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成都第三人民医院是几甲医院都江堰市妇幼保健院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样Pirates Reaching Farther Out to Sea to Hijack Vessels索马里海盗到远海劫持至少六艘船  In response to increased naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden, pirates in Somalia are venturing hundreds of kilometers out to sea to seize vessels. The change in tactic has allowed pirates to successfully hijack numerous ships in recent days, including a private yacht with a child on board. 索马里海盗冒险到数百公里以外的海面劫持过往船只,以此应付亚丁湾日益增加的海军巡逻。海盗的策略变化使他们最近几天成功地劫持了很多船只,包括一艘私人游艇,上面还有一个孩子。Since the beginning of April, pirates have successfully seized at least a half-a-dozen vessels off the coast of Somalia in a surge of activity that has not been seen in months.  从4月以来,海盗在索马里海岸活动猖獗,频繁程度几个月来少见。他们成功地劫持了至少6艘船。The director of the International Maritime Bureau in London, Pottengal Mukundun, told VOA the maritime community is alarmed not only by the number of vessels seized in such a short period, but where some of the hijackings are taking place. 在伦敦的国际海事局主任穆昆敦对美国之音说,航运界不仅对如此短的时间内被劫持的船只数量感到吃惊,也对其中一些劫持行动发生的地点表示惊讶。"I think the important change has been the fact that there are now attacks taking place hundreds of miles southeast of Mogadishu. And that is the big change," he said. 他说:“我认为重要的变化是,现在发生的海上袭击距离首都加迪沙东南数百公里。”Mukundun said pirates have become active in the region of the Seychelles and Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean, where there are no international naval patrols. 穆昆敦说,海盗在印度洋的塞舌尔群岛和科罗群岛地区的活动开始活跃,那里没有国际海军巡逻。On Saturday, pirates hijacked a German container vessel with more than 20 crew members more than 740 kilometers off the southern Somali port city of Kismayo. Two days later, a Taiwan-flagged fishing trawler with 29 men aboard was taken in waters near Denis Island in the Seychelles.  星期六,在索马里港口城市基斯马尤海岸740公里的海上,海盗持了一艘德国集装箱货轮和船上的20多名船员。两天以后,一艘悬挂台湾旗的拖网渔船和29名船员在塞舌尔群岛的丹尼斯岛附近水域被劫持。On April 2, pirates, operating more than 1,000 kilometers southeast of the Somali coast, attacked a luxury British ship, carrying western tourists. None of the tourists were taken hostage, but the ship was seized along with its seven-member crew.  4月2日,海盗在索马里海岸东南1000多公里的海上活动,袭击了一艘满载西方游客的豪华英国游轮。没有任何游客被绑架,但是游轮和7名船员被扣押。In 2008, pirates attacked more than 120 commercial and private vessels, mostly in the Gulf of Aden between Somalia and Yemen at the mouth of the Red Sea. The narrow waterway is vital to ships carrying goods between Europe and the Far East. 2008年,海盗袭击了120多艘商业和私人船只,大多数在红海角的索马里和也门之间的亚丁湾。这条狭窄的水域是来往欧洲和远东商船的必经之地。 The disruption of trade and shipping in the Gulf of Aden prompted more than a dozen countries to send naval forces to escort ships and to protect shipping lanes. Their efforts in thwarting pirate attacks have been credited with significantly reducing the number of successful pirate boardings there for the first three months of this year.  亚丁湾贸易和航运被破坏,促使10多个国家派遣海军护航保护航道。他们的努力挫败了许多海盗袭击,大幅度减少了今年头3个月海盗成功登船劫持的数量。But journalist David Hughes of Maritimenet.org said dispatching warships to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean is simply not an option. 但是Maritimenet.org的记者休斯说,派遣军舰在印度洋打击海盗并不是有效方法。"You cannot really do too much over such a widesp area as the northern Indian Ocean. You can in the Gulf of Aden, where there is a bottleneck. But you cannot start escorting every ship down the east African coast or across the northern half of the Indian Ocean," he said. 他说:“无法在北印度洋这样一块广阔的海域上有所作为。在亚丁湾或许可以,那里有一个瓶颈。但是不能给每艘驶往东非海岸或者穿越印度洋北部的船只护航。”In a reminder of the limitations of naval operations even in the Gulf of Aden, pirates hijacked a large Italian-operated bulk carrier there early Monday. 