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2019年09月20日 15:31:27 | 作者:百姓面诊 | 来源:新华社
Lebanese security officials say the military is clashing with gunmen who attacked an army outpost near the Syrian border.黎巴嫩安全官员说,政府军星期五与袭击叙利亚边界附近军事哨所的武装分子发生冲突。Reuters reports three gunmen were killed in the clashes Friday close to the northeastern village of Ras Baalbek.路透社报道说,冲突中有三名武装分子被打死。冲突发生在黎巴嫩东北部的拉斯巴尔贝克村附近。It was not immediately clear how many people were wounded.目前还不清楚有多少人受伤。Officials say troops were shelling positions with artillery.官员说,黎巴嫩军队炮轰了武装分子的阵地。Members of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State group have launched similar attacks in recent months.与基地组织有关联的努斯拉阵线和伊斯兰国组织最近几个月发动了类似的攻击。来 /201501/355999Key leaders of Thailands antigovernment protest group, including Suthep Thaugsuban, have been granted bail after appearing before a Thai court on insurrection charges.泰国反政府抗议组织的多名主要领袖获保释,其中包括素贴(Suthep Thaugsuban)。此前这些人因受到叛乱指控而在泰国的一个法院出庭The Central Criminal Court has granted Mr. Suthep bail while banning him from leaving the country, Wiratana Kalayasiri, a legal advisor for the Democrat Party of which Mr. Suthep was once deputy leader, said on the phone.民主Democrat Party)的法律顾问Wiratana Kalayasiri在电话中说,中央刑事法院(Central Criminal Court)允许素贴保释,但禁止他离开泰国。素贴曾任民主党的副领袖。Mr. Suthep and other members of the Peoples Democratic Reform Committee protest group were released Monday after spending days in army detention following the declaration of a coup on Thursday.素贴和人民民主改革委员会(Peoples Democratic Reform Committee)抗议组织的其他成员周一获释。在上周四军方宣布政变后,这些人被军方扣留多日。After being released by the military, they presented themselves to the Thai attorney generals office to hear insurrection charges relating to their monthslong street protests against the government of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who was removed by a court ruling earlier this month, and her successor, Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan.被军方释放后,他们出现在泰国总检察长办公室,听取与他们进行的街头抗议有关的反叛指控。他们针对前总理英拉(Yingluck Shinawatra)及其继任者尼瓦探Niwattumrong Boonsongpaisan)的政府进行了数月的街头抗议,本月早些时候,法院裁决英拉被解职。Photos shared on social media showed Mr. Suthep being escorted by troops out of Thailands central criminal court in Bangkok.社交媒体上公布的照片显示,素贴由部队护送走出位于曼谷的泰国中央刑事法院。Mr. Wiratana said Mr. Suthep was released on a 600,000-baht (USD18,400) bail while the others were released on 100,000-baht (USD3,000) bail. Mr. Suthep was also facing charges related to the deadly clampdown on the 2010 protests in Bangkok.Wiratana表示,素贴缴0万泰铢(8,400美元)获得保释,其他人缴纳了10万泰铢(,000美元)保释金。素贴还面临与极力镇压曼010年示威活动相关的指控。All protest leaders are set to appear before the court again on June 17 while Mr.Sutheps appointment was set for June 28, Mr. Wiratana added.Wiratana还说,全部抗议领袖定7日再次出庭,而素贴的出庭日期定在68日。来 /201405/301512Hundreds of thousands of Chinese shells pummelled Taiwan’s Kinmen island during the cold war, killing many and terrifying the family of Wu Zeng-dong and others.冷战时期,金门岛曾遭到数十万枚来自中国大陆的炮弹的打击,死伤惨重,许多家庭生活在恐怖之中,吴增栋一家就是其中之一。Today the 58-year-old turns these spent shells into souvenirs, shaping the metal into high-quality kitchen knives and selling them to the surging number of tourists visiting from China since restrictions were relaxed in 2008.如今8岁的吴增栋把这些炮弹的弹片变成了纪念品。他用弹片制成高品质的菜刀,出售给大陆游客。自2008年限制放宽后,入台旅游的大陆游客呈现激增。Mr Wu is one of many residents riding a tourism boom on an island just a few kilometres from the prosperous Chinese city of Xiamen.金门岛离大陆繁华城市厦门仅数公里,吴增栋只是金门岛上得益于这股旅游热潮的众多居民之一。