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四川生殖专业医院价格表成都第五医院正规的吗In the 14 billion years since the Big Bang, galaxies have been created, filled with stars, planets, and moons, and the universe has been expanding the whole time.大爆炸以后的140亿年里,包罗万象的星河创生了,它囊括了无数的恒星,行星以及卫星。宇宙还在不停地膨胀。We’ve learnt space is quite big, at least a hundred and fifty billion light years across.我们探究后得知太空非常辽阔,至少有1500亿光年长。The universe may be infinite; it might literally go on forever.宇宙也许是无限;它可能会永远膨胀下去。The answer is it doesn’t have to be anything, in principle, the universe could be infinite and there’s no outside. Or it could be closed on itself. It could be such if I looked far enough in that direction I see the back of my head.原则上讲宇宙有很多可能性,它可以是无限的,没有尽头,或者它是封闭的。很可能是这样,如果朝一个方向观察得足够远,我可能会看见我的后脑勺。We may never know the Big Bang produced a universe that goes on forever. But we do know that the Big Bang hasnt stopped yet.我们不可能知道大爆炸形成的宇宙会不会永远膨胀下去。但是我们知道大爆炸还没有停止。The Big Bang is really continuing now, we are continuing to bang if you want in the sense the expansion of the universe is continuing.现在大爆炸确实在继续,宇宙确实在继续膨胀,从这个意义上讲,我们也会继续爆炸。One of the most astounding discoveries in the last few years has been the realization that our universe is not slowing down like we once thought, but is actually speeding up, is accelerating, is in a run-away mode. We now believe there’s something called dark energy, the energy of nothing that is pushing the galaxies apart, and is killing the universe.过去的几年里,最令人震惊的发现之一就是人类意识到,宇宙并没有像我们想的那样减速膨胀,而是在加速,以近乎逃跑的方式在加速。现在我们相信宇宙间存有一种物质叫做暗能量。这种能量会推离宇宙推,进而将其毁灭。We can’t see this destructive force and we have no idea why it exists, but it could mean the end of everything created in the Big Bang. If dark energy continues pushing the universe apart, our milky-way galaxy could become a lonely outpost, a hundred billion years from now, most of our galactic neighbors will be out of sight. Stars will burn out, galaxies will grow dark, even atoms will tear apart. The birth of the universe, the Big Bang was over in a flash, but the death of our universe will take almost forever.我们看不见这种破坏性的力量,我们也不知道它为何存在,但是它意味终结,大爆炸所创造的一切都会终结。如果暗能量继续分离宇宙,我们的系就会变成孤独的前哨。再过1000亿年,大多数比邻的星系将会从视野里消失。恒星会燃尽,星系会黯然,就连原子也会分崩离析。宇宙的起源-大爆炸会在瞬间结束,但是宇宙却差不多永远存在。That great philosopher of the western world, Willie Allan, once said “eternity is an awful long time, especially toward the end”.西方国家一位伟大的哲学家威廉·艾伦说过,“永恒是长的可怕的时间,尤其是在接近尾声时。”Figuring out how our universe will end is as dark a mystery as the Big Bang. It could collapse back in on itself like a balloon when the air is let out.宇宙如何终结就如谜一样黑暗的大爆炸。它可能会像气球漏气一样坍塌回原形。201205/184906宜宾第一人民医院的营业时间 Books and Arts; Book Review;Our love of garbage;Rubbish heaps;文艺;书评;我们对垃圾的爱;成堆的垃圾;Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash. By Edward Humes.《垃圾学:我们对垃圾非常感兴趣》,Edward Humes 著。Although it is the buried tombs and the lost cities that get all the press, one of the most valuable things that an archaeologist can dig up is rubbish. Palace murals and heroic statues record the sanitised, official version of history, but a societys garbage tells the true story of how its members lived.虽然深埋的古墓和迷失的城市占据了所有的新闻版面,但是垃圾,却是考古学家们最值得深挖的东西。宫廷壁画,英雄雕像,那些记录的都是一尘不染的东西,是历史的官方版本,但是,一个社会的垃圾讲述的却是实实在在的市民生活。