即便是在亚丁湾,海军护航的能力也有限。海盗星期一清晨在那里劫持了一艘意大利大型散装船。Meanwhile, officials in France said they know the location of a French yacht hijacked Saturday by pirates off the northeast coast of Somalia. The yacht, carrying two couples and a three-year-old boy, was more than 640 kilometers off the Somali coast when it was seized. 另外,法国官员说,他们知道海盗星期六在索马里东北海域劫持的法国游艇的地点。这艘游艇上乘坐了两对夫妇和一个3岁男孩。劫持地点在索马里海岸大约640多公里的海上。04/66528成都市新都区中医院有四维彩超吗 Indian Prime Minister Calls for Tough Steps to Stem Growing Violence印度总统誓言铲除恐怖及群体暴力  Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is calling for tough action to stem a surge of terrorist and communal violence that has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months across the country.印度总理辛格呼吁采取更加严厉的措施来铲除恐怖分子活动和群体暴力,因为印度最近几个月已经为此复出了数百条人命的代价。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Monday violence seems to be permeating across the length and bth of the country, and called it an assault on the country's composite culture.辛格星期一说,暴力活动似乎正在淹没著这个幅员辽阔的国家。他并称这是对印度这个多元化国家的威胁。Mr. Singh was addressing a meeting of the National Integration Council, which includes chief ministers of the country's 28 states, leaders of political parties, and senior ministers.辛格在“国家统一委员会”的一次会议上发表了讲话。这个委员会的成员包括印度28个省的主要官员以及政治党派领袖和资深部长。"An atmosphere of hatred and violence is being artificially generated," he said. "There are forces deliberately encouraging such tendencies and also spawning militant outfits who engaged in irrational violence. These need to be firmly dealt with." 辛格说:“仇恨和暴力的情绪正在被无中生有地炮制出来。有些势力蓄意鼓励这样的倾向并且衍生出反叛团伙来搞非理性暴力活动。我们必须坚定地面对这一切。”The Prime Minister voiced his concern as India grapples with a wave of terrorist, sectarian and religious violence that has killed hundreds of people across the country in recent months.辛格是在印度陷入恐怖分子、分裂活动和宗教暴力浪潮之中的时候说这番话的。最近几个月,印度全国已经有几百人因此丧生。A series of bomb attacks across several major cities has killed 140 people. The eastern state of Orissa has been wracked with clashes between Hindus and Christians since August. In the northeastern state of Assam, ethnic clashes between indigenous tribes and Muslim settlers have killed more than 50 people in recent weeks.在几个大城市发生的炸弹攻击事件导致140人死亡。位于东部的奥里萨邦8月份以来弥漫著印度教徒和基督教徒之间冲突的硝烟。在东北部阿萨姆邦,当地部落与穆斯林定居者之间的冲突最近几个星期也让50多人丧生。Many of the attacks are blamed on radical Muslim and Hindu groups. Hardline Hindu organizations have been accused of carrying out deadly attacks on Christians. Authorities say a homegrown radical Islamist group, the Indian Mujahideen, carried out the bomb attacks in several cities.激进的穆斯林和印度教派被认为制造了许多起攻击事件。人们指责强硬的印度教组织对基督徒发动了多起致命袭击。官方说,一个当地的激进伊斯兰分子团伙,也就是“印度圣战者”在好几个城市发动了炸弹袭击。In recent weeks, police have arrested more than 20 Muslims, including students of a prominent Muslim University, for their links to the Indian Mujahideen. However, Muslim leaders accuse the police of making indiscriminate arrests in the wake of the bomb attacks.最近几个星期,警方已经逮捕了包括一所名牌大学“穆斯林大学”的学生在内的20多个穆斯林,因为他们和“印度圣战者”组织有联系。不过,穆斯林领导人指责警方在发生炸弹爆炸之后不加区分地逮捕民众。Responding to such concerns, Prime Minister Singh cautioned law enforcement agencies on the need to be sensitive. 对此,辛格总理做出了回应。他警告说,执法部门有必要谨慎从事。"At the same time it is important that in trying to counter terrorism wrong methods and means are not adopted," the prime minister said. "Any impression that any community or sections amongst them are being targeted, or some kind of profiling is being attempted should be avoided." “与此同时,在争取对抗恐怖主义的时候,不应该采取错误的方式方法。要避免人们产生任何把某些社区或者派别当作目标或者根据种族归类的印象。”Authorities are under pressure to act against both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalist groups and stem the growing tide of violence.当局正受到抗击印度教和穆斯林基本教义团伙的压力,同时还要铲除日益增加的暴力活动。