The population of Kinmen has jumped to 130,000, new shops and hotels including a 280-room five-star resort have opened and old army bunkers have been turned into adverts for the famed local sorghum wine.金门岛人口已升至13万人,岛上开了新商铺和酒店,包括一家拥80间客房的五星级度假酒店。曾经的军事碉堡也成了当地知名特产高粱酒的广告背景。“We are just one small outlying island so it’s very hard to be self-sufficient,says Mr Wu. “China’s economy has been doing so well and it can benefit us.”吴增栋说:“我们只是一座小小的离岛,所以很难自给自足。大陆经济现在发展得很好,让我们现在也能从中受益。”Taiwan received a record 9.9m visitors last year, with 40 per cent coming from mainland China.2014年赴台游客人数破了纪录,达到990万人次,其中40%来自中国大陆。But despite a thaw in cross-strait ties since President Ma Ying-jeou came to power in 2008, culminating in last weekend’s first meeting between the leaders of China and Taiwan, the relationship remains complicated.两岸关系008年马英九出任台湾总统后开始解冻,并在最近的两岸领导人首次会面中达到高潮,但双方的关系仍然复杂。Taiwan is independently governed but Beijing still claims it, and only about 20 countries are willing to recognise it for fear of upsetting China.台湾是一个自治的岛屿,但北京方面仍宣称拥有台湾的主权。由于担心惹恼北京方面,世界上仅有大0个国家愿意承认台湾。The two sides coexist under the so-called 1992 consensus, in which they accept that there is “One Chinabut with different interpretations of what that means. Mr Ma calls this a “masterpiece of ambiguity海峡两岸在所谓的“九二共识”下实现了共处。根据九二共识,双方接受“一个中国”原则,但对其具体含义各自拥有不同的解释。马英九称九二共识是一个“模糊的杰作”。On Kinmen island, the contradictions of modern Taiwan are as clear as the views of China on a bright day.在金门岛上,现代台湾的矛盾之处一目了然,正如晴天时一眼就能望见中国大陆一样。Most of the Taiwanese military stationed here have left and their extensive tunnels, gun emplacements and weaponry have been transformed into historical sights popular with Chinese visitors armed only with selfie sticks.台湾在金门岛的驻军大多已撤去,遗留下大量隧道、炮台和武器,这些都成了历史景点,受到大陆游客欢迎,这些游客登岛时唯一的“武器装备”就是手里的自拍杆。But with Beijing threatening to invade if Taiwan declares formal independence, many beaches are still fortified against Chinese landing craft and hilltop observation stations keep an eye on the missiles based just over the border.但由于北京方面扬言如果台湾正式宣布独立就将动武,这里的许多海滩仍设有防御工事,以防大陆的登陆艇,山顶的观测站也仍在监视着大陆设在沿岸附近的导弹基地。The influx of Chinese tourists has boosted the economy but, like a growing number of Taiwanese elsewhere, local people remain concerned about becoming too reliant on the mainland.大陆游客的涌入带动了金门岛的经济发展,但当地百姓仍担心变得过于依赖大陆——在台湾其他地方,也有越来越多的人有这种担心。And while many residents are fiercely proud of their Taiwanese identity, they are reluctant to push for full independence for fear of China’s response.虽然这里的许多居民都以自己的台湾人身份而充满强烈的自豪感,但由于害怕大陆的反应,他们不愿推动完全独立。“It’s impossible to go for unification with China because our thoughts and political systems are so different,says Mr Wu. “But I also oppose independence because that could lead to war and we’ve aly suffered so much.”“与大陆走向统一是不可能的,因为我们的思想、政治制度差别太大,”吴增栋说,“但我也反对独立,因为那会导致战争,我们已经承受了太多苦难。”Lin Chu-chia, a deputy minister in Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which manages relations with Beijing, says that about 80 per cent of Taiwanese people want to stick with the status quo for now. The only consensus, he says, is that “Taiwan’s future should be decided by the 23m Taiwanese people onlyin a referendum.负责与北京方面打交道的台湾陆委会(Mainland Affairs Council)的副主委林祖Lin Chu-chia)说,目前0%的台湾人民希望维持现状。他说,唯一的共识是“台湾的未来应当只由2300万台湾人民(通过公投)决定”。He acknowledges that young people have grown more hostile to China in recent years partly because they fear greater economic ties have benefited businesspeople while disadvantaging the many. But even some of those making a living from Chinese tourists on Kinmen remain wary of their ever more powerful and assertive neighbour.