧盟国家的认可。世界旅游组织预计今年将有1亿中国人出国度假。Among the adjustments hoteliers need to make is to never give a Chinese visitor a room with the number four in it, nor one on the fourth floor. In Mandarin the number four sounds so similar to the word for death that Chinese go to great lengths to avoid saying it。策略调整之一就是,酒店经营者不能将带有数字4的房间安排给中国游客,也不能将他们安排在位于4楼的房间。在汉语中,数字4与汉字“死”的读音相似,因此中国人都尽量避免提及。There should be no physical contact when greeting guests, and the hotel#39;s visiting card should be presented with both hands. The restaurant and other hotel information should be offered in Mandarin, fruit should always be served in portions, never whole. Hot water should be served with meals, especially if the guests have ordered meat, and all rooms should have a kettle, even though guests often use them to cook noodles。迎接中国客人时,应尽量避免肢体接触,酒店名片应该双手奉上。餐厅菜单、酒店信息将提供中文版本,水果应以小分量提供,而不是整只摆放。正餐时应提供热水,尤其是在客人点了肉食的时候。所有客房应备有水壶,尽管客人只是用其烧水煮泡面。Furthermore, waiters should remember to serve the eldest or the most highly educated person first. They should never point with the finger, only with the hand。此外,务员应记住以长者或是学识最高的人为先。指向某人时绝对不能用手指,而要用手。;Word of mouth counts for a lot in China,; said Gr#246;tsch. ;If a Chinese enjoys themselves somewhere, more will come. Often you can become Chinese-friendly without any great investment.;“在中国,口碑极其重要,”Gr#246;tsch说道。“如果一个中国人在某个地方玩得很开心,就会有更多的中国游客到来。无需多投资,你就能获得中国友好的认可。”He recommends that waiters learn a few basic phrases in Mandarin, such as asking diners whether they#39;ve enjoyed their meal。他建议务员学习一些简单的中文,例如,询问客人用餐是否愉快。Currently, 14 hotels in Spain have been rated Chinese-friendly. ;Being rated Chinese-friendly by a recognised association is a big help in dealing with Chinese companies and positioning ourselves in an emerging market,; said Alex Rodríguez, marketing director of the Vincci hotel chain. The company#39;s five-star hotel in Málaga has acquired the rating and the chain may soon seek approval for its three Barcelona hotels。目前,西班牙有14家酒店获得了“中国友好”的认。维西酒店连锁市场总监阿历克斯·罗德里格兹说:“获得中国友好认,这在与中国公司处理业务,以及在新兴市场占领先机都将大有益处。”位于马拉加的维西五星级酒店已获得认,下一步,位于巴塞罗那的3家酒店也将申请认。Gr#246;tsch admitted that the Chinese were not always the most popular guests, especially those travelling abroad for the first time. ;They can be rude, people see them as arrogant, they talk loud and smoke like chimneys in non-smoking areas.;Gr#246;tsch承认中国人并非总那么受人欢迎,尤其是那些第一次出国的游客。“他们粗鲁,甚至自大,总是大声地喧哗,喜欢在禁烟区吞云吐雾。”One Barcelona hotel that has been approved as Chinese-friendly since 2013 no longer wants to be associated with this type of tourism as it drives away other visitors. Germans, in particular, are inclined to cancel their reservation if they know there will be Chinese in the hotel, a hotel spokesman claimed。一家在2013年就获得中国友好认的酒店不想继续跟这个项目合作了,因为这个认让酒店丧失了其他的客源。一位酒店发言人表示,德国人尤其明显,如果他们知道酒店里会有中国人入住,他们就会取消预订。However, the Chinese government is anxious to create a good impression and has drawn up a blacklist of citizens who behave badly abroad. People found guilty of antisocial behaviour, vandalism, gambling or going to strip clubs will be placed on the list for two years and will face additional, unspecified punishments。不过,中国政府也在积极为提升中国人的国际印象做努力,他们出台了不文明行为黑名单。违反社会秩序、破坏公物、参与、观看脱衣舞表演的游客将被记录在黑名单2年,并且还会受到别的处罚。 /201506/379840