With that thought in mind, archaeologists of the future are in for a treat. The industrial societies of the worlds developed countries are the most wasteful ever, their spoor turning up in every corner of the Earth. Almost by definition, waste is something that most people prefer not to think too much about. But Edward Humes, an American journalist, is fascinated by the stuff. “Garbology” is his attempt to make sense of our historically unprecedented iness to throw things away.这样想来,我们确实是好好地款待了那些未来的考古学家们。因为处于工业社会的发达国家,他们制造了有史以来最多的垃圾,地球上的每个角落都有他们的足迹。很显然,大多数的人是不怎么会深思垃圾这类东西的。但是爱德华休姆斯,一位美国记者,却对垃圾如此着迷。他试图通过“垃圾学”,搞清楚我们为什么会及其相当之非常愿意扔东西。The book begins at the Puente Hills landfill, an artificial mountain near Los Angeles. It is the biggest dump in America, 30 years old, 150 metres high and containing 130m tonnes of rubbish within a 700-acre footprint. If it were a building, it would be among the 20 tallest in the city. Building a rubbish pile is, it turns out, surprisingly high-tech. The mountain is a giant, putrid layer-cake, with dozens of strata of rubbish separated by soil and plastic liners designed to contain the brew of noxious chemicals that would otherwise leach into groundwater. The rot produces methane, which is collected via a network of pipes that penetrate the mountain, and burned to produce electricity.本书以朋地山垃圾场开头,朋地山垃圾场,靠近洛杉矶,大得看起来像一座假山。是美国最大的垃圾堆,30岁高龄,150米高,1.3亿吨,700英亩。假如它是一座建筑物的话,那就能名列该城市前20名了。建一座拉一堆可不是易事,事实明,技术含量出奇的高。这座大山犹如一个腐烂的大蛋糕,几十层的垃圾,由土和塑料管隔开。设计塑料管的目的,是为了防止变质中的有毒化学物质浸入地下水。腐烂物产生沼气,经由管网收集,管网贯穿大山之中,然后燃烧发电。From there, Mr Humes traces the history of garbage in America, beginning with New Yorks “White Wings”, an army of municipal rubbish collectors created to clean the citys stinking streets in the 19th century, through the heyday of backyard incinerators (and the smog they produced) to the modern day, where the most common solutions often involve burying the stuff in the ground or dumping it in the sea. He talks to the researchers who are chronicling the plasticisation of the oceans, a swelling suspended solution of pulverised plastic. And he describes the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an enormous expanse of the Pacific Ocean where currents concentrate the trash over a continent-sized area.休姆斯先生从那里去追溯美国的垃圾历史。先从纽约“白翼”开始,纽约“白翼”指的是19世纪,为了清扫臭气熏天的街道,市里成立的专门用于收垃圾的群体。之后是后院焚烧炉活跃期(还有焚烧炉产生的烟雾)。再后就是如今,最普遍的垃圾处理方法莫过于地下掩埋或是倾倒大海。休姆斯先生与从事海洋塑化记录的研究员一起,谈论那悬而未决的、了不起的粉末塑料解决方案。他说,太平洋垃圾带,使太平洋体积膨胀变大,水流将垃圾集中到一起,大小有陆地那么大。The author is just as interested in the creation of rubbish as its disposal. But whereas few will disagree with the gist of his observations about the shortcomings of our modern, disposable, consumer culture, the analysis is rather superficial. Mr Humes comes close to blaming a single man—J. Gordon Lippincott, an industrial designer—for the creation of the entire wasteful model of modern consumerism. And although it is understandable that an American author should write a book looking mostly at the problems of America, it nevertheless feels like a missed opportunity. Some of the most interesting parts of the book come towards the end, where he discusses some of the possible solutions—such as Denmarks strategy of burning rubbish to produce electricity, or an Irish scheme to charge shoppers for plastic bags, which led to a 90% drop in their use. Food for thought, and more.这位作者对垃圾的产生与对垃圾的处理一样感兴趣。但是他的言论宗旨,即我们现代的、一次性的消费文化缺陷,虽然很少有人反对,可是依然很肤浅。休姆斯先生几近于只责备一个人——杰戈登利平科特,工业设计师——创造了整个奢侈的现代化消费模式。作为一个美国作者,主要写当下美国发生的问题,是可以理解的,可是这总还是会让人觉得缺少了点什么。一些最有趣的部分放在了最后,像关于垃圾问题的可行的解决方案——丹麦焚烧垃圾发电,或是爱尔兰人对塑料袋收费计划,降低了对塑料袋90%的使用。发人深思,意味深远,超出你的想象。 /201212/212170都江堰市检查妇科病哪家医院最好的