他承认,近年来,台湾年轻人已变得更加敌视大陆,部分原因是他们担心与大陆更紧密的经济关系只有利于商人而不利于多数台湾人民。但即使是金门岛上一些依靠大陆游客维持生计的台湾人,也仍对他们日益强大和强硬的邻居保持警惕。In June, Liu Xiu-zhen opened a health store at the ferry terminal where passengers arrive from Xiamen, hoping to tap demand from Chinese tourists who do not trust medical products sold at home. Although she makes a living selling expensive baby milk powder, homeopathic treatments and traditional medicines to Chinese visitors, she remains wary of her neighbours.今年6月,刘秀珍(音译)在来自厦门的旅客上岸的渡轮码头开了一家药店,希望从那些不信任大陆销售的医疗产品的大陆游客身上挖掘需求。虽然她依靠向大陆游客销售昂贵的婴儿奶粉、顺势疗法药物及中药为生,但她仍对自己的邻居保持警惕。来 /201511/410736

WASHINGTON In a series of sweeping campaigns to revive the American economy, the Federal Reserve has spent much of the last six years purchasing trillions of dollars of bonds. Now it is done.华盛顿——在一系列推动美国经济复苏的大手笔动作中,美联Federal Reserve)过去六年中的大量时间,都用在了购买价值数万亿美元的债券上。如今,它要收手了。The Fed said on Wednesday that the economy no longer needed quite so much help. It is the third time since 2008 the Fed has announced such a move, but this time officials and analysts say the decision is more likely to stick, marking an important milestone in the nations painfully slow recovery from the Great Recession.美联储在周三表示,美国经济不再需要这么多帮助了。这是美联储008年以来第三次做出类似表态,但这一次,官员和分析人士称,这一决策更有可能实施下去。在美国从大衰退(Great Recession)中缓慢复苏的痛苦过程中,这将是一座重要的里程碑。The central bank still plans to keep short-term interest rates near zero for a ;considerable time,; it said in a statement after a two-day meeting of its policy-making committee. And it said it would replace maturing bonds to keep its holdings at about .5 trillion.作为美国的中央,美联储在一份声明中表示,仍计划在“相当一段时间里”,将短期利率维持在接近零的水平。在发布该声明前,美联储负责决策的委员会举行了一次为期两天的会议。美联储还表示将置换即将到期的债券,从而将债券持有量保持在大约4.5万亿美元(约7.5万亿元人民币)的水平。The bond-buying campaign has helped to fuel one of the longest bull markets in American history. The Standard amp; Poors 500-stock index has increased by 131 percent since the Fed started its first round of purchases in November 2008. The campaign has also helped to suppress borrowing costs. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury has declined from 2.96 percent to 2.32 percent over the same period, even as economic conditions have improved.采购债券的行动帮助刺激了美国历史上持续时间最长的牛市之一。自美联0081月开始第一轮购买行动以来,标准普尔500股票指数(Standard amp; Poors 500)上涨31%。购买行动也帮助抑制了借贷成本。在同一时期,十年期基准国债的收益率从2.96%降至2.32%,尽管经济状况已有所改善。The impact on the rest of the economy is much harder to assess. The Fed, and its supporters, say the purchases have held down the cost of mortgage loans and corporate debt, contributing to faster job growth. Other economists dismiss the purchases as inconsequential. And some say the Fed has exacerbated economic inequalities by helping to boost financial markets while the rest of the economy languishes.评估这些操作对整体经济的影响,则要难得多。美联储及其持者称,债券购买压低了抵押贷款的成本和企业债务,也推动就业实现了更快的增长。但其他一些经济学家则认为,债券购买的作用无关紧要。此外,还有一些人表示,美联储在其他经济领域低迷之际,帮助刺激金融市场的作法,加剧了经济不平等。The dire predictions of the Feds critics, however, have clearly failed to materialize. Some Fed officials and economists warned that the bond purchases, often referred to by experts as quantitative easing, or QE, would devalue the dollar and drive up inflation. So far the opposite has happened.但显然,指责美联储的人士做出的可怕预测并未成为现实。一些美联储官员和经济学家曾警告,通常被专家称作“量化宽松”(quantitative easing,简称QE)的债券购买行动,会导致美元贬值,抬高通货膨胀水平。但迄今为止,事实却正相反。The American economy has outperformed other developed parts of the world, helping to strengthen the dollar, while inflation has remained so sluggish that the greater worry is now whether prices are rising too slowly.