But analysts say action against radical groups is often not firm enough in a country where political parties do not want to alienate either Hindu or Muslim voters. Muslims make up about 12 per cent of the population in Hindu majority India.但是,分析人士说,在一个像印度这样的国家里,没有哪个政党想把自己和印度教或者穆斯林教决裂开来,所以反击极端团伙的行动往往力度不够。在印度教徒占多数的印度,穆斯林占大约12%。200810/52784Full Extent of Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe Not Known津爆发霍乱危机 健康系统崩溃 U.N. aid agencies say Zimbabwe is grappling with a cholera crisis of unprecedented proportions. They say the social and health breakdown in the country is making it difficult to gauge the full extent of the epidemic. 联合国援助机构说,津巴布韦正面临空前的霍乱危机。他们说,这个国家的社会和健康系统已经崩溃,使它们无法充分估计这种疾病流行的严重程度。The ed Nations reports the total number of suspected cholera cases in Zimbabwe is approaching 14,000, with nearly 600 deaths. But a World Health Organization spokeswoman, Fadela Chaib, says these figures have to be taken with some caution.  联合国的报告说,在津巴布韦,被怀疑为霍乱病例的人数已接近1万4000人,有近600人已经死亡。世界卫生组织发言人费德拉.查伊说,这些数字必须谨慎加以对待。She says most of the reported cases and deaths from cholera come from the capital, Harare and two other major cities. 她说,大部分霍乱病例和死亡的报告都是来自首都哈拉雷和其他两个主要城市。"We are giving these numbers based on the best knowledge we have on the situation on the ground," said Chaib. "But, the reporting and surveillance systems are weak in most of the districts in the country. So, we will not be surprised if when we get into these remote areas or when we have a better tracking system that the numbers of cases and deaths will be more important than what we are reporting presently." 她说:“我们公布的这些数字是根据我们尽最大努力对实地情况的了解。但是,在这个国家的大多数地区,报告和监视系统都很薄弱。所以,如果当我们能够进入偏远地区或我们有一个更好的跟踪系统,病例和死亡人数会比我们目前所报告的更多,我们不会对此感到奇怪。”In a crisis situation, such as that unfolding in Zimbabwe, Chaib says the World Health Organization sets up an early warning system to monitor the disease. She says the World Health Organization depends upon volunteers and health personnel to go to hospitals and clinics to record all the illnesses and deaths. 查伊说,在危机的情况下,就像津巴布韦目前的局面,世界卫生组织就会建立一个早期预警系统来监测疾病的流行。她说,世界卫生组织依靠志愿人员和医务人员前往医院和诊所,并且记录下所有的患者和死亡的数字。But in this case, she says the World Health Organization is unable to get the people it needs to maintain an effective surveillance system. She attributes this to the breakdown of the country's social and economic infrastructures. 但是,她说,在津巴布韦,世界卫生组织无法得到所需要的人员来维持一个有效的监视系统。她把原因归咎于这个国家社会和经济基础设施的崩溃。"The health infrastructure in the country is very weak and it is very difficult to find medical supplies or equipment," said Chaib. "And, also health workers are not well paid and they leave their work, in fact, because the economic and social conditions are deteriorating in the country on a continuous scale. There are also a lot of strikes by the health workers because they are not paid. Or if they are paid, it is very late and their conditions of work are not good.  她说:“这个国家的卫生基础设施非常薄弱,很难找到医疗用品或设备。而且,卫生工作者的薪水微薄,有的离开了他们的岗位。事实上,这也是由于津巴布韦经济和社会条件持续大规模恶化。另外,许多卫生保健系统的工作人员举行罢工,因为他们没有得到工资。或者,如果他们发到了工资,通常也已经拖欠了很长时间。他们的工作条件也很恶劣。”The U.N. aid agencies report the outbreak is worsening amidst growing criminality in the country. They say security is bad and looting is on the increase, as are attacks and robberies of humanitarian aid workers. 联合国援助机构报告说,津巴布韦霍乱疫情的爆发正在恶化,与此同时,这个国家的犯罪行为正在上升。救援机构报告说,安全局面每况愈下,抢劫事件正在增加,与此同时,还发生袭击和抢劫人道主义援助人员的事件。Cholera is having a devastating impact, as 43 out of Zimbabwe's 62 districts are reporting cases. In addition, the ed Nations reports cholera is sping to South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique. 霍乱正在对津巴布韦产生破坏性影响,在津巴布韦的62个区里,已经有43个区报告有疫情发生。此外,联合国的报告还说,霍乱正在蔓延到南非、茨瓦纳和莫桑比克。200812/58447成都市生殖是公立医院吗?