四川大学华西第二医院做人流雅安市第一人民医院做孕检多少钱 Business.商业。Women managers in Asia.女性高管在亚洲。Untapped talent.尚待开发的人才。Sexism is rife in Asia. That creates an opportunity for non-chauvinist firms.性别歧视在亚洲;大行其道;。这为非大男子主义至上的企业创造了机遇。IN THE West, women typically make up 10-20% of upper management and company boards. They are relatively lucky. A report from McKinsey, a consultancy, shows that Asian women lag far behind.在西方,女性通常占据10-20%的公司高层和董事会职位。相比之下,她们是幸运的。来自麦肯锡咨询机构(McKinsey)的报告显示在此方面,亚洲女性大大落后了。There are exceptions. In Australia womens share of board and executive-committee jobs is roughly on a par with that in America and parts of Europe. Singapore too has a large number of women in senior management (see chart). But elsewhere the picture is mostly dire, and not necessarily because the countries concerned are poor. In Japan and South Korea, both rich, women are about as likely to sit on boards as men are to serve tea.例外也是有的。在澳大利亚,女性在董事会和执行领导层所占份额与美国和欧洲部分水平一致。新加坡也有大量女性工作在高级经理职位上。但在其他地方,女高管的境地就多半是岌岌可危的了,也不一定,都因为相关国家很穷。在日本和韩国这两个富裕国家,女子就很可能只是给坐在董事会里的男人们倒茶端水,而不是一起议事。One reason why so few women in Asia get plum jobs is that in most countries far fewer of them are in the workforce than in the West, where their labour-force participation rate is usually around 60-70%. In India only about one woman in three has a formal job, though millions sweat on farms and in family businesses. Education is unequal, too. In -10 only 10-15% of students entering the elite Indian Institutes of Management were female. But even in Asian countries where plenty of women leap from college onto the corporate ladder, they do not climb as high as men.很少有亚细亚女性会得到称心如意的工作,一个原因是多数亚洲国家里,在职场中仅有极少数的女子,而在西方女性参与劳动(工作)率一般大致在60-70%。在印度,三个女子中大约只有一个有正式工作,虽然有数百万的女性在农场和家庭事务上挥洒汗水。教育也是不平等的。09到10年度,进入印度精英管理学院的学生中仅有10-15%是女性。但即使是在那些有众多女性能从大学走上职业之路的国家,她们也没攀登到男性所能达到的高度。The most common reasons given are much the same as in Europe: the double burden of work and domestic responsibilities; the requirement in many senior jobs to be always available and free to travel; womens reluctance to blow their own trumpet; and the scarcity of female role models. In Asia, an additional hurdle is the lack of public services to support families, such as child care.与在欧洲一样,最为普遍也是肯定的原因是:职场与家庭责任的双重重担;高管职位随时随地的出差要求(受家庭牵连,女性做不到这点);女性对自卖自夸的不情愿;以及女性榜样的稀缺。而在亚洲,另一个障碍是缺乏诸如孩童看护(Child Care)一类的,援助家庭的公共务。So is it just a question of waiting until Asia catches up with the West? The McKinsey reports authors, Claudia Süssmuth-Dyckerhoff, Jin Wang and Josephine Chen, think it is not as simple as that. Having studied 744 large companies and quizzed 1,500 executives in ten Asian countries, they conclude that, unlike their Western counterparts, Asian senior managers are not very interested in the subject. Some 70% of them did not see ;gender diversity; as a strategic priority.所以,这个问题只是:等待亚洲赶上西方的脚步吗?