美国经济的表现超越了世界其他发达国家,帮助美元走强,而通胀水平依然很低,以至于现在更令人担忧的问题是,物价的上涨是否太慢了。Kim Schoenholtz, a professor of economics at New York University, said the Feds bond purchases were particularly effective and important in stabilizing the financial system and stimulating the broader economy in the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis. But he said the impact of the purchases had diminished as conditions improved, and that it now made sense to end the program.纽约大学(New York University)经济学教授基姆·舍恩霍尔茨(Kim Schoenholtz)表示,在金融危机刚结束后,美联储购买债券的行动,对于稳定金融体系和刺激整体经济特别有效。但他表示随着情况的好转,债券购买的效果减弱了,并称现在结束该计划是合理的;I applaud the Feds willingness to be aggressive especially early on in the crisis and it has made sense for the Fed to run a very accommodative policy,; Mr. Schoenholtz said. ;But we should not be surprised that monetary policy has diminishing returns.;“我要称赞美联储,它愿意大胆行动,特别是在危机早期,而且美联储实行非常宽松的政策是合理的,”舍恩霍尔茨说。“但货币政策产生的回报正在减少,这一点我们不应该感到惊讶。”Mr. Schoenholtz added that the Feds quick and strong response helped to explain why the Fed was nearer to achieving its economic objectives than the European Central Bank or the Bank of Japan, both of which are now battling to avoid deflation. On Monday, the E.C.B. disclosed the first purchases in a planned campaign to buy private-sector assets, a kind of entry-level quantitative easing. But the amount the central bank bought, just 1.7 billion euros worth, was considered a drop in the bucket by analysts, and fueled speculation the E.C.B. will soon be forced to take larger steps.舍恩霍尔茨接着表示,迅速而有力的应对,有助于解释为何与欧洲中央银European Central Bank)和日本银Bank of Japan)相比,美联储距离实现经济目标更为接近。周一,欧洲央行公布了首批购买私营部门资产的计划,相当于初级的量化宽松。但欧洲央行购买的资产仅价7亿欧元(约合130亿元人民币),分析人士认为只是沧海一粟,此举也加剧了外界的猜测,认为欧洲央行很快就会被迫采取更大规模的举措。House Republicans regard the bond purchases as a form of reckless meddling, and they have passed legislation to constrain the Feds flexibility during future downturns. ;Im afraid the long-term legacy of the policy will reflect the harm it has done to our nations seniors, savers, and all Americans faced with greater uncertainty and the possibility of a QE-induced bubble,; Representative Randy Neugebauer, a Texas Republican, said Wednesday.共和党众议员认为美联储的购债行动是一种草率的干预,他们已经通过了法案,限制美联储在未来经济下行时采取行动的灵活性。德克萨斯州共和党众议员兰迪·诺伊格鲍Randy Neugebauer)周三说,“我担心,该政策的长期影响在于,它对老年人、储蓄者和所有面临较大不确定性的美国人所造成的伤害,以及可能由量化宽松引发的泡沫。”Others, meanwhile, say the economy remains weak, the purchases remain an effective medicine, and the Fed is retreating prematurely. Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, cast the sole dissenting vote Wednesday, arguing inflation was rising too slowly to stop buying bonds.但与此同时,另外一些人却表示,目前的经济仍然乏力,债券购买仍然是一剂良药,美联储的撤出为时过早。明尼阿波利斯联邦储备银Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)行长纳拉亚纳·柯薛拉柯Narayana Kocherlakota)周三投了唯一的反对票。他主张,通胀水平仍然过低,因此不应该停止购买债券。The Fed started buying bonds for the first time in modern times because it had run out of other options. Under Ben S. Bernanke, then the Feds chairman, the central bank cut its benchmark short-term interest rate to zero in December 2008, maxing out its primary means of influencing economic conditions. Mr. Bernanke had argued years earlier that central banks could further reduce borrowing costs by purchasing long-term bonds. The idea was that reducing the supply would force investors to accept lower interest rates from borrowers.美联储在现代历史上首次开始债券购买,是因为它当时已经别无选择0082月,在时任美联储主席本·S·伯南Ben S. Bernanke)的领导下,这家央行将短期基准利率降到了零,把它所拥有的影响经济环境的最主要手段用到了极限。