武侯区妇幼保健医院妇产科怎样EU Finance Ministers to Discuss 3 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan欧盟财长开会讨论经济刺激计划  European Union finance ministers meet today and Tuesday to discuss the details of a 3 billion economic stimulus proposal by the bloc's executive arm. 欧盟各国的财政部长星期一和星期二举行两天会议,讨论欧盟执行机构欧盟委员会建议的2530亿美元的经济刺激方案的实施细节。European finance ministers, meeting in Brussels, are expected to study the details of the economic stimulus plan and seek coordinated action on boosting the European Union economies, along with their own national stimulus plans. The bloc-wide proposal was announced the the EU's executive arm, last week, to pump up the economy of the 27-member European Union, which is fast sliding toward recession.  欧盟各国的财政部长正在布鲁塞尔举行会议,研究经济刺激方案的实施细节,并寻求与本国各自的经济刺激方案协调一致的行动,来推动欧盟的经济。上星期,欧盟委员会宣布了这个全欧盟范围内的方案,以提振欧盟27个成员国正在迅速滑向衰退的经济。Analyst Katinka Barysch, of the Center for European Reform in London, believes the ministers will come to some kind of consensus at the end of the meeting, Tuesday. 设在伦敦的欧洲改革中心的分析人士卡金卡.巴里茨认为,欧盟各国财长将在星期二会议结束时达成某些共识。"Hopefully a fairly united statement that the EU governments acknowledge that a fiscal stimulus is needed," she said. "That any protective reactions will have to be resisted. That there will be some kind of watering down of the stability and growth pact. That they will allow the European Commission to accelerate spending on regional aid projects and infrastructure projects, which means losing some of the rules that we usually apply to that spending." 他说:“会议有希望发表一份相对协调一致的宣言,欧盟各国政府将承认需要实行财政刺激措施,抵制任何形式的保护主义对策,达成某种自上而下的有关稳定和增长的协议。他们将允许欧盟委员会加快落实地区性援助项目和基础设施工程项目的开,这意味着取消以往这些开通常所需要的某些规则。”But the details the measures and what they will actually aim to accomplish remain vague. The stimulus plan takes into account national packages to boost the economy, like those aly announced by Britain, Italy and Germany. France is expected to announce its own plan, Thursday. But it is unclear how much of the funding involved is actually new money. Germany is also coming under pressure to up commit more funding to fight the downturn.  但是这些措施的细节以及他们所要达到的目标仍然模糊不清。欧盟的经济刺激方案考虑到各国自己的提振经济的计划,比如英国、意大利和德国已经宣布的那些方案。法国预计将在星期四推出它自己的刺激方案,但是目前还不清楚其中实际包括多少新的资金。德国也面临投入更多资金防止经济下行的压力。"There are obviously big divisions and Germany, particularly, is in the dock, because people say Germany, despite its very sound budget position and despite its big external surplus, isn't really willing to put as much into a fiscal stimulus as other countries are doing," continued Barysch. 巴里茨说:“显然还存在着巨大的分歧,尤其是德国处于被动局面,因为人们认为,尽管德国的预算状况良好,并且享有巨大的外贸盈余,但是它不愿意像其他国家那样投入那么多的资金来实行财政刺激措施。”EU leaders are expected to approve the final stimulus package during a summit, later this month. 欧盟领导人预计在本月晚些时候举行的峰会上批准最后的经济刺激方案。200812/57758四川省化工机械厂职工医院妇科地址 Canada andChina加拿大与中国Givingthe Lai遣返赖昌星Stephen Harper’sgovernment changes its tuneStephen Harper 政府态度转变Jul 30th 2011 |OTTAWA | fromthe print editionJOHNBAIRD, Canada’s foreign minister, insists there wasno hidden political hand behind his government’s deportation on July 23rd ofLai Changxing to Beijing, where he was promptly arrested on charges relating toa multi-billion dollar smuggling ring which acted there with apparent officialconnivance in the 1990s. The Chinese authorities have been pressing Canada tohand over Mr Lai since 1999. The decision to do so, says Mr Baird, was takenfreely by an independent judiciary “and we wouldn’t and couldn’t intervene.”