麦肯锡报告的作者,Claudia Süssmuth-Dyckerhoff,王进(音译)和乔瑟夫?陈(Josephine Chen),认为问题不是那样简单。在研究了774家大公司和问卷调查了1500位来自十个国家的高管,他们总结出,不像西方的同僚,亚洲的高级经理人们对这个话题兵不感兴趣。他们中大约70%不认为;性别多样性;是一项当务之急。The McKinsey authors think such managers are misguided. They point to companies in Asia that have done well out of recruiting lots of women, such as Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company (whose customers are mainly female), and Cisco, an American technology firm which snaps up Asian female talent. It is one of several Western firms that benefit from Asian sexism, in that it is easier to recruit good women when their compatriots ignore them.麦肯锡报告的作者们认为这些经理人们是错误的。他们给出了一些在亚洲从任用女性中获利,并取得成功的公司,如资生堂(Shiseido),一家日本化妆品公司(它的顾客主要是女性),以及思科(Cisco),一家美国抢夺亚洲女性人才的科技公司。这只是从亚洲性别歧视中获益的西方公司中的一家,当女性的同胞们都忽略排斥她们的时候,聘用她们就非常容易了。A study in 2011 by Heidrick amp; Struggles, a headhunter, found that a third of Asian executives were worried about being able to attract and retain the staff they needed in the next two years. Women could help fill the gap.一份2011年来自Heidrick amp; Struggles人才猎头公司的研究发现有三分之一的亚洲公司高管担心能否在未来两年内吸引和维持所需的员工数量。女性有助于填补这个空当。In a book published last year, ;Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets;, Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid found that, despite cultural constraints, women in developing countries were increasingly well qualified. Judging by what they told pollsters, they were also more ambitious than Western women, and more loyal to their employers than men.一本去年出版的书,《在新兴市场中赢得人才战争》(;Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets;)之中,Sylvia Ann Hewlett 和 Ripa Rashid发现,尽管有文化限制,发展中国家中具有学历、能胜任的女性们越来越多了。由她们对调查者所言来判断,她们比西方女性更有抱负,也比男性更忠诚于老板。Citing studies suggesting that firms with more women at the top perform better, the McKinsey report urges Asian companies to do more to harness female talent. It will be a hard sell, but according to Ms Wang, ;Five to ten years might do it.;麦肯锡报告援引了数篇研究,它们都暗示高层有更多女性的企业在市场上表现更好,所以它催促公司们在利用女性人才方面更进一步。这将是个很难有市场的主意,但据王女士的说法,;五到十年也许会有很好的效果。; /201209/197632蒲江县打孩子多少钱

四川成都妇女医院好不When Continents Collide: The History Of Our Planet大陆相撞:我们星球的历史It was one of the Earths momentous times. Continents collided. Volcanoes erupted. Ocean currents shifted. Species ran amok.这是地球意义非凡的时刻之一。大陆板块碰撞,火山喷发,洋流变化,各种物种横行。Twenty million years ago, North and South America were arranged in nearly the same positions as they are today. The big difference being, they were separated by a deep open channel called the Central American Seaway. There was no Panama and no need for a Panama Canal because there was clear sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.两千万年前,南北美洲与今天相比位置相差无几。最大的迥异之处在于,它们被一条称作中美航道的深邃广阔的海峡分开。当时没有巴拿马,也没有巴拿马运河存在的必要,因为当时有从大西洋到太平洋的畅通的航道。But the Earth is a geologically active planet with shifting crustal plates. During the time period between twenty and three million years ago, the Pacific Plate collided with the Caribbean Plate, pushing magma to the surface to make islands in the sea, and eventually creating a land bridge between the two continents. The movement not only changed the land, it disrupted ocean currents, opened a door to species migrations and probably altered the worlds climate.但地球是一个地壳板块不停运动,地质十分活跃的星球。在两千万年前到三千万年前的这段时间里,太平洋板块与加勒比海板块发生碰撞,使得岩浆喷发出地表在海 洋中形成岛屿,并最终形成了连接上述两块大陆的陆地桥梁。