几年前,伯南克曾表示,央行应该通过购买长期债券,进一步降低借贷成本。这背后的想法是,通过减少供应,使投资者不得不接受让借款者付较低的利率。Under Mr. Bernanke and then under his successor, Janet L. Yellen, the Fed proceeded to expand its holdings of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities to .5 trillion from less than trillion.在伯南克及其继任者珍妮特·L·耶伦(Janet L. Yellen)的领导下,美联储不断增持国债和抵押贷款担保券,从不到1万亿美元,增加到.5万亿美元。Looking back on the results earlier this year, Mr. Bernanke, now a fellow at the Brookings Institution, quipped, ;Well, the problem with Q.E. is it works in practice, but it doesnt work in theory.;回顾今年早些时候的经济数据,目前在布鲁金斯学会(Brookings Institution)担任研究员的伯南克不无讽刺地说,“嗯,量化宽松的问题在于,它在实际应用中行得通,在理论上却行不通。”The tapering of bond purchases has not shaken the conviction of investors that the Fed is unlikely to raise interest rates before the middle of next year.逐渐减少购债规模并没有动摇投资者的一个想法,即美联储不太可能在明年中期之前提高利率。Barbara J. Cummings, director of fixed income at Boston Private Wealth Management, said the low rates highlighted the relative impotence of Fed policy. ;I really believe that rates will continue to stay low because I think that there are other factors that are larger than what the Fed was doing,; she said, citing concerns about Europe that are driving flows of money into Treasuries.波士顿私人财富管理公Boston Private Wealth Management)固定收益总监芭芭拉·J·康明Barbara J. Cummings)说,低利率显示出,美联储政策效果较为有限。她说,“我相信利率将继续保持在低位,因为我认为还有其他比美联储的政策更重要的因素。”她提到,在对欧洲经济的担忧之下,投资者将资金用于购买美国国债。The Fed has not ruled a resumption of bond purchases. But the progress of the economic recovery makes that seem increasingly unlikely. Through September, employers this year have added an average of 227,000 jobs a month, and the unemployment rate has fallen faster than expected, to 5.9 percent. The Fed upgraded its appraisal of labor market conditions in its statement Wednesday, saying that ;underutilization of labor market resources is gradually diminishing.; The Fed also sought to downplay the concerns about the slow pace of inflation, saying that the likelihood of persistently low inflation has actually diminished since earlier this year.美联储并没有排除在未来恢复债券购买,不过经济复苏的进展让出现这种情况的可能性越来越小。今年截月,平均每月新增22.7万个就业岗位,失业率的下降速度超出预期,已降至5.9%。在周三的声明中,美联储对劳动力市场状况给出了更高的评价,称“劳动力市场资源未充分利用的状况正逐步缓解”。美联储还寻求弱化人们对通胀水平过低的担忧,称从今年早些时候开始,通胀长期处在低位的可能性已经降低。When the Fed first hinted that this day was coming in the summer of 2013, investors panicked and markets convulsed. But the Fed avoided a repeat by loudly announcing a schedule for the retreat and then adhering to it with absolute fidelity. Carl R. Tannenbaum, chief economist at Northern Trust, said that he hoped the Fed would emulate the clarity of its retreat from bond-buying as it moved toward raising interest rates. ;I do think this has been a success story,; he said. ;Im hoping that when the time comes to raise interest rates that theyll do an equally clear job of foreshadowing that.;2013年夏天,美联储首次暗示将减少购债时,投资者陷入恐慌,市场出现震荡。但美联储公开宣布了退出的时间表,并且严格恪守该计划,从而避免了市场波动的重演。北方信Northern Trust)首席经济师卡尔·R·坦嫩鲍姆(Carl R. Tannenbaum)说,他希望美联储在采取行动提高利率之时,可以像退出债券购买计划那样步骤清晰。“我认为这是一个成功的例子,”他说。“我希望他们在提高利率时,也同样能给出清晰的计划。”But a voice from the past, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, warned Wednesday in New York that the next phase of the Feds retreat would not unfold so smoothly. Asked whether the Fed could avoid turmoil, Mr. Greenspan responded, ;I dont think its possible.;但一个来自过去的声音——前美联储主席艾伦·格林斯Alan Greenspan)——周三在纽约警告说,美联储退出计划的下一阶段,不会进行得那么顺利。在被问到美联储能否避免市场动荡时,格林斯潘回答说,“我认为那不可能。”来 /201410/339400