1. 再冷也不能拿别人的血来暖自己。(甄嬛)  No matter how ruthless, you shouldn’t use another person’s blood to warm yourself。  2. 贱人就是矫情。(华妃)  That bitch!  3. 娘娘容不容的下臣妾,是娘娘的气度。能不能让娘娘容得下,是嫔妾的本事。(甄嬛)  Whether you can tolerate me depends on your generosity. Whether I can be tolerated is up to me。  4. 在这后宫中想要升就必须猜得中皇上的心思。若想要活,就要猜得中其他女人的心思。(甄嬛)  To rise, you need to know the Emperor’s mind. To survive, you need to guess the other women’s mind。  5. 以色事人,能得几时好?(甄嬛)  One who savors seduction, won’t last。  6. 在这宫里,有利用价值的人才能活下去。要安于被人利用,才有机会去利用别人。(浣碧)  In the palace, if you have ability, you survive. If you survive being used, then you will have the chance to take advantage of others。  7. 别人帮你,那是情分。不帮你,那是本分。(甄嬛)  You are blessed if others help you, but they are not obliged to。  8. 不偏爱,懂节制,方得长久。(皇后)  No favoritism, no excesses, one will last。  9.这会咬人的,不叫。(曹贵人)  A barking dog never bites。 /201412/350402

Shanghai bank employee Frances Chen spends about a fifth of her monthly salary on her poodle Cookie, one of the millions of pet owners turning China’s pet care industry into one of the fastest growing industries in the world。上海职员弗朗西斯·陈把工资的五分之一都花费在了她的狮子Cookie身上。与她类似的千千万万的宠物爱好者推动了宠物护理行业的蓬勃发展,使之成为世界上发展最迅速的产业之一。Chen takes Cookie to a groomer for a weekly shower and feeds it imported food, costing her some 2,000 yuan (0) a month. ;I want to give him the best,; said the single, 26-year-old who lives with her parents. ;He’s our kid. The only difference is that he can’t speak human languages.;陈每周带Cookie去宠物美容师那里沐浴,喂食的都是进口粮,每个月要花费2000元(约合320美元)。26岁的陈是单身,与父母一起居住,她说:“我想给他(Cookie)最好的。他就像我们的孩子。唯一的区别就是他不会说话。”Having a pet has now become a symbol of financial success in China, where consultants Euromonitor forecast the pet care sector to grow by more than half to 15.8 billion yuan (.6 billion) by 2019, outpacing the world’s biggest market the ed States, which is expected to grow just over 4 percent this year to .6 billion。如今在中国,拥有一只宠物成为经济上小有成就的标志。根据咨询公司欧睿国际的预测,截止到2019年,中国的宠物护理行业会增长一半以上,达到158亿元(约26亿美元),增速超过美国。作为全球最大的宠物护理市场,美国今年预期增长4%达到606亿美元。Dogs are by far the most popular pets and dog food sales alone are expected to almost treble to over 0 million by 2019, Euromonitor data shows, as higher disposable incomes make keeping a pet an affordable luxury for more Chinese, particularly in more developed cities。目前是最受欢迎的宠物,截止到2019年粮销售量有望提高三倍,达到7.6亿美元,欧睿国际数据显示,随着可配收入的提高,对与大多数中国人来说,养宠物成为一种平价奢侈品,这种现象在发达国家也很常见。The loneliness and stress endemic to city life are also driving the pet ownership boom: last year, some 30 million households, or nearly 7 percent of the nationwide total, owned a dog, Euromonitor said。城市生活的孤独和压力,使得饲养宠物的人大[微]大增加。去年,养的家庭达到了三千万,占全国总人口的百分之七。Matthias Berninger, Mars global head of public affairs, said there was plenty of room for growth in China’s pet food market, which was aly expanding beyond most industry expectations。玛氏全球公共事务负责人Matthias Berninger表示,中国宠物食品市场仍有很大发展空间,大大超出大多数行业的预期。The U.S. firm renowned for its confectionery owns pet food brands including Pedigree and Whiskas。美国玛氏全球因其甜点而闻名于世,拥有自己的宠物食品品牌,如宝路和伟嘉。Mars was the market leader in China two years ago with a two-thirds share, according to the latest Euromonitor data. Nestle-owned brands were second with just over 16 percent followed by local firm Nory Pet (Shanghai) Co Ltd with an almost 7 percent share。据欧睿国际最新数据显示,两年前,玛氏占领了中国市场的半壁江山,占三分之二的市场份额。雀巢名列第二,占16%的市场份额,紧随其后的上海诺瑞,占7%的份额。;There is huge demand for pet food as owners give up feeding their dog rice and meat and switch to proper pet food,; Chen Xiuqiang, sales manager at pet food importer and distributor Guangzhou Mudi Trading Co Ltd told Reuters。“随着人们不再以简单的米肉喂食宠物,转而寻求更适合的宠物食品,未来宠物食品的需求量将大大增加。”宠物食品进口商和分销商广州牧迪贸易有限公司销售经理陈修强(音译),在接受路透社采访时这么说。 /201506/379825

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