加拿大外交部长John Baird,坚持认为加拿大政府对赖昌星的遣返背后没有政治操控。作为发生在九十年代的这场显然得到官方默许的数十亿美金走私大案的参与者,赖昌星7月23号一到北京就立即被捕。中国当局从1999年开始就开始为赖昌星遣返而向加拿大施压。遣返的决定,Baird 先生说,是由法官独立作出的,“我们不想也不能干预。”On theface of things, that is true. The federal court order of July 21st capped along legal battle between Mr Lai and the immigration authorities that began inJune 2000, when Canada decided he was not a legitimate refugee and issued adeportation order. His deportation came only after he exhausted every avenue ofappeal, of which there were many.从表面上看,事实的确如此。联邦法院7月21号作出的这个决定是赖昌星和移民局漫长司法斗争的结果。早在2000年6月加拿大方面就已经拒绝赖昌星的难民申请并且启动了遣返程序。赖昌星曾经多次上诉,而每次上诉均被驳回,至此遣返才生效。But digdeeper and the hidden hand appears. Both the immigration official who lastreviewed the case and the judge based their decisions on assurances sought andreceived by the government that Mr Lai would not be tortured, subjected tocruel and unusual punishment or killed if he were sent back.但是如果继续深究就会发现隐藏的幕后推手。无论最后审核案件的移民局的官员还是法官都是基于政府的保才做出的决定,即赖昌星被遣返之后不会受到刑讯、非常规的惩罚或者被判死刑。GivingChina the benefit of the doubt on human rights is a relative novelty forStephen Harper’s Conservative government. Shortly after he won office in 2006,Mr Harper pledged that Canada “would not sell out” in talking about humanrights with China. His first foreign minister accused China of industrialespionage. When Mr Harper visited China in , his hosts chided him forwaiting almost four years before coming.在人权问题上对中国让步的做法对于Stephen Harper 保守派政府来说还是很新鲜。在2006年上台之后不久, Harper就承诺加拿大对中国的人权问题“不会妥协”。他的第一任外交大臣曾指责中国的商业间谍。当Harper年访问中国的时候,接待方曾责备他等了四年才来。201108/148611温江区妇幼保健医院专家咨询

新津县妇幼保健院网上预约Rising food pricesCNN's Maggie Lake looks at how rising food prices are hitting U.S. families hardFelicia Padley and her youngest daughter Jenny Ella are picking up free helpings of pasta, vegetables and other essentials at a Food Bank in Brooklyn, New York . Padley holds down a fulltime government job but still finds it hard to feed her family of four. She needs the pantry’s help now more than ever as her weekly food bill soarsA year ago it's like about 50 or 60 dollars I would spend at a grocery store and that would include meats, that would include vegetables, fruits, cereals stuff like that. But now I’m spending like a hundred dollars.Rising food prices are hitting families across the ed States hard. Over the past year, egg prices have risen almost 44 percent, fresh milk 21 percent, and poultry and beef more than 6 percent. Economists say severe weather in the southern US and Australia is partly to blame for the jump in prices at food stores like this one behind me. But many are pointing to another culprit, energy, in particular the rising production of ethanol, a bio-fuel made from corn. There are some 130 ethanol plants now in operation across the US churning out billions of gallons of this stuff each year. The US hopes ethanol will slash demand for oil, but to make all that ethanol you need a lot of corn that has sent prices soaring 50 percent in the past year and a half. On top of ethanol there’s also the spike in the price of crude oil which makes it more expensive to transport and package foods. Some say demand for food and fuel are on a collision course that could have disastrous consequences.What we are looking at in a sense is direct competition between the 860 million people