Uganda is counting on China to provide bn to build much of its infrastructure backbone because Beijing offers the cheapest capital, President Yoweri Museveni said.乌干达总统约韦#8226;穆塞韦尼(Yoweri Museveni)表示,该国正仰赖中国提供100亿美元,以建造其主干基础设施中的一大部分,因为中国的资本最为便宜。Mr Museveni said China does not interfere in the African country’s controversy over homosexuality. He said Uganda’s previous intention to issue a debut sovereign bond to finance infrastructure projects was now a “last resort The president added that he was not encouraging private investment in big hydropower plants because the electricity produced might be too expensive. “Now the Chinese are coming and they come with a sense of solidarity and they come with big money, not small money, and they also have experience,Mr Museveni said.穆塞韦尼表示,中国没有干涉这个非洲国家围绕同性恋的争论。他说,乌干达先前发行首主权债券为基础设施项目融资的想法是“最后的依靠”。穆塞韦尼补充称,他不鼓励私人投资于大型水电站,因为这样产生的电力可能过于昂贵。他说:“现在中国人来了,他们带着团结的意识和大量、而非少量的资金来了,而且他们还有经验。”Finance from state agencies such as the Export-Import Bank of China and China Development Bank was preferable to that from the World Bank in at least one respect, he said.穆塞韦尼表示,来自中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)和中国国家开发银China Development Bank)等国有机构的融资,至少在一个方面好于来自世界银World Bank)的融资。“I was a bit embarrassed when I was talking to [representatives from] the World Bank. They talked about a lot of things like structural adjustment but they don’t understand the basics. How can you have structural adjustment without electricity?Mr Museveni asked. “The Chinese understand the basics.”“我与世界(的代表)交谈时有点尴尬。他们对结构性调整之类的事情滔滔不绝,但他们不明白基本问题。你没有电怎么进行结构性调整?”穆塞韦尼问道,“中国人就明白基本问题。”Uganda expects Chinese state-backed capital to finance two hydropower plants the Karuma and the Isimba dams and a railway line connecting Kampala, the Ugandan capital, to Kenya, South Sudan and the oil-rich West Nile region that borders the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda is banking on an bn loan from China to build the railway, the country’s largest infrastructure project to date.乌干达希望中国政府持的资本为卡鲁玛(Karuma)和伊斯姆Isimba)这两座水电站以及一条铁路线提供融资。该条铁路将该国首都坎帕拉与肯尼亚、南苏丹以及石油资源丰富、与刚果民主共和国接壤的西尼罗地区连接在一起。乌干达正依赖中国提供的80亿美元贷款建设这条铁路——该国迄今最大的基础设施项目。China has become a key investor in sub-Saharan Africa. Such activity helps drive the Asian giant’s trade with the continent, which has grown from under bn in 2000 to more than 0bn last year, overtaking the US and the former colonial European powers.中国已成为撒哈拉以南非洲地区的关键投资者。此类活动帮助推动了中国与非洲大陆的贸易,双方贸易额000年的不足100亿美元,增长至去年的000亿美元,超过了美国和曾殖民过非洲的欧洲国家。Nevertheless, if China was not forthcoming with funding for the railway Uganda would build it using revenues from oil it intends to start pumping in 2017, Mr Museveni said, estimating annual oil revenues of bn.然而,穆塞韦尼表示,如果中国没有对这条铁路提供融资,乌干达将使用计划于2017年开始开采的石油的收入建设,他估计每年的石油收入0亿美元。Uganda’s economy is set to grow at 5.9 per cent this year, the International Monetary Fund estimates but its currency has suffered because of war in South Sudan and weak agricultural output.国际货币基金组织(IMF)估计,乌干达今年的经济增长率可能.9%,但由于南苏丹的战争和本国农业产出疲弱,该国货币承压。China was a desirable partner in boosting GDP, he said, not only because of its funding capabilities but also as it desists from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Mr Museveni condemned those in the west who have criticised the country for strict anti-gay legislation, which was thrown out by Kampala’s constitutional court.穆塞韦尼表示,中国是乌干达提升GDP的理想合作伙伴,不仅是因为其有能力提供资金,而且也是因为它坚持不干涉他国内务。穆塞韦尼谴责了那些对该国出台严厉的反同性恋法提出批评的西方人士。该法已被坎帕拉的宪法法院废除。来 /201410/337315

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