这一运动不光改变了陆地,同时也改变了洋流,为物种迁移提供条件,并很可能改变了地球的气候。When the land bridge closed, equatorial waters could no longer mix. The Atlantic became saltier and the Pacific more dilute, creating a gradient that moves water in a giant loop around the globe today. Warm Atlantic water that used to pass through the gap moved northward, becoming the Gulf Stream. Scientists believe these changes created a warmer Europe and contributed to our recent cyclic ice ages.当陆地桥梁合拢的时候,赤道附近的水域无法再相通。大西洋变得盐度更大,而太平洋恰恰相反,这就形成梯度,成为今天的全球洋流大循环。温暖的大西洋海水之 前流经海峡,如今只能向北流动,形成墨西哥湾暖流。科学家相信这些变化使得欧洲更加温暖,并影响了我们最近一次周期性冰河世纪的到来。The land bridge also opened the way for species to cross from one continent to the other. Deer, horses, raccoons, bears and the camel ancestors of llamas moved south across the bridge. Anteaters, porcupines, opossums and armadillos moved north.陆地桥梁同时也为物种在大陆之间的迁移创造条件。鹿,马,浣熊,熊和美洲驼的骆驼祖先通过这座“桥”来到南美洲。食蚁兽、豪猪、负鼠、犰狳 则一路向北。Unfortunately, many large South America species couldnt compete with the North American animals and became extinct, changing the ecology of an entire continent.不幸的是,许多大型的南美洲物种无力同北美洲迁移过来的动物竞争,从而灭绝,这改变了整个大陆的生态系统。 /201206/187719 Today, we have again called the Syrian charge in London, here to the foreign office, he has been given 7 days to leave the country, other Syrian diplomats will be expelled, two other diplomats will be expelled at the same time. And our allies and partners around the world will be taking similar action and announcing it today, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the ed States, Canada and Australia. Of course, we will seek other ways to increase the pressure as well. We will discuss it in the European Union a further tightening of sanctions on Syria. And I’ve had discussions with Russia that I had yesterday, we will go on trying to increase the international pressure on the regime, this is a part of that tightening of pressure.今日,我再次传召驻伦敦利比亚法官前来外交部,要求他在7天之内离境,同时其他两名叙利亚外交官将会被驱逐处境。我们在世界各地的盟友,合作伙伴也会采取同样的行动,在这里我宣布盟友包括法国、德国、意大利、西班牙、美国、加拿大和澳大利亚这七个国家。我们也会寻求其他方式来施压。我们会在欧盟讨论对叙利亚实行更为严厉的制裁。我们已经同俄罗斯商榷过,我们会继续向叙利亚政府施加更大的国际压力。Apparently, according to Kofi Annan’s spokesman, he conveyed in the frankly possible terms, the importance of President Assad stopping the violence. So it’s clear that Kofi Annan has expressed concern about the regime’s involvement in what appears to be ongoing violence, not just that incident in Houla on Friday which is shot so many and led to this diplomatic coordination of countries’ expelling Syrian envoys around the world. Now, Kofi Annan, I think was hoping for President Assad to agree to do more, but in the face of this blankly denials and the shifting of blame to these terrorists groups. It appears that the regime’s continuing on the familiar path, blaming someone else, blaming the armed uprising and saying that he’s actually sticking to ceasefire and ceasefire which is clearly not in place at all.根据安南的发言人,很明显安南会在任期内向阿萨德总统转达制止这场暴力事件的重要性。很明显安南对政府干涉这场似乎还在持续的暴力事件表示十分担忧,不仅仅是指星期五发生的胡拉屠杀事件,该事件使许多平民遇害,并迫使全世界的外交协同国家驱逐利比亚大使。我认为,现在安南希望阿萨德总统做一些有意义的承诺,而不是断然否决,将事件嫁祸于恐怖分子团体。看来叙利亚政府在重复之前的老路——推卸责任,责怪反对派武装起义,并坚称自己在严格遵守停火协定,但很明显停火协定根本不起作用。201206/186373成都妇幼医院剖腹产需多少钱四川成都市一院口碑好不好




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