in the world who own automobiles and who want to maintain their mobility and the 2 billion poorest people in the world who simply want to survive. Others say demand may be outpacing supply now but the market will eventually adjust.We’ll continue to grow and really that’s a good thing. But people will also produce more. There’s an old saying at economics says the solution to high prices is high prices. What’s going to happen is that people are going to be provided an economic incentive to plant more. That should help solve the increase in prices. For now though, families struggle. 30 new families are walking into this Brooklyn pantry each day in need of help. This upcoming winter could be a bitter one indeed for many across the ed States finding it hard to afford the food basics.Maggie Lake, CNN New York.Notes:collision course: A course, such as that of moving objects or opposing philosophies, that will end in impact or conflict if permitted to continue unchanged or unabated02/61977 The threat lies off the coast of Arcapoca, beneath the placid Pacific. Anywhere along the shore line, a quake could originate.Here the Coco sanTetonoc plates are forcing their way beneath the North America plate. The most feared section is the ded Goraroad gap. For nearly a century, the pressure has beening building. The Goraroad gap lies 300 kilometers from Mexico city. But for people devastated by a quake just 2 decades ago.its too close for comfort.威胁位于太平洋海岸下的Arcapoca地震板块。沿任何海岸线,地震都会产生。这里的Coco sanTetonoc板块强迫着北美的板块。最令人惧怕的是可怕的Goraroad断差。在近一个世纪前,压力就断断续续的构成。Goraroad断差离墨西哥城市仅有300公里。但对于20年前遭受地震的人们来说。简直是如坐针毡。Unfortunately, this is close to Mexico city in the 1995 earthquake. And we expect that it could generate a huge disaster in the city.不幸的是,这与墨西哥城1995年地震密切相关。并且我们期待,它会对城市产生巨大的灾害。Doctor HuaMman manages the Mexico city seismic alert system or SAS. He spend his life developing technology to detect the next big quake.HuaMman士研究墨西哥城的地震预警系统或SAS。他花了毕生时间来研究技术来检测的下一次大地震。This was pushing for the develop of electricity system, it was justify the development of the system.这是电力系统的发展,这是明该系统的发展。Today, along the Pacific coast, Mexico city is guarded by the first system of its kind. 12 seismic sensors to detect the earthquake trimmers. This is the citys high-tech profits of doom.现在,沿着太平洋海岸,墨西哥受其系统的保护。12个地震传感器检测地震信号。这是这个城市用高科技筑造的金钱预言。The seismic alert system covers original wave that could be a quake were they equip like this, were we have seismic sensor they continue listen to the sound of the ground and analyze it.地震预警系统包括原始波,就像他们装备的那样,我们地震传感器使他们继续听来自地球的声音并加以分析。Listen their vibration, and measure their strength.听其振动,测量其强度。The force of any earthquake is measured on the rift scape.任何地震的强度都会经由这台机器检测。Most people known it by name, few understand is diabolical mathematics. Those scale theoritically has no limit every quake,every measured as for them between 0 and 9.5, but single decimal point can be a giant increasing destruction. Each additional 0.1 means 100% more force, in Mexico city, a quake above 7.5 can destory buildings. The 1995 earthquake the devastated Mexico city, 8.0. Beyond 8.5, ruin.大多数人只知道它的名字,但很少有人理解这是一种尖端的数学计算。那些规模理论上没有对每一次地震测量,只是用介于0和9.5之间的数字测量,但是单一的小数点可以造成巨大的破坏。每一个额外的0.1意味着100%的力量,墨西哥城,7.5级的地震可以使建筑轰然倒塌。1995年摧毁的墨西哥城地震,级别是8.0。超过8.5呢?带来的则是毁灭。165495四川省骨科医院有微创手术吗巴中市处女膜修复手术哪家医院最好的



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